Drop the frilly girls shirt you're in the process of "borrowing" from your best friends closet, turn around and walk into your room. Find that old men's button-up that you stole from your dad years ago in the hope of wearing it to some "Risky Business"-themed party, and put it on. Grab a pair of dress pants, and you've got yourself an outfit in style for this fall. During Fall 2010 Fashion Week designers such as Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang sent down outfits with a a masculine feel.

Be careful not to grab the ratty T-shirt and big jeans out of your boyfriend's closet. Stick to tailored and classic looks: Nirvanaesque 90's looks aren't back in…yet. 

This Fashionista combines menswear with other pieces to create the ultimate fall 2010 look. She takes distinct masculine pieces – her pants and her white shirt – and combines them with a cinched belt and flirty shoes. She has the perfect menswear look, looks comfortable, yet stylish and is ready for a day at school. 

Hint: As a college student, I usually try to look for cheap and stylish pieces i.e Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, etc., but for this look I'd say pick expensive pieces with longevity. Menswear comes back into fashion time and time again, as well as you can match individual pieces together for a classic look. 

Some places to buy these pieces could be J.Crew and Anthropologie – they combine classic menswear with feminine additions. Also check out her fantastic rings in the picture below. 


Boston University isn't the typical school-spirit haven. We don't have the typical Michigan University cook outs before a football game or Georgetown basketball craziness. There isn't much emphasis on sporting events except for one exception – hockey (which I don't mean to brag, but we are pretty good at).  

Because of this, Fashionistas choose to wear our color (something I talked about last week!) – red. This Fashionista looks stylish and school-spirited in her red top matched with black accents and an awesome pair of ripped shorts from LF. 

Other then the obvious school spirit, I'd like to take a second to focus on her shoes: a boot oxford. Perfect to work with socks as this Fashionista did, but also can work with skinny jeans, a dress, stockings or whatever the Fashionista chooses to put on in the morning. She found them at Aldo on Newbury St., so I took the internet and found three more similar, affordable options on Aldo, as well. 

1) The Eisinger 

2) The Hinsey

3) The Dellamore 

These shoes add an edge to style to any outfit – even a typical hockey jersey and leggings, (the go-to outfit for the games), and make it even easier to change for the trek into Allston after.  

Good luck BU hockey and to all my Fashionistas/os! 


Today's Fashionista has captured the look of wearing one color. Everything, except her shoes, is blue, but she doesn't resemble a character in Willy Wonka (for those who don't catch this reference, I'm taking about the blueberry). In fact this Fashionista looks comfortable, warm and trendy on this cool fall day.  

The key to wearing the same shade is patterns, dimensions and layers. This Fashionista wears a blue and white striped T-shirt, then adds a layer – a blue jacket. To add contrast she throws on a scarf in a blue pattern. Thus – wearing the same shade and staying comfortable, which one needs when summer turns chilly and the beach sadly turns into the library. 

Blue is a gorgeous transition color for summer to fall, but as it gets colder and colder, the newest trend is red. Seen all over the Fall RTW – and even recently on Heidi Klum at the Project Runway Spring 2011 Fashion Shows. Though it received some criticism, it was straight off the runway, and I believed she rocked it. 

Here are some ways to incorporate red into your wardrobe without overdoing it: 

1) Staring at Stars Cableknit Sweater 

2) Embossed Coin Purse

3) Sergeant's Short Jacket (I love how this incorporates the army trend!)

Just be careful not to mix these two colors – you might end up looking less like a Fashionista and more like an American flag. 

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Drinking from the Desert

When I say camel, please don't think of the Egyptian animal that hobbles slowly around the desert, eating cactus and drinking as much water as possible. Let your imagination run – think soft, beautiful fabrics made into thick jackets, sleek slacks and last but not least, soft buttery purses. Camel is the color to wear this fall, and this Fashionista got a head start with her camel-colored purse. You may or may not have been scouring the fashion shows as I was, but if you were you'd notice an overwhelming camel and soft sands pallet. 

As seen during this season of Project Runway, a team of six tried for a menswear look in camel. Sadly, they failed and lost to army and lace. But, the irony is that one of the judges, Micheal Kors, and his Fall Ready to Wear 2010 line is one of the best representations of how to wear camel in the fall. 

Now you don't have to wear an outfit in entirely camel, but there are some accessory alternatives to this overwhelming fall fashion trend.

This sweater might be a for a little girl, but its a darker camel, and I can't help but love a sequin. Pair this with a dark jean, army boots and a nice camisole and you've got yourself a trendy fall outfit. 

Now clogs might have been a spring 2010 trend, but who says shoes can't be year-round? This clog in a lovely soft camel, can be accented by a pair of darker socks or patterned tights! 

Hint: Camel is an easy color to coordinate. Take advice from this college Fashionista and pair it with two more solid colors. Too many patterns can make camel less soft and sexy, and more brown and busy. 


On this extremely hot day in Boston, this Fashionista gets an A+ for pulling off a comfortable but stylish look. She picks up on the summer/fall trend – lace. Instead of a sheer-looking lace shirt she wears a white shirt, and instead of tight shorts (the kind that would take the outfit from day to night), she wears comfortable drawstring shorts. This Fashionista combines her look with her own individual style – two different earrings and large sunglasses – a bonafide summer outfit from head to toe. But don't be confused to think that lace can only be worn in the summer. Here are some ways to incorporate lace into your outfits for fall: 

1. Lace Up Crochet Knee Highs – You can wear these under heels or have them peeking out of your army boots. 

2. Ella Moss Exclusive "Chastity" Lace V-Neck Top – A long sleeve shirt for winter with just a peek of lace in the back. 

3. Kimchi Blue Lace Bandeau – If you lack confidence to wear out just lace, opt for this underneath a sweater or v-neck shirt. 

4. Kova and T: Rachel Lace Dress – A lace dress for night. 

This Fashionista manages to stay cool in the 95-degree Boston weather, but also manages to wear a trend and turn heads. She will stand out on Commonwealth Ave., be comfortable in Mugar Library and can easily dress up the outfit with heels and a jacket for night. 

Classes have started and we all need to focus on our studies, but a good outfit makes a confident, smarter person more likely to focus in class. Don't forget to be fashionable BU! 

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

Now there is a time in a young Fashionista/o's life that you have to approach the dreaded question: what accessory shall I wear with this outfit – what is too much, what is too little, what is "in"?

I'm here to save the day, (or at least help with the process). Think of it the way I do – the more the merrier – try all the trends at once and then slowly take off until it's perfect. Which, in fact, is what this fashionista here is. She's discovered the perfect balance between too much and too little. Utilizing one bold accessory, her beautiful bib necklace, and then adding tiny others, including her matching gold and white sandals and gold earrings, which sadly you can't see. A bib necklace is a statement necklace – one to be worn with simple clothing to add a pop. Some of my favorites include:

Forever 21, $16.80 

Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2011, $298

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STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Effortlessly Casual

Being a fall 2010 Style Guru for CollegeFashionista means one thing to me – finding outfits that will inspire you. I want to find outfits that evoke a memory or take you some place new. Perhaps an outfit can take you to the red light district of Amsterdam, (that'd be more of a tough Fashionista) ,or the side streets in Madrid ,(a classic printed maxi dress). Perhaps an outfit can remind you of your first kiss, your Sunday family dinner or that cheetah print comforter you had in your dorm room freshman year. But I also want to find outfits that you can wear on a daily basis – to your class, to your internship. With school starting in a less than a month and the weather becoming increasingly dreary, I believe it's a true Fashionista who dares to wear bright colors, especially with her equally gorgeous, bright red hair.

This look is a classic look, something so effortlessly chic that it doesn't surprise me when she introduces herself with an accent. In fact, she is from the fashion capital of the world, Paris. Accenting her look is a bold gold necklace and thick round gold earrings. I'm a firm believer that jewelry, especially earrings, take your look to the next level, (considering I have seven piercings just in my ears). I found a new set I'd love to have.

While her whole outfit is perfect for a comfortable yet stylish day in class, it's her casually wrapped scarf that adds a new dimension. This Fashionista actually stole it from her boyfriend's closet. The scarf is part of a men's only designer collection, Celio, based in Paris. Now I have a new designer to stalk, as I love the color and the frayed edges.

Fashionistas, I truly believe in fashion, but I also believe in comfort, something this Parisian young lady has combined beautifully. This outfit is versatile: work, play and school, but also represents her personal style and a certain "je ne sais quoi."

Style Guru Bio: Cassandra Chernin

I'm a sophomore at Boston University, majoring in Marketing and minoring in Journalism. I hail from New Jersey, home of guidos and fist pumping, but I don't dress like Snooki. I've loved fashion since I was a little girl and have experimented with many different styles, but right now I think I'd describe my style as urban-casual chic. I love a look that looks effortless but stylish. I like to be comfortable but well-dressed. I'm a self-proclaimed shopaholic ,which is increased by my proximity to Newbury Street. I am so excited to be a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista and to find the most fashionable people on BU's campus!