WHAT TO WEAR: Shopping

Summer isn’t the only S word us Fashionista/os think about when the sun rears its head and the temperatures soar. I know what you are thinking… That’s right, SHOPPING. What better way to spend our days off than taking to the streets in search for some fresh, summer duds.

While choosing your ensemble its important to keep in mind the activity of shopping. You’ll be sifting through clothing racks, searching for the perfect fit and shedding your ensemble multiple times, so it’s essential to incorporate pieces of comfort and easiness into your look.

This Fashionista has all the necessary elements for a killer, shopping ensemble. Mixing aesthetics with a preppy, horizontally stripped top, sleek, all-white mini and sporty, high-top Pumas, her look comes together flawlessly as all the pieces complement one another in unique ways.

Keeping it simple when it comes to accessories with a cross-body bag and oversized, copper watch, this Fashionista creates the perfect balance of fashion and no fuss for an effortless look.

One Simple Change: We all know how cold Bloomingdale’s, Barney’s and some boutiques can be, so swap out the mini skirt for a pair of geometric printed pants. Throw on these printed DVF leggings for an easy and comfortable climate change. The look would also be great when heading to your next concert!

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

It’s out with the old and in with the new—new internships, new classes and new cities, that is. Whether you choose to brave the heat in your native city, stick to the streets of your college campus or strut your stuff in an entirely new environment, there are always nooks and crannies that have yet to be seen.

While some of us are slaving away in an office counting down the minutes until we can kick off our heels and throw on a pair of studded flats, others are sitting in mundane classrooms with their eyes permanently glued to the clock for when the left arm reads freedom. Whichever your case may be, its important to relieve yourself of some stress by taking to the streets in your sartorial best. New restaurants, charming boutiques and one-of-a-kind thrift shops are only a few things on the list of what you may discover.

This Fashionista does weekend wear right by preparing for any one of Mother Nature’s curve balls. She equips her look with multiple layers. If you get an early start to your day of adventures (which you definitely should, because you know what that means—BRUNCH!), it could be several degrees cooler than it will be in the afternoon and evening. Combating this temperature change with a printed sweater over a velour button-down and vintage coat, this Fashionista is ready for any kind of weather.

While leggings are a comfortable alternative to denim for wandering city streets, this Fashionista spices things up while maintaining the comfortable feel with a simple skirt, tights and knee-high socks. An essential pair of sunnies, an oversized leather bag that is perfect for stashing layers and warn-in leather boots complete the look for the ultimate exploration ensemble.

One Simple Change: Why stop at a full day of weekend exploring when you can experience your city at night? Throw a pair of patterned wedges in your satchel to take your daytime look to nighttime heights. The monochrome hue of these Zara pumps has the versatility to mix and match with any ensemble and is right on trend with the spring-summer 2013 collection’s monochrome mania, as seen on the runways of Roland Mouret and Rochas.


December? When did you get here?

It’s hard to believe that everyone’s favorite time of year is already here. For most people December means blasting Christmas tunes, admiring holiday décor that seems to encompass every crevice of our surroundings and getting mentally and physically prepared for all of the cookies and home-cooked meals we are about to consume. But as college students, the beginning of December means crunch time. All of these seasonal treats will not become a reality to us until we kick our sorry finals right in their holiday-hating butts. And in order to do that the perfect study-sesh ensemble is essential for tackling these tests.

This weeks Fashionista’s outfit includes all pieces necessary for the ultimate library look: a cozy sweater, oversized jacket, comfy skinnys and a rainboot. Pittsburgh’s weather is severely unpredictable. For instance, right now its December 3rd and 62 degrees, go figure. So it’s imperative to have some layering pieces and weather permitting shoes just incase Mother Nature’s temper flares. Also, the atmosphere of Hillman and the Cathedral of Learning, two of my favorite study spots, can be extremely unpredictable, so make sure you dress accordingly. Wear a light sweater for cooler temps and bring your favorite jacket for those unexplainable library drafts.

A sweater is a pretty conventional piece of clothing, so opt for a bold design like this week’s Fashionistas. This bold, plaid sweater will have everyone’s eyes away from their computer screens and on you. Throw on a pair of faux leather leggings and your have yourself a cute, comfy and affordable library look.


Attitudes, character and personality are a huge factor to whether or not a Fashionista’s look is dull or down right fabulous. That’s the beauty of fashion. You can use the pieces in your closet to evoke an emotion or attitude that you’re feeling. Crazy Monday have you feeling hectic? Let your peers know by sporting a jewel-toned ensemble complete with funky hair and a leather bomber. Tired on a Tuesday? A cozy sweater and boyfriend jeans will let your teachers no you aren’t totally ready to hone in on small-group communication, existentialism or the biology of a plant. And although I love the demure, coy and buxom looks we can create with fun and funky pieces, there’s nothing better than when a Fashionistas sterling smile goes hand in hand with her stellar ensemble.

This week’s Fashionista shines in a simple look with a killer combination of basics and a unbelievable cute demeanor to go along with her Fashion genius. Pairing a basic, cotton dress with thick tights, rain boats and a leather belt, this Fashionista translates cute and comfy with her practical pieces.  The muted tones create a cohesive look while allowing her smile to shine without any fussy pieces. The leather belt is the perfect accessory to create a definitive waist. Using accessories to cinch your waist, whether they be a fun scarf or traditional belt, can manipulate your silhouette in the way that you prefer.

To recreate this look, try pairing a loose-fitted dress with a thick pair of tights. Although nylons can create a seriously sexy look, thick tights are perfect for the incoming chilly temperature and super comfortable for running around campus. Grab a simple belt or maybe your Grandma’s vintage scarf and tie around your wait, wherever you feel most comfortable. Throw on a pair of Hunter’s, grab your umbrella and you’ll be ready for any kind of winter weather in a cute and comfy outfit.

Take a cue from this Fashionista and don’t forget your most important accessory, a spunky smile.

CollegeFashionista X ASOS Holiday Advertorial: University of Pittsburgh

Guys, it’s finally here: the home stretch, the last sips of caffeine at 10 p.m., the final nights/mornings (however you want to define slaving over homework until the wee hours of the day) spent at the library. We can almost taste the Thanksgiving turkey, almost see the glimmering lights of the Christmas tree or Menorah, almost hear our friends screaming “5,4,3,2…” at the top of their lungs in anticipation for the new year; our highly anticipated, anxiously awaited holiday breaks are finally here! And what better way to spend procrastinating for those midterms and looking forward to the upcoming celebrations than perusing online for your holiday looks.

Providing us with every sartorial necessity imaginable, ASOS, a UK-based online clothing company, is the best place to find all of your holiday pieces. Whether it be traveling home to see the fam over break, the perfect look to impress your significant other’s parents at Thanksgiving dinner or a knock-out New Years Eve ensemble that will have everyone’s eyes reverting back from the shimmering ball to your sensational look, ASOS has what you’re looking for. And at insanely affordable prices and free shipping, that’s right, FREE SHIPPING, ASOS’ styles work well for our student budgets.

When setting out to find my three holiday looks, I wanted to get a few pieces that I could mix and match into each ensemble. First things first, the shoe. I went for ASOS’ ARC Ankle Booties with a silver zip detail. The versatile shape and classic black leather gave me the ability to pair these booties with all three outfits. Not to mention they are downright comfortable and have a heel, what could be better?

For my traveling home look I paired these booties with an ASOS chunky, knit sweater and ASOS vintage-inspired boyfriend jeans. The top is perfect for November and December’s chilly temperature and a comfortable feel for the airplane. Believe me, Fashionistas, I hate traveling just as much as the next girl, and am typically tempted to wear sweats, but these boyfriend jeans are one of the best things that has ever happened to my closet. They literally feel like sweat pants, perfect for long hours in the car/plane.

Purchasing these items made putting together my Thanksgiving look easy. I used the same knit sweater and booties and paired them with a shin-grazing skirt and ASOS’ Glitter Ankle Socks. The baroque print of ASOS' Midi Skirt falls right on trend with this season autumn/winter 2012/13 runway collections and is sure to catch the attention of friends and fam with its bold hues.

For my New Year’s Eve look, I wanted something unexpected. You typically see girls wearing something sparkly or embellished for New Years, always a cute idea, but I opted for a printed party dress complete with peplum detail. With its purple, heart pattern and charming silhouette, I knew ASOS’s dress would make me feel like the life of the party. Peplums and collars continue to be a huge trend for the upcoming seasons, both trends exemplified outstandingly on this piece. 

Last but not least, I purchased ASOS's Longline Animal Fur Coat. Believe me, the cheetah fur and fun shape will definitely have you feeling like a serious Fashionista. And althought this coat is bold, its neutral tones allow it to be paired with almost any item.

So Fashionistas, when you find yourself scouring the interweb for your holiday pieces, make sure you go to ASOS for all your holiday needs. Opt for picking pieces that can be mix and matched and go for that unexpected New Years look. ASOS’s holiday collection is full of funky dresses, and don’t forget to #BestNightEver when you instagram and tweet your perfect ASOS holiday ensembles.

Love ASOS? Be sure to enter our $1000 giveaway for the ultimate holiday wardrobe! Enter here. Be sure to share your own holiday party experiences using the hashtag #BESTNIGHTEVER.


Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you probably have seen the endless coverage of the infamous hurricane Sandy. Fittingly dubbed “Frankenstorm” with its Halloween week arrival to the East coast and Northeast, you can be certain that if you reside anywhere from New Jersey to New York all the way down to Western Pennsylvania, you will be feeling the wrath of this treacherous storm, and so will your wardrobe. For all of us in the Pittsburgh area, it's important to be prepared and ready for the long trek to the Cathedral of Learning. This week's Fashionista's printed scarf and rain boot combo is smart and safe, perfect for the atrocious weather conditions.

Pairing her skull infused scarf with a soft, mint green sweater, black leggings and black Hunter rain boots, this Fashionista is ready for the torrential downpour and upcoming holiday festivities.

Dressing for terrible weather can leave you pretty dreary (no pun intended). Throwing on sweats and an oversized poncho is a tempting option when you have to squint in order to make out what lays past the sheets of rain in front of you, but don’t let that discourage you. Opt for more comfortable pieces like this Fashionistas simple black leggings and oversized knit sweater. Both materials provide you with comfort, flexibility and warmth.

Furthermore, dressing for holidays can not only be entertaining, but also give you a creative outlet to release all of those holiday ideas and outfits that you didn’t get a chance to try. Trust me ladies, any holiday is an excuse to dress up and add a little extra funk that you wouldn’t normally sport.

Emulate this Fashionista by sporting a Halloween-inspired outfit appropriate for the stormy weather to come. Try paring this skeleton printed one-piece with a pair of comfortable skinny jeans. Throw on a sweater or button-down to add some warmth to your look.

Most importantly, it’s imperative to stay smart and stay safe if your campus is located on or anywhere near the East coast. To all of you other Fashionistas, keep the East coast in your thoughts and maybe offer us some help on how we can keep reinventing the rain boot, because it doesn’t seem like Sandy’s rainy weather is going anywhere anytime soon.


I don’t know about you, but for me, black on black is a deviously sexy combo. As seen on the autumn/winter 2012-13 runways of designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Giorgio Armani Prive, suiting up in this hue can make you look as sexy as the nighttime sky, as mysterious as a black cat and as badass as Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider. 

Although this Fashionista wasn’t owning the terrace in front of the Cathedral of Learning in a signature, all black Gaultier pant suit, she did transform the dull pavement into a lively runway for me when I spotted her in an all black look, perfected to her unique aura.

Pairing a translucent, A-line skirt with a fitted cropped tee and combat boots, this Fashionista mixes flirty, feminine and forward to achieve her own take on the all black trend. Accessorizing with a statement necklace and collar, she manages to set off the solo hue silhouette with just the right amount of shine. And if the outfit wasn’t enough, her fire-red locks added to the sleek mystery and just plain cool attitude of her ensemble.

One thing this Fashionista masters is mixing materials.  It’s not easy when you’ve got the perfect chiffon shirt and skirt or cotton tee and short, especially of the same color, but can’t find a way to pair them together for a standout look. Take some advice from this Fashionistas look and try not to pair cottons or the same hue together. Black is especially tricky because it seems like not one piece of black cotton material is the same. To avert from this mishap, try pairing this LC Lauren Conrad blouse with skintight leather pants and a simple bootie. Some oversized pearl studs will complement the adornment of the top, and provide this all black ensemble with a bit of femininity.


You probably already know this considering the amount of leaves scattering campus pavements and endless amount of orange, yellow and red hues catching your attention as you look up to the sky, but I’ll tell you anyways, FALL IS HERE! Yes, it’s finally time to ditch the tees for scarves, cardigans, hats and jackets. And judging by the amount of cuddled up cuties in cozy scarves and bomber jackets I see around campus, it seems like everyone is just as thrilled as I am about the potential layered looks that are about to take over our hallways and enlighten the creative lobe of our brains in the best way possible.

After spotting this Fashionista looking fall appropriate in her layers, I ran home to scour my closet for the perfect button-down, jacket combo to fight Mother Nature’s chilly attacks. It’s obvious that this Fashionista has some serious spunk, but after a second-look at her Pink Floyd tee, I knew she had to be one of the coolest girls on campus. Pairing her vintage top with a denim button-down, leather bomber and black skinnies, this Fashionista puts an edgy spin on a layer infused look. Black, suede wedges, a knotted chain and berry bag are the only accessories needed to complete this Fashionistas outfit.

When the temperature gets frigid it’s easy to throw on a heavier coat, but not nearly as fun! Try pairing an eye-catching cardigan with a graphic tee and fitted jacket like this Fashionista. If you aren’t a fan of the cardigan, try pairing a button-down with a crewneck sweater and oversized coat.

Next time the weather gets chilly don’t fight the change of the season, embrace it with your own innovative twist on layers.


Comfortable. Cute. Adaptable: All important factors that I look for when setting out to find the perfect pair of pumps. Yes, high heels are great. They have this mysterious super power that can transform you from feeling slumpy to feeling down right sexy in a millisecond. But can you really do anything in a pair of heels, even if they're completely kick ass? Let's say your out and about and your BFF is has a crisis that only you can solve, or your favorite pizza place closes in ten minutes and you're a 15 minute walk away, can your stiletto studded run get you through these circumstances? I think not. So what's the solution? The perfect pair of lace-ups. Yes, ladies. Sneakers!

I know you probably don't think “sexy skirt and funky top, I think I'll wear sneakers.” But there are some serious advantages when pairing a sleek look with a pair of fun tennis. Take this week's Fashionista. She takes her black and red chucks to another dimension by pairing them with unexpected pieces like a flashy belt and structured blazer. Taking her simple blue tee and black trousers from classic to modern with these key pieces, this Fashionista defies sneaker convention.

This Fashionista's daytime look wouldn't be the same if she paired her pieces with a simple flat, and just like her look excelled with a sporty shoe, your nighttime ensembles can also benefit from an unexpected sneaker. Try pairing this LBD with a hightop shoe. The razorback silhouette complements the aesthetic of the shoe, and you won't have to walk around in a pump that doesn't agree with your feet.

And lucky for you Fashionistas, you can now feel just as sexy while sprinting. The tennis shoe wedge is a real-life thing! The comfort of a sneak with the benefit of a heel, what could be better. These Deena & Ozzy high-top wedges are cozy and sleek, giving them ability to be paired with virtually any look.

Next time you put on a pair of heels that feel like they're screaming “I hate you, so I'm gonna make your feet feel terribly,” swap out your stilettos for a pair of sneaks and your feet will thank you in the morning!


Edge has the potential to be a key element in any Fashionistas/os look. By throwing on a studded leather bag you can take a tee and denim combo to a playful, daytime ensemble. Adding a little bit of edge to a simplistic look can be easy, but how do we find the right balance of “edge” when it comes to styling a whole outfit around this aesthetic?

Betsey Johnson has mastered this concept with a funky twist with her spider-infused prints, and Alexander McQueen incorporates “edge” in an editorial fashion with his reinvention of a classic silhouette and signature plaid pattern. But, as college students, most of us can’t afford these designers’ awe-inspiring duds, so how do we adjust our wardrobe to fit this much needed edge?

This week’s Fashionista has the answer in a lacey frock and patterned stockings. By pairing a feminine silhouette and probably THE girliest fabric, lace, with “look-at-me” tights, this Fashionista has the right balance of pretty and playful. Adding to her sex appeal with combat boots, a leather jacket and black Ray-Bans, this Fashionista’s edge is seen in her overall ensemble and not just in one piece. Finally, oozing rock star chic with her maroon lip, she is ready for any and every “edgy” experience that may come her way.

A bold lip and tights like these are two easy and inexpensive additions that can kick your wardrobe up a notch. House of Holland has a huge selection of patterned and suspender stalking that will transform a simple dress to a funky look. After picking your perfect pair of stockings, check out MAC cosmetics for a deep, burgundy lip.