The GANT Way at George Washington University

Fall is that crucial time when you start clearing out your summer clothes and start transitioning towards the winter. The best part about this period is that you can still utilize some of your summer pieces. The key to pulling this off is through layering and shifting your color scheme from bright and bold to deeper and more full-bodied shades. By mixing and matching different pieces or accessories you can still make great use of your go-to summer clothing.

This look is extremely easy to replicate and is a great way to start transitioning into fall by layering and changing the color scheme. Instead of bright florals or bold colors, try mixing in darker and richer tones into your ensemble. You can still use your favorite summer basics, such as white tank tops or your favorite distressed denim, however pair them with chunky knit sweaters or flannel T-shirts that will add another layer of depth to any look. As a student at George Washington University and someone who loves street style and aspires to work for a fashion magazine, this look is the perfect way to stay chic and still cohesive. I am constantly inspired by the sleek simplicity of Julia Starr-Jamois and Emma Watson. They perpetually create streamlined looks that are fashion forward and incredible, just like this ensemble!

All you have to do to recreate this ensemble is to get out your go-to denim and then add your favorite comfy flannel, the boyfriend cut is a great way to mix up your look and try to juxtapose the ensemble against the form fitting jeans. Next add a brown shoe and don’t be afraid to go to with a pair that will add some height; especially if you are heading out to dinner or looking for a way to heighten your look. Nude flats are also a great option if you want to cater this look for class or a day in the library. Finally top it all off with a jacket and your favorite sunglasses. Together these fall basics culminate in a chic and composed look that can transition from day to night or from the library to dinner effortlessly! And I don’t have to go very far, as the closest Gant store is right in Georgetown!

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Finals are upon us and as a result many students opt for a more relaxed and low key wardrobe. From workout clothes to simple sweats, it seems as though the question of what to wear falls to the bottom of the to-do list. However, some students prove that you can have it all, maintain your GPA and your style amidst the chaos of finals. From jean shorts and a tank to a statement floral dress, dressing for finals is all about finding bold and key pieces to support your look.

This Fashionista was on her way to the library when I spotted her chic look. Her simple combination of jean shorts, a white tank and a woven sweater culminated in an effortless ensemble. She complemented her ensemble with simple but bold black accessories. The sleek gladiator sandals, structured and studded bag and circular shades all work together to create a pulled together look.

In order to recreate this look all one needs to do is pull basics from their wardrobe. You can grab your favorite pair of distressed denim shorts, a comfy white tank and a structured knit sweater. The only place you may have to invest is in your accessories, and when you are adding black accents you can’t go wrong because they are pieces you can incorporate into different looks all year long. Her round sunglasses are perfect for a summer festival or a wintery walk around campus, and her black bag is a bold piece that you can carry your school books in or your favorite beach read. Lastly, the gladiator sandals are a great summer basic that you can dress up or down depending on what you pair them with.

All in all, this Fashionista demonstrates that even in the most stressful of times you can rely on wardrobe basics to construct a simple but chic ensemble.


Many students in D.C. not only go to class, but they also have internships. From working on The Hill to working in retail, it seems as though D.C. students are always on the go. As a result, it is crucial to dress not only for the quad, but also for the cubicle. With simple lines and basic tones it is easy to create a chic look for any setting.

This Fashionista proves that no matter where you are spending your time you can look pulled together and stylish. She was on her way to her retail job when I spotted her chic ensemble. With a loose-fitting navy blouse, dark jeans and white shoes you can be poised and professional, or merely chic and casual. It is all about utilizing pieces that are versatile and simple enough to be molded and shifted into whatever look you are aiming for.

When recreating this look it is imperative to go back to basics. Navy blue is a clean and sleek color that is perfect for transitioning to spring and can be both low key as well as fancy. It is all about what pieces you pair together and what vibe they collectively create. Dark denim and a loose-fitting blouse create a more formal feel, while the white lace shoes provide a pop of color and texture. Then top off your look with a pair of statement sunglasses and an oversized tote that can carry everything you will need throughout the day. With this formula you won’t go wrong no matter where or what you will be doing throughout the day.


Springtime is the best opportunity to break out your brightest pieces and invigorate your wardrobe after the cold and drab months of winter. The chance to get out of dark leggings and heavy knit sweaters is long anticipated and a spike in temperature is the best excuse to mix things up. From bold floral print pieces to neon accents, there is no wrong way to go about brightening up your look and mood.

I spotted this Fashionista walking to class after she had just stopped for a much needed caffeine boost. Her bright look was hard to miss and set her apart from other students. While some are fearful of incorporating neon into their wardrobe, this is a prime example of how to go about it. It is a very powerful accent to incorporate into any look, however the key is to establish a balance in your ensemble so that the look is not overwhelming or unflattering.

The key to replicating this look is balance. The combination of hot pink shorts with a black knit sweater and dark gladiator sandals is very simple yet very stylish. The bright shorts and darker pieces culminate in an ensemble that is effortlessly chic. It is the combination of bright and dark with metallic accents that works so well. Not only do the colors meld seamlessly, but also the different textures and tones create another means of balance. As long as you adhere to this formula, you can interchange the bold and basic pieces.

Staycation with Sally Hansen at GWU

Now that spring has officially sprung, it is hard not to find yourself yearning for summertime or craving a vacation. Especially now that finals are around the corner, it is crucial to find ways to take some time away from school and enjoy the warm weather because in no time it will be gone. From walking to the monuments to meandering your way through M Street in Georgetown, there is nothing like getting some fresh air and soaking up the sun. With this climate change, the warmer weather calls for a modification in wardrobe, it is officially time to swap out your bulky winter basics for lighter and brighter pieces that show off your legs and highlight your tan.

From nautical striped dresses to geometric skirts and gladiator sandals, the increase in temperature calls for shorter hemlines and more colorful accents. No longer are your limbs hidden in black leggings or dark denim, now is the opportunity to break out the shorts, skirts and dresses. However, if you don’t have time to sit outside and soak up the sun or if the weather isn’t cooperating, you should try opting for Sally Hansen’s Leg Makeup to tone your legs and to complete any springtime look. This easy and quick spray is the best way to add a sun kissed feel to even the palest of legs and complement your springtime look.

When getting dressed for spring I find myself pairing a statement piece with more relaxed accents. From a nautical stripe dress combined with a classic jean jacket to a chambray button-down and lace shorts, it is all about balance and I find that less is more. When your looking to dress up you look try pairing an asymmetric skirt with a simple sweater and a leather heel. This combination is sleek but stylish and perfect for warmer weather.

You can show off your Staycation style as well. To celebrate this partnership, CollegeFashionista is giving away $500 to one lucky winner who best captures their Staycation on social media. To enter, follow CollegeFashionista and Sally Hansen on Instagram. Upload a photo on Instagram using the hashtag #SallyHansenStaycation showing us your fashionable and fun Staycation. The top ten photos will be put in a Facebook album for fans to vote on. One lucky winner will be selected. Click here for official rules and how to enter.

No matter how you choose to enjoy the springtime or what you opt to wear be sure to invigorate your wardrobe with color, your favorite Sally Hansen products and you can’t go wrong.




Often times longer hemlines are not perceived as stylish or flattering. They are reserved for older women or serious events. However, there are numerous ways to make a trendy and youthful look out of a longer skirt or dress. From pairing them with crop tops and bold gladiator sandals to dressing them up with a formal blouse, the possibilities are endless.

This Fashionista proves that just because you are wearing a floor length skirt doesn’t mean you still can’t look cute and youthful. Her bohemian inspired look is a great change of pace from shorts and dresses. It is unexpected and demonstrates true style and simplicity. The best part of the look is that it is comprised of three main pieces and then accented with bold sandals, statement jewelry and classic Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. Together these pieces culminate in a seamless and stylish ensemble ready for any day spent on campus.

In order to replicate this look all one needs to do is purchase a long skirt, floral crop top and oatmeal cardigan. Then add pops of gold jewelry to complete the ensemble and provide another source of texture and color. This look is simple but effortlessly chic, it is one that is perfect for walking around campus or a day spent in class. So, next time you’re getting dressed for the day don’t be afraid to opt for a longer hemline instead of shorts or a skirt. A longer hemline will be the perfect change of pace and be sure to set you apart.


One of the best transition pieces for spring weather is the maxi dress. It is a piece that will keep you warm as the wind whips and the rain drizzles. All you need to do to create the perfect transitional look is to pair a cardigan and some gladiators with your maxi. And the best part of this dress style is that it feels summery and can instantly amp up your mood.

This Fashionista was on her way to class when I spotted her springtime look. From her black maxi dress to her cream cardigan and gladiator sandals, this look stood out above the rest. Her combination of pieces is easy to replicate and is a perfect example of how to dress casually but chicly. No matter where you’re headed, class or the gym, there is always a means of styling a look that will culminate in a seamless and sophisticated feel.

The key to recreating this look is to invest in a flattering black maxi dress. This is a staple that will not only take you into the springtime because it can be layered, but it is also a piece that can stand alone and still make a stylish statement. Additionally, the creamy cardigan and gladiator sandals are wardrobe basics that can be mixed up and played around with. You could try pairing a bold or bright sweater instead, or even a jean jacket for a relaxed spring look. No matter how you choose to layer your look, the maxi dress is always a stylish and sophisticated way to go.


As a child I went through a phase where I wouldn’t let other kids in my pre-school sit with me unless they were wearing purple. Suffice it to say I was obsessed with the color as a kid; still, to this day, I think that purple, particularly lavender, is a great color to incorporate into any wardrobe. From a casual sundress to a comfortable cardigan, this is a strong hue that will go a long way. Particularly, as Easter and spring rolls in, this is the perfect time to whip out your pastels and brighten up your look.

This Fashionisto is a perfect example of how to rock purple without creating an overpowering look. It is a tremendously strong color and can cause an ensemble to become overwhelming or outlandish. However, by pairing jeans and a Barbour jacket with a comfy and colorful sweater, one can create an effortless look for an early class or a day spent running around campus. The best element of this look is the pop of purple that this Fashionisto incorporated through his socks. This subtle hint of color completes the look and adds a whimsical element to his ensemble.

In order to recreate this look all one has to do is invest in a bold colored sweater and then pull basics from their wardrobe. Combine a pair of dark washed jeans, brown Sperry Top-Siders and a classic Barbour jacket with vintage sunglasses. All of these pieces can be worn throughout the year and what truly transforms them for the spring is the incorporation of purple. Without this bold pop of color the look wouldn’t feel as warm or bright. So, next time you are looking for an easy means of transitioning your winter look into spring, try adding warm colors and bright pieces.


Many people perceive fashion as a serious or consuming concept. People often times forget how much fun you can have (and should have) with what you wear. Also frequently, it is overlooked that you can make different statements through the pieces and brands you choose to wear and not wear. Everything you don says something about who you are and what you appreciate. Whether you are supporting a home team, opting for a brand that gives back or just showing off your sense of humor, your ensemble is another outlet for your opinion and personality.

This Fashionista chose to incorporate her sense of humor into her style. She opted for a whimsical sweater, complete with a mustache, monocle and a pipe. She paired it with her dark jeans, black boots and red jacket. This combination has great balance. All of the other pieces retain a more formal feel, while her sweater adds a relaxed vibe. Collectively, this look is perfect for a day running to class and around campus, because it is pulled together yet low key and whimsical.

In order to recreate this look all one needs to do is reach into their closet and pull out a basic pair of jeans, a tall, dark winter boot and a statement jacket. Although it may not seem like it, it is worth investing in a humorous sweater because it is a great piece to wear throughout the winter that will add a fun element to any daytime look. It will pair perfectly with a pair of leggings and flats, or with a flirty skirt and tights. The incorporation of a comical cardigan or pullover will never cease to invigorate an ensemble with style and a laugh.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Masculine Meets Feminine

Few people identify their style as purely feminine or solely masculine. Instead, most of us fall into the middle of the spectrum and combine strong pieces with flirty accessories to create a unique and juxtaposing ensemble. There are so many more options when you start to incorporate and infuse these differing styles into one look. Additionally, this mindset will always produce a unique and memorable ensemble for any occasion.

This Fashionista illustrates how easy and fun it is to create an every day look that juxtaposes masculine colors and pieces with feminine accessories to culminate in an effortlessly chic look. Her mixture of basic blue jeans with edgy motorcycle boots, a deep green coat and a yellow scarf creates a combination of heavy fabrics and colors with light and ladylike accessories. This contrast is not only interesting, but also crucial for a balanced feel. Often time’s, looks that are solely feminine or purely masculine become dramatic or excessive.

It is all about the details with this look. The addition of classic peal earrings and a light and bright scarf protects the ensemble from becoming to dark, heavy or masculine. Without these pops of femininity, this Fashionista’s look would be unable to retain its balance. So, next time you’re getting dressed, remember to strike a balance between your pieces and never underestimate the power of accessories. They are able to completely transform the feel of a look, from adding a pop of color to incorporating different textures.