The Perfect Romper for Your Summer Wardrobe

We are right in the middle of summer which for many of us means balancing the challenge of trying to stay fashionable and keep cool in the summer heat. I’ve struggled with the same issue, but I’ve finally discovered the perfect item for my summer closet: a white romper. Rompers have been a massive trend over the past year because they allow you to look cute, casual, and fashionable all at the same time. In addition, white is a perfect color to wear in the heat because it won’t trap heat as much as darker colors will. That’s why I made sure to have a white romper in my closet to rock at any summer picnic, backyard party, or get together!

For this look, I wore a flowy, long-sleeve romper with lace-detailed sleeves. Because the romper is low-cut, I also paired it with a white lace bralette that matches the style of the romper. This is helpful for when the neck nine falls a little too low, as the bralette will seem like one with the romper in the event that it does make an appearance. 

In order to make sure that the white outfit didn’t look too flat with just one color, I added a black belt around the waist and a matching black choker. The belt and choker add contrast to the overall outfit and they help bring everything together.

Finally, I added a multicolored purse to accent the look, giving the outfit a pop of color. This outfit gives you a lot of freedom to be creative with colorful accessories that match your own personal style. Feel free to pop on our favorite sunglasses or a cute floppy hat to make this look your own!

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Pride-Inspired Rainbow Makeup Looks

June has finally arrived, and it’s the perfect time to celebrate, relax, and of course, be proud. That’s right: Pride Month is back! June was chosen as the designated Pride month in celebration of the LGBTQ community, and it is a time to show support for gender and sexual diversity. Throughout Pride Month, the country loves to celebrate in a colorful fashion. As pride parades decked with rainbow banners and colorful floats flood the streets, we want you to be able to join the fun. I created two different rainbow makeup looks to celebrate Pride, so grab your favorite colorful makeup palette and get ready to get into the Pride spirit!

Blended Rainbow Eyes. For this look, the colors of the rainbow highlight the eyes perfectly. I started with a deep, electric purple in the outer corner to create depth. Then, I blended in red and orange pigments onto the lid to create contrast. To brighten up the inner corner, I added a little bit of yellow for a pop. To complete the rainbow, I smudged blue and green under my lid, which helped brighten the eyes even more. Finally, to finish off the look, I created a nice, sharp wing with a precise liquid eyeliner, and voila!

Split Rainbow Lids. If you’re looking for something more avant-garde, try a sharp eyeshadow look with a split rainbow. On the left eyelid I focused on the warm shades of the rainbow, including red, orange, and yellow. Meanwhile, the right eyelid has the cooler tones, like blue, purple, and green.

To create this precise look, I cut the eyeshadow into sharp arrows with deep red on the left and royal blue on the right. I finished off the look with glittery pigments on the inner lid to make the eyes look foiled and shimmery. To accentuate the eye look, I popped on some falsies.

While these rainbow makeup looks are fantastic for Pride, you can rock these colors with confidence anywhere. The vibrant colors fit the ideal summer vibe and are also perfect for festival season.

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