It’s about that time of year where you can’t get anywhere near a doorway without being properly bundled up and sheathed in layers first. While temperatures do not reach hypothermia levels because Vancouver’s on the West Coast, it still gets pretty cold. Winter accessories are your best friends during this season. It is utterly essential to have a quality winter jacket, a good scarf and a comfortable hat because regardless of your outfit, your jacket and winter accessories are the items you’ll wear everyday. The orange hue of this Fashionista’s jacket caught my eye because it stands out from the monotony of blacks and grays that are so prevalent in winter. Then, upon a closer look, I found that she accessorizes for winter like a pro.

This Fashionista proves it’s a snug life with her basic and versatile winter accessories. Her gray knit scarf is just the right amount of casual for everyday wear. The fur collar of her coat is wonderful for keeping her warm but the scarf provides maximum coverage and adds additional warmth. There are plenty of different options for headwear in the winter. There are trapper hats, turbans and headbands, but nothing beats a classic beanie. This Fashionista chose a gray toque to match her scarf and adds another of level of casual chic to her outfit. If you want to spice things up, there is a plethora of beanie types ranging from graphic to patterned to animal.

Besides her winter accessories, it’s the little details in her outfit that pull her ensemble together ­— from the stitching of her coat to the beautiful oversized watch and bracelet on her wrist to the leopard print detailing on her sneakers.

Wear stylish basic winter accessories like this Fashionista to stay warm and stylish this winter!

Spotted: Chanel’s collection features a variety of long thick scarves that are both adept at keeping you both cozy and chic. Tommy Hilfiger’s 2013 ready-to-wear collection features many hats among of which include classically simple beanies.


I love a good chain bag. Perhaps it is my lust for a classic quilted Chanel bag that has me obsessed with all leather bags with chains as straps. Usually, when I think of chains, images of deadly weaponry or construction sites are conjured but in the context of bags, chains exude a sense of biker chic, classy elegance and city slicker style. This Fashionista’s very stylish chain-strapped quilted mini purse captures the essence of both feminine and edgy.

Her little black bag is the epitome of classic with the combination of black leather and gold details. These days, we carry our lives in our bags so the tiny size of her bag is a refreshing change — the perfect size for carrying just the bare essentials. This multifaceted bag has many personalities: delicate with its size, fancy with the quilted leather and edgy with the gold chain. The bag is also very versatile; it can be worn for a date night or just a day spent hanging with friends.

The rest of her outfit combines a bit of military provided by her green parka with a bit of girly found in her printed skirt and knee-high socks. The miniature bag contracts perfectly against the rest of her outfit providing a smidge of class and edge. She finishes off her outfit with a graphic beanie and knit scarf to keep her warm on this snowy winter day.

From oversized to medium to this Fashionista’s tiny one, there’s a bag with chain detailing for every Fashionista and Fashionisto. This trend of chains doesn’t have to be confined to handbags, try a chain link necklace or some chain head jewelry.

Spotted: No one does classic better than Saint Laurent’s resort 2014 collection, which features a patent leather chain bag with the iconic YSL logo.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Are You There, Chelsea?

Fashion has this wonderful tendency to reinvent itself. If fashion proves anything, it’s that trends never truly die. One of these trends is the Chelsea boot. First born in the Victorian era used mostly for horse riding, it later re-surfaced in the ’60s donned by the likes of The Beatles and The Stones. Now, this stylish boot is popular once more. Before I knew what Chelsea boots were called, I was calling it the stretchy-band boots because I was seeing it everywhere on everyone. Two identifying features are the flat sole and elastic sides. The modern Chelsea boots have adapted from decades past’s versions — the elastic portion has remained constant but the heel of the boot has varying heights. This Fashionista caught my eye with her sleek mid-heeled black Chelsea boots.

Her outfit screams “classic basics.” She styles her Chelsea boots with black skinnies and a long wool camel coat. With the temperatures dropping rapidly below zero, this Fashionista dresses smartly for winter by pairing her boots with a pair of thick wool socks. What I love about Chelsea boots (besides the fact that there are no laces or zippers so you literally just slip them on and go) is the stretch that the elastic portion allows. It comes in handy when cotton socks just aren’t cutting it for keeping your toes warm and thick wool socks are the only way to go.

This Fashionista chose a monotone black for her boots, which is the most prevalent of this fashionable footwear. There are other versions as well: two-toned for the quirky, printed for the bold and glittered for the festive. The boots give her outfit a chic, urban traditionalism. They are very transitional and can easily be dressed down or up. Chelsea boots would look lovely with a pair of boyfriend jeans and white shirt for a casual look or a maxi dress knotted at the bottom paired with a leather jacket for an edgier look.

Take a leaf out of this Fashionista’s book and don a pair of Chelsea boots for a stylish, timeless look.

Spotted: These fashionable boots are for the boys as well! Christopher Kane’s 2013 menswear collection features color-block Chelsea boots.


As the days start to get chillier, Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike start to look for stylish ways to bundle up. It’s bulky scarves, thick peacoats and cozy gloves galore. Faux fur has an air of elegance and luxury, but the true selling point is that it keeps the wearer from turning into a human icicle. Fur, faux or not, always reminds me of my trip to Norway where freezing cold temperatures are the norm and outdoor seating is never seen without a fur throw along with authentic fur stores aplenty. The saleslady said that nearly everyone owns a fur coat as it is simply the best way to keep warm. It made me queasy seeing all the full body pelts of polar bears, foxes and a plethora of other animals in those shops so I was pleased to see this Fashionista’s stylish hat was faux fur.

Fur’s the name. Faux fur. This Fashionista’s hat not only keeps her super cozy but also adds a certain air of spy-esque mystery to her outfit. She could have gone with the tried and true toque for winter headgear, but she proves her stylishness with an ushanka-style hat, which practically yells “Russian mafia princess.” I like how she wears the hat with the earflaps tied up. The addition of her fur hat gives her outfit an extra shot of glam. She chose black for the hat to keep the color scheme similar to the rest of her attire with just a tiny bit of color provided by her scarf. Black is classic, and that is certainly the case with this hat as she can mix and match this trendy accessory with a variety of different outfits. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, there are other more colorful versions to choose from.

While Vancouver does not reach such frigid temperatures as Norway, it’s still no excuse not to bundle up. This Fashionista chose a hat, but there are also other fur headgear to keep you fashionable and warm, such as trapper hats, earmuffs and headbands.

Keep warm and stylish this winter like this Fashionista and don a faux fur accessory.

Spotted: Ralph Lauren shows how winter accessorizing is done as the 2013 ready-to-wear collection showcases classic black fur hats.


The majority of the attention in fashion is often focused on the female population that sometimes we forget that the boys dress just as fashionably too. I tend to look at the footwear of guys to gauge their style. Footwear is a sole foundation of any wardrobe — it can either make or break an outfit. A polished businessman is going to wear debonair dress shoes. An indulgent millionaire is going to wear personalized loafers (see). This Fashionisto’s stylish lace-up boots reflect his trendy style perfectly.

While he chose a dark brown hue for his boots to pair with his all-black outfit, there is a plethora of other colors to choose from, such as classic black or fashion-forward oxblood. Every guy needs a pair of boots that can work for every occasion and rotates frequently as a staple in his wardrobe. A pair that he can wear for any occasion, whether it’s fancy or casual, or it’s for work or a date. This Fashionisto’s boots are the perfect example of that. They marry transition and style flawlessly. Unlike combat boots, which are bulky and severe, these boots are the physical manifestation of casual sophistication. His suave boots toe the line between formal and informal just enough that he can dress it up with a fancy blazer or pair it down with casual basics and look fashionable either way.

This Fashionisto went with the latter and put together a nonchalant, yet dapper look that complements his footwear in a beneficial manner. With the temperatures rapidly dropping, he proves that layering doesn’t just belong in cakes as he bundles up to stay warm. This Fashionisto dons the denim jacket over hoodie combo, but pops a plaid shirt underneath for some color and prep. His basic black cap adds to the cohesiveness of his all-black attire. His black rolled-up skinnies extend perfectly to his boots, both exuding a sense of sleekness. He accessorizes his boots with skull-printed socks, which add a nuance of edge.

Follow in this Fashionisto’s footsteps and don a pair of stylish boots to finish off your ensemble.

Spotted: Nobody does classic better than Alexander Wang with sleek lace-up boots featured in his fall 2013 menswear collection.


Despite the fact that we only have one pair of feet, the footwear industry is thriving because Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike simply cannot have enough pairs of shoes. The footwear of choice around campus lately seems to be boots as they are warm enough for the cool fall weather. Boots are the troopers of footwear. They’re more durable than flats, more practical than heels and more formal than sneakers. They are a staple in every Fashionista/o’s wardrobe. There is an endless variety of boots: cowboy, combat, ankle and knee-high — the list goes on and on. This Fashionista’s ankle boots caught my eye as they stood out from the plethora of tall boots around campus.

Ankle boots are the ultimate transitional shoe, and can be easily dressed up or down. They can take you flawlessly from school to a night out. While many ankle boots are high-heeled booties, there are also flatter versions that are perfect for everyday. Her stylish ankle boots are low-heeled and nearly flat. It is entirely possible to spend all day at school in these shoes, walking from class to class, without being crippled by the day’s end. This Fashionista’s boots have criss-cross straps with a buckle, which keep it from being plain black boots. She keeps cozy by pairing her boots with a pair of knit socks of the same color.

With the weather increasingly get colder, she bundles up with a black scarf and a simple peacoat to match her boots. The nude leggings break up the monotony of her black theme.

Keep it short and sweet like this Fashionista and complete your outfit with a pair of short ankle boots.

Spotted: Joie’s fall ready-to-wear collection features classic flat black ankle boots.


Backpacks have come a long way from when I last wore one. Case in point: the very stylish sling. However every time I think of backpacks, I traumatically flash back to my awkward elementary school self (complete with uneven bangs) sporting a backpack. Thankfully for fellow backpack-wary Fashionistas/os, there are options other than the backpack to carry all your scholarly needs. The messenger is an excellent alternative as the cross-body bag still leaves your hands and arms free. This Fashionista agrees as I spotted her with her stylish satchel on campus.

The satchel is quintessentially nerdy chic. I like to think of it as the hip grandchild of the briefcase. It is perfect enough for school, roomy enough laptops, textbooks and other school essentials. The satchel would also be an appropriate bag for job interviews because nothing says, “don’t hire me” like a crinkled resume.

Rather than giving off the vibe of “I’m a exhausted student,” this Fashionista’s bag gives off: “I’m a stylish exhausted student.” Her leather messenger bag is a dark brown that is versatile enough for everyday use as it is easily paired with everything. The Fashionista’s satchel even has a little bit of glam with the gold buckles.

The rest of her outfit is equal parts quirky and functional enough for school. Her brown tassel loafers are as comfortable as they are chic. They exude an essence of scholarly style with the wingtip detail and tassels. Her pop of color in her otherwise neutral outfit comes from her lavender polka-dot pants. She keeps warm on campus with a sherpa jacket.

Try out this backpack alternative like this Fashionista and stay stylish on campus.

Spotted: Chris Benz’s 2013 ready-to-wear collection does color-blocking like a pro with smaller satchels.


Gold jewelry has a funny dichotomy. It can often carry the connotation of cheap and tacky (think large dollar sign necklaces) or luxury and class (gold Cartier bangles). However, there also exists a middle ground: jewelry for the everyday. Statement jewelry is by no means a new concept in fashion but it has proven to have longevity. Understandably, what caught my eye about this Fashionista’s outfit was her gold statement necklace.

It’s always fun to throw on the kitchen sink of fashion trends: statement pieces on prints on bold colors—the whole works. But other times, statement jewelry is best left to stand on its own. This Fashionista does this well by donning an all black ensemble of a long sweater and black skinnies to allow the gold piece to pop and shine. She continues the black theme with her mid-heel zip-up boots.

I like how her outfit seems to mix a little bit of class with the necklace and a little bit of grunge with the plaid shirt tied around her waist. She adds an air of nonchalance style by forgoing to tie the shirt dead center but by shifting it a little to the side.

The gold statement necklace that this Fashionista is wearing is actually two pieces. She adds a singular gold chain to create a multi-layered look for the necklace. To recreate the look, try this Max and Chloe statement necklace paired with this gold chain.

Whether gold or statement piece, it does not necessarily have to be confined to necklaces. Try a gold oversized watch, some gold earrings or even gold head jewelry.

So pull out the statement pieces and go for the gold like this Fashionista!

Spotted: Lavin’s 2013 fall collection features various fun, gold statement jewelry.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: In Support Of Suspenders

Lots of things come to mind when I think of suspenders: Steve Urkel, Larry King, Rachel McAdams in Sherlock Holmes, Chuck Bass, firemen and lumberjacks. Suspenders clearly have a long history and a large following. Nowadays, suspenders are worn less for the sake of holding up high-waisted pants and more as a stylish accessory for the fashion-forward Fashionista/o or your neighborhood hipster. This Fashionista shows off this trend with a stylish outfit supported by suspenders.

She decides to wear the suspenders á la hanging off the shorts. The shorts in this case being trendy oxblood leather shorts. This Fashionista mixes bold colors and prints with her graphic camera tank. She includes a touch of femininity with her cream knit cardigan. I love the way she adds a twist to the usual tights and shorts combo by donning a pair of knee-high socks. The outfit is completed with a pair of black combat boots. This Fashionista chooses a pair of all black suspenders that could also be paired with a skirt, high-waisted jean shorts or boyfriend jeans; the possibilities are endless.

Suspenders are yet another stylish accessory that has crossed gender boundaries and are worn fashionably by both men and women. They add a level of boyish style to any Fashionista’s outfit and make any Fashionisto’s outfit both chic and classic. Suspenders exude unisex appeal. This Fashionista opts with black but there are many different kinds: two-toned brown leather, polka-dotted or skull studded ones.

Suspend your belief at how fashionable these accessories are and clip on a pair for yourself!

Spotted: Both Piece d’Anarchive’s 2014 spring and Olympia Le-Tan’s 2013 fall ready-to-wear collections feature thick band suspenders for guys and girls.


If headbands and turbans got married, their beautiful baby would be the turband. These hybrid accessories come in a variety of prints and styles. Lightweight or silk turbands are wonderful in the summer; they give off a bohemian/retro vibe. It makes it all the more easy to pretend that you’re on a yacht in some exotic location. However, while fashionable, these lightweight versions are not very practical for winter­–enter the thick knit turbands! These snug head accessories are sufficient to keep you warm as well as stylish. Suddenly your fantasy vacation turns into a trendy ski retreat. I spotted this Fashionista sporting the coziest turband, keeping her warm and fashionable.

The turband is paired perfectly with the rest of her outfit in a cozy, chic fashion. This is quintessential fall attire, consisting of neutral tones, as well as practical pieces. Both her gray cashmere sweater and taupe thick knit turband keep her warm and toasty. I love how the color of the turband contrasts against her dark hair, letting the turband stand out. For the rest of her outfit, she dons black skinnies with black boots. The low-heel of the boots adds to the outfit’s practicality factor.

Turbands in general are god’s gift to all types of hair. Since we’re smack-dab in prime rainy season in Vancouver, turbands are lifesavers for those whose hair frizzes at even the hint of condensation. People with thin and straight hair have hair woes too; those stubborn flyaways that just will not stay down are easily managed by the turband. It also creates an illusion of volume for flat hair. Another plus for the turband’s ever-growing pros list is that it works for both long or short hair and when you have your hair down or up.

For the creative and the thrifty, there are several DIY tutorials on how to make your own turbands because sadly, money does not grow on trees, people.

Stay ahead of the game this fall and throw on a turband to tame the unruliest of hair while staying cozy.

Spotted: Adam Selman features several turbands in his 2014 spring ready-to-wear collection that boasts of a vintage boudoir theme.