Figuring out what to wear to class every day is hard. After the first semester, you’ll find yourself running out of clothing options. But a true Fashionista does not give up, she can make anything look stylish. A Fashionista wants to look her best every time, and her outfits have a greater meaning. Clothing for her is a form of communication. Her clothing is a reflection of who she is. So she wouldn’t wear leggings and a sweater, or a tracksuit, to class every day.

This Fashionista’s outfit proves that it’s still possible to dress up for class even with the simplest pieces. She’s wearing a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans. They’re a great a twist on regular jeans, and they add instant style to any outfit. The black and white sweater will keep her warm while being comfortable and cozy. It’s great piece because it doesn’t need much styling. The go-to shoes to pair with boyfriend jeans are ballet flats, and who does it better than Tory Burch, right? A black large leather handbag will fit everything you need for class. In addition, it’ll give your overall outfit a more elegant feel.

When you’re struggling with what to wear to go to class stick to the basics. Simple pieces make the most chic outfits, and that’s why everyone wants to master the art of effortless style.

One Simple Change: Switch from ballet flats to stilettos and wear an embellished top to get the perfect outfit for a casual date.

WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With A Professor

When meeting with a professor, it’s important to make sure you look neat and presentable. Making the right impression could land you some great networking opportunities when you’re looking for a  job. However, this doesn’t mean you should overdress, keep your attire simple. You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard to be noticed. Remember, proper dressing is a balance between looking professional and casual.

I spotted a Fashionista with a well-balanced and laid-back look. By wearing a ruffled long-sleeved top with a white tank top underneath, she made her outfit look more professional. The dark color and loose fit of her blouse made gave her a more serious vibe. Her jeans and fringed suede booties however, gave her overall outfit a relaxed tone. Jeans are known for their versatility;you can wear them with practically everything. More importantly, they’re suitable for almost any occasion. This Fashionista’s jeans helped make her outfit more casual despite her elegant top. To complete her ensemble, she accessorizes with a gold necklace.

As I mentioned earlier, dressing up is a matter of balance in any occasion, and meeting with a professor is an important one. You may never see them again after class, but one day you may need to ask them for a recommendation for a job interview. Remember, it’s better to leave a good impression.

One Simple Change: To make your outfit more suitable for visiting a career fair, swap the booties for a pair of low-heeled black pumps or black ballet flats.

WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

There’s so much to do, but so little time. From attending an early class, running errands and meeting friends later for dinner and drinks. When you find yourself always on the go, it’s necessary to wear an outfit that takes you from day to night. But sometimes an outfit this versatile is hard to achieve.

Usually night ensembles are full of sequins and glitter, which don’t really work for daytime wear. Even though there’s a trend right now about wearing sequins during the day, not everyone feels comfortable doing so. Sometimes the clothes you wear during the day may look plain or boring for a night out.

However, I think this Fashionista mastered the art of day to night outfits. Her gold jeans created the perfect balance between casual and glam. They’re not too shiny, making them perfect to wear for any occasion. Ballet flats are the go-to shoes if you need to be comfortable and stylish. The gold tip on these flats make them dressy enough for a night out. If it’s a sunny day like this, take inspiration from this Fashionista by wearing a loose white tank top with a beaded detail. The beading on the shoulders are a pretty detail, so it doesn’t look like an ordinary tank top.

When you’re looking to transform an outfit from day to night, go for pieces with a little shine or bold color with just one statement piece. Remember, the rest of the outfit should complement that piece, not overpower it.

One Simple Change: If the heat wave is coming, swap the jeans for a pair of shorts or a mini skirt and you’ll be good to go.


STYLE GURU BIO: Carolina Quintero

I’m a fashion marketing and communications student in Bogotá, Colombia. My name is Carolina and this is my second time as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista.

In my first semester as a Style Guru, I learned many things about the styles of my classmates and other students at my university. I also learned a lot about myself. I learned to see what the other students were wearing and found great fashion that was not always seen in trends. I expect to find some great Fashionistas again, and hope to show you some unique and original styles.

Bogotá, and sadly Colombia in general, is a place where people are not interested in finding their own style as they are always following trends. Because of this, in some colleges like mine, people like to stand out and show their personalities through their clothing. Therefore, it’s possible to find original outfits and pieces you would never find anywhere else.

Since my first time writing for CollegeFashionista, I’ve learned and evolved a lot. My own style has changed; I don’t take clothes too seriously now and I feel I have more fun with them. It allows me to experiment and mix different styles together; and it changed the way I relate to fashion. I became much more critical and now pay more attention to details.

For this new season at CollegeFashionista, I hope to show you some innovative Fashionistas you can take inspiration from. In addition, I expect to keep learning and evolving as I have done these past months.


When it comes to choosing what to wear for working out, it can be easy to fall into the routine of wearing the same thing every day. It is easy to throw on leggings and a T-shirt and go. Regular clothes are never thought as working out clothes, but it turns out some can be used as such. Leggings in any color or pattern and loose shirts that let you move comfortably will work.

This Fashionista has the perfect outfit for going to the gym in style and even for getting a quick coffee later. She is wearing a loose cotton shirt, black leggings and multicolored sneakers. The leggings are a basic must-have. You can wear them for practically everything, plus they are very comfortable for working out. The pattern of the shirt keeps the outfit from getting boring. It gives it a twist and makes it more stylish. The color-blocked sneakers are the perfect touch of color this look needs.

There is a way to make workout clothes fun and versatile. If you wear some of your regular pieces to the gym you will have a more interesting outfit and you could wear it for going out if you want.

One Simple Change: Instead of wearing leggings put on some jeans and change the sneakers for loafers. This way, you will have a quick and easy outfit to go to class.

WHAT TO WEAR: Shopping

When shopping, you want to wear comfortable clothes you can take off easily. There’s nothing worse than taking forever in the fitting room because you chose to wear the most complicated clothes you have. Instead, you should wear light clothes. For example if you’re trying on a jacket and the top you’re wearing is very structured, you’re going to be uncomfortable, look bigger than you actually are and probably will buy it in a size too big for you.

The Fashionista I found has on the perfect outfit for going out shopping. She’s wearing a light chiffon blouse, skinny jeans and ballet flats. As I said, the blouse is perfect because it’s made of a thin fabric. This way, she would be perfectly comfortable trying on a coat or a jacket. Skinny jeans are a perfect basic; they go with every outfit and work for any occasion. If you want to give it a twist, you can wear colored jeans like this Fashionista did wearing a green pair. To finish the look she’s wearing ballet flats, which are very comfortable when you spend the entire afternoon either walking around looking for something or just window-shopping. Plus, it is very easy to take them off if you want to try some shoes on.

The way she plays with colors is lovely, keeping the same palette of green and blue in every piece of her outfit. This is perfect if you want to be comfortable but give your ensemble a twist. Wear some fun and vibrant colors.

One Simple Change: Instead of jeans, wear some high-waisted shorts over your light and flowy blouse and you will be prepared for the heat wave coming.


Going to the library can be a boring and time-consuming task. You can’t talk loudly, sometimes you can’t talk at all and you find yourself buried in millions of books not knowing where to start. However, there are times when it’s not your choice and you have to go, so you might as well make it a fun experience. For starters, you can grab your iPod and listen to your favorite music. This way you can relax and disconnect from the world. You can also wear a nice outfit to cheer yourself up.

The Fashionista I found has the perfect outfit to go to the library. First of all, she has a backpack, great for carrying the books you take out, notebooks, computer and anything else you need for this occasion. She’s wearing a basic, comfortable look but adds some interesting details to give it a twist.

She wears black leather pants, which are the perfect example of basic with a twist, black combat boots (very comfortable), a white sweater and a jean jacket. The sweater and the jacket bring a little light to the outfit and make it fresher since the leather pants and combat boots are both dark in tone. This denim jacket is also kind of special. It has some fun embroidered details on the shoulders and the back. These little details on the pieces make the outfit look simple but different, not like anything you’ve seen before.

One Simple Change: Change the backpack for a bright colored satchel and wear a high-waisted mini skirt and you’ll have a wonderful outfit for a brunch.

WHAT TO WEAR: Sporting Event

Lauren Santo Domingo once said one of the things her grandmother taught her about style is to never go to a sports event wearing high heels. This doesn’t mean you have to go wearing a tracksuit. You can still embrace the sporty spirit with some stylish but casual pieces. There are some basics that will always work like skinny jeans and a simple V-neck T-shirt. These will be the bases for any accessory you want to wear regardless of whether you are a maximalist or a minimalist.

This Fashionista was perfectly dressed for a sporting event. She wore some comfortable jeans with a blazer to keep it a bit formal and not too sporty. She complemented the outfit with sneakers, a large tote and a white scarf.

These sneakers are not made for actually playing any sport but they are very comfortable and go with the tone of the event. The tote is perfect because you need something big and easy to carry but not too fancy since you will probably have to leave it on the floor.

Dressing for this occasion can be tricky. You shouldn’t be too dressed up but as always, you want to be fashionable. A good piece of advice is to mix some semi-formal elements with sporty pieces just like this Fashionista did so you can balance comfort and style.

One Simple Change: Instead of sneakers wear some black pumps and swap the scarf for a big chunky necklace. You’ll look perfect for a casual date night.

WHAT TO WEAR: Meet the Parents

When he finally tells you it’s time to meet his parents, you’ll probably be happy because it means your relationship has reached the next level but it can be a very stressful situation too. For this occasion you want to make the best impression possible and you want to show all your good attributes. What you wear to meet them can give them a very good or very bad first impression. Since first impressions can’t be changed, you have to look your best. This means you have to wear nice clothes but nothing too over the top.

For me, this Fashionista is the perfect example of what to wear when you’re going to meet your boyfriend’s parents. The whole look is kind of formal but there’s nothing too extravagant in her outfit. She’s wearing high-waisted camel pants with black boots, a long-sleeved shirt and a bag. To lighten up the outfit she wears a white scarf.

The pants, accessorized with a thin belt, make her look sophisticated paired with knee-high boots. The shirt is a perfect basic that works for every occasion. The cross-body bag is a very delicate accessory that gives the outfit a feminine touch.

When meeting the parents always go with something classic and discreet. Remember you’re communicating something from head to toe so you want to communicate the right thing. It’s better to overwhelm them with your personality than your outfit.

One Simple Change: Instead of a long-sleeved shirt, wear a crop top, change the boots for some sandals and loose the scarf. Then you’ll have the perfect weekend wear.

WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

When you have to wake up for class at five in the morning and it’s so cold you can’t see anything from your window, the only thing you can think about wearing is very warm clothes. The best way to stay warm is layering different pieces; this way you can take them off as the day gets hotter.

This Fashionista styles her look perfectly for this occasion. In addition to being functional, her camouflage jeans and printed sweater make her look edgy and daring. From head to toe she has a “Don’t mess with me” look that’s very appropriate for that moment in the morning when there’s nothing you want more than to get back in bed.

The use of shades so early in the morning says, “Don’t talk to me; I’m not awake yet.” Then there’s the wolf-printed sweater, a very unusual and clever piece to pair with camo jeans, which always go well with black. On top of the sweater she wears a black leather jacket to protect her from the cold morning weather. The outfit is finished with studded leather booties, which also help keep her feet warm.

Military skinny jeans are made for girls with a risky style who don’t care about mixing styles or prints. They just wear what feels right. Just by looking at her you can see this Fashionista is one of those girls.

One Simple Change: If you loose the leather jacket, wear boyfriend jeans and change the booties for some bright pumps, you’ll look great for a casual date night.