STYLE GURU STYLE: Suits Perfectly

For my last STYLE GURU STYLE post this summer, I chose one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe so far—the suit. I was inspired by the beautiful and fierce silhouettes conquered in Christian Dior’s spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection. I drew inspiration from the tuxedos on the runway, so I chose to stick with a loose, oversized version and turn it into something more casual.

What I love most about suits is how they can be sober and edgy at the same time. Sometimes it can be hard to see the possibilities and variety of styles that a suit can take on. It’s all about the details and combinations. For example, to satisfy my rocker side I paired a Led Zeppelin T-shirt with denim shorts, bondage like pantyhose and my loyal pair of combat boots. My beanie was one of the keys to make my look super casual and an urban. Along with the casual combination I went with, a suit jacket can also show how fierce and professional you can be.

For me, a suit jacket is a customary piece in your wardrobe. If you are a super casual girl, start with the simpler styles before you try on the oversized and printed ones. Pair a simple suit with some casual staples from your wardrobe so you can feel more comfortable wearing it. It is easy for me to wear the oversized styles because I am used to wearing oversized clothes. For other Fashionista/os, I am certain there is a beautiful piece there will suit you perfectly.

 Get My Look: 1.An oversized suit. 2. A Led Zeppelin T-shirt. 3. Combat boots.


For today’s outfit I got inspired by the fresh and casual feeling of light blue denim. In Christopher Kane’s 2013 resort collection showed to us perfectly how to pull off light washed denim in both tops and bottoms. This is a trend that often scares people, because it can look boring. But the world of denim has changed since the first pair of pants. Now we can choose by an wide range of forms and combinations which add excitement to any look.

I choose to stay with a classic washed denim for my jacket combined with dark blue skinny jeans. This pair of jeans were too long for me, so I folded up the hem. This solution makes my high-top Converse show up giving this a cool vintage and fresh look. To tie everything together, I wore a cropped black T-shirt so I could show off the high-waisted pants.

A light washed denim jacket can do no wrong. This wonderful classic can give you comfort and make you look good while running around on campus. Adding in little details can revamp this classic. Christopher Kane demonstrated perfectly how many possibilities you can create when you base a look off of a classic.

Get My Look: 1. Washed denim jacket. 2. Dark blue jeans. 3. High-top black Converse.


The spring 2013 runway collections featured a lot of sheer fabrics such as organza and chiffon. There are many ways to wear this trend. I particularly liked MaxMara’s take on the fabrics, which were featured in their spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection. What I loved most about the show was the use of chiffon clothing paired with an edgy and sober background. It was different from the super sexy and feminine approaches of other runway shows.

To copy this show, I chose to wear a chiffon blouse over a simple black T-shirt. The destroyed pants are my personal touch of my punk style. I combined these elements with a pair of creepers to add a more edgy aspect to the look. I like how the combination of skinny jeans and black creepers can elongate the silhouette. All black outfits are a go-to choice for me. I choose to accessorize with black and silver rings.

This outfit could not be more in my comfort zone. This outfit features transparent material, which isn’t really my style. However, with the right pieces and accessories I made it match my personal style. MaxMara’s colection showed that transparent clothes can be more than just sexy, they can also show off our personal style in a new way.

Get My Look: 1. A Black oversized chiffon blouse. 2. Destroyed jeans. 3. Black creepers.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Lace Suggestion

At 2014’s Erdem Resort collection, we could see a suggestive use of transparency on lace and organza which showed how versatile those fabrics can be. Erdem showed to us that lace can be suggestive and sexy without needing a lot of effort. The line also showcased how to subtly show off skin by using transparency fabric on shoulders and arms.

For some people, lace is seen as too sexy and causes them to shy away. I see lace as being super feminine, and thus not really my style. I am not girly, but when I want to look delicate, I definitely go for lace. I like wearing black lace so that it matches the rest of my clothes.

Lace is something I do not feel super confident in, but when I saw the Erdem show I was inspired. My shirt is slightly short and because I didn’t want to show off a lot of skin I wore a plain black T-shirt under it.

I chose to stick with a high-waisted shorts. The combat boots combined with socks adds a touch of my personal style. I love the way the socks show off my legs and make the combat boots stand out. This makes the outfit more casual and comfortable.The vintage round sunglasses also give it a boho touch

Get My look: 1. A T-shirt with lace sleeves 2. High-waisted shorts 3. Comfy and casual combat boots.


I have to confess that I originally not fall in love with the brocade invasion of fall 2012. However, something changed recently to make me love Gucci’s take on the brocade trend from their fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection. Even though I love the intricate work on brocades, when I choose my clothes I opt for more minimalist style. I love simple silhouettes and combinations of classic and modern elements. By combining the delicacy of brocade with austerity of the menswear suit, Gucci give us a surprising collection full of personality and confidence.

I chose a more subtle brocade pattern when trying to copy this look. I wanted to incorporate the trend into a classic clothing staple. I turned to my favorite clothing item, the blazer. A blazer can be a sophisticated, sober and tomboy-ish piece, which makes it the perfect statement piece if you do not fear being edgy. When I saw this blazer and its beautiful brocade detailing, I knew that it was the perfect way for me to apply the trend to my personality. For a more casual look, I toned down the blazer with my favorite Jimmy Hendrix oversized T-shirt and black and red Converse. The ring I wore features beautiful and intricate work, just like the brocade pattern does. It also offers a reference for one famous Hendrix song “Foxy Lady.”

I am an intern at an advertising agency full of open-minded colleagues. If your internship is not restrictive about clothes, you can go from campus to the office with an outfit similar to mine. It looks professional, yet modern. The suit makes you to look more mature and professional, while the brocade pattern turns a boring piece into a statement full of personality. All you have to do is just give your personal touch to make your outfit shine.

Get My Look: 1. Black brocade suit. 2. High-top Converse. 3.Jimmy Hendrix T-shirt.


The posts I’ve been writing have been very clear about my preferences and tendency towards clothes in black and sober colors. However, I surrendered this belief for the pale colors and nymph-like dresses I saw in the 2012 spring collection by Vera Wang. I was not surprised when everyone I saw told me that the dress looked like a fairy dress. It was a statement for me to step away from my comfort zone.

I am not a super feminine girl with a closet full of dresses, but even I could not resist falling in love with the combination of soft cloth and mint. I wore chiffon and simple mint sandals to copy the Vera Wang look. The messenger bag gives my look a more vintage and delicate feel.

Another thing I noticed when bringing the outfit together was how gold and brown colors stand out when paired with mint. This is also out of my comfort zone, as I am not a gold person. I usually wear silver accessories. Fortunately, I had this double ring with a tiny fork which has a vintage touch. It went perfectly with the look.

Everything about this outfit yells comfort for me. Wearing these pieces makes my day softer and perfect for the warm summer here in Rio de Janeiro. If you are like me and not a bright color person, try out pale colors such as mint and lilac. I am quite sure you will love the fresh feel the colors bring.

Get My Look: 1. Mint green chiffon dress. 2. Mint green sandals. 3. Brown messenger bag.


The 2014 resort collections were filled with the graceful and fresh nautical trends. Some designer explored in a wide range of ways the stripes and black, red and white pallet. When I saw the Valentino collection, his high-waisted pants and subtle approach caught my eyes. The pieces were beautifully cut with a fresh feel perfect for busy days at college.

For this navy concept, I tried a more toned down approach by choosing blue and navy pieces to wear. I stuck with the high-waisted navy blue denim pant as a statement piece, just like we saw on Valentino’s collection. I paired it with a cropped loose skirt.The traditional high top black and white Converse is a go-to choice and makes a perfect pair with the high-waisted pants, making the outfit edgy with a vintage touch.The black and navy blue twisted hairband is a cute accessory reminiscent of nautical ropes.This outfit could not be more comfortable and suitable to college days.

My intention was to choose comfortable pieces and a toned down the nautical theme. I didn’t want to be totally in navy, red, black and white. While I loved nautical, I think it’s a little bit too much for the college classroom. Valentino expressed a toned down, sophisticated nautical perfectly in his line. We can be fresh and elegant as well as nautical.

Get My Look: 1.High-waisted navy blue pants. 2. Traditional high top black and white Converse. 3.White loose crop T-shirt.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Punk College Invasion

Back in fall 2013, Junya Watanabe surprised everyone with his collection inspired by punk culture. It was an edgier approach to the expressive trend.

When I started to stick these pieces together for an outfit, my wish was to dress up my vintage and beloved customized Sex Pistols T-shirt. However, when I looked at the Junyas runway show, the first thing I noticed was that is not the traditional approach of punk rock culture. The red plaid print and cutout jackets are iconic. They have customized handmade patchworks that seem to have come straight from a second hand shop. There’s tons of punk spirit in this line.

So for a toned down punk rock look for college students, I combined the red plaid jegging with this asymmetric black jacket. I think those two together can make an edgy and elegant outfit without losing the punk attitude. My black long sleeve T-shirt was not chosen randomly. My intention was to make an overlap showing how a simple piece can turn into a surprise factor. Nothing if more punk rock than a pair of combat boots, especially ones that are distressed like the pair I wore. I choose a Vivienne Westwood armour ring replica for my statement piece. It’s an outstanding creation made by the mother of punk rock. For running around campus and going to classes, the black subtle messenger bag is perfect. It’s a balance for the punk mess.

When we talk about punk in fashion terms, we have a certain prerogative in mind. It’s an  over explored trend, but Junya showed showed the red plaid print and patchwork in and edgy and expressive way, as a punk rock deserves.

Get My Look: 1. Asymmetric denim jacket. 2. Outstanding combat boots. 3. Red plaid leggings.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Dark Side Of The Varsity

At Loewe’s fall 2012 ready-to-wear runway show, Stuart Vevers was noticed for his subtle, yet stylish approach to leather. I was inspired by the formal ridding habits, full jackets and a beautiful textures of the show. His smart view of the masculine and feminine juxtaposition appealed to my tomboy tastes. The line featured casual varsity jackets elegantly combined with circle skirts and riding pants.

It has been a while since I have worn a varsity jacket. Here in Brazil, they are not as common as they are abroad. The traditional printed varsity jacket was a bit too much for my subtle tastes. However, everything changed for me when I saw that black leather varsity jacket on the Loewe runway. It felt meant for me. Because the jacket is in just one color, you can really see the texture of the fabrics. The traditional use of leather sleeves with the wool torso is made more elegant and mature through the all black coloring.

It is no wonder why varsity jackets are so popular and iconic of our college days. The jacket is a perfect go-to in any situation. It is a comfortable, casual and stylish jacket that works perfectly for any collegiate. I have now found the perfect varsity for my somber and dark tastes. There is a perfect varsity jacket waiting for you too! All you have to do is look hard enough to find it.

Get My Look: 1. Edgy black varsity jacket. 2. Black denim skinny pants. 3. Black oxfords.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Monochrome, Double Fun

There were a lot of powerful monochromatic looks on the spring 2013 runways. Narciso Rodriguez followed this trend and also used his link to explore asymmetrical coats. Inspired by those monochromatic looks by Narciso Rodriguez, I created a simple outfit for classy, yet busy days.

I loved the monochrome theme of this line and the cuts of Rodriguez’s coats. The  asymmetrical coat was my favorite. Such coats give the illusion that they are long in the front. However, viewed from behind the coats look just the ordinary length of coat on the hips. While you walk those asymmetric tips give your shape a soft flow that makes your figure look elegant. This is a subtle and edgy way to add a surprise factor on your outfits.

We have the tendency to stay away from pure monochromatic outfits, because we think black and white combination are boring and do not showcase our creativity. I like to wear monochromatic looks because I love black. With monochrome clothing, you are better able to notice the cut and the silhouette of the clothes. Monochromatic clothes can stand out by themselves just with a stunning cut and beautiful silhouette. Symmetry is a statement that can be brought together with monochromatic looks to become elegant and sophisticated.

Get My Look: 1.Black skinny jeans. 2. Black Oxfords. 3 Asymmetric coat.