It’s summer time and school is officially out. Now is the time to pull out those great summer accessories. I know sunglasses are what we typically run to to block those blinding sun rays, but hats do a pretty good job of achieving a similar purpose. The oversized brim or floppy hat helps to protect your face from the sun and creates a slight shade.

With the temperatures rising, it’s important to dress appropriately for the weather. Dresses, rompers and shorts seem to be everyday items this time of season. Today’s Fashionista shields her face with her floppy sun hat. Prepared for the heat, she wears a floral romper. At first it would appear that she is wearing a dress. But remember those times back in grade school when we wore skorts? The skirts with shorts paired underneath them? This is basically the same idea. Her strapless romper is ideal for the summer. It gives you the look of a dress, while giving you the ease and comfort of a romper or pair of shorts. And going back to my statements on hats, don’t just think the wide brim hat is your only option for the summer; the straw hat is also a definite must-have!

JLo has coined the floppy hat trend, but of course not all of us can be as fabulous. The Frisky gives a variety of suggestions on how we can make this an everyday on-the-go look. At the beach, for a night on the town or a daytime lunch — believe me, you can make this look work.

Spotted: Gucci's 2011 pre-fall collection is a favorite of mine. With its seventies feel, this incredibly chic and sophisticated collection was able to give the floppy hat a professional edge. Making use of this great summer trend, this collection could spark up some alternative ways on how to sport this accessory.


As you may know, old-school trends have a way of finding their way back into our closets. Trends we probably never would have imagined coming back in fashion usually do. Sometimes I question why some of my favorite trends withered from the fashion realm. The Peter Pan collar is one of them. Decades later, the Peter Pan collar has made a comeback and I think it’s here to stay. Simple, modest and feminine, it’s a classic look that I think may be here for good.

This Fashionista is quite the lady. Draped in lace and a Peter Pan collar, her girly getup has a vintage finesse about it. Her heart-printed lace-ups tied in just lovely with her top. Her color palette of taupe and cream, though modest, is quite fitting with her bold red hair. This Fashionista certainly has the poise and sophistication to pull this look off.

Although her collar is attached to her shirt, this look can easily be recreated and pulled off as an accessory. Necklaces now come in this look. This necklace from Topshop can give you the same look featured here. There are some collars that come as fabric attachments, giving the allusion that it’s connected to your shirt. Throw this onto any plain top and its sure to change the look of it in a great way. 

However, if you prefer the complete top instead, ModCloth has a never-ending amount of blouses with this trend. This one is very chic – the layered collar really does it for me.

Spotted: The Miu Miu resort 2012 collection wouldn’t be complete without the Peter Pan collar. Possessing an old time feel, this collection includes every ladylike trend you can think of. Lace, pearls, bows and rhinestones this collection is clearly influenced by a woman’s touch. Flapper meets Stepford wife, this collection takes away great trends from both the '20s and '60s era.


There are a couple of trends I foresee staying around for a while: mid-waist paper bag trousers, sheer oversized button-ups, oxford-styled flats and simple accessories. This Fashionista seemed to embody these long-lasting trends in a very classic way.

Styled from head to toe in the trendiest of items, this Fashionista was able to work them all together. Although a very simple look, she gives off a feminine flare full of personality and charm. Her pendant necklace was also a very polished piece. Nearly the same color as her top, it added to her demure ensemble by including another subtle item. 

The charm or pendant necklace is not leaving fashion anytime soon. It’s a simple accessory that can be worn with nearly any look. It has versatility and depending how you style it, it can be subtle (as seen on this Fashionista) or bold.

For a more simple approach for a low price, try Forever 21. This one from Forever 21 will do just the trick. It also looks awesome layered with other necklaces. Lately it seems that rose gold is making a comeback and I see why. It looks great on this charm necklace from Marc by Marc Jacobs. As I said it looks great layered. I feel like Juicy Couture is famous for their layered charm necklaces and bracelets. This one is great for summer, but try creating a similar look on your own. Rihanna is known for the layered necklace look.

Spotted: This Fashionista had a little charm, but the fall 2010 Just Cavalli collection bore much more. Chains upon chains, layered in charms, these necklaces were glitzy to say the least. If you are looking to step it up a notch and try something just as bold, this collection is a great reference for inspiration.



It’s warming up here in Columbia and I am not sure if I can stand the heat. I have been throwing my hair up in a messy bun nearly every day (luckily it’s still trendy). Anyone that knows me could tell you that I have a full head of hair; it’s something like an afro. This warmer weather has been driving me insane because I cannot bear the idea of wearing my hair down — it’s just too hot. Quite frankly I am getting tired of the high bun. I like variety, but I am just not sure how to change things up. If you’re in the same boat, I have just the trick. I guess this Fashionista came just in time.

Heading to a graduation event, I could not help but to notice this Fashionista. As if the chiffon cream skirt, cobalt blue, cable-knit sweater and brown tweed heels were not enough, she tied the look together by incorporating a colorful, twisted turban. Absolutely stunning, we could all learn a thing or two from this Fashionista.

Turbans are a statement piece and she was able pull it off amazingly. This look is great for days when you are having a bad hair day or are simply feeling empowered. It takes a lot of confidence to pull off such a dramatic look. With style icons such as June Ambrose adopting this new trend, it has become increasingly popular. I’m definitely hopping on this bandwagon. Do-it-yourself videos have made it easy for those unfamiliar with the wrapping technique to recreate the trend on their own. There is just so much you can do with this hair accessory and it’s simple. All you have to do is take a scarf that you already own, like this one here, and go to town.

Spotted: Jean Paul Gaultier’s fall 2010 collection features turbans in a dozen different styles. The entire collection is incredibly eclectic and funky, delivering a mix-matched theme look after look. A fun collection, Gaultier’s collection showcased a number of different head pieces; I cannot even explain what some of them were exactly. A true sign of innovation, this collection deserves a look over for its distinct vision and design.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: The People’s Platform

Where do you stand on the issue of wearing heels to campus? On very, very rare occasions, I have the urge to wear heels to class. Some days I stick it out and endure the pain for the love of fashion. As said, seldom does this happen and when it does, it is usually during days I have one class or a free schedule. That way I don’t have to trek across campus in my five inchers.         

Today, I came across an incredibly practical way to create the illusion of height without the discomfort of heels. This Fashionista appeared to be wearing heels, but instead rocked a platform. Both fashionable and comfortable, this helps to further prove that the two can coincide. Her look is very neutral. Pulling in clashing patterns of black and white, this Fashionista ties in bold cognac accessories with her bag, belt and shoes. I really liked her cleaned up look with its casual flare. 

Your average flats, such as the oxford or the loafer look great in this platform style. Don’t take my word for it, check out these platform oxfords from Bakers. They elicit an old-time feel while still giving you something that is modern and up to date. These platform loafers achieve a similar image and are refined enough to be worn with business looks. Platforms look great in patterns too. As a lover of all things leopard, it is of no surprise that I liked these platforms from DSW. Pairing a distinctive shoe with a simple outfit can liven up any getup and these will do just that.

Spotted: With summer soon approaching, the platform sandals from Michael Kors’ spring 2011 collection are a trendy addition for the warmer weather. Other designers such as Derek Lam and Marc Jacobs have used this look as well. With a little creativity, some of these looks could easily be integrated into your wardrobe. The sandals are simple enough to pull off any getup, but unique enough to create a subtle edge, warranting some much deserved attention. Love these sandals? Get them here now!

ACCESSORIES REPORT: To Infinity and Beyond

I am a firm believer that given the right accessory, an outfit can be transformed from something dull to something deviously divine. One of my go-to accessories is in fact scarves. I have an extensive collection comprised of about 20 pieces. Scarves are a great investment and are a practical item especially during those cold, winter months. When it’s a little breezy out, I like to pair a knitted scarf with a nice skirt and knee-high boots. This Fashionista is a perfect representation of that as she rocks an outfit well suited for spring.

This year I have been incredibly attracted to infinity scarves. They create a nice layering affect while, at the same time, keeping you bundled up. This Fashionista certainly got the idea, wearing a mustard infinity scarf that can be worn throughout the autumn, winter and spring months. Paired with a chestnut corduroy skirt, brown boots, black tights and a cardigan, this Fashionista disproves the long held myth that you can’t wear brown with black — she makes this color combo look great!

As the end of the season approaches, you are sure to find some amazing knitted scarves for sale. Some scarves can even be worn into the summer. Thinner and sometimes shear ones, like this one from American Eagle Outfitters comes in a lighter cotton material and can help to bring some color or texture to a look. For the spring, the material can be a little heavier. This classic loop scarf from LOFT emits a refined image that is great for spring. Cable knit scarves work best for winter and fall. Check out this one from Sears; it reminds me of the collection spotted below. There’s a scarf for every season and the infinity scarf works well for each.

Spotted: One of my favorite collections this fall 2012 season came from A.F. Vandervorst. This collection featured knitted scarves in such an exceptional way. I was very impressed by this collection and the allusions the garments created. In some looks it appears as if the models are facing away from the camera — an interesting image. Words cannot express how much I adore this collection; it’s certainly a must-see. Here’s one of my favorite looks from this collection.


ACCESSORIES REPORT: Birds of a Feather Shop Together

Speaker Circle on campus always has something entertaining going on. So when I left class, I headed straight there as I often do. I was lucky I did because I ran into this Fashionista. Her ethnic printed tunic initially drew me in. The colors in the top are exuberant, yet earthy. The color combinations of the shirt and scarf work well together. Her unlikely paired accessories are striking as well. Bracelets on each wrist help to bring in even more color and zest to her outfit while her earrings present a more unassuming addition.

Feather earrings are an item that has been on my to-get list for some time now. I can’t seem to find exactly what I’m looking for. But this Fashionista was able to find a versatile pair. Her simple 2-strand feather earrings work well with neutral looks as well as vivacious ones like the one seen here. The naturalness of her earrings reminds me of these, but in a dangling version. Charlotte Russe has a number of feather earrings too. I really like how long these ones are. To give a fuller appearance, I have an idea of pairing both earrings on one ear if you have two lobe piercings. Personally, I’m a fan of the one earring look and I think these would work wonderfully.

If you’re like me and haven’t found the perfect earring, try checking out Etsy. This site has some great statement feather earrings and other pieces you wouldn’t typically find anywhere else. Here's a couple of my  favorites: the peacock and the dream catcher. All of the items are handmade or vintage items; I highly recommend you check it out. Better yet, you could go to YouTube and learn how to do it yourself to get the exact look you’re trying to achieve.

Spotted: Every popular trend seems to originate on the runway. Spotting feather earrings on the catwalk supports the truth behind this idea. In Isabel Marant’s spring 2010 collection, every model sports some variation of a feather earring. Paired with some great fringed boots, her collection gives off a bohemian vibe. Looks 22 and 31 particularly stand out to me — I’m sure you can tell why.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: A Boost from the Basics

It is all too often that we run into the same styles and trends on college campuses. So it’s really refreshing when you spot someone sporting these everyday campus looks in a creative way. We typically see your basic run-of-the-mill items: UGGs, leggings, Sperrys and university apparel. I was impressed that this Fashionista was able to take some of these everyday pieces and bring her own twist to them.

This further proves that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or time to create a look that’s fitting for a college lifestyle. Bringing a spin to these popular items, this Fashionista rocks the classic black leggings and leopard print Sperrys. This is one small way to get you noticed. Taking one of these central pieces and getting them in a fun print or an unlikely color is a sure way to help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

I absolutely adore animal print and if you are a fan of it as well, bring some attention to your feet by applying the trend to your shoes. With animal print trending right now, it has been really simple to find a shoe covered in it. Any and every type of shoe you can imagine can be found in print. Whether you’re looking for something casual like sneakers or Vans or something cozy like UGGs — you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. TOMS shoes have adopted the look as well and offer other prints and patterns like floral and hounds tooth. If you want a fierce look exactly like this Fashionista’s, these Bahama boat shoes in leopard pony from Sperry are a sure replica.

Spotted: Milly’s spring 2012 collection is both fun and exciting. Extremely engaging with its bold colors and off the wall patterns and shapes, this collection is sure to brighten your mood. It dresses up the conventional Sperry by featuring it in an espadrille platform. Grab some inspiration from this collection to craft an alternative look.


Here’s a message for you: with the weather warming up, who wants to be hauling around a heavy, bulky backpack? If you read my Packin’ Heat post a couple weeks ago you already have a smoking hot bag, so no need to fret; you are in the clear. But if you are looking to upgrade and bring things down to size, try snagging a great shoulder bag like the one worn by this Fashionista.

Simple, classic and practical — this Fashionista carries a chestnut brown messenger bag with a gold clasp and detailed, patterned imprints. Perfect for everyday wear and any season, this bag is great for class. It can carry all of the essentials, pencils or pens, your clicker and maybe a few small notebooks. As opposed to a backpack, these bags have a smaller amount of space, so you can find just what you are looking for without having to rummage through some large satchel.

This Fashionista’s look was straight from the '80s. High-waisted denim cutoffs, a patterned, roomy sweater and retro-styled earrings pull this look together to give us a blast from the past. Her messenger bag makes the look more modern.  To keep up the nostalgia, this fringe cross-body bag is pretty groovy, possessing a '70s quality.

Messenger bags can also be unisex. Both guys and girls can nab a bag similar to this Fashionista. To borrow her look, this leather Kenneth Cole bag is a close replica. With its basic, modest design, it could even be used in professional settings. For a bag that is a bit more lively and colorful, this bag screams spring. Very vibrant, this bag has a removal shoulder strap in case you want to use it as a handbag.

Spotted: The eccentrically fun Mulberry 2012 fall collection features a number of great cross-body messenger bags. Worn as handbags in the runway show, these bags are versatile, giving you the option on how you choose to wear them. This is a really exciting collection to check out. It features Mongolian fur in a lot of it’s designs reminding me so much of Project Runway season 4 contestant Chris March’s human-hair creations.


KISS — Keep It Simple, Stupid. It’s a saying I like to live by and often apply when putting together an outfit. I sometimes may go a little overboard with accessories (layering and the like) but, for the most part, I like to pair together a few great pieces to create a nice ensemble.

This Fashionista definitely embodies someone doing just that — keeping it simple. She has a few great items that she works together to make a cute and sassy look. I have seen her around campus a number of times and the story is always the same; she looks great every time. There is a timelessness to her looks, and this day was no exception.

A great pair of dark wash denim jeans, must-have taupe combat boots, white camisole and khaki cargo jacket pull her outfit together to create an effortless look. Instead of layering up her wrists with an endless amount of bracelets and other bands, she stays true to the saying by wearing only one bracelet and one tribal patterned watch. I absolutely loved her watch — it certainly has an earthy vibe. It pairs nicely with a casual fit and works well by posing as a bracelet. 

These hemp watches also possess an earthy feel; they’re both organic and practical. You can’t go wrong with snagging one of these. Want one with a bit more bling? This one has that and then some and comes fully encrusted with jewels. Wraparound bracelets have been trending, so why not a wraparound watch. This one from Lulu’s comes in two great eye-catching colors. It gives the illusion of a bracelet while still providing you with the time. It’s a win-win. If you're looking for more inspiration and want a watch that suits your personality, this Harper's Bazaar UK article is sure to help you figure out “Which Watch?”

Spotted: The spring 2011 Balenciaga collection screams rock 'n’ roll. The leather cocoon shaped jackets were definitely a signature item from this collection, but the watches created a statement on their own. Chunky, metallic and colorful, these strangely constructed watches were a definite hit with many. Take a look at this to get a closer look of these timeless clocks.