5 Ways to Start Your School Year Off With Confidence

Ready or not, it’s that time of the year! That time that comes around so fast, we blink our eyes and summer is over. We all dread it, but certainly can’t avoid it: it’s back to school time. For most, those words make you cringe and the thought of hearing your alarm go off at 6:30 a.m. every morning is traumatizing. So, why not prepare yourself so that you can ring in the new year feeling fresh and prepared? I’m here to give you a list of five ways to start off your school year with confidence!

1—A killer wardrobe. Make back to school shopping fun by searching for the perfect new style. Don’t be afraid to switch it up and go for a new look. I have always firmly believed that you can wear anything you want as long as you wear it with confidence. I suggest picking up a pair of statement pants, as I’m wearing in the pictures. Palazzo pants like the ones I’m wearing are super comfy, all while looking extra trendy, making for the perfect back to school clothing essential.

2—A simple everyday makeup routine. Why not spice up your natural face and bring out your best qualities? Having a go-to look makes mornings much easier and allows you to feel confident when strutting through the halls. My current favorite makeup trend is a bright, orange crease color, as featured in my pictures. This shade makes blue or green eyes pop and blends with your base color flawlessly. Say goodbye to your tired morning face and find a routine that works for you!

3—A planner. It’s no secret that the best way to stay on top of everything is to organize your life. The ultimate trick to this is using a planner. You can lay out what needs to get done every day and prepare for what’s to come. Planning makes for a stress-free school year. So find a fun planner that will be pleasing to look at every day!

4—Popping accessories. Whether this is a cute new backpack or a statement necklace, be sure to add accessories to your back to school list. These simple items create excitement for heading back to school by spicing up your outfit and adding confidence! In my look, I styled a huge trend at the moment: tassel earrings. I often reach for them because big earrings are in and top off any look. Don’t be afraid to start a new trend by accessorizing your outfit.

5—A new signature scent. Everybody has their go-to lotion/perfume duo, so try switching it up this year and wait for the compliments to roll in. Who doesn’t love a good smelling scent? Amaze all your peers and find a bomb new combination to boost your self-esteem as you walk into that classroom!

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4 Simple Ways to Amp Up Your Summer Style

When summer comes around, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out ways to elevate your style for the heat. With new trends on the horizon and the new season in full swing, I’ve thought of some easy and simple ways to take your style to the next level. Fashionistas are always aiming to have the coolest, freshest look, and these ideas will achieve just that. The key to achieving an awesome summer outfit is all in the accessories, so check out the ways I’ve incorporated this summer’s hottest accessories into my outfit!

1—Fishnets. I was aiming for a grungy look, so I accessorized with a few bold items. The most eye-catching piece in this outfit is my fishnet tights. Layering these under any outfit can give your look an edgy vibe—not to mention they are extremely breathable, making them great for the summer sun. Yes, these were a huge trend in the winter, but I’m loving incorporating the fishnet look into summer looks as well. Stores are even selling cropped versions of these tights that come in a range of colors.

2—Hats. I utilized a reoccurring summer trend and paired my outfit with a black floppy hat. Hats make for an amazing summer accessory as they block out the sun, hide any frizzy hair from the humidity, and best of all, look fashionable! Hats are certainly on the come up and almost all stores offer a sizable selection to choose from.

3—Belts. Another trendy accessory I chose is a western belt. Many celebrities have been pictured wearing these, and they’re sure to add an extra touch to any look. Since they’re offered in many neutral colors, different sized loops, and a range of prices, you can be sure to find one that best suits your style.

4—Statement shoes. Statement shoes are all the rage this summer and can really complete a look. To finish off my outfit, I paired it with my favorite faux snakeskin booties. Although these were a staple in my winter closet, they look stunning paired with my summer wardrobe as well. Shoes that will catch everyone’s attention, from sandals to boots to sneakers, are sure to amp up your summer style.

This accessorized outfit is sure to attract some attention and show the world your inner Fashionista. Using these guidelines to incorporate more accessories into your outfits will certainly spice up your summer style!

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