Fashion is tricky and hard sometimes for a Fashionisto. But if you put more effort into small basics, namely with accessories, it can become a lot more fun to work with and showcasing your personality will be much easier.

This Fashionisto is a fan of minimalism and simplicity. He can be prepared for any change of weather with this classic off-white sweater. His shorts are DIY, cut from pants, in a way slightly more short than usually we see in men’s fashion. Denim shorts are a very fresh trend that bring something extra, despite their casual nature.

This Fashionisto ran away from usual tasteless tote bag and jumped to this iconic print that featured all the Beatles. Look for unusual prints— it is a fast and safe way to break the ice of casual wear.

Know your shape and your taste well and with some research of what you like or dislike, your trained eyes can help you to buy pieces that say something about you.

Like this example today. A simple tote bag and shorts with a tiny personal touch can say something discreetly and charming about you.

Spotted : Many brands use tote bags (and canvas bags) to sell an idea. The famous example “I’m not a plastic bag” by Anya Susannah Hindmarch is a perfect reminder that this accessory can be much more cool that we can imagine.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: The Usamimi Headband

Getting ready for school with so little time is quite a challenge. In those days that jeans and t-shirts are the only thing we can pull off, play with acessories, specially in our hair could be a very interesting way to bring some originality.  Fashionistas with long hair can make it work with a quick top knot, but for those Fashionistas with short hair, it can be a little more difficult.

Short hair has its perks, as shown by Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway; it’s edgy and feminine at the same time. But for those Fashionistas who can’t have a glam squad with them 24/7, how can short hair become just as appealing as those top-knot beauties? Definitely go straight for hair accessories as the Fashionista for this week did.

This lovely headband is also called usamimi ( mimi means ears and usa is the contracted form for usagi which means bunny. It’s named this because the silhouette looks like little bunny ears) in Japan and it was a big trend a few years ago, but it’s still a statement accessory appearing time to time in Japanese fashion magazines and around the world.

The fabric of the headband is covered by wire that’s flexible to mold into different looks. Wear it like this Fashionista with the ends pointed up, or with the tips down under the piece of fabric for a pin-up vibe. Play with colors and patterns to create a beautiful contrast and give your outfit and hair the best boost.

Spotted Handmade usamimis can be found very easily at Etsy . But even more easy to make. If you have a craft side don’t hesitate to go for a DIY and make a unique piece for you.


For my first ACCESSORIES REPORT, I bring this beautiful lady with a unique ring that caught my eye today. At first I was impressed with her feminine and soft dress, great for the really hot summer in Rio. The print is made in vibrant colors that stands out in a very simple way. Is a ready-to-go outfit that never fades. If you want this romantic touch you may like this dress that came in two pattern options by Farm.

This Fashionista complement her look with a long maxi ring with gems cut in different shapes and a brown tone that brings a rustic and boho touch.Longest rings are very useful for long fingers and make your hands sexy and long.

These ring are a good example of this kind of design. One with a unique design and gems cut in different shapes like this or If you like to keep it simple that beautiful ring in silver with a big pearl could be better for you, these both are found at Max&Chloe.

Her lovely leopard printed bag will take care of all the space she needs. It has a fur fabric that turns it in a unique piece. Bags with different prints is a casual way to bring more fun in daily basis.

Before leaving she gave some wonderful tips. For example, unique and outstanding pieces could be found at flea market or hippie fairs. She likes to search at antique and hippie fairs as well for new and indie stylists too.

Spotted : A great example of long ring with a stunning and unique design is the famous “Armour” ring by Vivienne Westwood.

STYLE GURU BIO: Carine Ferreira

I’m Carine, 21 year old junior design student at UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro. I was never the type of girl to be into fashion and such, even though I was raised by my grandmother, a seamstress, but I’ve always been addicted to music and visual arts in general since my childhood. I was the tomboy kid that was always seen hanging out with the boys and climbing up trees when I wasn’t up in my room drawing and painting.

But in my teenage years, when I first saw punks in old photographs of London streets and street snaps of Harajuku, all that boldness and confidence caught me at first sight. A spontaneous and true expression that only fashion can bring is what captivated me immediately. Fashion helped me grow up and always show my best side, even in the worst moments.

When I immersed myself in research about the history of fashion, I was always curious about the Victorian and Rococo period. I soon realized fashion could be a career and a possible job that I love. But I don’t intend to stop there; I need to learn much more about this world of various shapes, colors and prints, and it makes me even more excited.

It’s not important if you’re a brand lover or D.I.Y. master, a glamorous girl or tomboy, if you like haute couture or alternative fashion. The more unique and loyal you are to yourself, the closer to perfection you are and that’s fashion to me.

Being chosen as a Style Guru is a great achievement. My campus is full of originality and beauty, and to be responsible for showing this to the world is such an honor. I can’t wait to share all the inspirational looks I discover.