LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Fifty Shades Of Sun Day

There is such a buzz on the busy streets of Philadelphia, and especially on the North Broad Street block. Students running back and forth to financial aid, local residents picking up their kids from daycare, and even baristas firing up the expresso machines at Starbucks. I know I strayed off a bit with the last one, but this is where I discovered our featured Fashionisto. And he in fact struck me as the type of guy to like a shot of expresso or maybe even a Frappucino with no whipped cream, but either way he struck me as stylish!

I tend to look for very casual Fashionistos/as, because I’m the type of person to keep my ensemble basic yet trendy. Seeing this Fashionisto sent an artsy sensation right through my veins. Maybe it was how cool he looked in his sunglasses or how his boots were beat-up but still maintained a vintage feel? Or it could be that I like the way those brown chinos downplay the outfit and preserve that “cool” appearance you get when you catch him at first glance? Whatever it may have been, he couldn’t have pulled it off any better… Could he?

In those sun glasses, he makes me reminisce on looking as calm and cool as the models from the Burberry spring/summer 2014 runway show. No pressure!

HINT: Well, I know it may sound a bit crazy but a nice way to add an odd flair to your clothes – pants or denim tees – is to splatter a bit of paint on them. Yes! Seeing several globs of paint won’t kill you, I promise. But in doing this by yourself, please be strategic, it shouldn’t look like you dropped a bucket of colors on your denim tee, but more of a few accidental splashes while you were creating a masterpiece. Sometimes wearing your plain pants or t-shirts is fine, but if you ever want to find yourself looking more hipster than usual or mildly grunge then go for the splattered paint look.


Although at first glance, you’d say our Fashionisto looks very comfortable in his red adidas sneakers and track bottoms, but I’d like you to take a closer look. Whoa! Did he just take you outer space with his intergalactic tee? Well, just let this rocket ship land, so I can tell you exactly what we have here.

There has been a recent trend that is totally out of this world! The galaxy print has been a quite fashionable piece for the year 2013, especially during the spring/summer. The scientific nature of outer space is captivating. Just imagine the thick layered clouds covered in stellar stars with tinted hues of blue, purple, pink and orange. The galaxy’s spectacular sight has been seen on various items ranging from footwear to pillows.

The galaxy print reminds me of the jacket from Christopher Raeburn Menswear spring/summer 2014 collection, where the designer gets futuristic by incorporating far-out images from the Hubble telescope. But, if you’re interested in a more effortless look that features the similar outer space image, then browsing on ASOS will be your best bet. Suit up for the rest of the summer with the ASOS galaxy print tank or tee.

Well, I think you’re just about done. All you have to do now is get ready for lift off!

Hint: Match this outfit with a neutral colored hat, in order to accessorize and not overwhelm the ensemble. Diamond Supply Co. has simple hats that can be worn when you’re going out in the city or staying outside on campus. Black is the easiest color to match outfits with, so start from there and begin to pick bolder neutral colors as you continue the rest of your intergalactic ride.


As summer begins to wind down, we’re looking for new ways to play around with the brighter colors in our wardrobe. Colors like pink, orange and yellow take a back burner during the winter season, so you may want to utilize your time wearing those colors now. It’s funny though, most guys won’t embrace wearing a color like pink unless they were previously forced. Luckily, this Fashionisto has found a casual way of incorporating the color pink into his ensemble without worry. He stuck to the typical mens wear of summertime and wore a plain button-down with cargo camouflage pants add a bit of contrast.

Our Fashionisto is teaching us that casual does not always mean jeans. In fact, camouflage cargo shorts can be worn at any time during the summer, and when it’s cooler outside you can switch into camouflage cargo pants instead.

If you’re sitting in front of your armoire with no clue what to match your shorts with, don’t fret! I’ve got the best solution for you. Simply wear any colored button-down except for green in order to have the bottoms complement the the top. A pop of color won’t hurt though, I promise! This Fashionisto can teach you a thing or two about finding a good hue that works well with your complexion. Don’t search too hard though, because Forever 21 may have exactly what you’re searching for in this Fashionisto’s coral linen button-down.

Don’t let summer become the only time that you feel real men can wear pink. It’s an excellent time to don a splash of pink during the spring and fall as well. Keep in mind that most girls love the color pink, and it could possibly be an easy way to catch their eye. Most importantly, pink is simply a beautiful color.

Hint: Be careful with accessorizing too much when wearing a camouflage pattern. It’s best to keep it simple and have two accessories at the most. An inexpensive watch usually does the trick or a simple bracelet will do.


Arriving to the sunshine is the best aspect of being released from our dragged out days of Tuesday work or our lengthy class schedules. We strive to make the best of our Tuesday afternoons by completing a few errands before we get tied up in evening activities. Maybe a casual trip to the jazz club or bar would set a lively tone for the rest of the week? It’s definitely ok to let go of your business for one night on the town, so don’t be afraid to blow off a couple calls to make it in time for the jazz band tunes! It’s not a usual experience, but it sure can be a snazzy way to play in your closet.

This week’s featured Fashionisto is sporting an ensemble that teeters along the lines of contemporary gentleman and old-fashion conservative. He begins by pulling out a pair of Ben Sherman cuffed chinos, which take you back to the mid-19th century. If we take a whirl wind through the times, we’ll stoop down to the leather lace-up dress shoes from Call It Spring. Lace-up dress shoes are a staple item for your closets Fashionistos! These shoes will help you play it cool and casual or sophisticated and dapper for whichever time period you’d like to be in.

Moving up, this Fashionisto dons a slim-fit button-down top. The zig zag and dot patterns run into each other in any and every direction. You can find a similar patterned men’s shirt from Topman USA. The shirt offers a debonair feel but still subtly accents the outfit.

Further up, our Fashionisto portrays his suavity while channeling his hidden rhythm and blues side in his contrasting tweed fedora. To find a look quite similar to this, you can either go for a tweed fedora, which will have folks pushing you right on stage to do a jazz number, or a straw fedora that allows you to embrace your laid back summer evening. Either way, you’ll be the most eye-catching gentleman to waltz in. There’s not much to it, just be snazzy and be jazzy!

HINT: I’m a huge proponent of displaying at least two accessories with my ensemble. My suggestion is simply choose a perfect watch that works for a few dress down moments and a good amount of dress up moments. This Fashionisto went right for the gold Michael Kors watch. I prefer adding a little flavor, mostly if you’re unsure whether to wear gold or silver. You’d take a keen interest in checking out the Michael Kors slim runway watch.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Double Decker Denim

Who said you can’t wear jackets in the summer? Ditch that idea, and pick up a jean jacket at your local mall or online boutique! Jean jackets are an essential item for those breezy mid-days or cool summer nights. And, this Fashionisto makes a very clear denim on denim statement with this ensemble. He stuck with the basics, but gave it a slight twist. By the way, doesn’t it look as though this Fashionisto has been a model all his life? He must’ve known I was going to snag him out of the crowd before the day was through. He was simply walking to work when I saw him, but his swagger jumped out at me first!

I usually don’t suggest pairing a light denim top with dark denim bottoms, but in this case I think this Fashionisto made me a believer. ASOS will be your best friend if you’re trying to find the best light denim jacket to fit your personal style. Perhaps you’re interested in a sleeveless denim jacket with a hood to have a skater feel, or a bleach-washed jean jacket for a night on the boardwalk feel or maybe a slim-fit biker denim jacket for an edgy feel? Whatever your flavor, it’ll be sure to match up nicely with a pair of these cuffed denim capris! Better yet, take your favorite pair of dark-wash, slim-fit jeans and cuff them. You’ll feel very trendy in the end, because you rocked your own DIY cuffed denim pant rather than buying them pre-cuffed. Excellent idea right? Definitely!

Let’s keep moving on to my ultimate favorite part of this Fashionisto’s outfit, which would have to be the single earring dangling from his ear. It gives off an edgy vibe that you would have not originally expected from the ensemble. You’ll look high and low for these earrings, but if you want a similar look, invest in simple gold pair of diamond cut-out earrings. The single earring is a bold move, so if you don’t feel comfortable going that route then you may want to use another form of jewelry to make up for it. Watches are always my favorite go-to accessory. But in this case, the Fashionisto added eye glasses to freshen the look a bit.

Although this Fashionisto has gone a subtle route with his outfit choice, it happens to be very edgy and well put together. He rocks a great look for going out to the mall with friends or just hanging around city.

Hint: The Fashionisto featured here is styling in these super sophisticated Ray-Ban eyeglasses. Wearing eye glasses doesn’t always mean nerdy. Sometimes eye glasses can be the deciding factor on whether the ensemble will have that off-beat or avant-garde style you’re searching for. Always keep it fresh!




This Fashionisto decided to step out for a nice stroll through the park before the rain hit the rocky pavement. Of course, I’d have to say contemporary street wear is definitely a top choice for these fluctuating summer days. You can never go wrong with sneakers and a tee! It’s a casual look and you don’t have to do much for a fly outfit. As long as you pair your outfit together with one item that will turn heads, like leather sneakers or a T-shirt with a color-blocked chest pocket.

It clearly shows that this Fashionisto figured he might as well play it cool with his top and sneakers, so he threw on flower patterned shorts to add some edge to the ensemble. Flowers aren’t just for girls you know! Don’t be too shy to play around with your outfit, because that’s the only way you can find your perfect look. It could be something simple just lying around, and all you have to do is add one snazzy accessory or piece of clothing to uncover the hidden flare that was there all along. I’d also like to add that the shorts are linen, so they’re very lightweight for the summer heat. Anyway, if we take a closer a look at this Fashionisto’s arm candy, you can see his contrasting beaded bracelets are peaking out from his pocket. Bracelets are excellent if you prefer not to wear a watch.

The token denim button-up is essential for your summer closet collection. It’s an outstanding selection to the ensemble and also very fitting for relaxing in the cool breeze and warm weather. You can kick back in the park and be lazy with friends or take a trip to the movies, either way you’ll look great!

Hint: When trying to embrace a street wear style, it’s best to wear sneakers. My preference tends to be Air Jordans, because they are extremely versatile. Typically, you don’t have to try and match your Jordans very much with your outfit. My favorite pair would be the Air Jordan 11 Retro “Cool Gray.” But keep an eye out for them, because they typical do not come at a cheap price. Sometimes it costs to be fly!


LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Gentlemen’s Club

This Fashionisto is undoubtedly on his way to a very serious business meeting. And on his way to this meeting, he decided to show a bit of support for his country as well. So, he slid on a patriotic belt that features a metal-engraved eagle, fastened his red, white and blue tie around his neck and threw his dark-colored blazer over his shoulder. You can’t deny that he looks ready to hold a government position or even ready for a business conference. Whichever road you’d like to take, you’ve got to give it to him for rocking it.

Why just celebrate July 4th for that one day when you can bring out the Independence Day look on other occasions as well? I’ve got a few recommendations that would set you up with perfect summer business outfit.

From head to toe, our Fashionisto is cleaned up dressed to the nines. He’s wearing a light blue pinstriped button-down shirt and a black blazer with similar a pinstripe pattern. I suggest Rihanna’s River Island black blazer if you would like a slightly similar look. Before we move down to the unique eagle belt buckle, let’s take a look at a blue, red and white tie from Nordstrom, which fits pleasantly with his business appeal. I’m typically a fan of bow ties or skinny ties, and there are plenty that come in diverse variations of the red, white and blue striped pattern. So, don’t be scared to switch it up now and then.

Okay, we’ve finally reached the major accent of this Fashionisto’s business attire, the buckle! Although I tend to sway towards plain belts, I found this belt to be quite interesting in it’s own Southwestern and patriotic kind of way. It wasn’t hard to stumble upon a very similar belt from Levi‘s that has a bit smaller buckle engraving, which I chose since I’m inclined to stray away from showy accessories. Regardless, the belt adds flavor!

Hint: If you want to avoid wearing the dress pants or slacks, then try a slim-fit pair of jeans. You can still be business casual while donning a more comfortable look. It may seem too dressed down, so it would be best to add a few accessories. Watches tend to spice up a look, or it may be best to just switch out the eagle belt altogether for a more plain belt.




Finally! Summer has reared its bright and shining head. And Kokomo is clearly right around the corner (Beach Boys reference if you didn’t know). I’m so excited to travel closer to the palm trees and sandy beaches. But before we leave, it’s imperative that we pack the essential items in our carry-ons. This Fashionisto clearly already has the idea, and showed off his tropical style before we could even hit the white sandy beaches. I almost ran up to him asking for a virgin strawberry daiquiri, but decided a picture would be more appropriate.

Our Fashionisto is well on his way to the tropics of some laid back outdoor function. His attire features a Hawaiian print tee, which Vogue described as one of the trends for spring/summer 2013. He also is sporting a pair of Nike soccer shorts. But, I think I would have rather seen him in coral pants to match the flowers on his shirt.

I can’t lie, I like the fact that his sneakers don’t match a thing in the outfit. Sometimes it’s just more fun not to match. But, a solid pair of white sneakers to match the coral pants would definitely work too.

Hint: You can dress up the Hawaiian print tee as well. If you want to get fancy for your vacation dinner night, then I suggest you fiddle through some accessories. A silver Movado watch on your wrist will certainly draw some positive attention. And you can’t go anywhere without your sunglasses! So don’t forget to put on your favorite pair of Ray-Bans. Last but not least, try throwing on a straw fedora to spice up the tropical flavor. You never know how great you may turn out!


LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Paisley And Proper

We’re finally approaching the beginning of summer! It’s time to break out the fresh collection of snapbacks you’ve been hiding or model the patterned short-sleeves your mom packed away during the winter. You want to catch people’s eye while hitting the streets of campus. A bold pattern would be your best bet to turn a few heads. And if you were searching for a perfect print for this summer, I’d have to say it’s necessary to pick up a couple of paisley printed tops. The bold print will accentuate any simple ensemble and immediately pull you into a ’70s psychedelic vibe. Paisley is such a funky pattern and has been played around with by many designers, such as Givenchy for the spring 2013 men’s collection and Etro’s summer 2013 menswear. The detailed paisley pattern has become reintroduced over the past two years to add eccentricity back into modern fashions.

So I wonder, has the hypnotic print entranced you into purchasing a few shirts of your own yet? Well, you can acquire a similar paisley button down from Saks Fifth Avenue for a not-so-steep price. Now, the choice is yours to have a totally psychedelic outfit or a more casual ensemble. It’s easiest to stick to casual and pair the printed button-down with medium or dark-wash jeans. I particularly like jeans to be cuffed in this case, just because it makes the ensemble seem very clean.

This Fashionisto decided to take a smooth twist and add Florsheim-inspired oxfords to dress up the outfit. I propose coupling the outfit with Brukka boots, which can be found in Rihanna’s River Island collection.

I also love that the Fashionisto dons a retro snapback with his semi-dressy getup. It is a trendy embellishment that keeps the outfit very chill. The Fashionisto also dons a simple black watch to incorporate an accessory, which is always excellent.

Hint: If you’re like me, you like to see a pop of color included amongst a neutral selection of garments. So I suggest you to wear an exaggerated paisley top to catch the eyes of fellow Fashionistas/os. You’ll acquire a striking confidence once you slip on your bold paisley tee, I promise!


Strolling through the scorching roads of South Street, I came across an awesome group of guys, one of them being the Fashionisto featured here. As the summer heat began to beat on all of our faces, my friend and I took notice to this Fashionisto’s clever way of beating the sun’s rays. He used his cowl neck hoodie to hide a good portion of his head from the burning UV rays. What a smart idea! Typically, I see cowl neck hoodies with sleeves, which is a definitely a fall/winter trend, but I have noticed some designers such as Rick Owens, incorporating the cowl neck into spring/summer fashions. The Rick Owens menswear spring/summer 2013 collection experiments with genderless pieces that feature cowl necks.

Although our handsome Fashionisto is sporting this trend, the style is not limited to men.  Women are continually spotted sporting this look as well. The cowl neck is such a fantastic asset to an outfit because it can be arranged for a casual, dressy or sporty look.

Here this Fashionisto has gone for a relaxed look and clearly is trying to show off the biceps and triceps for the ladies! Just joking, he just did it because it was blazing hot outside. The cowl adds an edge to the outfit when draped around the neckline or over the head. But, if you’re looking to pick up your own cowl neck sweater, check out ASOS to add this modish piece to your ensemble. You can make this an outfit for heading to the boardwalk or even a casual drink with friends.

Hint: To dress up the cowl neck style a bit I would suggest you go for an “all black everything” look. A fitted black leather jacket and charcoal cowl neck T-shirt paired with slim fit black slacks. A gold watch or another gold accessories would accent the outfit nicely. Lastly, you should slip on your suavest black dress shoes to finish off the look.