WHAT TO WEAR: Giving Accesories the Limelight

I have been on this Earth for 20 years, and the transition from spring to summer is still so awkward and confusing. You wake up to a nice breeze and slightly cloudy skies so you decide to wear jeans and some platform sandals, but a few hours functioning in the real world and you realize you forgot to check the weather forecast. By lunch, a semi-permanent rain cloud has appeared, and you are questioning your very intelligence and wondering how you have survived all these years.

A safe bet in this kind of moody weather is to wear closed-toe shoes and layer your pretty little heart away. This Fashionista ticked all of those boxes, as well as some others, by creating a functional summer outfit that added character with the accessories. She began by pairing a denim pencil skirt with a textured white shirt, which is a great baselayer for a spring outfit because it looks just as great by itself as when paired with a lightweight bomber jacket. Layering on a light jacket like she did is great because it adds more color to the outfit as well as some functionality. A beautifully patterned scarf is tied onto an embossed, leather saddle bag to add some flavor to an otherwise simple outfit. A pair of deep plum booties finishes off the fun outfit.

Draw some inspiration from this Fashionista and add some spice to a spring outfit by paying some attention to the accessories!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Denim Isn’t A Statement Piece, Right?

At only 20, I have seen some bad fashion trends come and go. There were gauchos in middle school I often thought paired well with knit leggings and skater shoes I fumbled with, quite literally, in junior high. At the time I was sure that this was the pinnacle of my fashion abilities. That was until a new trend would sweep across the pages of my favorite magazines and completely turn my fashion world on its head. However, all of those years of cringe-worthy outfit choices will go down in vain because they did show me that certain pieces are built to stand the test of time, in particular, denim.

Jeans lead to jackets, which lead to shirts, you know the gist. Now as a seasoned (not without flaws) Fashionista, I try to find denim pieces that are more outside of the box and outside my comfort zone. This denim jumpsuit with a halter neck and wide legs is currently my favorite denim item in my closet that just so happens to also be a statement piece. When styling a statement piece, it is important to think what you want to highlight in particular. It could be the pattern or the movement. The shape and stitching on this jumper are what I wanted to highlight so I knew I wanted to let it speak for itself. I did this by keeping my jewelry and makeup simple and wearing my hair pulled back so that it wouldn’t get in the way of the neckline.

Adding some color and texture to a monochromatic piece like this cannot be forgotten either. I went with a beaded dangling earrings and a winged eye to add some shape and color to the ensemble. For the rest of my jewelry, I stuck with gold to match up with my earrings. I added a wrap bracelet and chunky quartz bangle by stacking them together to add some texture one last time. This jumper had a wide leg that is such a statement that needed to be paired with heeled shoes to give it the credit it deserves. To counterbalance this, I added my favorite distressed booties to finish off this outfit. I adore this outfit because it can evolve and pieces can be added to fit any situation at hand. Long story short, learn to love denim. It’s here to stay.

STYLE ADVICE: Growing From Simplicity

New York Fashion Week left the fashion world dizzy with excitement. Excitement about the ways in which style and fashion will evolve these coming seasons. These changes will be bold. They always are, remaining true to any changes that occur within the fashion industry. However, it is important to not wander far from the staple elements in fashion that allow the bold pieces to have center stage. In order for the bold statement to be appreciated, background pieces must support the loudness.

A close friend of mine at the University of Iowa treats the simplistic elements of an outfit with as much respect as she treats the bold statement pieces. This featured outfit shows off the vintage but put together vibes that carries through all of this Fashionista’s outfits. A quality pair of medium wash mom jeans acts as a clean canvas for the whole outfit. Starting with a fitted pair of jeans that you adore can set a tone for the whole outfit because the right wash denim can be layered and paired with just about anything. Her quality leather booties further add to the look. A few quality items in a look can change how the outfit looks and feels.

She brings the top together by tucking in a festival-style tunic with delicate embroidery into her jeans and adding a personal touch with a dark stone necklace. Finally, the whole look is brought together with a brown stocking cap and a muted red fisherman’s jacket. Although these pieces are often seen as separate from the outfit because they are meant to keep you warm, they can still be styled to play off of the other articles.

Overall, this simple look is filled with quality pieces that work to bring attention to subtle statement articles while still being cohesive. Invest in few quality staple items and this will allow a strong start to all of your outfits and embrace the beauty in simplicity.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Chunky Knits for Chilly Days

Going to a liberal arts university allows individuals to be exposed to people, places, and views that are different from their own. This newfound freedom experienced by college students is often expressed within the clothes they choose to wear. Often the change is more dramatically seen within female students. However, that does not mean male students are exempt.

Living a short distance off campus allows to me enjoy a little walk to class every day. During this short walk, I cross the path of many of my fellow well-dressed classmates. At first, I would nervously avoid eye contact and trace the shape of the sidewalk with my gaze as I was headed to class. However, I soon began to raise my gaze to appreciate someone’s outfit and was faced with the fact that many of my favorite outfits were worn by men.

Wintertime in Iowa leaves its residents in icicle form for a few months so of course, my favorite male winter look involves a chunky wool sweater. A nice chunky sweater is great for anyone wanting to add both texture and comfort to their outfit. This particular sweater worn by a student at the University of Iowa has small detailing in the pattern that brings a classic touch to this look. Sometimes sweaters look too much like a throw blanket and lack any real shape. This sweater does the opposite of that by having a heavy stitch running down the center of the sweater and a thick neckline creating structure. The creamy color of this sweater is matched well with a light pair of khakis and a classic leather shoe to pull together a delightfully warm toned outfit. The heavy wool texture in the sweater is offset by the smooth clean texture in the leather shoes.

The combination of color tones and texture gives this outfit a sophisticated look while still remaining cozy.

Don’t be afraid to draw inspiration from others when creating your own outfits and always remember to make it your own!

STYLE GURU BIO: Cassidy Jo Schacher

Hi there! Glad to see that you made it to my page whether on purpose or on accident.

Let me first introduce myself for those of you that don’t already know me. My name is Cassidy Jo Schacher and this will be my first semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. For the past year, I have called Iowa City, Iowa my home. Iowa City is also home to the University of Iowa. As a pre-med student at the university majoring in Psychology, I spend a good chunk of my time studying. If I am not hanging around my favorite coffee shop, The Java House, I am usually driving campus or spending time with my best friends. When I am not in school, I enjoy traveling as much as my college student budget will let me.

Before writing this article, I asked some of the people closest to me how they would describe my style hoping it would help me get my ducks in a row. I was met with an array of different adjectives further scattering my ducks. Feeling confused, I worried if I could even fulfill the daunting title of Style Guru. A few days passed of mulling the words over until I came to realize they weren’t such a bad thing after all. The reason I received many different descriptions of my style did not mean that I had no style, it merely meant I dress to fit my ever-changing mood.

Attending university allows me the time to understand where I stand and form who I will later become. Living in this kind of environment has not only changed who I am for the better but has also changed my style. Some days I wake up eager to start the day and I will throw on my favorite sneakers, a pair of mom jeans with sequined knee patches, and a classic black sweater. Other days I will wake up feeling cloudy and the only way to feel cozy is by wearing a turtleneck sweater matched with a ballerina bun. Although my mood and style change often, I hold onto a few staple pieces and ideas. For the time being, a pair of dark wash high-waisted jeans, booties, an army green bomber jacket, a retro Adidas baseball cap, and a trusty white v-neck shirt hold permanent spots in my closet. I enjoy taking classic looks and adding a punk touch to it. Whether that be by adding layers, texture, or sequins I dress according to the mood and what I wish to carry out that day.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to come back throughout the semester so I can show you my take on fashion. See you soon!