STYLE GURU STYLE: Japanese Tendencies

Emilio Pucci’s  spring 2013 collection  was unique from others in that it showcased multiple ways for wearing a kimono. The kimonos were well structured, with fabulous prints and colors. They caught the eye by adding elegance to an outfit in a more interesting and casual way. Kimonos can be worn tied around the waist or loose. They show off the body’s shape while keeping you comfy. It’s the best of both worlds.

As an admirer of Japanese culture and alternative street style, I was very excited to try out this kimono trend. What is more interesting to me is how the kimono can effect your figure by lifting your shoulders and lengthening your silhouette. I have a tendency towards black, minimalistic clothing so I trying to work with such a colorful print was a challenge.

I chose to make my clothes a black background so that the print of the kimono would stand out. The black canvas makes these beautiful yellow accents in this kimono pop out. By keeping my kimono untied and loose around my body, I could kept  my look more casual and bohemian in style. I added the creeper to get a more edgy look. To feel the soft satin from this piece makes them a perfect combination from the tense days at class and such a great statement piece. This summer get inspired by Emilio Pucci and rock a kimono on top of a basic jeans and a T-shirt ensemble.

Get My Look: 1. A printed kimono. 2. A pair of black skinny pants. 3. aAcomfortable creeper.

STYLE GURU BIO: Carine Ferreira

Hi, I’m Carine Ferreira, a 23-year-old graphic design student at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Through this year, I’ve been involved with CollegeFashionista. I wrote for the ACCESSORIES REPORT and for FASHIONISTA SPOTLIGHT.  I have loved following the many talented Fashionistas on the site.

During this time, I opened myself to critics and learned from my mistakes. I have never before been so experimental and open to a wide range of styles. I can say that being a part of CollegeFashionista is an important piece of that journey. Reporting on the wonderful styles of the creative people around my campus has given many lessons. It has taught me the importance of listening and learning from others. My most important lesson has been to learn how rich and diverse beauty can be. Through this time, I have seen my own improvement and growth as a person and creative professional. Without my experience as a Style Guru, I would not be as able to express myself. Today I allow myself to not be perfect. I repeat the clothes that I love, I make crazy experiments and I fail sometimes because the most important thing is learn from my mistakes.

Being a Style Guru for the third time is still very exciting. I still have butterflies flying freely in my stomach. For this semester, I will be writing for a new category. I am quite sure that I will have the time of my life learning and discovering the better version of me.


Since there is a large range of Fashionistas/os on campus, it is important to always be inspired. I asked this Fashionista how she remains encouraged to try out new trends and experiment with fashion. She said all of her classmates, who represent a wide variety of styles, make her never want to give up on being creative with her clothing, even when her daily routine gets stressful. She added that music and art help her to express herself through fashion as well.

Name: Tamiris de Almeida

Major: Architecture

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Where does your daily style inspiration come from?

Tamiris de Almeida: Music always inspires me because all of the different genres mark different styles. I try to stay open-minded with fashion because I don’t want my daily looks to get boring.

CF: What is your favorite piece in your closet?

TA: My black Converse, which I have had for ten years now are my absolute favorites.

CF: How does life on campus inspire your style?

TA: Because I study at a Fine Arts school, it is evident that student thoroughly embrace their style preferences. The majority of students showcase their personality through clothing.

How To: This Fashionista kept it simple and to-the-point with her printed dress. For a similar look, try one like this from Forever 21 and pair it with a white Converse, a comfortable classic that are a practical choice for busy days on campus. Her glasses are a great statement piece as well, the round structure adds an edge to her ensemble. You can experiment this pair from NASTY GAL.


All of us have a particular idol that guides our fashion tendencies. When we are putting together our looks for the day, we all choose our outfits for some specific reason. One Fashionista might be trying to express an aspect of her personality through her style, while another Fashionista might be using her garments as a way to accommodate the weather conditions. It could be a special occasion that influences your fashion decisions or maybe you are simply inspired by a single item. This week’s Fashionista based her ensemble around her quirky personality. This creative choice is essential to the outcome of her one-of-a-kind look.

Name: Ana Montez

Major: Graphic Design

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Ana Montez: I have to admit that I dress intuitively. Although this might seem like an excuse for slacking, I think that it allows my personality to shine through my clothing.

CF: What about your personality influences your style most?

AM: My humor and the mood that I wake up to in the morning.

CF: What else inspires your fashion?

AM : All the stores and people that surround me act as an inspiration for my style. I would like to think I have no barriers when it comes to fashion. I try to give every new trend a shot instead of immediately rejecting it.

How To: The surprise factor around this Fashionista’s outfit is definitely the combination of different textures and multiple layers. The resulting look is interesting and unique. A fresh dress with a cute print, like this one by ModCloth, will establish a delicate backdrop for any layered outfit. Paired with a denim jacket, like this one from Forever 21, will make the look functional and multidimensional. Remember to take your personality into consideration when composing outfits.


Due to the high standard of fashion nowadays, it can take a long time for an aspiring Fashionisto to fully understand his own style and how to properly portray it through his clothing. Unlike most Fashionistas who seem to master their style earlier, Fashionistos are not typically as motivated to use fashion as an form of expression. However, fortunately, times are changing, and campus life provides Fashionistas/os with a liberal, encouraging environment. Many Fashionistos have explored the ability to convey their personality through fashion at college.

Name: Guilherme Santos

Major: Graphic Design

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Where did you get your outfit from?

Guilherme Santos: My girlfriend bought this coat for me from Linux Mall. My jeans are the product of a successful DIY project because I wanted to bring more personality to them.

CF: Where do you shop?

GS: I have a few stores that I look for clothes, especially T-shirts with interesting prints like Design By Humans, TeeFury and BustedTees.

CF: When did your passion for fashion develop?

GS: It all started once I came to college last year. The spirit of free expressionism on campus is rampant. It pushed me to finally discover my personal sense of style in order to show the world who I am.

How To: This Fashionisto put together a look that is unique with a touch of grunge, revealing his inner-nerd. You may choose a graphic top to convey an aspect of your personality. Try this outstanding print of the Vulcan Salute of Star Trek by Threadless with distressed jeans by Abercrombie & Fitch for an individualized look.


Fashion is its own universe, full of originality that can physically demonstrate our inner personality. This week’s Fashionista is a perfect example of how creativity is so important in the fabrication of an ensemble. Her look is inspired by findings on the internet and other Fashionistas. She doesn’t let the fact that she is curvy be an obstacle. Read about this persistent Fashionista, willing to go to any length to find exactly what she wants.

Name: Carolina Azevedo

Major: Product Design

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Where is your outfit from?

Carolina Azevedo:I spend a lot of time browsing alternative fashion websites. When I find a piece that I really love I have to make it my own. For example, this bag I first saw on a  fashion blog, and bought it from a Chinese site. My boots are Brazilian, I checked the brand and looked for it online.

CF: What difficulties do you encounter when shopping?

CA: Since I’m not skinny, it’s not easy to find clothes that fit me, and most of plus size clothes don’t fit right. I buy  most of my pants while on vacations to the United States. Only now did the Brazilian fashion world begin to make bigger clothing for curvy Fashionistas.

CF: Who/What inspires your style?

CA: I’m always checking Lua P on LOOKBOOK, Annika Victoria on Chictopia and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

How To: This Fashionista shows incredible taste and creativity with simple statements like her cat bag. Her red combat boots are a special point of attention. Check out Hot Topic for your own pair. Her clothes are comfortable and chic, and her the camouflage vest is beautiful. The vest is so popular, this oversized vest from Urban Outfitters is no excuse.


Life on campus is a breathtaking experience in which even the most ordinary outfits can turn into a beautiful expression of your personality. This Fashionista used her campus as the inspiration for her outfit.

Name: Mariana Periald

Major : Architecture

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Where do you usually look for style inspiration?

Mariana Periald: I search for inspiration from any Fashionistas/os that I come across. If a person’s sense of style is appealing to me, I look for a piece of clothing in my own wardrobe that best mimics the look, and make that aspect of my ensemble stand out. 

CF: What garment is an essential in your closet?

MP: Any piece that I can use to layer is a must-have for me. Vests and cardigans are just perfect! You can take them off if it’s too hot or put on if is too cold.

CF: Has campus style in general affected your personal taste?

MP: Yes, my style has evolved a lot. As I look at what my friends and classmates choose to wear, I see my fashion choices shifting towards “the norm.” It is good that we are all connected in this way, but I also think that we must strive to stand out and embrace our unique preferences.

How To: This outfit has a great color palette, and the hues allow the outfit to stand out in a modest way. To personalize this look, stick with the navy color scheme in your clothes, and choose garments that are subtle. A simple cardigan in a darker blue over a striped T-shirt, like this one from American Apparel, will guarantee a flawless creation. You can make it more comfortable by wearing moccasins, such as these by Zara.


As an admirer of alternative fashion myself, I get really excited when I can take a picture of a fabulous Fashionista. Her style is edgy and full of delicacy from the days of romanticism. The simple color scheme chosen is key to this outfit. Brown and burgundy are such sophisticated hues, making a Victorian-inspired outfit that is nothing short of exceptional.

Name: Juliana Salviano

Major: Arts

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How does fashion represent you?

Juliana Salviano: Fashion is a visual expression of my personality and daily attitude.

CF: What is are some hardships that come with the upkeep of your personal style?

JS : Well, my love for the corset presents its long list of problems. Besides the fact that they are relatively expensive, the warm weather makes it so difficult for me! It takes a lot of willpower to dress in corsets and boots with makeup in the shining sun, but I will not let the weather dictate my fashion preferences.

CF: Where do you usually look for style inspiration?
JS: Hands down, my favorite styles comes from the  Victorian Era, and I have always admired the the pin-up girl look.
How To: This stunning outfit stands out due to its gorgeous accessories and refined color palette. To guarantee a great result for you, make sure to choose a beautiful underbust, or even an overbust model corset, like this by Agent Provocateur. You will feel secure wearing it and it goes perfectly over a burgundy top, like this one by Revolve Clothing, and a dark floral, like this one from Forever 21.


It is currently winter in Rio, but this city is never tired of the warm weather. This beautiful Fashionista embraced the city, getting inspiration from the urban atmosphere to create a lovely outfit, full of joy and femininity.

Name: Beatriz Laidens

Major: Graphic Design

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How does the scenery of Rio de Janeiro inspire your style?

Beatriz Laidens: Because the sun is always shining, I tend to wear shorts and summer dresses in colorful prints and bold accessories. I also adore vests.

CF: What is essential in your wardrobe for the summer?

BL: Jean shorts, for sure!

CF : Where do you usually goes to shopping? Do you have some tips for us?

BL: At the mall, usually. Eclectic is one of my favorites stores. I love the oversized T-shirts and maxi skirts they sell.

CF: What are your favorite accessories?

BL: My favorites would have to be vests and bracelets. Arm candy is great because it gives you the opportunity to add more colors to your outfit.

How To: The key to achieve an outfit like this is to combine colorful accessories with a delicate summer dress. Floral print is a must-have this season. This one from Forever 21 is the absolutely perfect. Colorful bracelets reflect the joy of summer, and Banana Republic has an array of fabulous options. Comfortable shoes are the key to pulling this look together. Flat sandals, like these from Zara, are not too casual and still provide that necessary comfort for painless beauty that lasts the whole day.


What is really interesting and inspiring about fashion is how our outfit can show others who we really are just by choosing and combining clothes that fit perfectly with our personality. This Fashionista is a perfect example, of edgy and feminine style tied up together. The look perfectly gets across her message of attitude and originality, inspired by Japanese street style.

Name: Flávia Porto

Year: Junior

Major: Product Design

CollegeFashionista: Where did you look for inspiration to compose your outfit?

Flávia Porto: I really love fashion books and sites for this, they’re very inspiring! I’m passionate about Japanese street fashion above all.

CF: Do you have any piece in your closet that you consider indispensable?

FP: I’m really into combat boots, my red ones are the pair which I use most. They look good with my entire closet and are very comfortable. Plus, they look perfect with more rock ‘n’ roll inspired clothes or contrast with my more feminine clothes as well.

CF: Do you have any style icon who inspire you?

FP: The model and singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! She can dress in a wide range of styles without losing her personality and she seems to not care at all about what other people think about her attitude or clothes. I can say that she is beautiful and stylish in a super edgy manner, and I really like it!

How To: You can pull this look off too, starting with this amazing lace skirt by Forever 21. Add a fun printed shirt, which brings some personality and a funky touch for your outfit. Then choose your appropriate creepers. The model you choose can echo your personality and the aesthetic you want to add in your outfit. Go for either a bold pair, like those seen on this Fashionista, or go for a more glamorous and girly pair with a soft pastel blue or gold from Chanel that will certainly make you shine.