This April is one of the busiest months for us Columbia students. It's the the last month of school for the year, the last month to turn in all your final projects and for some, the last month of school forever. Although students are rushing to get all their work in, they have managed to show off their fashionable selves instead of the classic sweats look during finals week. This Fashionista in particular always gives it her all and looks amazing everytime I see her in between classes.

When it comes to fashion, leather jackets are a must-have item for everyones closet, so being able to spot this adorable black leather jacker with zipper accents was very exciting. With the printed shirt, black leggings and booties, I give this Fashionista an A+ for pairing things together, as well as keeping it stylish and sophisticated for the end of classes.

Being a Sophomore at Columbia, she already has some big plans in the future when it comes to fashion. Lets find out what those are!

Name: Hailey Donaldson

Major: Fashion Business

Year: Sophomore

College Fashionista: Who/what are you wearing?

Hailey Donaldson: I am wearing a leather motorcycle jacket from Topshop, Printed T-shirt from Urban Outfitters, Hue leggings, heels from the Gap and a bag from Zara.

CF: What is your favorite piece of the outfit and why?

HD: My favorite piece of my ensemble has to be between my jacket and my bag. I just picked up this jacket before my trip to NYC and lived in it the entire time I was there. I love to throw it over pretty dresses to add some edge. My bag is great because the color goes with everything and it's big enough to hold my life as I run around the city all day.

CF: What are your plans for this summer?

HD: This summer I will be living in NYC and interning full-time for designer Alexander Wang as a product development intern. I can't wait to get into the industry and run around NYC!

CF: What is one staple item you cannot live with out?

HD: Staple item: Topshop neon pink lipstick forever.

CF: If you could work for anyone you wanted to in the future, who would it be and why?

HD: Designer wise, Proenza Schouler or Azzedine Alaia. They create the most interesting and beautifully composed collections I have ever seen. But my dream started wanting to be a journalist at Elle, and I can't say I've completely let go of it either.

CF: What advice do you have for aspiring Fashionistas like yourself?

HD: Fashion is everything you don't expect it to be. Don't get too wrapped up in the materialistic aspect, learn from your mistakes, and most importantly ALWAYS be confident but never cocky.

How To: Want to sport a stylish leather jacket all year 'round? Check out Polyvore to find the one your are absolutely in love with, as well as see it in sets so you can learn how to style it!


With the warm temperatures that have arrived, sandals and short sleeves have come out of the closet, and coats have been shoved back in. This spring weather calls for bright colors, pattern dresses, and my favorite: wedges. This Fashionista has one of those covered, and it is the bright colors category. Those pants were made to stand out and make a bold statement. I was immediately drawn to the turquois pants that I now want for myself!

These bright poppy colors aren't a new trend. In fact, bright poppy colors became extremely popular again in the fall 2010 collections, and have been making their way through to 2012. Even though these colors are so attention grabbing, it can still be difficult to pair something with those colors. Here, she was able to pair up a grey vest, with a black belt and sandals. Black and grey are definitely some safe colors to play with, but if you think you can step out of the box even more and pair a pink or orange with those pants, go ahead and try it out! I am sure I'll be able to spot you on these Chicago streets.

Lets find out what this Fashionista is all about:

Name: Selena Boyer

Major: Acting

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How would you sum up your personal style?

Selena Boyer: My personal style is like urban casual. I love thrift stores and good sales!

CF: Where and why did you buy those pants?

SB: I bought these pants at Forever21 about a week ago because they were a great pop of color, and I'm feelin' the springtime!

CF: When it comes to fashion, what is your favorite season?

SB: My favorite season for fashion is definitely spring or fall.

CF: What are some things that inspire your everyday life?

SB: The weather definitely inspires my everyday life, as well as my friends and my mood that day.

CF: What are you most looking forward to wear with the warmer weather on its way?

SB: I can't wait to go barefoot in the grass wearing shorts and a tank top!

CF: Where do you see yourself in five years?

SB: In five years I will be in L.A. working as an actress.

How To: Want to learn how to pull off a great pair of pants like these? Places like H&M, and Forever 21 can get you started! Make sure to look at the different outfit pairings they have, so you can bring out those bright pants and rock them this spring.


We have seen a lot of new trends come, and a lot of old ones leave with this fall's ready-to-wear collections. One trend in particular has caught my eye, and this Fashionisto's as well: color blocking. We saw this trend start out all the way back in the 60's, and now it will be continuing through fall. Being able to express your self with poppy colors will help you stand out, no matter where you are.

I spotted this Fashionisto on a warm day in Chicago. With the sun shining down on him, his red tee and orange belt were practically calling my name. I love how he was able to pull of the bright red and orange together, with out making it look to tacky; he did a great job pairing it with some rolled up slacks, dress shoes, and a patterned scarf. Make sure to grab your purple jeans, pink tops, and whatever loud colors you have, and wear the heck out of them for the next two seasons of fashion.

Here is a little info on this Fashionisto and his thoughts on poppy colors and more!

Name: Connor Childers

Major: Fashion Business and Public Relations

Year: Junior

College Fashionista: What is your favorite fashion blog to read?

Connor Childers: I definitely love what I see on the Old Man Swag blog.

CF: What is your favorite part of the outfit you chose and why?

CC: It has to be the belt! It is such an easy way to add a pop of color, which is great because I get to keep up with the color blocking trend.

CF: What inspires you when you put your outfits together?

CC: What I am comfortable and confident in; I like to incorporate current trends into what I love. I also try to pick and pull from the runway shows I keep up with.

CF: Who is a style icon to you?

CC: Milan Vukmirovic he is the creative director for Trussardi and has such an amazing sense of style.

CF: What are your favorite trends from the fall ready to wear 2012 collections?

CC: Oh boy, I have a lot. The ones that I really enjoyed were emphasis on proportions (oversized top with slim bottom), less neutrals (meaning more bright colors that are popular in spring; good to see colors carry through seasons) and clothing that has maturity, yet it is still playful at the same time.

CF: What fashion show and what collection stood out for you for this fall?

CC: Show — McQ. Collection — Joseph Altuzarra.

How To: Want to learn how to incorporate those popular trends for the fall into your outfits? Here's a little help from to get you started!


Spring is on it's way and so is spring fashion! Most of the students, including myself, have been having fun with mixing in some bright colors to complete our ensembles. With pastel colors like jade, violet and salmon readily around campus, certain Fashionistas and Fashionistos have been easily spotted. This Fashionista in particular, is definitely ready for the warm weather to come.

She caught my eye immediately when I saw her salmon blouse tucked into jean shorts, paired with sheer tights and socks. I have always been a fan of wearing shorts throughout the seasons, especially when they're paired with all kinds of colored tights, and of course with some sophisticated heels or flats. For being a first year design student at Columbia, I'd say she is ahead of the game!

Name: Masami Pace

Major: Fashion Design

Year: Freshman

College Fashionista: Where did you get that adorable shirt from?

Masami Pace: My shirt is from Akira.

CF: Why did you choose the outfit that you are wearing today?

MP: I chose this outfit not only because of the random nice weather in Chicago today, but because I felt vivid & live this morning; therefore, I went with a loud sheer shirt & shorts with tights to show my fierce attitude.

CF: What is your favorite fashion season and why?

MP: My favorite season when it comes to fashion is definitely fall. I feel that you get the best of both hot & cold weather; you have the opportunity to change up your wardrobe. I love to wear shorts and high-waisted pants all year around .

CF: What is one accessory you cannot live without?

MP: One thing I cannot live with out are my earrings. They complete my outfit.

CF: What kinds of things inspire you when choosing outfits?

MP: Color is my inspiration in choosing outfits. Whatever color I choose matches my feelings that day .

CF: Who is a style icon in your eyes?

MP: A style icon in my eyes would have to be Kimora Lee Simmons.

CF: Where do you see yourself in five years?

MP: In five years, I plan on having my own clothing line named MAZARI. It would be based on wild evening dresses, along with edgy casual wear too.

How To: Want to add a little pop of color to your outfit? Wear some bright pastel colored blouses and shirts, like ones that can be found at Urban Outfitters.


It's Valentines Day week and love is in the air! For me, I have been very passionate towards all the adorable and lovely outfits students have been putting together. A lot of reds and pinks have obviously been noticed on the streets because of their vibrant color; this time, this Fashionista caught my eye with her navy silky dress with red polka dots. With our current weather, dresses and skirts have been making their way back on campus and are turning heads.

This Fashionista did all the right stuff; now that black and navy are acceptable to match, she pulls it off with her black sheer tights and black riding boots. The black didn't take away from the dress, which is what we actually wanted to get noticed. With a high waist and gathering, the dress looks lovely on her. Polka dots have always been a favorite of mine. I love how cute the pattern is, and love how you are able to dress it up or down.

Let's see how this Fashionista gets creative not only with school work, but with fashion as well.

Name: Bailey Wallace

Major: Creative Non-Fiction Writing

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Where did you get that adorable dress??

Bailey Wallace: I got my dress at Crossroads Trading Company. It's a resale shop in Wicker Park.

CF: I LOVE that store! Great place to go thrifting around that area. So what would you say your personal style is?

BW: My personal style is inspired by 1940s and 50's pin ups. I love wearing scarves in my hair with a high waisted skirt.

CF: Who or what inspires your personal style?

BW: Gil Elvgren's pin up art is very inspirational to me. The girls all wear these fantastic dresses and have beautiful red lips. It's so great.

CF: What stores do you mostly shop at to fulfill your personal style needs?

BW: Urban Outfitters, ModCloth, and of course, resale shops and thrift stores.

CF: What's one fashion item you cannot live without?

BW: It's very rare that I leave the house without red lipstick on. I'm so in love with it.

CF: Lastly, where do you see yourself after graduation.

BW: After I graduate, I'd really like to move to Portland or somewhere in France or just stay in Chicago. I would also like to start my writing career by writing about different coffee communities across the country.

How To: Want to know the best places for thrifting in Chicago? Here are a couple good places to check out, so that you are able to find steals like this one dress Bailey found.


Winter is always such a lovely season, with the snow…the lights…and obviously the fashion. What I love most about it is the outerwear men and women choose to bring out on the streets. This Fashionista is sporting a navy blue coat with faux fur trimming, making it the ultimate coat to show off her elegant and unique style. She does such a great job with colors, matching certain aspects of her outfit to the colors on the fur.

Besides those large down coats, I have been spotting a lot of peacoats, wools, parkas, capes, and much more. Along with those, there have been a lot of pairings with satchel bags, colorful tights, and faux fur; so far, this Fashionista is ahead of the game.

Let’s see what inspires this stylish student, and what drives her to keep on going with her passion.

Name: Delia Ridenour

Major: Theater Design (focusing in costume design) with a minor in Arts Entertainment Media Management

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Where did you get that coat?!

Delia Ridenour: I got the coat from the online store ASOS…the fur was already attached to it!

CF: What inspires you to dress the way that you do?

DR: I don't know what inspires the way I dress. I usually just grab the first thing I see in my closet that becomes an outfit. I guess I am inspired by the past, found objects, and minimal colors, nothing too bright.

CF: What is an item in your closet you cannot live with out?

DR: It is not necessary in my closet, but one thing I could not live without would be my large supply of socks. My large amounts of thick wool socks, thigh highs, and all the rest are my most loved and necessary items. If it had to be in my closet, my leather backpack is a must.

CF: What do you love about your major…what are some things you get to do?

DR: That is tough to sum up. I love theater, and the ability to create something new and never seen before; a first hand and intimate experience that can only be shared with a live audience. We create unified and individualized worlds for our characters, and the ability to tell the story of these characters through their dress is something indefinably special and rewarding.

CF: Where do you see yourself after you graduate from Columbia?

DR: After graduation I see myself in Chicago working as a freelance costume designer and continuing my work as a seamstress as my daytime job.

How To: Want to sport the faux fur look? A site I live by, “Polyvore“, can help you get started with finding the faux fur pieces of your dreams by color and price…faux real?!?


What a crazy winter it has been! The snow has melted and Chicago has already seen temperatures in the '50s and '60s, so it just keeps getting easier for me to spot stylish Columbia students and be able to have a conversation with them in this beautiful weather. This week, it's the guy's turn, with this Fashionisto sporting his favorite, adorable sweater.

As a dog lover, I instantly was attracted to his sweater and loved how he incorporated it with his outfit. With a blue collared shirt underneath, black jeans, brown shoes and the black shades, this Fashionisto is definitely too cool for school. This ensemble is a good example of how to be bold with different patterns or prints on garments, as well as being able to pull it off and make it look extremely classy, especially with that pea coat. The number one thing I love about the students here at Columbia is that they are never afraid to make bold moves within their fashion. It is so infectious that now every student is able to express themselves in what ever way they want.

Name: Garrett Demko

Major: Art History

Year: Sophomore

College Fashionista: Where did you get that sweater?!

Garrett Demko: Urban Outfitters; I am there every two months.

CF: As an Art History major, what in that field inspires you the most?

GD: What inspires me most is the visual subject matter of a piece. I believe that visual aesthetic can go a long way. It doesn't have to be kitsch like a French bull dog, even simple stripes can make the biggest impact.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

GD: I would describe my personal style as dressing like a grandfather. I love cardigans! I also am a big fan of simple bold faced watches. I love simple.

CF: What is your favorite staple item in your closet you think every Fashionisto should have?

GD: Hands down a members only jacket. My grandfather wore them all the time. They remind me of a very classic feel. My grandfather passed away a couple years ago and he left all his jackets for me. I was so fortunate for the keepsakes.

CF: What is your favorite season when it comes to fashion and what you wear?

GD: My favorite season for fashion is winter. I LOVE my sweaters.

How To: Learn how to show off some of your favorite staple items, like Garrett's French bull dog sweater and members only jacket. Especially with the winter winds, try out  his “grandfather” style by wearing sweaters, sweaters and sweaters!


With the snow coming and going so fast, I have been able to spot students around campus with less layers and leaving their coats open, revealing their outfits that are calling my name. This Fashionista is all about mixing and matching, as well as layering pieces together that will keep her warm and show others her creativity through her garments.

If you're going to mix and match different patterns together, you need to be careful and make sure that the colors and patterns work. Here, she has done just that; with her polka dot top, paisley cardigan, then a belt and scarf, she was able to pull of the look with all the brown tones, and definitely gave me the impression that she was a type of student who had to use a lot of creativity everyday. Well, turns out she is a fashion design major and makes some of the clothes she wears everyday. As someone who works directly with patterns everyday, she has been able to show us that her choices go great together because of color, confidence, and accessorizing. Lets not forget about those shoes, they go perfect with the outfit and definitely dress it up a bit.

Here's how to find out more about this Fashionista and how she views design, personal styles, and the future.

Name: Christina Tempin

Major: Fashion Design

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What made you choose this outfit?

Christina Tempin: I had to go to work and class today, so I needed something that was appropriate enough to go to work in, as well as layer up in warmer clothes like this wool cardigan, so that I can stay warm in this chilly weather.

CF: As a design student, what are you most interested in designing?

CT: As of now, I am most interested in designing textiles, I am very passionate about it. Oh, and definitely shoes too — I love them!

CF: What kinds of things inspire you?

CT: Seeing trends that go on around me, as well as seeing new things that designers do that are coming straight off the runway. With that, I incorporate it with some of my staple items to make it the ultimate ensemble.

CF: What are those staple items and why do you think people should have them?

CT: Definitely a dark wash skinny jean that you can dress up or dress down, high waisted pants because they are so much fun, a black blazer because it is just so classic and lastly a pair of black shoes that match with anything.

CF: Who is your fashion icon and why?

CT: My mom; she used to make all her clothes, now I am going down that path too. She always used to sport the tweed skirts, sweaters and everything iconic from the '70s and '80s. I found some of her old patterns, so I think I definitely want to create garments with them–maybe a romper or a swimsuit.

CF: Where do you see yourself in five years?

CT: Definitely either here in Chicago or out to Los Angeles to work in a high end retailer, but also starting a textiles business on the side.

How To: Love those adorable shoes? Almost every Fashionista on campus has been sporting a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Even though the heels go on for miles, they have the '60s and '70s vibe to it so that you can wear what some of the fashion icons wore from that time — groovy! Also check out some of the Marc Jacobs collections to see how to pair up polka-dots.


This week's Fashionista is bringing us back not just a couple of years ago, but decades! With her vintage inspired lifestyle, she is able to scout out amazing pieces from the past, and be able to pull it off with out it looking too much like a costume.

With Chicago's weather, we have been graced with spring temperatures in January, so it has been a delight being able to see outfits that aren't covered with layers. On this sunny day, this Fashionista decided to take a stroll in a very old-fashioned sophisticated yet angelic ensemble. With her navy pencil skirt, creme lace blouse, grey tights, it gave a nice color pallet to look at because its usually one you do not see. Her detailed navy flats and the buttons on her top are what really caught my eye; with all the intricate details, she was able to walk around the streets of Chicago in style.

Here's how this Fashionista gets inspired for her old-time outfits.

Name: Dani Beutell

Major: Costume Design

Year: Sophomore

College Fashionista: What would you say sums up your personal style is in one word? Explain why.

Dani Beutell: Vintage. I love wearing clothes from the 1940's and the 1950's; there's a classic elegance about the way women dressed in the past.

CF: What inspired you to dress the way you did today?

DB: I watched “How to Succeed in Business With Out Even Trying” last night, and all the secretaries were wearing cute blouses with pencil skirts! As a costume design student, movies are really influential for me for how I dress.

CF: What is your favorite trend from the past and why?

DB: The shirt waist dress because it instantly shrinks your waist and looks put together for almost any occasion. 

CF: What is your favorite vintage item that you own?


DB: My 1920s Italian Cameo earrings. They were my great grandmother's earrings that I got for Christmas this year, so I feel like its a vintage item that is personal to me because I can share the story of where it came from.

How To: To get similar looks like Dani's vintage inspired outfit, Banana Republic has a great selection of lace tops and pencil skirts.


This week's Fashionista is all about feeling comfortable, looking stylish, and wearing bold accessories during this cold and windy winter. She is drawn to loose shirts, unique-colored leather jackets like her purple one, and of course a pair of fabulous boots in replacement of those old winter boots shoved in the back of the closet. You can definitely say Alaina's personal style involves feeling comfortable, but at the same time looking fashionable with some staple bold items that she owns, in this case, that adorable headband.

Over the years, we have seen many trend setters pull off all kinds of hats from the fascinators at the royal wedding, to those gigantic floppy hats seen at the Kentucky Derby. In the winter, people tend to bundle up and hide their outfit under loads of layers to keep warm, but not this Fashionista. She likes to be able to wear her ensemble that she put together and show it off to people, but of course stay warm at the same time–which is why she wore this headband to keep her ears warm. The knitted floral details and colors on her headband are just the right touch to make a bold statement. Since it is winter, she has chosen to layer her loose tops so that she can transition a summer-looking outfit, to an all year round outfit. A great example of a designer who also loves loose fitted clothing with bold accents and colors is 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Here's how this Fashionista gets her inspirations for fashion:

Name: Alaina Selvaggio

Major: Marketing Communications with a focus in Public Relations

Year: Sophomore

College Fashionista: What do you love about this outfit that you chose?

Alaina Selvaggio: I love the outfit I chose so much just because it's comfortable, loose fitting, and includes a bold accent to make it a nice ensemble overall.

CF: What things inspire your interest in fashion and in putting outfits together?

AS: I love looking at gossip magazines and seeing what the celebrities are wearing. Other people inspire me to try an item I would not normally wear, and seeing them pull it off makes me believe that maybe I can as well.

CF: What is a staple item that every Fashionista, like yourself, should have in their closet?

AS: One staple item every girl should have in their closet is a loose shirt for when they don't feel like caring about their stomach looking unflattering throughout the day. It's easy and so much more comfortable.

How To: Get this Fashionista's comfortable look by pairing loose shirts with leggings, with a bold touch somewhere in the ensemble, like her winter headband.