The semester is coming to a close, which means the weather is finally nice enough to hang out on the quad. The quad is the students’ favorite place to spend some leisure time when it is warm besides the outside pool at the ARC. When the weather is warm, from patterned dresses to slick white crops, the quad is like a runway.

I was leaving French class when I spotted this Fashionista parading down the quad. The first thing that caught my eye was her striped dress from Madewell. Stripes were a big trend for the spring 2013 fashion collections, Timo Weiland’s spring collection for example. Obviously, this Fashionista played with this trend while studying for finals on the quad. Also, she added some major flower power to her striped attire with her flower flip-flops. This Fashionista’s outfit equals perfect spring attire.

While this Fashionista was sporting one big trend for spring 2013, you can test out another trend for a more risky look. Try pairing a printed top with these floral print pants from ASOS for a fun, spring outfit that will add a little dose of happiness to your day while you are wrapping up finals.

One Simple Change: Have a date night coming up soon? If so, ditch the jean jacket and the flower flip-flops and put on some strappy sandals instead. The sandals will give you a cut yet simple look that will have your date smiling at you all night.

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Spring is finally here and everyone is extremely excited. Well, spring has not officially showed up in the Midwest yet. We are having the weirdest weather patterns nowadays. You never know how to dress for this weather especially on the weekends when you want to attend multiple activities. There has to be a way that you can achieve a stylish look while not being too hot or cold in the clothing you choose to wear during the day.

This Fashionista definitely found a way to look stylish while dressing for the strange weather in the Midwest. On this very windy and rainy Saturday, I spotted this former Style Guru strutting her stuff down Green Street. When I first caught a glimpse of this Fashionista, my eyes were glued to her mesmerizing neon sweater. Furthermore, her cropped boyfriend jeans which are perfect for Midwest weather. She finished off her look with black bow flats and a rose gold Michael Kors watch. This Fashionista surely was prepared for her Saturday duties and the weather with this winning outfit.

If your weather is quite random too, you can take a cue from this Fashionista and rock this neon pink sweater from ASOS with boyfriend jeans for a cute, effortless look while going to various activities during the weekend. If your weather is a little warmer, you can still wear a similar look. You can combine a neon knit jumper with a black skater skirt for a chic look with a little kick.

One Simple Change: Flats are great for a day for errands or basic activities during the daytime. At night, trade in your classic flats for some black booties. Booties will instantly make you look fab and edgy.


Do you remember that New Years’ resolution you made about working out more? From club meetings to internships, we are all too tied up sometimes to work out. Sometimes we need a little inspiration to actually add working out to our schedule. I don’t know about you, but buying new exercise attire always motivates me to break a sweat at the gym. I know everyone cannot afford new clothes on a college student budget but lucky for you, I know an alternative. Even though football and basketball season is over for the school year, we can put those college T-shirts to good use while we are working those calories off on the elliptical.

This Fashionista is saving a lot of money by pairing her classic college tee with yoga pants. I caught a glimpse of this Fashionista sprinting from the gym and was inspired by the simplicity of her look. This Fashionista decided to pair her simple Illini T-shirt with Victoria Secret Pink yoga pants. What stood out to me the most were her vibrant pink Nike running sneakers. Those sneakers added zest to her overall look.

If you want to rock some classic college tees even though you graduated 5+ years ago (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone), you can check out Tailgate Clothing for amazing shirts from your Alma Mater like this one. If you are looking to add a punch of neon to your exercise attire, you can add these ASICS sneakers to your closet for your next run. You will want to bust a sweat when you are wearing these items.

One Simple Change: While football and basketball season is over, baseball season is still happening. So, trade in those yoga pants for skinny jeans and head over to the baseball field. You will be polished while still showing school spirit with your T-shirt.

WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

You soaked up the sun. You obtained much needed rest on your sofa at home. Now it is time to depart from your spring vacation and make your way back to school. If you are like me, you had to bounce back to extreme cold weather which is not ideal if you are coming from a sunny, warm location. There is a way that you can accomplish a look that will make heads turn at the airport while transiting from warm to cold temperatures.

This Fashionista was certainly shining like a beacon while traveling back to campus on this snowy afternoon. I spotted her looking effortlessly stylish while strolling around campus. She is wearing a vintage Levi’s denim jacket and brown jeans with a cheetah print top. I adored her alluring leather bag that carried all of her traveling necessities. This Fashionista doubtlessly fulfilled the ideal look for traveling.

If want to test this look out during your next trip, you can combine a denim jacket with high-waisted tie-dye jeans, a white tank and ballerina flats with an ankle strap. This outfit is trendy yet convenient, which are two preferable factors in traveling attire. No matter if you are jet-setting back to cold or hot weather, you need to be comfortable and chic at the same time.

One Simple Change: High-waisted brown jeans are perfect for traveling and relaxing, but you should switch it out for a black leather skirt when you are heading to a girl’s night out. The leather skirt will make you look impeccable while dancing with your friends.


Picture this: you are gracefully placing your feet in the sand on a beautiful beach with a sensational sunset. You are wearing a neon pink bikini with wayfarer sunglasses and you have a sun-kissed tan. But then you open your eyes and realize that you are still stuck in the cold. This is what’s happening on campus right now during the last week of classes before Spring Break. Although everyone is picturing themselves on vacation, many have not yet finished buying staple items for their vacation.

This Fashionista’s exemplifies how to stay both warm and stylish while darting in and out of the cold weather to complete pre-trip errands. From her army style parka to her lime green backpack, this Fashionista was ready to conquer her errands on this chilly morning. This Fashionista paired a camel knit sweater with leather combat boots and parka for a chicly grunge look. She adds a slight touch of glam with her nicely studded ears and her vintage turquoise and silver rings (enviable pieces bestowed upon her by her grandmother).

If you are hunting for a stylish look appropriate for pacing around town, try coupling an anorak jacket with these Aztec print leggings, for just the right amount tribal flair. As for accessories, play around with turquoise rings, which you can find at your local vintage or secondhand shop, or girly bow earrings, such as these by Kate Spade. Not only will these pieces help you to stand out while you are waiting in line at your local swimwear shop, but it will ease you out of midterms and into island time.

One Simple Change: While the parka jacket is perfect for laid back events, switch the parka jacket for a denim vest while heading to a music festival. You will achieve the boho-rocker look that everyone craves when they attend a music festival like Coachella.


Cheers to the weekend! I don’t know about you, but I feel like a kid in a candy store once the weekend rolls around. Tucked into my bed, I like to spend the weekend unwinding from a hectic week of classes and work. My favorite thing to do over the weekend is to have a brunch date with my favorite girlfriends. There is not anything comparable to eating food with your friends while discussing life, news and the hottest fashion trends that you are obsessing over. Brunch is an event where you can play up your daytime look without having to worry about a specific dress code.

This Fashionista chose a fun look for brunch on wintery afternoon in Champaign. She paired a black open cardigan with blue skinny jeans, black boots and a white beanie to keep her warm amidst the flurries of snow. She added a welcome pop of color with a mustard colored top. This Fashionista’s flower earrings completed her look by putting a feminine spin on her classic attire.

While this Fashionista decided to keep her look simple for brunch, you can go a different route. If you want to dress your look up a bit, you can pair a white top with this vibrant Prabal Gurung skirt for a fun look to brighten up a gloomy winter day.

One Simple Change: While the black boots are perfect for a day date with friends, you can swap them with wedges for date night for an effortless change that looks like dynamite.

WHAT TO WEAR: Shopping

As school gets more stressful, we are always trying to discover new ways to cope with the stress. In my opinion, the best way to cope with stress is retail therapy. Shopping can be an all day adventure and you need to choose an outfit that you can comfortably wear all day.

No matter if you are shopping at your local mall or thrift shop, emulate this Fashionista for a fun outfit. This Fashionista certainly takes the crown for the best mix and matched look. She layered a bleached denim shirt over a black camisole to ventilate heat. She added a pop of color with vintage, mint jeans from an Urban Outfitters outlet. While her outfit has multiple blue items, this Fashionista incorporated a twist with brown combat boots and a cream scarf to her look. If prowling the racks of clothes, this outfit is definitely the most stylish way to go.

If you want to wear something funkier while shopping, I suggest this BCBG gray faux fur jacket. This jacket adds flair to any look and a few more weeks remain of fur-appropriate weather. So next time you need some retail therapy, take a step on the wild side with this ensemble.

One Simple Change: While the chambray shirt is a perfect layer for going shopping, you can switch it out for a plain black leather jacket for a girl’s night out. You will go from vintage chic to rocker chick in less than ten seconds with this swap.


As midterms roll in, the libraries fill up. The library definitely has become my second home this past week. From projects to exams, I am one of the thousand students on my campus that have been cooped up in a little cubicle in the library. Midterm season also means the dreaded sweatshirt season on campus. While many students choose to wear university sweatshirts and crewnecks to study, I prefer more polished options. I wear oversized cardigans or wool coats over my T-shirt and jeans. While it is important to be comfortable while studying, you should still look chic while staying up late to cram for an exam.

This Fashionista definitely chose to opt-out of the sweatshirt trend during this time and decided to take the route of clothing options that I do. I spotted this Fashionista leaving the library looking chic as ever. She is wearing a sharp gray wool coat that I love. I believe every Fashionista should have a wool coat in their closet. To dress it down a bit, she smartly paired the coat with a black T-shirt and leggings. As for shoes, these cheetah print oxfords were most definitely eye-catching and added a welcomed edgy touch to her otherwise minimal look.

If you want to look as chic at the library as this Fashionista did, wear this easy top with an oversized cardigan and jeans for a clean look that will be comfortable. Even if you don’t feel like it, you will still appear put together after hours of studying.

One Simple Change: This is an ideal look for the library, but change the leggings to printed pants and you will be ready for brunch with friends.

WHAT TO WEAR: Study Group

Spring semester has been in session for several weeks now and we are finally getting to work in our courses. With the weeks passing by, midterms and first exams are coming up faster than we have hoped. The best part about exams is being able to network with other classmates to share notes and to discuss class lectures. As a Fashionista, I am always thinking about what I should wear to certain events and that event list includes study groups. Even though every Fashionista/o want to just grab their sweats and leave, they know they want to look more polished even if they are about to spend most of their time just studying for an exam.

This Fashionista was beyond chic on this cool, rainy day in Champaign. She was leaving our French study session when I spotted those beautiful blue knee-high boots. I literally wanted to take them off of her feet. Also, I love her faux fur cropped vest and leather leggings due to the fact that it was screaming winter chic. This Fashionista decided to finish her look with a gray crew-neck sweater and a leather satchel.

Take a cue from this Fashionista’s look and match up some leather leggings with a fur vest for your next studying session with your friends. Leather leggings are comfortable yet chic, so you will feel comfortable while sitting for several hours. A faux fur vest will keep you warm on those cold winter mornings as you walk to your favorite study spot. Overall, I bet you will have the entire table discussing your attire instead of discussing history notes.

One Simple Change: The crew-neck is perfect for studying because it is comfortable but not sloppy. But, if you are later going to spend the day with friends, switch the crew-neck sweater with a long sleeve chiffon blouse. You will look more polished but still will have warmth from your furry vest.

WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

There nothing that is more of a buzz-kill than a 9 am class. While I was able to avoid early classes last semester, I was not a very lucky girl this time around. I promised myself that I would not wear sweats to class this semester and so far, I have been successful. But, the big question is: how do you avoid wearing sweats even when you are really drowsy from a late night study session? Well, I have a solution for this question and it is called the “lazy, chic look.” All you need is an oversized, chunky knit sweater, leggings and some riding boots to complete this cute, yet simple and comfortable look.

This Fashionista definitely has the “lazy, chic look” down. This Fashionista is wearing a white knit sweater that is perfect for the extremely cold weather that has been hitting Champaign this week. She is rocking basic leggings and cognac riding boots that gives a little flair to her simple look. This Fashionista decided to stay warm with a black parka jacket with a fur hood, which incorporates some luxurious detail. Also, I was obsessed with the pink streaks in her hair that added a welcome pop of color.

One Simple Change: Add a collared shirt under your sweater and switch your basic leggings for some dark wash jeggings to attend your professor’s office hours. You will look more polished yet still feel comfortable in front of your professor.