After experiencing two very chilly winters back in Boston, eight degrees in January is absolutely amazing. It may be wintertime, but Fashionistas/os are pulling out their favorite bathing suits and heading to the beach to catch some sun. I don’t know about you, but I definitely forgot how to dress for this warmer weather! This week, channel your inner summer diva and bring back those shorts and tees!

I caught this week’s Fashionista on her way to the beach and couldn’t help but be inspired by her cropped top and jean shorts. By adding a pair of black flats and accessorizing her look with an oversized tan bag, she glams up her beachy ensemble and adds some attitude. In the winter months, I swear I live in my jeans and long pants, but this Fashionista inspires me trade in my jeans for jean shorts and catch on to her summer fever.

This Fashionista knows how to do beachy. Recreate her look with a pair of vintage-inspired jean shorts paired with a solid cropped top. Add a few bangles and a bag like this one, perfect for lugging some of your textbooks and a towel. If you are an adventurous Fashionista, don’t feel limited to just jean shorts. I love these high-waist ones and this pair is a great option to wear over a bathing suit. This beautiful weather is the perfect time to bring out your favorite sunnies and maybe pick up a few pairs of oversized ones like these. This beautiful beach weather may not be here to stay, so throw on your favorite bathing suit and shorts and head over to the beach!


It’s no secret that animal print has taken over the fashion scene this season. From textured cheetah flats to headbands and even belts, it seems like almost everywhere you look, Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike are channeling their inner animal and taking a chance on some pretty outrageous prints.

I caught this Fashionista out on a weekend shopping trip and was instantly drawn to her leopard scarf. Accompanied by her leather bag and camel Tory Burch flats, her scarf finished off her outfit and adds just the right amount of attitude to give her a sassy edge. This Fashionista has some serious animal instinct and she isn’t afraid to show it. 

While the animal print trend may be an intimidating one, don’t be afraid, as there are lots of ways to incoportate a little animal flair into your favorite outfits! Looking for a scarf similar to this Fashionista's? Try out a super cute infinity scarf, which is sure to be an eye catcher. To achieve a more subtle look, try a printed belt like this one by Michael Kors. It is the perfect addition to a plain outfit that needs a little color. One thing you can’t forget about when it comes to the animal trend is shoes. For a little spice try out these fabulous pumps or these flats, which are seriously a steal! Finally, for a more classic look, try out this animal-inspired blouse with your favorite pair of dark skinny jeans. Every Fashionista/o deserves to get a little wild with his or her wardrobe, so get inspired by this week’s Fashionista and let out your animal instinct.


It’s a new year, a new semester and the perfect time to try out a new style and reorganize that closet! Maybe you’ll find something that you totally forgot about in the back of your wardrobe. Pair it with a new piece that you got over break, and just like that you’ll have a new look that is school-ready.

I caught this Fashionista heading out for a day of shopping and was totally inspired by her sassy black boots. As a girl who has spent that last few months in Boston, I love a great pair of boots, but in the beautiful southern California weather, I’ve been a little caught up in my sandals. Clearly, boots don’t just have to be for the colder weather. This Fashionista styles hers perfectly with a dark wash chambray top and flowy scarf. Is your look in need of a boost? Style it up with a pair of booties!

Inspired by this week’s Fashionista? Pair your favorite jeans with a pair of booties. Dress it up with a chambray and add a fun satchel or purse. These boots are also a great school option and can be dressed up or down according to your mood. For a sassier feel, try these cute lace-up boots. Every Fashionista needs a pair of basic boots that go with everything. You’ll never go wrong with these riding boots! Wear them with a pair of patterned tights and a skirt, or with just a pair of old jeans. A great pair of boots can really make your outfit, so this semester, suit up and boot up!


Style Guru Bio: Celia Hubbard

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a passion for fashion! For hours I would force my younger sister to play dress up with me. We would run around in my mom’s high heels and silk slips saying that we were movie stars. At six I started my own fashion line, making clothes out of newspaper and stickers. My business was very successful, however the clothes didn’t exactly last too long. In first grade I was the kid that broke the dress code because I refused to wear anything but jelly sandals, which apparently were not acceptable for P.E. I didn’t care, they were my favorite shoes and I loved them!

Today things are pretty much the same. I love finding the perfect heels or that unique blouse that you know will be a show-stopper. Although my jelly sandals have gone out of style (I am convinced they will make a comeback, just you wait), my love for fashion has not. Writing for CollegeFashionista this past year for Boston University was an amazing opportunity to really search the streets of Boston for the Fashionistas/os that are the diamonds in the rough. Magazines and online blogs are the perfect place to draw inspiration from, but there is nothing like being inspired by someone walking down the street. I was a people watcher before, but now I am truly addicted.

I am so excited to be writing for CollegeFashionista for a fourth semester, especially back in Los Angeles! I am currently a junior studying Film and Television at Boston University in Massachusetts, but I am so excited to get back to my roots and write for UCLA as I spend the semester participating in the BU in LA Spring Abroad Program. I'm originally from Manhattan Beach, so getting used to the preppy east coast style was a quite a challenge. I really can’t wait to photograph the free-spirited and beachy look of the west coast. Watch out Bruins, I have my camera ready!


The Boston weather never ceases to amaze me! Every time I think some colder weather is one the way, the Bean pulls a fast one on me and suddenly its fifty out and there is no way I am hauling my heavy coat out with me. When you know what to expect from the weather, planning a chic but smart outfit can be a pain in the butt. But fear not Fashionistas/os, this is the perfect opportunity to perfect your layering, a skill that every Fashionista/o knows is essentially to tackling the perfect look.

When I saw this Fashionista heading to campus, I was instantly inspired by her trendy look. By layering a sweatshirt with a vintage-inspired jean jacket, she totally dresses up her jeans and boots and creates a look that has a ton of attitude and style. To top it all off, I love her tortoise-shell sunnies! This is the type of look that can conquer the day, and it’s all because of her fabulous layers!

Inspired by this Fashionista and her lovely layers? Her look is one that is easy to recreate and one that is perfect for that day where you’re not sure what Mother Nature is going to throw your way. Start off by wear a funky jean jacket like this one, over a comfy pullover or sweater like this one. For another option with a little more sass, try this yellow striped sweater with this leather trimmed jean jacket. The boldness of the yellow is a perfect accent for your look and the leather is a great touch to the jacket. If you prefer to go a more neutral direction in your pairing, add some jewelry to dress up your look. This metal fringe necklace is a perfect addition to any outfit. Don’t forget some sunglasses! For a look similar to this Fashionista’s, try out these, very stylish for a great price! When the weather is playing games with you, take advantage of those layers for a look that has attitude!


December is finally here and you know what that means, finals! Ewwww right? Wrong! If you are anything like this style guru, you will be clocking a ton of hours these next few weeks in the library. I used to believe that the lib was the place where sweatpants came to die, but that is totally not the case. Even though you may not have a ton of time to devote to your wardrobe, there are some simple steps your can take to finding that perfect study outfit!

I caught this Fashionista heading over to Mugar and couldn’t help but notice her cute red plaid flannel boyshirt. Boyshirts these days are definitely not just for boys, these babies are a hot item and they are everywhere! The boyfriend look is a trendy one, who wouldn’t want to wear a cozy oversized shirt around all day, but this look is perfect for those long library days. What better way to prepare for acing that last final, than doing it in style!

The boyfriend flannel is both chic and sophisticated, it’s all in how you style it! To get this week’s Fashionista’s chic feel, try out a more traditional flannel like this one. The red and black plaid screams December and the soft flannel material is addicting, trust me! Flannel shirts are easy to style, use them as an accent piece to add some spunk to your look. Try this holiday inspired one with a pair of jeans tucked into brown boots. Add a few bangles and your favorite lipstick and your look will instantly be library chic. For a look that is more boy inspired, try out this top with a pair of black leggings and Uggs, I am also a huge fan of this bright yellow flannel. Brighten up your day and light that library up! Lastly, dress up a flannel shirt like this one with a statement cocktail ring like this. A Fashionista that looks great, studies even better! Finals are definitely a bummer, but who says you can’t take them on in style. Dress up your study outfit with a fabulous flannel shirt!


Another week of beautiful weather, we are really lucking out this November! Normally at this time of year I would start to post about bundling up and nabbing the cutest coats, but based on the weather those haven’t exactly been required. If there is one thing you should be wearing in this gorgeous weather I say it should be boots! Tall ones, shorts ones, black ones, and brown ones, boots are everywhere this season in all shapes, sizes and colors. Have your found your signature boot yet?

When I spotted this Fashionista, I fell in love with her chic Steve Madden booties. They totally make her outfit and give her an edgy look with a lot of attitude. Boots are a hot item this season and are definitely taking the Bean by storm. It seems like every brand and designer has something to say about boots this season, so I did a little bit of research and picked out a few my favorite booties at some of my favorite prices as well!

1. Steve Madden Troopa Boot
2. Forever 21 Pointed Leatherette Ankle Boots
3. Bed Stu Women's Jones Boot
4. Steve Madden Graanie Boot  
5. Madewell Workwell Boot

How To: Boots are an incredibly versatile piece and one great pair can completely transform your wardrobe. Inspired by this week’s Fashionista, try these boots with a pair of skinny jeans and simple top like this one. Add a necklace or two and a sweater and you’ll be ready to go! Incorporate some originality into your style with a pair of chic boots!


When I lived in California, 60 degrees was just a typical afternoon, but here in Boston, sixty degrees in November is like summer! When the sun is out, there is nothing better than ditching your warm jacket and grabbing just a scarf instead. It’s all you need! 60 degrees may not really be summer weather, but you can still dress like it is.

Skirts and shorts are summer staples, but with just a simple pair of tights, you can totally rock them for fall and winter too. This week’s Fashionista does just that with her orange textured skirt and her black tights. To complete her look she adds an accent infinity scarf and a pair of black boots. Who said you couldn’t wear skirts in November? This Fashionista looks fab!

A simple skirt is a versatile piece that your wardrobe definitely needs. Do you ever look at your closet and feel like you have too many day clothes and not enough night, or vice versa? Well, stocking up on a few skirts can definitely solve this problem, because these are pieces that can easily be dressed up or down to go both ways. I love the color of this Fashionista’s skirt, and if you do too, try this mini skirt. Pair it with a lively silk or sheer blouse like this silk blouse. This pleated texture skirt is also a chic and cheap find that will go with a variety of your other basic pieces. For an edgy option, this leather skirt is perfect with a simple white button-down or a chunky sweater and scarf. Don’t forget to add tights! A savvy skirt is the perfect way to try something new and dress up your fall look.


Let’s be honest, every Fashionista’s dream is to roll out of bed looking fabulous right? I know I for one am so envious of the celebrities that I see in magazines who look fabulous in just a baseball cap and sweatshirt. Why can’t I be that girl! Anyways, this week, I’ve discovered one way to be confortable and chic at the same time, let me introduce you to the chambray shirt!

The chambray shirt is nothing new, in fact it is a secret that is loved by Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike! Great for all seasons, this is a piece of clothing that is definitely a wardrobe staple, and a versatile one at that! Dress it up or dress it down, this oversized boyshirt can do everything from look extremely feminine to tomboyish too. For a girlier touch, take a hint from this Fashionista who wears her denim chambray shirt dressed up with an elegant flowy shirts and light scarf to keep away the chill. Even though denim button-ups are traditionally for masculine, you can see how easy it is to use this shirt to create a girly outfit too! Owning pieces versatile piece like this top is key!

If you don’t have a chambray already, you’ll definitely want to find one for this season, trust me I could wear this denim shirt everyday in a thousand different ways. To get a look that is similar to this week’s Fashionista, try out a light wash chambray shirt like this ex-boyfriend shirt tucked into this classic flutterfall skirt. Accessorize this look with a pair of boots or a scarf of your choice. Another one of my favorite ways to wear a chambray is with a pair of dark pants. Try this perfect chambray with a pair of skinny black jeans with black boots or flats for an edgier look. Tights and dressers are all the rage this season, but you are definitely going to need a jacket or a chambray so you don’t freeze! Try this chambray shirt unbuttoned over this knit dress with some black patterned tights. One shirt, three ways to wear it! Doesn’t get much better than that! What are you waiting for? Get yourself a chambray shirt and stat!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Layer, Layer, Layer!

Boy is it nippy! I’m not going to lie, this California girl is freezing and its not even December yet! Bring on the scarves, hats, and gloves and bundle up! When the Boston weather goes from warm to freezing without warning, there isn’t much you can do besides layer up a storm. But to be honest, I I don’t hate it! Layering is what the fall season is all about!

This Fashionista knows how to layer like a pro! She starts her look off with a classic black dress and adds some tights underneath to keep her legs warm. On top, this Fashionista adds a chunky sweater layered with a black scarf. She’s toasty and chic! Layering your look with an oversized sweater is token fall look and a super comfy one! These are a few of my favorite sweaters this season:
1. Ecote Mohair Sweater
2. Le Mont St. Michel Stripe Sweater
3. Stolen Girlfriends Club Bell Sleeve Sweater
4. Alexa Chung for Madewell Cassie Crewneck Sweater
5. Loose Knit Sweater

To get this Fashionista’s stylish look, start off with a solid colored dress and tights and add some boots or ballet flats. Choose a comfy sweater for over your look and add your favorite scarf! Rock some sunnies or playful headband and you will be good to go!