STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Rocking the Ruffles

It used to be that only five year-olds could wear big ruffles. But, recently the perfect shirt to an otherwise manly suit is big, attention-seeking ruffles. As a School of Management undergraduate, you have to dress in business formal attire for certain presentations and of course, to prepare us for corporate America post-grad. While wearing a suit can be beyond boring, looking to details such as ruffles is your ticket to excitement. Today's Fashionista showed us just how easy it is to turn a basic business ensemble into a fashionable outfit. 

Hint: To copy today's lovely lady, try this contrast stitch ruffle shirt


It used to be that the only people wearing thigh-high boots were either people who could afford the luxurious Christian Louboutin suede thigh-highs, the Chanel leather ones featured in my favorite movie, The Devil Wears Prada or the women, ahem, working the corners. But now thigh-high boots are becoming fashionable to the students, the regular people walking the streets of Boston. We don these boots to keep our feet, calves, knees and thighs warm and look stylish. 

This Fashionista is wearing leather thigh-high boots to complement her otherwise perfectly layered, accessorized outfit – maybe she's been reading my posts? I am against adding the heel on to the thigh-high boot. I find adding a heel – and wearing it day time – can make an outfit look – for lack of a better term – slightly trashy. A heel on a thigh-high for a night out on the town is semi-accetable, though I rather a heeled bootie with a pair of skinny jeans. 

So either to dress up an outfit for night and be warm and stylish for class, throw on a pair of thigh-high boots – guaranteed to make an impression. 

Hint: Black is the best color for boots – it matches everything and can be dressed up or down. I love these thigh-high black rain boots!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Alternative to Pants

I don't know about you, but I've started listening to Christmas music already – that means it's absolutely freezing. Yet, this Fashionista has opted out of the easy option of jeans and sweatpants and opted for stockings. But you can't wear any ordinary stockings out in the freezing cold. They have to be thick stockings. Then after choosing the stockings, the shorts you choose also affect the outfit. Don't wear the short shorts that some people confuse for underwear. Choose a loose jean short or a longer dark khaki to complement the thicker leggings. 

This Fashionista also incorporates the menswear trend with the button-up white shirt. She also has details on her thick stockings which adds more fashion to her outfit. Her otherwise simple jacket and shoes add a comfortable look to the outfit, making her prepared for class. 

A couple great options for thick stockings:

1) Casual Lolita Black High Thick Navy Stockings 

2) Simple Cable-knit Sweater Stockings 


This weather is unpredictable these days. One day you'll wake up to sunny and 50s. The next day rainy and freezing. Most college students – when they leave the dorm room, they leave for the whole day, so you've got to plan it all out. The key to not spending the day freezing or sweating is layering. This Fashionisto perfects the look of layering for a day in college.

First he adds a T-shirt, then adds a large gray sweatshirt. After that he adds a vest and a black scarf. He can easily remove any of the items to have a whole new look. To help with layering buy clothes in different sizes – some XL shirts and some tiny little jackets. It adds a dimension to your look while helping you stay comfortable all day in class.

Some great places to buy basics for layering are places such as American Apparel. Layering looks better with solids not patterns. If you want to add a pattern make sure you off set it with lots of solids – maybe even some darker colors. Patterns can look good together but not in many, many layers. This scarf is just like the Fashionisto's, and this puffy vest is also a great addition.

Hint: Dress for the day instead of having to go back and forth to your room. It saves a ton of time.


Boston turns gray in the winter. The sky, the sidewalks – even the buildings that might be different colors fade to an eerie gray that slowly gets worse and worse, especially when the snow comes. Because of this it's so welcoming when you turn the corner and see someone rocking even a little color. And although this Fashionista is rocking a gray look, she adds a hint of color with her scarf, her backpack, and her umbrella.

This small addition of color turns an ordinary outfit into something fashionable. You can add your own color by adding items such as these:

  • Scarf: Nordstroms: A scarf can keep you warm but also show off personal style choices. 
  • Earings: Urban Outfitters: Earnings show a surprise burst of color because they aren't always able to be seen. 
  • Backpack: American Apparel (this comes in so many colors!)
  • Umbrella: Marc by Marc Jacobs: You can buy these at the great Marc by Marc Jacobs store on Newbury Street! 

Another two trends that this Fashionista adds to her outfit are her cowboy boots – talked about last week – and a poncho-style jacket. This style allows her to keep warm and look fashionable at the same time. This Fashionista is ready for the rain, the wind and my camera.

Hint: Boston University students – don't let the cold and the rain prohibit you from shining! Buy a beautiful umbrella or a nice scarf to keep you warm, but also make you stand out! The semester is slowly coming to a close, and we need to keep showing the world how fashionable Boston can be!


It's officially Boston winter (to me). The minute I pull out the gloves is the minute I start spending less and less time out and about in the chilly wind and blistering cold. They call Chicago the windy city? Seems like they got it messed up. While this Fashionista doesn't rock gloves, she easily sticks her hands in the pockets of her long black winter coat. But it's neither the beautiful pea coat nor her gorgeous hair that made her stand out as a Fashionista. 

A Fashionista that can walk around in high tan cowboy boots gets an extra ten points from me, and I didn't even see what was under her coat – no doubt, fashionable. The Western trend is a look I believe never goes out of style. Pair cowboy boots with any outfit and stand out like a horse on Commonwealth Avenue. 

You can rock the western look by rocking cowboy boots – short or long (these even have a subtle leopard print!!) – such as these cute short studded ones or high traditional cowboy boots that would make a rodeo rider proud. As well, you can wear fringe boots, such as these or this desert-inspired cardigan.

Hint: Determined to stand out? Add my last posts' advice to your outfit. Western with a bit of shine? Don't over do it – it could end up two parts Dolly Parton (never good). But a little sequin with a cowboy boot ,and you've got a hit on your hands ready for the runway (or Commonwealth Ave). 


So, on a beautiful, abnormaly warm day in Boston, how are you supposed to outshine the sun without it being overkill? This Fashionista accomplishes that subtle shine perfectly by adding a sequin vest to her cute fall look. As she walks past the George Sherman Union the sun catches the sequins and makes this Fashionista especially noticeable.

It's also nice to see a person who stands out with out being overly sequined as people usually are. This small amount of sequins is controlled and approporiate for a day at school and could easily be transitioned into a night outfit with some heels.

Where can you find effortless shine? H&M is a great place to get sequined pieces but unfortunantly (not really) you'll have to visit the large store on Newbury to get that fix. Otherwise, you can find expensive sequins at Forever 21, such as this skirt or this dress. For a more subtle look Urban Outiftters offers this headband and for a more bright lit look this jacket.

Hint: Don't do too much. Unless your Halloween costume is a full sequin jumpsuit it's not going to work. This, even though sold out, is sequins gone wrong.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Hint at your Wild Side

One of the best trends, I believe, of the fall season is showing off your wild side. Now, that also doesn't mean wearing less clothes and showing more skin. This Fashionista has successfully achieved a beautiful fall trendy look. She embraces the camel trend that I talked about in a prior post and then has the perfect amount of her leopard long sleeve shirt showing as she walks past the COM Lawn on this beautiful day.

Where can you find leopard print? Or any animal print? Everywhere. After being sent down almost every runway in some way or form for fall 2010. It's sweeping the department stores with wild abandon.

But rather then a full leopard print jumper I'd say use the saying less is more. Add the leopard to your outfit on:

1) A pair of shoes: The price is ridiculous but these Christian Louboutin Rantus Orlato Leopard-Printed Sneaker is to die for.

2) On a watch: This Hello Kitty Leopard Watch is perfectly cute (and on sale).

3) In a blazer: This Leopard Jacket is affordable and a great change from the basic black. 

Hint: But there isn’t just one animal in the jungle. Add some faux fur into your outfit by a vest. Zebra print adds a black and white stripped accent. Giraffe print is also a great addition to spice up your wardrobe.


Sometimes fashion isn't about the trends and it can just be about what feels comfortable. For some reason, I felt compelled to take a picture of this outfit this week because she seemed so confident and happy in her fun, fall outfit. There was an ease to the way her skirt fell. Her brown peacoat complimented the pattern well and she added contrast with her dark knee-high boots. Through her beautiful hair there are long, hanging earrings.

This Fashionista has successfully achieved a comfortable, stylish look that represents herself. And that's what fashion is all about – representing yourself and who you are. Everyday you wake up, and unless you live in a nudist colony, you have to put on an outfit. It is like a picture – it says a thousand words. This Fashionista represents herself through a hippie, easy look. A great store for this look is Free People or vintage shops such as Rescue on Newbury Street.

As well, a great peacoat can always take an outfit from summer to fall. Here are a couple of great ones:

1) Miss Sixty Wool Blend Peacoat

2) Winter Kate "Collette" Peacoat (I love the newspaper look of this coat)

Hint: Be yourself when dressing – otherwise it's going to look like you are trying to hard, or you'll end up uncomfortable.


When you look out your window on a cloudy, dreary day in October, the last thing on your mind are flower prints and neon fabric – especially for the budding Fashionisto. This Fashionisto managed to capture my eye as he was walking out of his dorm room. His cleverly contrasted outfit represents a trend that is always present on the runway: simplicity. He used the tones black and white to put together a classic look. The white in his shoes and his scarf plus the use of light jeans adds a dimension to his look. 

This look is very versatile – although this Fashionisto was heading to class, trade that zip-up for a sports jacket and you're headed toward a club, a dinner or a date. Urban Outfitters is great for menswear, including this jacket and this scarf. These pieces are lasting pieces that can be used for any season. For a fancier look, check out this sportcoat from J. Crew. 

A great place to look for these kinds of pieces are vintage stores. A great couple are located on Newbury Street, including Rescue – a great place for vintage looks, and you can even sell your clothes there to buy new ones! 

Hint: Even though the cold weather is here or approaching steadily, keep looking for new ways to incorporate fashion into your daily look even if it's grey and raining – put on a pair of flower-printed rain boots and run in the rain.