Perfect Plans for a New York City Adventure

New York City is filled with fun street art and beautiful views. And let’s not forget the amazing shopping and delicious treats that make the Big Apple perfect for your next weekend adventure. Every corner of Manhattan offers something to do and something to see, so don’t forget to hit all the hot spots on your next trip over to New York City.

Soho is huge on graffiti murals where you can stop for your picture-perfect Instagram shot. Soho is where we found this fun and colorful mural. This Fashionista is rocking a baby blue and white striped dress with simple black sandals. The fun is all in awe multi-colored crossbody bag, which is covered in pom-pom details. This bag turns a simple outfit into a  fun and trendy look that fits in well with New York City’s aesthetic. With all the walking that comes with a city adventure, a light flowy dress and some comfy sandals are ideal on a hot summer day.

Once you get that golden Instagram photo, next stop is the treats. The city offers an array of food, with something for everyone. You can get anything from cereal ice cream to pizza in a cone. So make sure you plan ahead of time what treat you’re going try first. This Fashionista took a detour to Juicy Lucy’s juice bar for some vibrant colored smoothies filled with fresh fruits.

A New York City trip isn’t complete until you experience the awesome shopping that is offered. This is hard to resist with a Forever 21, Macy’s, and cool boutique at every corner. For your next trip to NYC don’t forget to hit all the spots and plan ahead to make traveling from spot to spot easy and chic.

What are your favorite New York City spots? Let me know in the comments below!

Pop Some Color into Your Summertime Beauty Routine

When you think of summertime, the first thing that comes to mind is all the fun and colors that come along with our favorite season. Summer is the perfect time to experiment with bright colors and try something different with your beauty routine. Most Fashionistas love to stick with neutrals that they are comfortable with, but this Fashionista decided to step out of the bubble and be different for her summer look.

This beautiful Fashionista has a super bronzed glow to her face, which is perfect for that sun-kissed look. Since this is a warm look, the bronzer and eyeshadow are both in the warm-neutral family. To achieve this natural glow, she stuck to a liquid highlighter instead of a powder highlight. A key tip to achieving a natural glow is to mix the liquid highlighter into your foundation or to use it under your foundation. This makes it look like you’re literally glowing from within! She kept the eyes simple with just a few brown tones in the crease and outer lid. Keeping the eyes neutral allows for all attention to be on the star of the show, her bright coral-red lip.

This pop of color on the lip was inspired by her bright, multi-colored dress. The distressed denim jacket with the matching denim choker makes these bright beautiful colors stand out even more. The look in its entirety gives off vintage vibes. This is perfect for your daytime summer glam. Whether you are having yourself a day with the girls or taking a trip to the fair, this look can express your summertime style. Summer is all about fun and adventure, so don’t be scared to try something that is out there.

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How to Look Celeb Status Streetwear Savvy

This year is the year of streetwear. Our favorite celebrities, from the Kardashian clan to Rihanna to Cara Delevingne, are all rocking some seriously cool streetwear styles. Despite what your parents may think, the more holes and rips in your clothes, the better. Who would have ever thought the time would come when wearing an oversize sweatshirt and some thigh-high boots could be stylish? Well, it has, and it is chicer than ever! We have our favorite high-end brands to thank for this. Gucci and Louis Vuitton pairing with Supreme and even Adidas have all inspired us to become streetwear savvy this summer.

The best part about this style is it can be extremely versatile. This look can pass as a day-to-day outfit as well as a going out look. The streetwear style has become extremely popular, and finding pieces to achieve similar looks can be found almost everywhere. One of the key aspects to this look is the oversize top. As shown in this look, I am wearing an oversize graphic T-shirt dress. I have paired this oversize shirt with red velvet thigh-high boots to add a pop of color. A thigh-high boot or a sneaker is a great footwear option to pair with streetwear.

When it comes to streetwear, don’t be afraid to play with fabrics. Denim, leather, satin, velvet, sheer, and lace can take your look to the next level. Your favorite celebs have utilized any and all fabrics to take their look to the next level. That being said, I have also added a leather jacket to my look.

As far as accessories go, streetwear should make a statement. I paired this look with a black leather backpack to match with the jacket. The patches placed all over this backpack make it super unique. Patches and embroidery have been extremely popular lately and add flair to any outfit. To finish the look, I added red flash oversize sunglasses to match the boots and a simple black and gold choker.

My best piece of advice to achieve street-style cred is to try on something you normally wouldn’t. You never know how much you may fall in love with it, so dare to be different. Remember some key elements: rips, oversize elements, boots, fabrics, and accessories! Soon enough, you too will be strutting the streets looking like a Kardashian.

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