Everyone has been raving about the lace trend that has taken over as this summer’s “it” look, and I must agree that I have found a new love for all things lace. In my opinion, the white lace shorts trend is perfect for this season because you can pair any color or patterned top with them. Because it has an effect similar to the one white jeans have on an outfit, white lace shorts can be considered a “cousin” to the white denim trend, and these shorts are a perfect substitute for those warmer days.

This week’s Fashionista was spotted wearing a pair of white lace shorts from NASTY GAL and a candy-cane-esque top that she found while at a thrift store. What I love most about the stripes on her shirt are the sailor feel they give off. Personally, whenever I see wide, bold stripes on an outfit, I imagine myself on the coast of some exotic Mediterranean village. Whatever you imagine when you see stripes, let this Fashionista inspire you to daydream about your ideal summer look. After all, the best outfits are the ones that transport you mentally to another time and place. Not to mention, this Fashionista is right on trend with the tie-front accent to her shirt.

No matter if you prefer a bold strip or solid-colored top, anything is fair game when paired with white bottoms. If you want to step this look up a notch and continue with the Mediterranean look, style your white lace shorts with a pair of Soludos shoes. These espadrille-inspired shoes are great for those Fashionistas who want to channel a relaxed vibe this summer season.


Looking back at fashion over the past several years, I feel as though fabric is becoming more minimal as items become gradually smaller and smaller. Yes, clothes might be shrinking as to how much they cover someone, but fashion is bigger than ever with the cropped trend escalating to new heights. Cropped jackets are one of those chosen pieces that are able to create a fashionable silhouette, and the look can reflect any sense of style. Whether you want a biker girl, hipster or preppy look, a cropped jacket adds to your outfit without literally adding fabric.

This Fashionista, who was spotted helping out at a fashion show on campus, sported a look that she considers to be a staple to her everyday image. With her cropped denim jacket, loose burnt orange shirt, lace-up boots and black leggings, this ensemble can transition from a style that's class-appropriate to a look perfect for casual night out with friends. In my opinion, black leggings are a mandatory item in every Fashionista’s closet. You can pair just about any top with simple leggings while maintaining a level of comfort. As for this Fashionista's cropped jacket, it'is right on par with her sense of style, since she loves channeling a vintage vibe.

So, the next time you want to add to your outfit without taking away from it, try a cropped jacket. They can range in style for any occasion and are a great option for a chilly summer night. Not to mention, cropped jackets and blazers in bold colors are a great way to satisfy this season’s hottest trend. No matter what style or fabric you love most, make sure it’s cropped!


The blazer has been a staple in every Fashionista’s wardrobe for quite some time now, but it is how you pair this item with the rest of your outfit that makes a statement. Some go-to looks that incorporate this trendy jacket are pairing it with jeans, leggings or over a dress. I’m a huge fan of the blazer with cuffed jeans and driver moccasins. Whatever you prefer, blazers give your outfit a sophisticated edge and they make any look professional and chic.

This week’s Fashionista was spotted wearing a black-and-white blazer from Urban Outfitters. She paired her blazer with a black-and-white dress from T.J. Maxx. Personally, I have found stores like T.J. Maxx and Marshalls to be great for budget-friendly options because they have fabulous clothes for a fraction of department store prices. This Fashionista did a great job of utilizing different black-and-white prints and putting them together in a way that does not clash. It is often hard to take similar colors and make them work without looking like a monochromatic mess, but this Fashionista did the unthinkable with this look. I also love the vintage riding boots she bought on Etsy. For those of you who have never checked out Etsy, I suggest you do so right away because you can find a variety of great outfits and accessories that are hard to find in stores. Not to mention, you can find awesome homemade items that are impossible to replicate!

No matter what blazer ensemble best suits your style, make sure you incorporate one into your closet.


While a lot of us associate the jumpsuit trend with the ‘70s or possibly the ‘80s, this look is back and better than ever. After all, it is essentially a relative of the romper, which has been a hot trend for a while now. A jumpsuit jazzes up your look because there is something chic yet daring about it. I was re-introduced to the jumpsuit trend back in February when my boss wore one to an event, and ever since then I have been on the lookout for fellow Fashionistas at the University of Illinois wearing this tantalizing style.

My love for jumpsuits increased tenfold when I saw this Fashionista working backstage at a fashion show on campus. Her MICHAEL Michael Kors strapless belted jumpsuit stood out to me from across the room, and I could not help myself from asking a million questions about it. What this Fashionista loves most about this purchase is that the jumpsuit came with the belt, which makes accessorizing the outfit a tad less stressful. Personally, I think this jumpsuit looks like the ideal choice because it hugs in all the right places and is not overly tight, making it a comfortable yet stylish option for any occasion.

After this Fashionista educated me more about her jumpsuit and how much she is obsessed with it and would wear it everyday if she could, I naturally bought it. You can’t pass up a great purchase like this! While at the MICHAEL Michael Kors store, I experimented with some shoes that looked fabulous with this outfit, and I found the most comfortable pair to be platform sandals. If you want to accessorize like this Fashionista, pair your jumpsuit with a MICHAEL Michael Kors watch. Since this outfit is such a statement piece on its own, I would suggest wearing a cool bracelet and avoid a necklace because that might take away from the overall strapless look.


Black and white are two colors that often go hand in hand, but sometimes they get a little boring, at least in my opinion. Instead of having a look that exclusively features black and white, trade one color in for another, like cream instead of white. This gives your look a breath of fresh air while keeping the shades appropriate for the spring season. Of course, you can choose any color and end up with a cool color blocked outfit, but choosing black and cream is a great route to take when shopping for internship apparel.

This week’s Fashionista opted for dark-wash skinny jeans and a cream top that her grandmother gave her. Her blouse features floral embellishments that are more than appropriate for the spring season. However, my favorite part of her top is the Peter Pan collar. This is another trend that I have been seeing more and more around campus. Stores like Forever 21 offer a wide variety of Peter Pan collars on tops and dresses.

As we approach internship season, it is more than important to have a professional look. To spice up your look while keeping the colors traditional, incorporate black and cream into your outfit instead of black and white. As I am currently in the process of revamping my closet for this upcoming season, I have found my favorite look to be a draped cream-colored blouse from Parker paired with classic black Theory pants. To add a more whimsical flair to your work-ready ensemble, let this Fashionista inspire you with a Peter Pan collar.


I often find myself struggling to find a comfortable and stylish pair of shoes for class, especially ones that work with my outfits. Don’t get me wrong, I love ballet flats, but sometimes they aren’t the most comfortable — at least I have yet to find a pair that doesn’t hurt my feet after an hour. My shoe woes were answered when I discovered the most amazing pair of cognac-colored Tod’s moccasin driver shoes at an outlet mall a few years ago. These shoes did more than just change my style — they made going to class more enjoyable, because for once I wasn’t hobbling around in pain.

This week’s Fashionista paired a J.Crew striped shirt with skinny jeans and Cole Haan leather moccasin drivers. What struck me most about her look was how mature it appeared to be; from her hair pulled back in a sock bun to her overall color scheme, this outfit could have been on the cover of any collegiate magazine. Of course, her moccasin drivers completed this look, but it was the other items that helped her shoes stand out.

Whether you are loyal to Tod’s, Cole Haan or another brand, your first pair of moccasin drivers will surely be the first of many more. Once you find a fit that is up to par with your standards, you will have a Cinderella glass slipper moment and all other shoes will just be, well, average. So, next time someone tries to convince you that you can’t have both style and comfort, prove them wrong with a classic pair of moccasin driver shoes.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Floral Arrangement

It is clear by now that neon and colored denim are hot commodities for every Fashionista’s closet this spring, but let’s not forget the floral trend as well. Floral is also a huge hit this season and can be spotted on everything from denim to accessories. Sometimes people stray away from this trend because too much pattern can overwhelm a look; however, if you mix and match an appropriate amount of floral with solid-colored pieces, you will have a look that stands out and turns heads.

I spotted this Fashionista on the quad documenting a student group promote an upcoming event. She stood out to me because she matched her floral American Eagle Outfitters dress with a solid ivory blazer. Her Urban Outfitters blazer was a perfect choice because it naturally brought out the off-white outline detailing in her dress. She even went the extra step by pairing nude Steve Madden flats with her outfit to tie together the neutral shades in her look. This Fashionista did a fabulous job of balancing light and dark colors with a bold pattern to create a casual spring ensemble.

So this spring, incorporate the floral trend into your go-to look for class. Floral pieces can be found at a variety of stores and range in price depending on your budget. Personally, I’m saving for some floral denim, because adding pattern to your pants is a bold statement that takes your look from ordinary to extraordinary! No matter if you want to make a statement or just add a little pop of detail, floral is one trend you don’t want to miss out on this spring.


Ever since I first noticed the tie-front trend take over as a staple spring and summer look on campus, I have gone out of my way to find this style for myself. Whether students are shopping at Target or Urban Outfitters, this trend has grown exponentially at the University of Illinois, and I must say, I absolutely approve. The tie-front trend has a relaxed look about it, and mentally transports one to the beach or a music festival. I remember seeing this popular trend throughout the ‘90s, and now it is back and even better!

This week’s Fashionista wore a blush-colored Rory Beca tie-front blouse. Sometimes people are scared of such light colors because they think they will look washed out, but this Fashionista shows us how natural colors can make any ensemble elegant, even for class. This top can also transition your day look into a night out with friends when paired with skinny jeans and heels. To complement the natural shade of her blouse, this Fashionista wore Sam Edelman gladiator sandals to tie together the lighter colors. Even the brown in her Louis Vuitton bag balanced out the blush hues for a polished look within the same color palette. To finish off her look, this Fashionista wore cut-off denim shorts, Ray-Ban sunglasses and a Michael Kors watch.

The tie-front top is a must-have staple for every Fashionista this season. From silk to cotton and everything in between, this trend is back from the ‘90s and can be found at a variety of stores. So, whether you prefer thrift stores or department stores, make sure you add this silhouette to your closet for spring and summer!


Colored pants are a must-have this spring for any closet. What I love most about this trend is how it captures a passerby’s attention from the start; once the colored pants are spotted, then the eye slowly deciphers the rest of the look from head to toe. This Fashionista opted for corduroy pants instead of the typical denim to demonstrate how you can use a different material to still achieve this popular trend. She even translated a deep purple from the fall season into her spring look!

This Fashionista wore Rugby Ralph Lauren corduroy pants in aubergine for a preppy collegiate look. For the past couple of weeks I have been spotting more and more Rugby Ralph Lauren at the University of Illinois, which I personally love because this brand looks great on any campus. In my opinion, this label is wonderful for the college budget because it is affordable and adds a sophisticated touch to any ensemble. It also embodies that all-American style that Ralph Lauren so perfectly presents in every collection.

I admire how this Fashionista mixed up her look with a variety of brands. Her Sam Edelman ballet flats are great for class and even feature a rhinestone bow for added detail. Her scarf was purchased at the Urban Outfitters on campus and gives a decorative touch to her look. As for her white shirt, it is from Target, which is always a safe bet for simple shirts because it really isn’t necessary to buy expensive plain tops that are meant for layering. Lastly, this Fashionista found her sunglasses at Nordstrom while perusing the accessories department in the Chicago location.

No matter if the weather on your campus calls for denim or corduroy pants, make sure they are a bold color the next time you run out the door for class!


Since starting school at the University of Illinois, I have found that some of the most stylish and fashion-forward students on campus are those that are studying abroad here. The aspect of their style that I find most captivating is how they merge American brands with those from their native country to create a look that is truly unique and nearly impossible to master without having been exposed to both cultures. In particular, I am most intrigued by the outfits that British students on campus sport on a daily basis. This Fashionisto stood out to me with his perfect balance of American collegiate apparel mixed with a classic British accessory.

When I first spotted this Fashionisto, it was his khaki pants with skulls and crossbones that caught my attention. This particular embroidery detailing is a Rugby Ralph Lauren signature look, and it added that preppy flare to his overall ensemble. In addition to his all-American look, this Fashionisto rocked some of my favorite accessories. A classic watch is a most worthwhile investment because it never goes out of style and it gives your look a sophisticated glow wherever you go. With that being said, I absolutely approve of his TAG Heuer watch. As for his messenger bag, this Fashionisto opted for a Paul Smith bag featuring a colorful graphic that is perfect for carrying heavy books to class. Last but not least, to complete his look, this Fashionisto chose Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses.

No matter if you are in the United States or abroad, combining brands from all over the world makes your outfit an international sensation!