ALL IN THE DETAILS: Velvet Revival

There are some trends that you just wish would stay in their respective fashion eras. Velvet is one of those elements that has withstood the fashion faux pas sentiment which keeps certain things from coming back. Why you may ask? It probably has to do with the simple fact that velvet is a luxurious texture that can elevate any look. Also, it is one of those fabrics that maintains a relatively versatile shape, which has been played to the advantage of many designers experimenting with velvet details again. From Givenchy to Monse, the velvet revival was all over the fall 2016 runways with a stylistic mission for rejuvenation. 

When I came across this Fashionista, I was inspired by the way that she mixed two retro details: the velvet off-the-shoulder top and the high-waist denim. She took a classically velvet color—deep royal blue—and turned it into a medley of fun and traditional moments. The light ruffle of the bell-shaped sleeves on the off-the-shoulder top added a youthful update to the velvet look. Going seamlessly with the cut of the top, her high-waist denim provided a tasteful, yet eclectic complement to her velvet choice. Overall, the combination of the velvet with the acid-washed detail of the denim gave a throwback ’80s vibe. Her natural beauty look with a pop of color on the lips allowed for the velvet to shine through as the main feature of her look. The ballet flats that she chose to complete the look literally and figuratively tied up all the details of the look. After photographing and subsequently analyzing this Fashionista’s look, I can thoroughly say that velvet looks pretty good all in the details.

How To: To follow in the sartorial path of this Fashionista’s brilliant velvet situation, it is important to pick a velvet element that is both playful and versatile. Go for velvet pieces like an off-the-shoulder top, a midi skirt or a pair of cute block heels. These pieces will be sure to give you the classic velvet look without making you too seriously vintage.

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

In college, weekends can be the saving grace of a busy student’s sanity. If you are lucky enough to get the occasional homework-free, casual weekend, it is a great time to flex your sartorial creativity and have enough time to invest more than five minutes into your outfit. The seasonal transition to spring also necessitates warm weather essentials, namely shorts, breezy button-ups and relaxed slip-on shoes. One of my favorite trends is the classic take on tropical and floral prints. Prints introduce the concept of color into any look and instantly adds an element of eccentricity.

When I discovered this Fashionisto near one of my classes, I was immediately inspired by his subtle incorporation of tropical prints into his look, which is perfect for an easy weekend day. He chose a sophisticated sampling of pieces by adding a printed button-up with a pair of pastel-colored shorts. The light, monochrome color of the shorts created a great foundation for the purple and orange hues mingling on the print of his shirt. The contrast of the various tones was a nod to the Fashionisto’s careful acknowledgement of complements on the color spectrum. Also, the cuff of the sleeves added a chic, yet laid back detail to the ultimate weekend wear look. The tortoise shell spectacles give the look an overall quirky vibe.The look is completed with a pair of distressed boat shoes.

Taking a cue from this Fashionisto, the key to the ultimate weekend wear look is relaxed creativity. Weekend outfits do not have to be taken too seriously, but do keep in mind that you don’t have the pressure of being late to class to prevent you from putting a little extra effort into your stylistic choices.

One Simple Change: Going out for a night on the town after hitting up your daytime weekend event? Swap the shorts for a pair of deconstructed black skinny jeans and keep the printed button-up for a splash of color. The casual nonchalance vibe of your street style look will be sure to turn heads wherever you are.

STYLE GURU STYLE: All-Black Everything

The three trends that have been on my style radar lately (and what I’m trying to perfect in my own wardrobe) are minimalism, monochromatic and retro. Keeping in line with my healthy, or unhealthy, obsession with culottes, I just had to combine these three trends into one look. Given all the amazing creativity and visual inspiration from the latest runway shows, I had all the tools to create a runway-inspired look. The Tibi fall 2016 ready-to-wear show projected serious cool and comfortable vibes with a variety of looks featuring loose-fitting elements from wide-legged trousers to relaxed dresses and skirts.

The relaxed nature of the Tibi show gave me the idea to complete a look that juxtaposed loose with fitted. This style combination makes for a sophisticated look because it adds depth and makes two elements seamlessly complement each other. Since I wanted to incorporate the monochromatic trend into the look, I chose a fitted, black turtleneck and combined it with a pair of wide-legged culottes. For an effortless look when you don’t feel like putting time into your outfit before you step foot on campus, just simply pick a pair of culottes or a simple turtleneck to elevate your look to the next level. In order to add an element of decoration to the look, I chose a pair of oversized earrings for a splash of color. Finally, I added a pair of tall riding boots to give a subtle detail to finish the look.

Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from the catwalks and turn it into a RAD street style look for getting around campus.

Get My Look: 1. A black turtleneck. 2. A pair of white and navy cropped trousers. 3. A pair of cool black boots. 4. A pair of oversized earrings.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: For the Love of Culottes

Long gone are the days of the super chic and revolutionary eras of the sixties and seventies. From the radical mini skirt to the bohemian maxi dress, clothing icons made their appearance into the fashion conscious in these two eras of stylistic genius. However, contemporary designers are filling the void created by nostalgia with pieces reminiscent of the bygone eras of chic-dom. Amongst the explosion of throwback styles in the current trends is the return of the culottes. A piece that somehow exists as a beautiful combination of the elements of a pant and skirt, culottes are the perfect item to strike the balance between casual and elegance. So when I spotted this Fashionista rocking a pair of denim culottes, I just had to snap a photo of her.

This Fashionista creates the ultimate winter chic look by pairing her denim culottes with an oversized, hunter green turtleneck and a minimalist, gray peacoat. She conquers the tricky length of the culottes by wearing a pair of heeled, patent leather ankle boots and a quirky pair of black socks that she ever-so-slightly folds above the top of her boots to show a sliver of skin. For an added touch of sophistication, she sports a leather tote bag that also doubles as her book carrier for class. In one complete and stylish outfit, the Fashionista gives her own unique spin to the classic culottes uniform.

The culottes uniform can be an effortless way to achieve a collegiate and au courant look. The best part is that it only takes four elements to smartly replicate the culottes uniform: a simple top, an oversized coat or jacket, a pair of ankle boots and, of course, culottes!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If you have thin ankles, try to emphasize them! Wearing ankle cut wide pants (or slightly shorter than that) with thin socks makes you look more stylish. Also stay classic! Turtle neck sweater is always right with slim-oversized coat!”

STYLE GURU BIO: Charity Gates

The time has finally arrived for my last Style Guru hoorah with CollegeFashionista. As a senior at Emory University studying International Studies and Sociology, my undergraduate chapter is also coming to a close. Now, I cannot wait to see what’s on the horizon for the next phase. This will be my last semester stalking creatively dressed individuals on Emory’s campus and writing about their fashionable combinations. My time with CollegeFashionista has been, to say the least, a fashionable adventure.

My style has certainly evolved since my first semester writing for CollegeFashionista. After spending many of my days looking out for stylish students, I developed an eye that translated to my own wardrobe. Lately I’ve been obsessed with turtlenecks and oversized sweaters. After studying abroad in Paris, France for five months, I realized how a simple black turtleneck can take your wardrobe to new sophisticated heights with just a pair of denim or plain dark pants à la Audrey Hepburn. This season has created an obsession for me over culottes and overalls! I can’t get enough of those ’70s classics and retro throwbacks! I also gravitate towards all things vibrant colors with a quirky twist, following in the chic footsteps of my favorite style muses Jenna Lyons, Tamu McPherson and Solange Knowles. Their stylish exploits give me life as well as inspiration for my own daily  creative escapades. 

With Georgia’s unpredictable weather patterns where there is spring in the winter and winter in the spring, I have mastered versatility in my wardrobe. My trick is to implement a lot of transition pieces that can be worn in either season and to layer with cute add-ons like a simple scarf or a fitted blazer. In this outfit, I chose an oversized sweater for the cooler temperatures and added skorts with funky alphabet tights for the warmer temperatures emanating from the bright sun. In all, it creates a nice happy medium for the variable weather. For more of my styling tips, follow me once a month throughout my final semester with CollegeFashionista!


The epitome of youthful ‘60s mod, Carven won my heart with an explosion of mini skirts and fitted turtlenecks in their fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection. From floral to stark minimalist design, the mini skirt was the staple of the collection. I was impressed by Carven’s juxtaposition of sweet shapes and tomboy-prep looks. A lot of nostalgia and a dash of quirk were the two most important elements to making this collection a recipe for sartorial success.

I took inspiration from the impeccably styled mini skirt looks in order to make my own fall-ready look. After coming full circle from my childhood hatred of turtlenecks, I have been obsessing over turtleneck combinations and trying to figure out a way to incorporate them into a majority of my fall outfits. Little did I know as a not-quite-fully-formed Fashionista child, turtlenecks add a level of sophistication and can elevate any outfit with a quick slip over the head. As Carven exhibited in their runway collection, the mini skirt is a perfect complement to the turtleneck. I wanted to go with a floral print to bring a spring element into fall. The print complements the minimalism of the hunter green turtleneck. My mini skirt look was not complete without a pair of tights and tall leather riding boots. The geometric shapes on the tights were a great contrast to the floral print of the skirt and added another dimension to the outfit with the effect of print layering.

All in all, I must say that Carven never ceases to amaze or inspire.

Get My Look: 1. Textured turtleneck. 2. A mini skirt. 3. Tall leather boots. 4. Printed tights.


In the current state of weather conditions, Georgia is  experiencing its annual spasmodic transition into the fall season. This time is usually a test of my creative sartorial talents as I am challenged to dress appropriately for whatever temperatures I encounter for the day. The shift in seasons also proves to be an interesting time period on campus because students are beginning to exchange shorts and flip flops for casual hunter green parkas and leather boots galore. The style revolution that signals the arrival of fall on campus piques my style stalking eye with interest as I examine the crowds for a street style star. 

When I spotted this Fashionisto’s ensemble, I was overcome with satisfaction. To find a male on a campus who has conquered the weather patterns in style is cause for a mini sartorial celebration. He takes the layering game to another level by playing with a military green and black color palette in addition to mixing textures and shapes. Comfort serves as the foundation of his ensemble with a simple striped sweater and the on-trend jogger pant. The added touch of the cuffed jogger pant indicates a mindful attention to detail combined with a taste for adding dimension. The oversized parka he layers on is an added level of sartorial sophistication. For accessories, the canvas tote and white canvas sneakers juxtapose the darkness of the other layers of clothing and add a light, airy feel. My favorite element is the backward facing black cap simultaneously acting as an homage to the ’90s trend and a statement piece representing the current fashionable baseball cap trend.

In essence, what I take from this Fashionisto’s look is that layering is key. Layers add the ability to add or subtract as desired to achieve both a level of comfort and style. So next time you step outside, let your college student desire for comfort and versatility drive your sartorial choices.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Comfort above all. I dress to feel comfy and breathable especially given the shift to fall we are experiencing—big, baggy clothes and lots of linen.”


With the beginning of the academic year comes a round of formal events, like convocation, to usher in celebratory feelings of returning to campus or commencing the undergraduate journey. College events are a little more grown-up than previous high school ordeals, which calls for a more mature style of dressing. For a stylish start to the semester, take some inspiration from the recent looks that made it down the catwalk. The spring/summer runways were filled with all-white ensembles and free-spirited homages to the styles of the 1970s. The fall/winter runways did not stray from this throwback theme, incorporating wide-leg trousers, mixed leather and suede textiles and capes.

When I spotted this Fashionista in her flowy white chiffon dress, I couldn’t help but become excited about the runway trend that has made its way to the red brick-lined campus of Emory University. Keeping a neutral palette, she expertly paired her simple white dress with a chic pair of color-block wedges, another understated nod to the classy platforms of the ‘70s. Another nice detail to add to the outfit would be a piece of statement jewelry. This Fashionista infuses the right amount of mature elegance and youthful creativity into her outfit to make for the perfect look for this formal occasion.

One Simple Change: Going to the library to get a head start on assignments after the formal event you’ve been invited to? Just add a casual denim jacket to dress down the white dress and switch the wedges for a pair of Chelsea boots.

STYLE GURU BIO: Charity Gates

My name is Charity Gates, and I am a current senior at Emory University studying International Studies and Sociology. Time flies when you are having fun, fashionable fun that is. I can’t believe this is my sixth and second to last semester with CollegeFashionista. It seems like just yesterday I was excitedly typing away on my first STYLE GURU BIO. I had my outfit (and, of course, back up ensembles) meticulously planned out and scouted out the most photogenic walls and locations to photograph as my background.

Now, I am reeling from an incredible year (thus far) in which I began the year with a semester studying in the original fashion capital of the world, Paris, and then spent a summer interning in the current fashion capital of the world, New York. As you can tell by my recent experiences, fashion is one of my absolute passions. With CollegeFashionista, I am able to combine my twin passions for writing and the visual arts with photography. It gives me an excuse to be able to unashamedly style stalk students in between (and sometimes during) classes. I see myself as a visually-minded person, so I cannot resist a well-dressed or creatively clad person. To me, fashion is an art form that is grounded in self expression, so there is no better way to get a glimpse into an individual’s personality than through the garments they decide to wear. As for me, my style evolution is an ongoing process, which is a direct reflection of my personality.

My style, as well as my personality, is an eclectic mix of things that I like or aspire to be like. I enjoy a range of different styles and enjoy mixing it up to create something original. To give you a sense of what that looks like, my style icons range from Jenna Lyons, Tamu McPherson and Solange Knowles to Michelle Obama, Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn, just to name a few. I am also inspired by cool new trends that develop from the runways like the monochromatic look that I tried to create in this post. The way to get the perfect monochromatic look is to add texture. Since everything is one color, texture will add visually appealing vibes to the ensemble. Pair some white skinny jeans with a high neck top and suede-leather mix loafers for an elevated look.

I can’t wait to share more fashion tips and adventures style stalking the students on Emory’s campus. Hopefully, I will discover more about my personal style through this continuous style evolution.


The nice thing about spring is that depending on where you live, the weather is not necessarily hot all the time. There are occasions where there is a little coolness in the air. What better way to transform this in-between weather combination than into a fashion statement? Pairing winter-like pieces with classic summer pieces is the ultimate way to make use out of your multi-seasonal wardrobe.

When I first spotted these Fashionistas walking along the picturesque rue in Saint Germain des Près, the classic structure of their tweed jackets caught my attention. Complete with the bright colored flats and well styled ensembles, it was as if these two just came from a Chanel fashion show. The best part was that one of the Fashionistas had a matching plaid two-piece set under her tweed jacket that just screamed spring time.

To take this tweed look from Grandma’s closet to the runway of your campus, pair a simple tweed jacket with more casual pieces like a white T-shirt and boyfriend cut jeans. Another way to modernized the look a bit is to pair a tweed skirt with edgy elements like a classic leather jacket and combat boots. With these simple adjustments, you’ll make tweed look like it got a youthful facelift.

How To: In order for your tweed look to not look too dated, pair it with more modern elements. So instead of pearls, choose more simplistic jewelry like a delicate chain necklace or quirky earrings. When it comes to elements like shoes, go for the unexpected like this Fashionista did and choose a non-traditional color.