STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Importance Of Accessories

This week I absolutely had to stop this Fashionista because of her killer earrings. These onyx-like stones complete her look and give her an edge. The small stud above the dangling earring is simple and creates an eclectic look with an art deco appeal.

So, my advice for this week is the importance of accessories. Having the right bag or the right shoes may seem secondary to some but it really is an important factor in putting together a total look. There has to be a reason for women matching their shoes to their handbags for years and that reason is these small items make the biggest impact on an outfit.

Personally, I’m a collector of big statement necklaces and earrings like this Fashionista’s. Jewelry is a great way to express who you are, some people like to keep it simple with small necklaces like these Gorjana ones or these Jennifer Zeuner from Intermix. Others, like me, look for that chunky necklace that sort of becomes the outfit as a whole, like this awesome tribal inspired Django necklace.

To achieve this Fashionista’s look is simple, my advice, search through your mom and grandmothers’ old jewelry before running out to buy something new. Most of my jewelry belongs to my mom and my grandmothers. Otherwise check out Forever 21’s selections as they have a vast variety of necklaces, bracelets and earrings.


Coats. Topcoats. Overcoats. Morning coats. Jackets. Dinner jackets. The list goes on for the millions of different types of jackets worn by men over the last few centuries. After much fuss in last week’s Downton Abbey over the difference between a dinner jacket and dinner whites, I started to give more thought into exactly what a coat is.

There used to be many different types of jackets meant to be worn on only certain occasions. Though, as centuries went on, a coat and a jacket became just a coat and a jacket. However, after seeing this Fashionisto donned what I’ve learned is a topcoat, I started to think about the many different styles available.

This Fashionisto is wearing a topcoat, which is similar to an overcoat except it stops above the knee. He’s rocking a more casual look with a simple pair of jeans and a pair of two-toned Sperry Top-Siders. This Fashionisto’s look is a great example of a toned-down look that’s great for dinner parties and the office.

Taking a closer look at his Banana Republic coat, it has a nice herringbone pattern, which gives this particular coat a bit of character. The size and fit is perfect because the sleeves sit nicely on his wrists and they’re roomy enough to fit a suit jacket underneath for a dressier look. He pairs his coat with the perfect cold weather accessory, a simple gray wool scarf.

To achieve this Fashionisto’s look is simple: invest, invest, invest. A good coat should be an investment piece; a wool coat never goes out of style. I love this Banana Republic camel colored coat. I’ve found that having pockets located near your rib cage is perfect for keeping your hands warm while walking out in the cold. I also love this Lauren by Ralph Lauren coat with the hidden buttons; it has a nice modern feel to it.


Leather is one of those things that gets better with age. Having studied abroad in Florence, which is known for its leather market and the exact reason I came home broke, I am no stranger to the smell and feel of good leather.

While the smell may be overpowering, there’s nothing better than a good pair of leather shoes. Leather shoes have been around since the creation of the shoe. They started out as sandals and have continued to change in shape and color with the times.

Having gone to private school my whole life, I’m no stranger to the penny loafer, and having a dad who wears a suit and tie to work everyday, I’ve seen my fair share of dress shoes. However, I have yet to see a leather sneaker like these this Fashionisto is wearing. His footwear is a great example of a timeless trend combined with a current one.

The emergence of sneakers may not be something new to any Fashionisto, but to me I’ve seen a big change in the way I have seen guys dressing up their sneakers. This Fashionisto created a stylish, yet simple look, by pairing his shoes with a slick pair of khaki pants.

To get this Fashionisto’s exact look, opt for his Vans 106 Hi Tops or try these Vans Sk8-Hi versions, which are a little more muted and versatile.

STYLE GURU BIO: Celeste Tallarico

My name is Celeste Tallarico and this will be my third and final semester with CollegeFashionista since I will be graduating in May from Fairfield University in Connecticut. I’m a journalism major with a minor in marketing and recently I’ve discovered my true passion lies in advertising. I was born and raised on Long Island, New York and having lived so close to New York City all my life, I definitely feel as though the mixture of classic with eccentric has influenced my style.

My personal philosophy on life is people are a direct product of his or her environment. We are influenced by where we live and whom we surround ourselves with. Similarly, I like to think our styles are not only a direct product of our environment but also a reflection of who we are as a person. I feel that exploring different styles and trends, and adding your own personal twist to them is important in the development of an individual’s style.

In which case, I think my style is eclectic. I like to mix and match, steal from the boys and look backwards at style icons of the past particularly Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O, and forward to some of my style icons of today including Ashley Olsen and Jennifer Lawrence in particular.

I’m very excited to extend my stay once again with the CollegeFashionista family for a third time and I look forward to reporting from Fairfield’s campus.


Colored jeans are something every Fashionista has seen this season: from this summer’s biggest color trend, the mint colored jean, to the fall/winter color palette, which includes deep, rich reds like oxblood and wine colored jeans. While these deep reds are starting to pop up all over campus, you cannot deny yourself some holiday cheer with a great pair of bright red jeans.

A pair of red jeans is in my opinion on its way to becoming a staple, right behind white jeans. If worn with the right accessories the red jean can be worn throughout all four seasons. Pair it with a white or black cashmere sweater, like this one from J.Crew. The simplicity of the sweater will balance out this bright pant.

The great thing about a red jean is its ability to be paired with an easy staple. Like this Fashionista you can add a great neutral boot, either brown or black, in fall or winter. In the warmer months, or for those of you brave enough to bare your soles in the winter chill, toss on a pair of cheetah print or nude flats to complete this look.

This Fashionista was spotted donning these red jeans, despite the campus-wide switch into finals attire mode, which instantly brighten up her look. Her white puffy jacket is perfect for the declining New England climate and her brown boots are a great neutral accessory that complements her look.

Achieving this look is simple. All you need is a great pair of jeans. Fit is important while shopping so be sure to try on your jeans before purchasing them, especially colored jeans. You never know how a color will affect the cut of a pair of jeans. Try these DL1961 red jeans that have zippers instead of traditional pockets for something a little bit edgier. Or try these classic Paige Premium Denim jeans. Intermix has a great variety as far as cashmere sweaters go; some of my top picks would be this Helmut Lang draped sweater or this Autumn Cashmere peplum sweater. Lastly if you are still in search of a jacket that will keep you warm without making you look like a giant marshmallow, try this Patagonia jacket. The thin lines create a slimmer look.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Not So Ugly Holiday Sweater

As the holiday season is fast approaching I have started to notice Fashionista/os alike rocking their best holiday sweaters around campus. Fashionistas like the one photographed here, are proving that not all holiday sweaters have to remind you of the ones your middle school teachers would wear, complete with a light up tree or Rudolph’s red nose, nor do they have to be strictly ugly enough to wear to this year's ugly sweater parties. Though Amazon has compiled a list of some interesting takes on the holiday sweater, check them out here for some ideas.

Bloggers Kiel James Patrick and Sarah Vickers prove that holiday sweaters can in fact be chic. Take a look at their Tumblr here. In addition to the photos of over crowded closets with stocked shelves of holiday sweaters, Sarah Vickers has some great holiday style shots which I encourage everyone to try this year. Never has holiday plaid looked better.

This Fashionista was spotted on campus wearing her own take on the holiday sweater. The simple holiday print is complementary to a casual daytime wear and batteries are not needed to spread holiday cheer. She pairs her sweater with a navy puffer vest, which is perfect for the confusing weather Connecticut has been experiencing lately.

Achieving this look is simple. If a print like this is too daunting for anything other than an ugly sweater party, try this J.Crew sweater. The simple holiday print is similar to this Fashionista’s. Or try borrowing from the boys here at Urban Outfitters, which is fully stocked with holiday sweaters. I particularly like this sweater, which has a neutral color scheme.


Last week my post was centered around the pattern of a Fashionista’s tweed coat. This week it is all about the structure. Good structure is important whether you are a fellow Fashionista or Fashionisto. A poorly constructed coat can be unflattering no matter who is wearing it. Take a hint from this week’s Fashionisto who was spotted on campus wearing this gray military-inspired coat.

This Fashionisto’s coat is the right amount of fitted; it does not look too small nor does it look too boxy on him. The simplistic and monotone look of this coat makes it the perfect casual jacket for class. The double sets of pockets create a nice detail on this jacket. A turned-up collar is always a great way to style your coat since it helps when braving a winter chill.

To achieve this Fashionisto’s look, all you need is a great coat. I would definitely recommend purchasing outerwear in store. You never know how it may fit and it is nice to be able to see how it looks before you buy it. I personally love a great investment coat. That way you have it forever and you know it will always look good.

This British Millerain jacket is perfect for going from class to class. Similar to this Fashionisto’s jacket it has the two sets of pockets. This Filson cruiser jacket is a great investment coat and the perfect casual winter coat. It comes in three different colors including a great red and black flannel. This J.Crew peacoat is a great option for the turned-up collar look like this Fashionisto has got going on.


I have always been a coat collector thanks to my grandmother, and this winter is no exception. A classic coat is a must-have for every Fashionista, whether it be a classic trench coat such as this perfect Burberry trench or a leather jacket. Faux or real, a coat is the ultimate accessory during the colder months. While there are certain winter coats every Fashionista should own, like the puffer or the camel coat, there is one more I suggest you invest in this winter.

Made famous by Chanel, the tweed jacket has since transformed into various shapes and colors. I spotted this Fashionista headed back to her dorm after morning classes. This Fashionista’s tweed coat is a perfect example of this. The ruffled collar gives this classic print a girly feel, while the tapered waist gives her a nice silhouette.

Due to the indecisive weather, this material is perfect for those chilly New England mornings. This Fashionista leaves her coat undone giving it a casual feel over her bright sweater and jeans. She completes her look with a great pair of taupe boots.

While we can all envy Burberry’s take on the tweed jacket, there are a ton of options when trying to pick out a new winter coat. This Marc by Marc Jacobs tweed coat has a looser, more masculine feel to it perfect for anyone who likes to walk the line between menswear and womenswear. This Tibi double-breasted peacoat has nice contrast between the tweed and different colored sleeve. This GUESS coat has leather accents, which is right on trend this winter. Jessica Simpson has a pretty tweed coat in a lighter color and a hood perfect for unexpected snow flurries.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fairfield’s Basics

The idea of a basic is typically something neutral, something that anyone can wear and it will always look good. To me, what constitutes a basic is heavily influenced by your surroundings. Here at Fairfield there are few basics that can be found in most, if not every, Fairfield Fashionisto’s closet.

Once the weather starts to turn you can’t walk two feet without seeing someone in something Patagonia. The fleece vest is a great investment for this time of year when the days are barely warm enough to go without a full on coat. I myself just recently purchased a new vest similar to this Fashionisto’s and I live in it. Opting for a vest is a great choice because while it keeps you warm there is still some room to breathe. What I like about men's Patagonia fleeces is the different colored breast pockets. Like this Fashionisto’s the breast pocket adds a pop of color on the neutral vest. Another Patagonia must-have is the pull-over, which comes in a variety of colors as well.

The flannel button-down is probably the most worn thing at Fairfield in the fall — there is nothing better. Whether the colors are bright, like this Fashionisto’s, or more traditional colors, you really can’t go wrong. This Fashionisto leaves the top few buttons undone and with his relaxed fit cords he instantly gives this look a more casual feel.

Lastly, every Fashionisto needs a pair of cords for the fall season. I particularly love that this Fashionisto is donning the basic pair of brown cords, what I would consider to be the alternative fall khaki pant. I love the basic brown cord because it is a great option to build an entire outfit of color on, like this Fashionisto has done. The great thing about cords is that like denim they come in a wide range of fits. So whether you are a skinny fit kind of guy or if you are into a more relaxed fit you shouldn’t have a problem finding a pair you really love. The best part of fall cords are the colors. Purchasing a pair of cords is a great way to dive into the color jean pool without making too big of a splash. From colors such as dark greens and deep wine colors, there are a wide variety of colors out there.

Achieving this Fashionisto’s look is easy. J.Crew and Urban Outfitters have a great variety of flannel button-downs. As mentioned above, Patagonia vests and pull-overs are great additions to any fall wardrobe. Lastly, J.Crew offers the perfect fall cords in a few different styles here.


This past year or so the fashion world has been struck with the need to mix and match prints without reservation. While Fashionistas such as Leandra Medine have mastered the art of mixing prints, Refinery29 offers a how-to guide on mixing patterns. While mixing prints for our clothes can be a fun experiment, I say the same rules should apply to our shoes.

This Fashionista was spotted in an oversized sweater, my personal favorite look for fall, and an infinity scarf. Her look is perfect for the rollercoaster weather the East Coast has been experiencing as of late. Her otherwise casual look is kicked up a few notches with her bright purple backpack, a nice contrast to the green sweater. In addition to her backpack this Fashionista adds a pair of two-toned flats. The mix of animal print and studs gives her look a bit of edge.

Adding two-toned anything, whether it be a sweater or your shoes, is just the perfect thing to spice up any look.

Achieving this Fashionista’s look is simple. These Steve Madden flats push the envelope with all-over studded leopard prints. If those are too bold for you try these Kelsi Dagger leopard print flats, which are similar to this Fashionista’s pair. If you are tired of your plain black backpack try any of these fun colored ones from American Apparel. Urban Outfitters has a great selection of infinity scarves like this one that comes in three basic colors.