STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Another Year Under the Belt

It’s been a long semester, Hoyas. Spring semester, unlike fall, has a much brighter light at the end of the tunnel: Summer.

Today’s Fashionista suffered through two final papers and three grueling exams. Finally free of all things academic (for a few months at least), she returned her textbooks and met up with friends to celebrate. Choosing the quintessentially Georgetown restaurant The Tombs, she and her friends bid junior year adieu.

Welcoming the hotter air and more intense sun that the District experiences during the summer, this Fashionista opted for a casual and comfortable tank dress. While also a fitting poolside frock, adding the wide leather belt with an embellished metal clasp deems the dress appropriate for lunch and shopping.

Keeping things simple for footwear, this Fashionista slipped into her most comfortable pair of sandals. “After months of boots and closed toed shoes, I couldn’t wait to bring out my favorite summer shoes,” she said. “I’ve had them forever and they remind me of so many memories.”

When things are hot and humid outside, excess jewelry can be quite a nuisance. Take a cue from today’s Fashionista and skip out on bulky necklaces and tight bracelets. An embellished belt and a pair of stud earrings may be all that you need!


Today’s Fashionisto was on his way to his last class of the semester. Between the cool morning temperature and frigid air-conditioning in the Economics classroom, extra layers are necessary despite the mid-May day.

He balances the classic prep look with a completely comfortable feel. A long sleeved tartan dress shirt from Rugby is worn with the intention of ditching the sweater and rolling the sleeves up when the day warms up. He rewrites the rules by wearing the typically winter print in late spring. His sweater, also from Rugby, is just the thing to throw on to stay warm.

Classic navy chino shorts by Ralph Lauren add to both the preppy and comfortable aspects of his outfit. The shorts, he says, become his summer uniform. They can be casually worn throwing a football around with friends, or to a casual dinner date.

His high school golf team’s baseball cap, worn to faded perfection, ties in both the red and navy from the rest of his outfit. He wears sporty and laid-back Sperry Topsider tennis shoes. Paired with plain athletic socks, never folded or scrunched, this Fashionisto completes his look.


Sometimes fashion seems a little, well, too put together. Why not wear what you love? Why not wear crazy colors, bold prints, and quirky accessories all at once? Why not wear pink pants?

Today’s Fashionisto is quite recognizable around campus. I caught him just as he was leaving his shift in the coffee shop in the library. Of course, he was wearing his signature pink pants. Having grown up in both Los Angeles and the Midwest, he is not afraid to mix the styles. He assured me that, despite the stereotype, cool kids from the Midwest are into fashion.

Not to underwhelm his pink pants from CTRL Clothing, he wears a purple striped shirt by The Hundreds. In tandem, the purple shirt and pink pants definitely work together. He explained that he believes in throwing on a bunch of goofy colors and allowing them to harmonize on their own.

In true Southern California form, he wears his trusty Vans sneakers. Still playing with color, the red and yellow of the shoes are bold. They definitely speak to his colorful personality.

Today’s Fashionisto focuses on the quality of his accessories, rather than the quantity. His gold, and flashy, Flud watch is a mini-replica of a turntable. In addition to the watch, he sports a few wristbands from the most recent concerts he has attended. Finally, his look would not be complete without his blonde flow. “I am an active protagonist in the pro-swag movement,” he remarked.


While the runways and fashion blogs are all over color blocking, leave it to Georgetown students to opt for an incredibly bold monochromatic look. Today’s Fashionista was spotted from a great distance with her orange platform sandals and bright skirt.

Casual, but exciting, platform sandals takes this Fashionista’s outfit to a level above the rest. Her mother found the footwear in a trendy vintage boutique in Baltimore. Platform sandals are popular right now, but finding one in a tangerine hue is a little tricky. Wedged espadrilles, like this Franco Sarto pair, offer a similar appearance.

Apropos to the height of her sandals, this Fashionista wears a comfortable high waisted skirt in a similar shade. Perfect for an early summer afternoon, she paired it with a casual t-shirt. As to not take away, or go overboard on the orange, she sticks to neutral tan and bone for the rest of her accessories.

This Fashionista may be into clothes the color of the sun, but she is wary of actual rays. She mentioned that she threw on a slouchy lightweight cardigan to protect her shoulders for an afternoon of lounging on the lawn with friends. Her Coach crossbody purse finishes off the look.

To pull off a similar singular color outfit, take this Fashionista’s style advice. Pick a bold color, such as orange, yellow, and red and choose a couple key pieces in that shade. Complete the outfit by balancing the bright color scheme with low-key neutrals.


Finals are right around the corner. It is not uncommon for Georgetown students to spend nearly twelve hours in one place studying and working on group projects. But just because Hoyas put in long hours working does not mean that they slack when it comes to attire.

Today’s Fashionista spent a few minutes taking in some sun and fresh air after a morning of studying in the new business school. Avoiding the “just rolled out of bed” look, but still not wanting to spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning, she opts for a classic, understated outfit.

A professional and crisp oxford shirt from Gap gives this Fashionista the put together look instantly. With the sleeves casually rolled up, she can enjoy the warm weather without worrying about being cold in the heavily air conditioned building.

Pairing the oxford shirt with khakis is almost cliché classic, yet the shorter hemline of her chino shorts gives this Fashionista an age appropriate, never stuffy appeal. Her chino shorts are from J. Crew as is her braided leather belt, which she loosely hung around her waistline. Playing up on the belt, she wears one simple braided leather bracelet.

Understated nude ballet flats by Steve Madden and oversized sunglasses complete this Fashionista’s take on the business casual concept. She proves that students don’t have to choose between looking great and being comfortable while studying for final exams!


The warm weather fabrics of madras and seersucker are finally seeing the light of day after being tucked away deep within Hoyas’ closets all winter long. With warm and sometimes, dare I say it, hot weather making its debut on the Hilltop, students are trading out denim jeans and thick sweaters for summery shorts and airy shirts.

Today’s Fashionisto was seizing the sunshine and studying outdoors. Donning classic Ray-Ban Caravan sunglasses, he is ready to review for his upcoming final exams. “Studying indoors when the weather is this nice,” he says, “is out of the question.” Also a classic are his pair of Sperry Topsiders. The extreme wear and tear only add to the true value of the shoes. The pale yellow and light blue combination speak perfectly to the bright sunshine and clear skies. The two colors, when paired together, seem to define late spring and early summer. This Fashionisto starts every spring season with a trip to the Vineyard Vines store located right off campus.

He couldn’t wait to break in his new seersucker shorts. Available in a full array of pastels, he opted for the traditional blue to carry him into the summer. He rolls the sleeves of his casual, yet crisp, yellow button down. His outfit is simple, laid back, but very put together and very Joe Hoya. Jane Hoyas can get this look too. Swap out the shorts for a seersucker skirt, and throw on a cheerful cardigan. Don’t forget your Ray-Ban sunglasses and boat shoes. This Fashionisto wouldn’t hurt as an accessory either.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Stripes and Leather are Clever Together

Leather jackets are often associated with rough and tough images of men on motorcycles. However, leather is quite versatile and can be extremely feminine if styled correctly. Two things to keep in mind when incorporating leather into an outfit are color and shape.

Today’s Fashionista illustrates how a leather jacket can be girly and soft. The nude color of her Vince jacket, combined with a scuba neckline and edgy zippers adds a surprisingly feminine dimension to the leather. The jacket is far from the stereotypical motorcycle gang image of black leather.

Adding a loose fitting, colorblock top from Urban Outfitters, she adds a spot of brightness to the neutral jacket. The horizontal stripe also gives an asymmetrical balance to the off-centered zipper.

To counter her loose top, this Fashionista wears J Brand skinny jeans in a uniform wash. Not to take away from the exciting red of her blouse, she slipped into a pair of Tory Burch leather ballet flats in a tan hue.

Georgetown spring weather is often unpredictable. More often than not, warm days are followed by unanticipated cool and windy weather. Finding jackets and coats that are appropriate for the season is important, but also challenging. Adding a leather jacket in a warm camel or nude to your wardrobe is a great way to keep warm and maintain a suitable spring look.


With a sunny disposition and a handbag to match, this Fashionista breaks away from the coveted breakout rooms of the business school. Just as the earliest of the flowers begin to bloom around campus, today’s Fashionista adds a pop of color with her crossbody handbag and a hint of color on her boots.

Rolling the sleeves of her Urban Outfitters flannel shirt instantly transforms the winter staple into an early spring must-have. Casually tucked into her skinny faded black jeans from Topshop, the loose shirt gets another facelift.

Not quite ready for sandals, this Fashionista turns to her comfortable and worn-in Charles David boots. The hidden strip of red zipper plays well with the colors of the flannel, and additionally adding more spring fun.

Crossbody handbags and bright colors are both trending this season. Paired together and the combination is a showstopper. This Fashionista’s Marc by Marc Jacobs marigold crossbody can transition from daytime to nighttime and still fit the essentials. Not to be overlooked is the emerald gem on the flap of the purse.

Looking to add some color into your spring wardrobe? Carefully match small doses of bright accessories with neutral, classic pieces. Shock onlookers with an unexpected hit of color, but there is no need to blind anyone! Think pops of color, not explosions.


Business school students at Georgetown University are seasoned pros when it comes to dressing professionally. They must practice on a nearly day-to-day basis between interviews, panels, networking events, and the endless number of in-class presentations.

Today’s Fashionista provides a great example of dressing professionally, without wearing a boring black suit. Because the pieces of her outfit stand out for not being of the cookie cutter sort, sticking to a neutral palette adds extra appropriateness.

From head to toe, this Fashionista adds a fun, contemporary spin on her business wear. Her J. Crew flowered headband is extra fun and keeps her hair from falling in her face, which is extremely important when giving presentations. The texture of her nude Ann Taylor pumps helps her stand out from the rest.

An oatmeal and light grey bandage skirt from Club Monaco pairs nicely with her looser Hinge blouse. Tying in the hanging bow on her blouse, this Fashionista wears Kate Spade gold bow earrings. A handbag from Aldo is the perfect size for a notebook, her planner, and a flash drive with a backup of her Powerpoint– just in case!

Finally, her gray blazer pulls the look together. The blazer goes with many of her business outfits, and can even be worn with jeans and heels for a more casual look on the weekend.


Today’s Fashionista was spotted on the front lawn doing some last minute campaigning for a student body election. Her outfit catered to the warm weather and brisk breezes of this particular afternoon.

After months of tucking her jeans into tall riding boots, this Fashionista opted for cuffed hems and embellished ballet flats. Her Citizens of Humanity skinny jeans are the perfect wash and length for a spring afternoon. By cuffing the jeans, she adds a more relaxed, but still put together, feel to the typical pants.

Deciding against a jacket to embrace the spring day, this Fashionista shrugged on an olive green sweater. With only a few more weeks of viable sweater weather, the sweater still remains springy due to its hue, deep v-neck, and zipper embellishments.

She added gold accessories to play up on the neutral sweater and shoes combination. Particularly of note is her gold Michael Kors watch. Both fun and professional, the watch is a great way to maintain a professional image for her campaign.

Finally, her long handled leather tote is the last layer of perfection for her look. Filled with flyers to hand out to students on campus, it is also large enough to hold a few notebooks from her morning classes. The light brown leather is definitely a step up from the usual canvas that most students carry. This Tory Burch handbag will be a great new student staple, especially for those transitioning from university to workplace.