TREND: A Delicious Coat-ing

At a mere five foot one inches tall, I would consider myself on the petite side, which I think holds me back from sporting certain styles. I've always avoided longer coats, opting for shorter, fitted ones, in fear that a long one would drown me or make me look too young. That all changed today when i spotted this Fashionista gliding across campus in an ensemble equal parts feminine, chic, and simply adorable. She too is petite but dares to wear a mid-thigh length coat. All fear aside, she actually flaunts it quite well. The charcoal coat features an angled collar and a slight hour-glass shape. This quirky collegiate left her the coat unbuttoned, which allows her outfit underneath to shine through. This transforms the coat from the centerpiece to a complementary piece. Under the cozy coat, she dons a lovely loose-fitting ivory top with lace detail at the collarbone. This adds a glamorous and girly touch to her fall ensemble. She layers an ash gray sweater over the top which peeks out under the jacket.

On bottom, this Fashionista sports dark-wash skinny jeans and a darling pair of mutli-colored, yet perfectly subtle flats. The detail on them is unique and beautiful, but they do not distract from her overall look. To finish the look off, she carries a textured cream-colored tote and tops it all off with a dazzling silver headband.

I admire this Fashionista's ability to sport multiple fabulous pieces that compliment each other rather than clash. She looks tasteful and cute and has inspired me to seek out an equally flattering longer coat.

If you are looking for fabulous and functional fall/winter coats head to stores such as Bloomingdale's or Express.

TREND: Chic Crochet

This Fashionista does a fantastic job blending into her beautiful autumnal atmosphere. The weather is getting chillier and the sun is setting earlier and these days it is important to perfect the art of layering for outfits that transition from the warm classroom to the breezy fall evening. This chic collegiate sports an eccentric ensemble that is both effortless and functional at the same time. She is wearing a navy and white sailor-esque sweater dress, which is warm but adds that touch of feminine flair. She layers a casual dark olive jacket over the dress.

This jacket adds texture with several pockets that are sleek rather than bulky. The built-in belt around her waist prevents boxiness, adding shape to this classic jacket. She rocks a pair of comfy and cozy leggings under the dress to bring this potentially summer piece into the fall season. Her tall black patent boots blend into the leggings, which makes her legs appear miles long. The item that immediately drew my attention, though, was this Fashionista's slouchy and stylish hat.

Her knit beanie prevents frizz and flyaways that may result from the wind and keeps her ears nice and warm. The color of the hat closely matches her hair color, which I thought was a bold move. It actually looks quite nice – natural and neutral. The hat (no pun intended) is the perfect piece to top off this awesome autumn attire. This Fashionista looks creative and cool without a care in the world. The layers were clearly planned but this Fashionista exudes an air of effortlessness, which, ironically, pulls one in even more.

Hint: If you're looking for a cool crochet cap head to Topshop for various colors and styles!

TREND: Transforming a Tunic

As I wandered around campus between classes today, I couldn't help but admire the beautiful green grass coated with a thick pile of vivd yellow leaves and gorgeous orange and red trees towering over me. That's when I noticed this charming Fashionista sitting on a stone bench enjoying the sunshine. Her ensemble completely reflects the aura of the day and immediately caught my attention. Not only is the silhouette fabulous, but the colors, patterns, and fabrics she chose are perfectly appropriate as well. She flaunts seasonal shades of green and brown decorated with white floral silhouettes. The tunic is fresh and silky, which gives a glossy sheen to this autumnal attire. She cinches the tunic at the waist with a thick brown leather belt which adds shape and texture to her outfit. Given the slight afternoon breeze, she opted to sport a pair of navy leggings under the tunic. I love that she chose navy, which is much softer then the stark contrast black would have offered. The leggings also hit perfectly above the ankle which is quite flattering. Finally, working down to the feet, she rocks a pair of tan flats complete with ruffled detail and subtle embroidery–a darling feminine touch. I was primarily captivated by this Fashionistas bold, bright, and beautiful tunic. It is such a versatile piece that can be warn to class or work, dinner or dancing, and through each of the seasons depending on how you accessorize it!

For a night out she could cinch the waist with a thin black belt and don tall suede black boots. For the winter season she could add a splash of red to give the tunic some Christmas spirit. The look could go into spring and summer just as easily with a thin belt and a pair of woven wedges.

The tunic is one great, transformable piece can take you through each season and each time of day if you rock it right. What makes this tunic so great is the loose fit which allows for the creation of various silhouettes.

Hint: Find a stylish or a staple tunic from various brands and designers at Shopbop.

TREND: Black Coating

Fall is here; the leaves are drifting to the ground and the weather is crisp. Many fashionable Fordhamites have begun to dig out their cozier clothes and layer up for the season. I spotted one inspiring trendsetter striding across campus and was immediately stricken by her cool contrasting couture, with pieces crisp enough to match the weather! This Fashionista sports a menswear-inspired coat with a throwback feminine frame. The coat comes in slightly at the waist then flows back out toward the bottom with subtle yet stylish pleats. The double-breasted jacket looks professional and is perfect for trekking cross-campus to work or class. She keeps it simple and tasteful with a sleek black dress underneath and a practical pair of sheer black pantyhose. Her black flats are comfortable and chic by daytime while her long, dainty, black and gold necklace adds a girly touch to her garments. Finally, this Fashionista adds a wow-factor with a firebrick patent leather shoulder bag. By wearing all black, she keeps the focus on the shapes and silhouettes of her attire, drawing attention to all the minor details.  This also allows her fabulous tote to pop against the blackout backdrop.

To take this look into the nighttime, she could swap out the modest black dress for something slightly more low-cut to add some classy seduction.  She could then remove the tights and flats and opt for a pair of sky-high stilettos in a stunning color.  She could also carry a petite black clutch in place of her tote bag.  These trade-offs would keep the silhouette the same while showing off a bit more skin and still adding that splash of color with the shoes.

I love how chic and clean this Fashionista's look is. She truly demonstrates the power and adaptability of one good fall coat. If you have a staple coat such as this, try mixing and matching garments, shoes, and accessories to take it from day to night. If you don't have a great coat like this one yet, don't worry because you can find a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and brands at department stores such as Bloomingdales and Nordstrom!

TREND: Professional Poppy Flowers

The weather is cooling, classes are becoming more grueling, and fall internships are in full swing. It's time to dig out your autumn clothing and star experimenting with chic new looks. This Fashionista flaunts a stunning floral skirt but keeps it seasonal in autumnal shades of tan, amber, and crimsom. She wears a simple white camisole and adds a preppy black blazer. The blazer cinches in at the same spot that the top of the skirt lies on her waist, creating a clean and flattering silhouette. She looks both girly and sophisticated in a pleated bubble skirt and a professional blazer. Her nude heels match her skirt and make her legs appear miles long. This Fashionista knows how to put herself together with a dashing ensemble topped off with a stunning pair of sunglasses, which frame her face as perfectly as her outfit frames her figure. This look is perfect for a fall internship or luncheon.

If you are on the taller side, keep the top of the skirt around your belly button, similar to this chic gal. But if you are on the shorter side, try placing the top around your rib cage, creating a baby doll shape. Too loose? Keep the skirt up with a simple belt. If you are average height, try both ways and see which is more flattering for you!

Hint: Find chic blazers at Banana Republic and J. Crew and for fabulous fall skirts head to Urban Outfitters.

TREND: Cute to Boot

The weather has been dreary in New York and some fierce fall footwear is in order! I spotted this cozy Fashionista strutting across campus in a fabulous pair of caramel-colored knee high leather boots. Her shoes have a thick and supportive heel to offer height without compromising comfort. She sports her stunning boots with a casual pair of denim and a slouchy but fitted charcoal sweater. I love how she pushes up the sleeves. Plus, by showing some arm, and some collarbone, she looks flirtatious rather than frumpy. Her pendant is a great accessory to balance out her show-stealing shoes without overshadowing them. Finally, her black patent leather tote rounds out her neutral-colored theme. Autumnal footwear is a great opportunity to amp up any outfit, taking it from ordinary to extraordinary. This chic chica dares to don boots that extend all the way up to her knee. This bold boot varies from mid-calf or ankle boots and seems to lengthen her legs aesthetically. The color she chose pops against the rest of her outfit, drawing one's eye immediately to her gorgeous galoshes. Turn up the heat and beat bad weather blues by whipping out your most brilliant pair of boots!

Hint: Get inspired by this Fashionista and snag a pair of to-the-knee or over-the-knee footwear at shops such as Dolce Vita, Bakers, or Aldo.

TREND: Framing a Face

Stunning sunglasses are absolutely essential to survive the stark September sun. I spotted this Fashionista strutting across campus rocking an amazing pair of over-sized, thinly framed, gold and brown sunglasses. Her outfit embodies fresh, simplistic, and amazingly confident style. She sports a loose-fitting white tunic with skin-tight black denim pants. The contrasting fit of her pieces creates a perfect balance and maintains a sexy appeal while leaving plenty to the imagination. She adds some fierce flavor with a pair of black, patent leather, chunky boots, which blend beautifully into her skinny jeans. This flirty Fashionista softens her look with a few delicate, feminine bracelets. And still, I am drawn to her fabulous sun-blocking frames. The shade matches her hair gorgeously and the barely-there gold frames keep the large shades dainty rather than chunky. Whether they be thick-framed Ray Bans or glossy aviators, find a pair that flatters your face shape. Sunglasses are a staple and worth a few extra dollars for one good, sturdy pair that will last you for years. You can rock these shades at the beach, a picnic, or to the big Homecoming football game! Protect your pretty eyes and indulge in a fabulous set of shades.

Hint: For a great pair of sunglasses check out the Sunglass Hut or Ray Ban.

TREND: Back in Black

Every Fashionista knows that you can't go wrong sporting a classic black outfit with a funky or flattering silhouette. I spotted these three ladies chatting and laughing by Edward's Parade and noticed the acute similarities and vast differences in their ensembles. Each of them rocks skinny jeans or fitted leggings in dark shades with loose shadowy tops and fresh flats in contrasting neutral colors. The Fashionista on the right cinches her loose black button down with a brown leather belt which adds unique flair and a sexy shape to her outfit. She adds bold leopard flats to spruce up the simple and chic ensemble. The Fashionista in the middle dawns a stunning black and gold top with black mesh at the cleavage which lets skin peak through in a sultry but tasteful manner. She adds cozy brown moccasins to dress down her striking top. Finally, the Fashionista on the right keeps it cute and casual in a charcoal sweater with a beautiful gold pendant. She rocks white t-strap flats which match her tote bag.

These girls demonstrate that bright colors and crazy patterns are superfluous if you choose great silhouettes and stunning accessories.

Hint: Find fall flats at Dolce Vita , dark wash denim at Nordstrom, and trendy tops at Shopbop.

TREND: Sensational Statement Jewelry

Much of what takes a mediocre outfit to a fabulous ensemble is attention to details and accessories. This Fashionista sports simple slacks and ballet flats but spruces them up with a paint-splattered sheer blue blouse. Her outfit is predominantly navy, but is tickled with vivid shades of pink, yellow, red and teal. She adds a wow-factor with her chunky turquoise necklace, which completely captivated me and successfully tied in the teal specks in her top. The necklace is bold and beautiful but does not overpower the rest of her look. Finally she throws her schoolbooks into a simple and natural canvas tote bag. I love this Fashionista's ability to flaunt costume jewelry without looking gaudy or tacky, but instead appearing chic and classy. Her blouse is modest for class or work but youthful and vibrant enough for someone at the collegiate level. The silhouette and skinny jeans flatter her petite figure, while the all-over navy tones elongate her body.

Follow this feminine Fashionista's trend and flaunt bold, colorful jewerly to add a sparkling touch to your ensemble. Check out '80s Purple or Costume Jewelry.

Remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple and balanced. Find fun blouses at Express or Banana Republic.

TREND: Floral Frocks

Just because classes have begun and piles of homework are on college students' agendas does not mean it is time to fall into a fashion slump. This Fashionista takes advantage of the scorching temperatures and bustling campus by flaunting a fabulous floral frock. The vibrant colors are a sultry compliment to her sun-kissed skin and the cinched waist flatters her petite frame. She coordinates her accessories by pairing a saddle brown belt with a matching shoulder bag. Her dress is equal parts flirty and sweet and her whole ensemble is both relaxed and refreshing. So, ladies, instead of stowing away your summer sundresses, add an autumn twist by accessorizing with fall favorites! Throw on a textured belt or a funky fedora to bring summer fashions into the fall season.

Hint: Find floral frocks like this one at Hollister and Shopbop.