I was thrilled to find this NYU student for my last Fashionista Spotlight post, ever. From her animal print laptop case to her sheer knee-high socks, this Fashionista’s look encompasses everything: comfort (the sweater dress), individuality (her statement necklace), a little sexiness and even a fun tech accessory. She pulls off the layered socks and boots because her sweater dress is so simple and sleek that it allows for more details and a chunkier shoe. I love the dress’s relaxed fit and short length, and the navy really sets off her bright gold necklace. Altogether her look is downtown chic and a little flirty. And props to her for rocking the animal print in a very functional way. Read more about this Fashionista below!

Name: Madeline Sacks

Year: Freshman

Major: Public Health

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Madeline Sacks: A little bohemian but not too much. I like to wear comfortable things and just things that I feel good in.

CF: Where do you shop?

MS: I like to go to the local stores and thrift a little bit. I also like Urban Outfitters a lot and I love All Saints.

CF: What’s something that you thrifted that was an amazing find?

MS: I found this awesome, super printed tribal-ish sweater that I got at Buffalo Exchange.

CF: What’s your favorite season for fashion?

MD: I would say the summer just because I love to wear dresses and it’s just a really fun time to dress up.

CF: What inspires your style?

MD: I like Miley Cyrus’ style, usually, and Vanessa Hudgens — that kind of look.

How To: This Fashionista demonstrates how to rock a sweater dress in the spring. Instead of wearing it with tights like you would in the winter, opt for a pair of sheer knee-high socks to keep things light and breezy while showing off a little leg. Another key element to this Fashionista’s look is her statement necklace. Find one with a longer chain to complement your dress. Last but not least, dress up your laptop in a fun case like this heart printed one from ASOS or, if you can splurge, this jaguar printed one by Marc by Marc Jacobs. An eye-catching case makes for the perfect accessory especially when you’re toting it around on campus.


Today’s Fashionista is ready for summer; are you? She’s rocking high-waisted shorts with a patterned tank and black fringe booties. Add sunnies and a printed backpack and her look is complete. She also had a thin black cardigan with her to layer up when it got breezy, which is smart. We’ve all had those days when we overestimate how warm it will be and find ourselves unprepared for the wind or shade (or maybe that’s just me…).  Read more about this Fashionista below!

Name: Aja Evans

Year: Freshman

Major: Neuroscience

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

AjaEvans: Kind of like…whatever I find in my sister’s closet that goes together.

CF: When you’re not in your sister’s closet, where do you shop?

AE: I shop at Forever 21 ‘cause it’s cheap and cool, but I try to get a couple pieces from different spots, from different vintage stores and stuff like that.

CF: What do you think about the style in New York and at NYU?

AE: I love it; I think it’s really inspiring. People from my high school pretty much told me to come here because I’d probably fit in better because of the clothes I wore. So I thought that was pretty cool — and it’s true; everyone kind of has their own style and it’s a way to express yourself.

CF: What else inspires your style?

AE: I read Nylon Magazine. I really love that because I think it talks about a lot of different ways to dress and also different music.

How To: Dressing for sunny, warm weather should be fun and easy. Take a cue from this Fashionista and pair a patterned tank with high-waisted shorts. Those shorts will also be perfect to pair with crop tops and bralettes — in case you were wondering how best to rock those midriff-baring tops!


Plaid, sequins, denim, bright shoes, a hat, patterned bag AND a statement necklace?! There’s a lot going on in this outfit but she’s rocking it. This Fashionista is fun and fearless when it comes to fashion and there’s no better time to show off her playful style than on a beautiful spring day in NYC. Her accessories — the hat, necklace and bag — are really pulling her outfit together. Pops of of yellow and pink are sprinkled throughout her look, making for eye-catching details that are further layered with the outfit’s contrasting textures. Find out more about this Fashionista below!

Name: Shammara Lawrence

Year: Freshman

Major: Fashion Journalism/Gender Studies

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

ShammaraLawrence: Very funky and outgoing. My favorite designers are Vivienne Westwood and Betsey Johnson so I take a lot of inspiration from them.

CF: What do you like about those two designers?

SL: Well besides fashion they’re always doing things for a cause. Vivienne Westwood is always doing political stuff for her line and Betsey Johnson is always doing things for cancer — being that she did have breast cancer.

CF: What trends are you into this season?

SL: Wow, I don’t actually follow trends! I’m a big art lover and I usually get my fashion styles from art because I think fashion is a mirror of all of the art world. So I don’t really follow trends. I don’t even know what’s the color for this upcoming season…

CF: What’s your favorite season for fashion?

SL: Spring. It would have to be spring.

CF: Where do you shop?

SL: I thrift a lot and if I’m not thrifting you can catch me in Patricia Fields. Her boutique is near here and I go there often. And Betsey Johnson, I used to go to her store but it’s closed now so I buy a lot of her stuff online.

How To: To emulate this Fashionista’s outgoing style, play with accessories and color. Rock a statement necklace like this tortoise flower necklace from J.Crew and throw on boldly colored loafers like this teal Dolce Vita pair. As for a hat, go for something neutral and simple especially if your necklace is multicolored. Finally, tote your things around in a fun, patterned carryall like this panther rose shopper from Topshop. Happy accessorizing!



Nothing marks the spring season quite like a long floral skirt. Today’s Fashionista wears hers with a few layers to battle the windy day. The skirt gives her look a relaxed, bohemian feel while adding a splash of pattern too. I love how her army jacket and neutral scarf and shoes tone down her loud skirt and purple hoodie. This Fashionista is all about comfort when it comes to fashion, but as she demonstrates, you can still add some flair and style without feeling constricted. Read more about her below.

Name: Sari Kamin

Year: 3rd semester graduate student

Major: Food Studies

CollegeFashionista: You mentioned that your skirt is from Forever 21. What else are you wearing?

Sari Kamin: My shoes are TOMS; they’re my favorite shoes because they’re wedges but they’re super comfortable. I’m wearing a hoodie from American Apparel, a scarf from Urban Outfitters, the jacket is from a vintage boutique in Brooklyn and my bag is H&M.

CF: How would you describe your style?

SK: I really, really like to be comfortable but there’s definitely sort of a hippie influence to it and there’s definitely an awareness of fashion that comes into it, also. I like to mix and match styles.

CF: Do you have any favorite designers or trends?

SK: Not really. I generally wear a lot of long dresses because I find them to be really comfortable and you can do a lot of layering with them; outside trends don’t influence me as much as what I think is comfortable.

CF: Where do you shop?

SK: I shop pretty economically. I usually check out H&M, Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters, but then I find nicer pieces and will usually splurge once in a while.

How To: Let today’s Fashionista inspire you to drop those skirt hems all the way to the floor. There are so many different styles of maxi skirts that will allow you to pull off any look. For instance, this black and red striped skirt from J.Crew can be paired with a fitted white T-shirt for a look that’s casual chic. Or, make spring a little sexier with this sheer floral skirt from Topshop that will let you show off your legs without being too revealing. Finally, this pleated chiffon skirt from Forever 21 will go great with a top like a printed sleeveless denim shirt for a fresh, feminine look.


Today’s Fashionista is ’90s chic and ready for spring. She pairs a denim skirt with a green T-shirt, cropped jacket, black knee-highs and classic Vans. Her look is sporty and girly and flattering to her figure. The short length of her jacket — which is a fresh shade of bright seafoam green — complements her high-waisted skirt perfectly. And if you were thinking that her getup looks very American Apparel, then you won’t be surprised to learn that the L.A. based retailer is one of her favorite places to shop. Find out more about today’s Fashionista below.

Name: Carrie Webb

Year: Sophomore

Major: Psychology

CollegeFashionista: What inspires your style?

Carrie Webb: I really like Boy George.

CF: Where do you shop?

CW: I really like American Apparel but I try not to get everything from there, mainly because I can’t afford it.

CF: What’s your favorite season for fashion?

CW: Definitely summer — I like skirts; I like shorts.

CF: What’s something in your wardrobe that you couldn’t live without?

CW: Just funky colored sweaters with weird patterns and stuff. I like them but there can only be one, there can’t be a ton.

How To: Pair this A-line denim skirt from Topshop with a solid colored T-shirt, knee-high socks and a cropped jacket. Finish off the look by throwing on a pair of Vans. This black pair with fluorescent detailing adds a little something extra to your shoe game while still matching seamlessly with black socks. If you choose a bright or patterned pair of Vans, feel free to wear socks that coordinate with at least one shade in the sneakers. American Apparel has got you covered with a whole range of sock colors.


I’m a big believer in balancing proportions when it comes to making an outfit. Especially for my petite size (on good days I’m 5’1”) I find it most flattering to offset super fitted pieces with looser garments. Today’s Fashionista did just that as she paired her bodycon mini skirt with a loose knit sweater, sheer tights and lace-up boots. It’s casual and relaxed on top but sleek (and a little sexy) at the bottom. With a coffee in hand and her backpack strapped on, she’s ready for a day at NYU. This Fashionista’s outfit is a good model for what to wear on a sunny-but-still-kinda-cold spring day. Read more about her below!

Name: Taylor Conley

Year: Sophomore

Major: Psychology

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Taylor Conley: Pretty laid back. I don’t know; pretty simple but with a few flairs. It’s pretty simple, I guess!

CF: What inspires your style?

TC: I really like Cara Delevingne; I love her style. I’m kind of more urban.

CF: Where do you shop?

TC: Usually Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and Free People.

CF: What’s your favorite season for fashion?

TC: Probably fall because I love wearing hats — I’m not wearing one now but I’m usually wearing a beanie — and scarves, and then I also love boots.

CF: What will you be wearing a lot of this spring?

TC: I like the wide-brim hats. I want to get one of those so I’ll definitely wear that around.

How To: Pair a bodycon skirt with a loose sweater like this one from Topshop. If you’re looking for a skirt, this solid black one will be a versatile addition to your wardrobe but a fun patterned version could be equally as complementary. Then throw on sheer tights and lace-up boots. Also, if you’re not into the bodycon skirts, leather shorts are a good alternative and just as sleek.



I spotted today’s Fashionisto on a Monday, looking ready for class in denim, sneakers, a button-up shirt and a slick navy blazer. His polished outfit was a standout as many students had a case of the Monday blues, which translates to uninspired ensembles. But to all those students who still wished it were the weekend, follow this Fashionisto’s lead and put on some of your best clothes to start the week. If it helps, do a little shopping on the weekend for inspiration. This Fashionisto had just bought his blazer at Zara. Read below to find out more about his style.

Name: Shawn Paustian

Year: Freshman

Major: Biochemistry

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

ShawnPaustian: Right now my style is pretty much clean with a formal addition —something that you can just put on and you look good regardless of what you do.

CF: What inspires your style?

SP: For me, it’s just seeing the people here in New York, especially the students here at NYU; they all dress nice so it’s just this constant competition of trying to keep up with the trends.

CF: Where are you from?

SP: I’m from New Mexico, so seeing the styles and fashion change from the Southwest is totally different.

CF: What are some of the main differences between the fashion in New York and New Mexico?

SP: One of the main differences that I see is that people actually keep up with trends. I mean, coming from New Mexico, style is not really a major thing so coming into New York, fashion is one of the things that I’ve noticed.

CF: Has your style changed since moving here?

SP: Most definitely. I was always interested in style but I’ve just never had the stores that were available here in New York back in New Mexico.

How To: Pair your trusty pair of jeans with a plaid shirt and blazer. Zara and Topman both have a great collection of men’s blazers. As the weather (finally) warms up, now is a great time to start trading in your winter parkas and puffers for sleeker outerwear.


I’m a sucker for a good hair accessory, which is why I was immediately taken by this Fashionista’s pretty headscarf. I love the way it’s tied into a lovely knot that almost looks like a flower. It’s a good way to get a spring feel into your outfit without sacrificing the needed layers of warmth — especially on days when Mother Nature has tricked us into thinking it’s winter again. The soft texture and peachy colors of the scarf contrast with the rest of her outfit: a vintage-cool leather jacket, black skinnies and beat-up combat boots. Read below to find out more about today’s Fashionista.

Name: Lindsay Z.

Year: Junior

Major: Comparative Literature

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Lindsay Z: Diabolical.

CF: What inspires your style?

LZ: The B-52’s

CF: In your opinion, what’s a major fashion faux pas?

LZ: I do not like peasant period clothing or anything inspired by it.

CF: Where do you shop?

LZ: Salvation Army.

CF: What’s your favorite season for fashion?

LZ: Fall. Layering seems novel.

How To: To get this Fashionista’s look, you’ll have to scour your local vintage stores, second hand shops and flea markets for a one-of-a-kind leather jacket. You might score one in a cool color with a relaxed fit like this Fashionista’s, which is perfect to throw on over black skinny pants. For a headscarf, try out this Twisted Knit Headwrap from Urban Outfitters that’s pre-knotted for your convenience. Or, get any sheer scarf in a pretty print (you’ll definitely find one while looking for a vintage leather jacket) and wrap away.


Every now and then when I’m on the go and doing errands, I wear a good old pair of Lululemon pants, my black Nike running shoes and basically whatever is lying around on top. While it looks like I’m going to the gym, I’m actually just going to Trader Joe’s (I consider walking home with heavy bags a form of exercise anyway). But wearing trainers and comfy clothes doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personal style, as today’s Fashionista demonstrates. She wears her bright Nike Frees with loose black pants, a pretty little cardigan and a brown cargo jacket. A beaded necklace adds detail to her look while her fierce makeup polishes everything off. Read below to find out how this Fashionista’s outfit represents her lifestyle.

Name: Sylver Wallace

Year: Junior

Major: Theater

CF: How would you define your style?

SylverWallace: Street chic, I guess.

CF: Where do you shop?

SW: Everywhere — my mom’s closet!

CF: I really like your eyeliner; which kinds do you use?

SW: The top is Maybelline’s Stiletto [Eyeliner]; it’s cheap, and the bottom is limited edition Sephora in emerald green.

CF: What inspires your style?

SW: My work life; I’m an acting student so I’ve got to be able to move. I’m a bartender at night, and I also work at Lacoste, so kind of sporty but also put together.

CF: What is your favorite season for fashion?

SW: Fall, definitely. Fall is my favorite season but I also love the color palette in fall: brown, orange, black and yellow — earthy colors.

How To: To emulate this Fashionista’s sporty chic look, pair bright running shoes with loose pants like these Moto Denim Joggers from Topshop. Then throw on a cropped sweater and show off a little (just a little) midriff. Go electric in a fluro stripe or pastel for spring in mint.


Today’s Fashionista is laidback chic in all the right ways. She pairs printed trousers with studded loafers, a short pea coat and knit circle scarf. Her red shoes add a little bit of color to her outfit, which is the perfect ensemble to throw on for class since it’s simple but still interesting. In my opinion, patterned pants, a solid basic T-shirt and a good flat make up the ultimate outfit for a CollegeFashionista. It’s super practical but will give you instant style points. To learn more about today’s Fashionista, read below. She reveals where she got her outfit from and also dishes on some beauty tips.

Name: Karely Perez

Year: Sophomore

Major: Journalism/Politics

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Karely Perez: From Monday to Thursday I like to be casual, you know, I’m going to school and working. I like tight-fitting clothes because of my body shape; if I wear loose things I look like a bag. I guess I like to wear tighter clothes — not too tight — something form-fitting.

CF: Where do you shop?

KP: This outfit describes where I usually shop. The shoes are from Zara, pants are from Urban Outfitters. I like H&M and Forever 21 — stuff like that.

CF: What inspires your style?

KP: I pretty much just look at people on the street. I just buy what I like — I’m not really too into fashion blogs and things like that. The city is a big influence, definitely.

CF: What makeup do you use and love?

KP: I’m a huge fan of MAC; MAC will always be my number one. They have this pro liquid liner that does not come off ever ever. Their powder is amazing. I love Urban Decay because they have awesome eye shadow colors. I like NARS lipstick because I love that matte finish; those are the brands that I usually buy.

CF: Do you have any beauty tips?

KP: Coconut oil really helps hydrate the eyes. The eyes are important — don’t do too much eye makeup. For the weekends, it’s good but definitely hydrate the eyes, wear mascara and go, and you’ll look fresh. 

How To: Pair patterned pants with a comfy, embellished loafer like this one by House of Harlow or, if you want to splurge, this adorable pair by Marc by Marc Jacobs. To balance out the detailed shoe and busy pant, wear a basic T-shirt in a neutral color like white or gray.