Campuses from coast to coast have seen an influx of neon and pastel colored jeans and shorts this semester. This sweet, candy colored fad is one of the most versatile and wearable campus trends. Fashion experts and amateurs alike can enjoy bright denim day and night. Some Fashionistas may opt to be flashy by color blocking neon with neon and others may try to tone down the bright hues with stripes, neutrals or muted floral prints.

How could this Fashionista not catch my eye? Her fluorescent skinny jeans were bright and cheery. By incorporating tones of oatmeal, taupe and chestnut in the rest of her look, the neon pants really make a statement. This Fashionista showcased her style by knotting her lusciously textured sweater and exposing one shoulder, with a chic slouch. With simple nude sandals, a chestnut and gold Michael Kors belt and an oversized, gold chain bracelet, the ensemble is understated yet pops.

Candy colored denim can be worn by everyone. Take a cue from this week’s Fashionista and pair a bright turquoise jean with a sand-colored sweater tank. This look will meet major style envy. For a dressier affair, try key lime colored, ankle skinny jeans and a nude crinkled sheer chiffon sequin tank. Finish the look with 70’s chic chunky wood, platform sandals. Listen to your sweet tooth and give candy colored denim a taste.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Little White Dress

Personally, I love an LWD over any LBD, especially in the summer months. A spectacular LWD enhances sun-kissed hair and a golden tan like no other. Little white dresses also lend themselves to be accessorized and specialized in countless ways. This spring, Free People has once again made a stunning, delicate, feminine yet flirty white dress. The Fitted With Daisies Dress is the ultimate summer treat. This textured white fit-n-flare dress features a daisy chain cutout around the waist, creating perfectly feminine and fun elements.

This Fashionista was wearing this Free People dress, so I was immediately smitten with her style. She paired her frock with a lightweight chambray shirt and chunky brown suede ankle boots. Her accessories were reminiscent of the Southwest. The woven bag was relaxed yet special. Her turquoise and silver rings balanced the preppy gold chain bracelets. This Fashionista’s flawless skin and thick side braid topped off the look. This summertime outfit is perfect for the last day of classes or the first day of summer shopping.

Despite rumors, white can work on any skin tone. With the summer heat creeping up, take advantage of all the crisp and classic white dress options out there. Take a cue from this week’s Fashionista and pair a delicate white chiffon tiered dress with a chambray shirt. Instead of the booties, throw on a pair of neon flats to infuse a pop of color. For a more formal affair, be daring in this scalloped peplum dress, featuring a deep V-neck with a tonal mesh inset. This special silhouette does not need layers of necklaces or distracting earrings. Pair this dress with an ultra-yellow jute bracelet and nude pointy-toed suede heels with an ankle strap.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Sailor Short Sweetness

As summer quickly approaches, my brain is focused on how to maximize my time spent at the beach. It is that time of year for every Fashionista to liberate their swimsuits, cover-ups and all things nautical from the depths of their closets. Nautical-inspired clothing is one of my favorite styles. Whether it be a navy-and-white striped sweater or high-waist sailor pants, the aesthetic is simple, clean and elegant. The style is nostalgic and encompasses an era of beauty by the coast.

This Fashionista caught my eye because of her relaxed yet flirty ensemble. With a twist of nautical inspiration, her tan high-waist sailor shorts were the perfect element of specialness. She relaxed the outfit with a slouchy cotton shirt in the palest of orange and feminine floral flip flops. Her accessories added some texture with their metal and hardware characteristics.

Nautical clothing is not limited to the seashore and summer nights. Nautical-inspired pieces can be worn in countless styles and looks. Coastal luxury can be achieved with just a few additions to your wardrobe. Take a cue from this week’s Fashionista and try a pair of mint high-waist sailor shorts and a slouchy striped shirt. For a relaxed day spent on vacation, take a more literal approach with this navy-and-white striped dress with anchor detailing. By adding a few key pieces to your closet, you will be ready for a nautical vacation along the coast.


Texture does not necessarily mean chunky knits, sequins and fur. Texture has a subtle side too. Denim, leather, silk and lightweight crochet are sleeker textures. Springtime is the perfect season to incorporate delicate and streamlined textures into your wardrobe. Temperatures are not yet scorching and layering is not yet preposterous. Shorts, skirts, rompers and sundresses are all basics looking for texture. Simple accessories such as flats, sandals, sunglasses and headbands only enhance a springtime look.

This Fashionista caught my eye because she reminded me of one of my favorite bloggers, Fashiontoast. Her look was simple, chic and special. What made her ensemble unique was her utilization of textured materials and an unseasonal lack of color. Her chambray shirt, not unusual for a warm walk around campus, was the perfect wash. Her black leather shorts were the perfect fit and complement her thick-heeled black ankle booties. She completed her look with a black leather purse, Prada sunglasses, delicate black-and-white earrings and interesting gold rings. This girl looked like a star from L.A.

Take a cue from this Fashionista and incorporate leather and chambray into your springtime closet. Try pairing a floral blouse with high-waist brown leather shorts and bright flats. For a nautical take, try a striped dress layered with a chambray shirt. Either outfits are perfect for a sunny lunch on Main St., a warm walk to class or an afternoon on the porch with friends.


The 1970s were a time in America when women were liberated politically, culturally and socially. The American female finally had fashion freedom. Fashion was free-spirited and creative. The '70s style has come back and back around because of its fun and feminine nature. A retro print, whether on a blouse, a dress or scarf is always nostalgic and happy. 1970s-inspired fashion is arguably my favorite style. However, beware of plastic-looking polyester, outdated lapels and ill-fitting high-waist pants. You do not want to look like the newest member of the Brady Bunch.

This Fashionista caught my attention because her retro print blouse was my favorite shade of kelly green. She looked '70s chic with the addition of high-waist dark flared jeans. Her classic accessories in black leather and gold completed the look. The kelly green skinny belt enhanced her blouse and the Michael Kors accessories were simply stunning. Topping it all off with a pair of Ray-Ban aviators and a deep tan, this Fashionista belongs in Palm Springs.

'70s-inspired prints and clothing are fun and flirty. From floppy hats to maxi dresses, this style aesthetic can be incorporated into any season and worn by any body type. For spring and summer, I would try incorporating high-waist shorts, retro print blouses, rompers and bright sunglasses into your routine. For a look similar to this week’s Fashionista, try a retro print blouse and flared pant combination. Pair a printed blouse with high-waist flare jeans. Top off the look with a floppy straw hat. For a nighttime look, try mint sailor shorts and a navy, off the shoulder silk top. Finish the look with cork platform sandals.


This season is all about color, specifically mixing and matching bright hues. Color experimentation has been implemented not only in clothing and accessories, but in makeup, hairstyles and even nail polish. This styling is not for the faint-hearted. Some may not understand the look or theory of bold colors together, but if executed correctly the result can be super chic and a confidence boost.

There was no way this Fashionista did not grab everyone’s attention in her ultra-bright and ladylike ensemble. She caught my eye because of her head-to-toe cheery colors. This is a fancier feature than most posts, but the fabrics and relaxed prints keep it fresh and young and most definitely worth documenting. Most people would shy away from a look this bold; however, this Fashionista's classic silhouette and the simple shapes in her look created a subtle balance with the crazy colors and prints. Her adorably feminine coral dress was anything but boring because of the slightly textured fabric. The beautifully embellished print bag is the key factor that ties all of the colors together. By adding yellow T-strap heels, the outfit takes a vintage turn. This Fashionista also looks cool and funky with her surfer-girl ombré tresses that add a nice juxtaposition to the ensemble.

Take a cue from this week’s Fashionista and pair brightly-colored, feminine silhouettes together. For a fancy look similar to this week's Fashionista, try a bright but muted lime green dress and a pair of turquoise platform sandals. Also, do not forget to rough the look up with a rugged or bohemian accessory. This is a great time to step out of your style square and be daring.


It's springtime and summer-like temperatures have caused an influx of preppy-dressed boys here on UD’s campus. With our Georgian-style architecture and East Coast-classic vibe, no wonder students adapt that aesthetic in their wardrobes. The result of the preppy look is guys molding themselves into the scenery and looking like a J.Crew catalog. With this rush, I am transported back to high school, where everyone begrudgingly wore the same lackluster uniform. What separates one J.Crew or Polo-clad boy from the next are individual touches of style. I love and appreciate when guys put true effort into their daily looks and appear classic and put together. However, there really is nothing worse than walking down Main Street and seeing what looks like a box of Mentos had thrown up. Do not let your Ray-Ban Wayfarers blind you and throw on pink and green, whales and lobsters just for the heck of it.

This Fashionisto caught my eye because of his authentic vintage-looking chinos. With a nice fit and great, worn wash, they are the perfect masculine pant. With these pants, he wears a simple button-down shirt in faded blue with coral-and-white vertical stripes. He finishes off the look with an authentic pair of boat shoes. Some guys may be afraid to show creativity when it comes to color, so incorporating bright hues in small doses is the way to go. Not every guy wants to wear bright pink head-to-toe. This guy looks classic, masculine and most importantly, effortlessly stylish.

Take a cue from this week’s Fashionisto and try a traditional yet fun look with simple styling. Try pairing a perfect chino pant and a gingham print shirt with the sleeves rolled over the elbow. Top it off with canvas boat shoes and no socks. For the more daring guys out there, try incorporating prints and mixing textures. Pair a denim shirt with chino shorts for a simple base. Complete the look with classic plaid boat shoes. With fabrics and prints like gingham, chambray, plaid and madras, the options really are endless.


When I think of the Southwest, I imagine red clay, orange and pink skies, picturesque cacti and exquisitely crafted turquoise and silver rings and pendants. Whether it is food, art or even home decor, Southwest inspiration is chic and lively. The style is centered around rusty hues and woven fabrics incorporated into simple silhouettes. This is a design aesthetic I am particularly fond of and love to see.

With warm temperatures creeping onto campus, Fashionistas need light layers and flowy fabrics. This Fashionista caught my eye with her beautiful woven tote bag. Thanks to the muted colors, the bag made a statement without overwhelming the rest of her look. She perfectly complements the rustic tote with an ultra-feminine peasant blouse. The light, airy fabric and the cream color make for a girly contrast to her brown leather boots and dark skinny jeans. While this look is fairly simple, it still achieves a casual yet fashionable statement.

Southwestern style can easily be embraced day or night with a few key additions to your closet. Try incorporating some Southwestern elements into your wardrobe. For a look similar to this Fashionista's, try this colorful woven tote bag, light wash jeans and a sheer ivory blouse. For a nighttime affair, try a printed dress and a heavy turquoise-and-silver pendant.


Delaware’s campus recently experienced the first day of full-swing springtime weather. The sun was shining, temperatures were in the 60’s and the Fashionistas were out minus their coats and scarves. During these next couple weeks of up and down temperatures, clothing creativity really comes into play. Lightweight jackets, sundresses, sweaters, shorts and boots will be mixed together for daily fashion experiments. Easy layering and bright colors are definitely in the forecast.

This Fashionista caught my eye because of her overall vintage class look. She paired a feminine white top with a burnt orange high-waist skirt. While her base pieces were fairly simple, her accessories were ladylike and perfectly matched. She accessorized with delicate layered chain necklaces, a bright cocktail ring and a brick colored tote. The distressed riding boots paired over dainty cream colored knee socks were adorable accessories that also added detail.

Take a cue from this week’s Fashionista and experiment with springtime layers and vintage charm. Try pairing a high-waist circle skirt with a silk chiffon polka-dot blouse. Add some spunk to this prim ensemble with black boots and an emerald green oval ring. For a more daring take, try a bohemian-inspired springtime look. Try pairing a bodycon geometric print skirt with a scoop neck gauze blouse. Top off the boho look with a turquoise statement necklace and rugged lace-up boots. Embrace spring and the new layering options.


The neon trend for apparel, accessories and even beauty products like nail polish,has been a long-lasting and recurring fad season after season. We have seen these blinding colors during the obvious seasons like spring and summer, but neon has even infiltrated fall and winter. What makes the highlighter hues so popular is the element of surprise that an intense pop of electric neon has on a neutral, wintry look.

This Fashionista immediately caught my eye because of her bright neon yellow necklace. The juxtaposition of the modern color and classic diamond necklace silhouette was fresh and fun. Then I noticed the rest of her look, which was equally adorable. By pairing black skinny jeans and chestnut boots with a tan ombré sweater and beige lace tank, her look was casual yet special. The unexpected pop of color around her neck was the perfect finishing touch. The best kind of outfit is one classic in structure with something slightly “off” for an eclectic concoction.

For the last weeks of winter, try adding some neon into your closet. For a subtle take on the trend, take a cue from this week’s Fashionista and look to accessories like a neon necklace or bold bracelet to brighten your day. For a fierce nighttime ensemble, pair these pretty neon pink jeans with a slinky black top, black heels and a fabulous black stone-and-crystal necklace. This trend works for day and night and always keeps things bright. Neons know no boundaries and neither should your style.