WHAT TO WEAR: Birthday Party

Cake, candles and presents mean one holiday that puts a continuous smile on your face. No not Christmas, but birthdays! Your birthday is the one day when everything goes your way. No one can deny your sassy, upbeat attitude or put you in your place. It’s your day to hang with family, party with friends and celebrate another year older.

The best part about birthdays is going to the party. Being a party-goer is an effortless task. All you have to do is show up with a gift for the birthday girl/boy and be a social butterfly. The other components of the party such as food and games come free and do not leave a hole in your pocket. The most complicated aspect of the party is creating a party-ready outfit. You don’t want to outshine the birthday star, but you want something to beat the summer heat.

Many Fashionistas love wearing bright colors and bold prints to have fun with their style. Although it’s almost summer, this Fashionista used dark colors to her advantage. Her subtle, tri-colored outfit creates awesome cohesion between these contrasting hues.  Black on black is a classic style that works for every body type and any occasion. Plus, high-waisted shorts are quickly becoming a summer necessity. They are reinvented each year with different patterns, styles and fabric used to make them.

This trendy look has every component for a birthday party in the summertime. The polka-dot pattern breaks the monotony of the outfit, while her denim vest illuminates against the black. Simplicity goes a long way, but taking chances always stirs the pot. This outfit is perfect for a backyard barbecue or casual gathering at a bowling alley or public park.

One Simple Change: Festival season is the best time to experiment with a different style. Trade in the polka-dot shorts for a printed maxi skirt. You’ll look like a seasoned pro walking the field with friends.

WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

College is the ultimate time to build a resume and prove to the career world why you’ll be a great asset. Finding a job or internship on campus instills good work ethic and leadership qualities that are used in every industry. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to earn extra cash on the side.  After you’ve found the perfect internship and nailed the interview, there’s one more thing you must conquer: the first day on the job.

Although internships take anyone’s anxiety to the next level, this Fashionista created a refreshing outfit to ease all nerves. She wore a gray and fuchsia dress, two unlike colors, and made a fabulous color blocking ensemble. To make her outfit more dynamic, she accessorized with a tan belt, sandals and a white sweater.

Internships allow prospective employers to analyze candidates, while having extra help around the office. They serve as excellent introductions because the employer can evaluate the new candidate, while the intern decides if this is the career for him or her. However they are nerve-racking due to the expectations and responsibilities of the internship position. To top it off, figuring out a professional, trendy outfit definitely sends the brain into overload.

Campus internships aren’t very strict on dress code, but one should still dress the part throughout the internship period. Taking the extra time for an awesome outfit not only makes you look good, but proves to your employer how serious you are about the position. No matter how stressful internships may be, entering with a gorgeous outfit gives you an extra confidence boost.

One Simple Change: This cute and chic outfit works for any night on the town with your friends. Instead of sandals, rock your girls’ night out with these peep toe slingbacks. Not only will you receive tons of compliments, but they’ll survive the fun-filled, adventurous night.

WHAT TO WEAR: Study Group

The sun is shining and the campus is bustling, which can only mean one thing: spring semester is coming to an end. More importantly, finals are vastly approaching. Coffee and study guides are some tools to get anyone through crunch week. Another helpful tool is a study group. Study groups are efficient and beneficial to assure students that they have the correct information. Here at Albright, the college encourages students to attend review sessions with professors from various departments and make use of the extended hours and resources at the library. Plus, working in groups helps students learn concepts they may not have understood in class.

Studying doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Students should approach studying like their favorite game. They have constant obstacles and tasks they must complete before moving onto the next level. Well-rounded study habits involve the same problematic procedure. A good study tip is to find where your problems are and begin there. Once you get through all the hard problems, reiterating the easier lessons will come faster and easier.

While studying you want to be comfortable yet fashionable. There’s no way you can master all your statistics formulas while squirming in a chair worried about your clothes. This Fashionista kept it casual with a pair of jeans, similar brown hues and little accessory. She shows that basics are essential and maintains the simplicity throughout her outfit. A plain tank and a minimal button-down shirt give this outfit an overall polished look, while her combat boots add a unique style. Calm, cool and relaxed describe her mood towards her preparation for finals.

One Simple Change:  Once finals are over, students are ready for summer to enjoy the best use of their free time. Concerts are particularly popular over the summer, so here is the perfect shirt that would look great with boots. Graphic T-shirts are the best concert attire because they reflect the fun and casual atmosphere.


Brunch is the best of both worlds. On one hand you get to eat breakfast and lunch, and on the other hand you can get more sleep. The hardest decision is not pancakes or waffles, but what should you wear? This late morning to early afternoon affair confuses many ladies because it happens at such an odd time of day. Plus, so many other variables such as place and guests affect what someone decides to wear.

This Fashionista exhibited the perfect outfit for brunch with the family or at a lakeside restaurant. She wore a nautical-inspired maxi dress with a cinched waistline. To keep with the theme, the dress used a rope belt to accentuate the waist and bust. An unusual accessory is her leather jacket. Maxi dresses already make a powerful statement with their length and silhouette; however, for this Fashionista her jacket takes her outfit to the next level. Hidden on her wrist is a tiered charm bracelet. What makes this Fashionista so tall? Nothing at all! Beneath her dress she’s wearing a pair of nude ballet flats.

For some, the jacket may seem like the wrong thing to wear to brunch, but it’s a risk worth taking. Nothing makes a bigger statement than being different and catching the attention of everyone in the room. Some Fashionistas are intimidated by maxi dresses because they’re short, and they don’t want the dress to overpower them. You can be playful with your outfits because brunch involves lots of food and light-hearted conversations. This would be the perfect occasion to experiment a new outfit and get feedback from others.

One Simple Change: This outfit is so versatile that anything could be added to create a new, dynamic look. For instance, wearing a necklace, hat or larger earrings can change the entire styling of this outfit. However, the best change is to try these wedges with the dress. They are perfect for the summer and work with jeans or an A-line skirt.


When people think of Albright College only one thing comes to mind: the big red chairs. Yes, the Adirondack chairs motivate students to sit outside and socialize (and make great talking points on tours). These chairs are located all over campus, especially on the quad. At Albright, the quad is an ideal spot for Frisbee, tanning or even having a picnic. After classes are finished, the quad is a place for friends to reflect on their day and create new memories.

Now that the weather is changing, students are taking time out of their busy schedules to enjoy the environment around them. Similar to this Fashionista, many students are inspired by the environment and use the resources around them. The beautiful white tree didn’t only provide exceptional background, but a nice accessory. The flower in her hair was the missing piece that pulled her whole outfit together. This boho beauty wore an adorable blue blazer, white camisole and blue and white maxi pants. Like many garments in fashion, blazers are a classic that will never go out of style and work for any occasion. It can be buttoned or left opened without interfering with the pants. The light material isn’t restrictive like other types of pants, and the print adds excitement to her outfit. Although this is a dark shade of blue, this Fashionista figured out a way to make it work for spring.

Her outfit works great for other locations such as the beach and certain professional environments. In this weather she’s ready to lounge in the red chairs with a lemonade, wide-brimmed hat and a pair of Ray-Bans.

One Simple Change: The simplest change to make this outfit even better is to accessorize. All you would need is a simple pair of studs and a red necklace. The necklace changes the color scheme and covers the empty chest space. This outfit is beautiful for brunch with the parents.

WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Date Night

So, you’ve finally scored the perfect date and now the next problem is figuring out what to wear. Dates are a fickle thing because something can always go wrong. Conversation may be slow, someone may talk too much or purely bad table etiquette can kill any emotion. I’m not a love guru, but one way to start your date on the right path is having the perfect outfit. For many, it’s hard knowing which pieces of clothing work best for a particular outing.

This week’s Fashionisto exemplified the perfect pieces for a casual date. Not only does he look comfortable, but also he exudes confidence. Many guys are afraid of colors, but he took a bold risk and it paid off! This Fashionisto kept his style very simple and unknowingly wore a shade of emerald green, which is the color of the year. His white shirt and sea foam green shorts are the best combination of a semi-casual outfit. The shirt gives a serious vibe, while the shorts make the entire outfit. Besides the color factor, they allow the outfit to be different than what’s usually considered casual and acceptable. Many men feel jeans and a nice T-shirt will win over any female; however, girls have seen every shirt and holey jeans worn by men. Also, his shoes, sunglasses and belt accent and complete his outfit. Similar to this Fashionisto, the guys who dress differently are the ones who catch the attention of girls.

An outfit like this works best for places that allow for conversation and do not warrant serious attire. Places such as bowling, an inexpensive restaurant or a movie work as excellent places for a casual date night. The environment is fun and allows for your looks to be second nature. Your date won’t know what you’re wearing because they’ll be so focused on how well the date is going. Even if the date is going extremely well, make sure you look your finest. First impressions always matter.

One Simple Change: Want a casual look for weekend activities? Change the white button-up to a simple tank and you’re ready to enjoy any environment. With summer right around the corner, a tank top is the best weekend wear for its stylish look and ease on the body.


It’s now April and everyone has spring fever on the brain. The last remnants of winter are still lingering around; however, this Fashionista has taken a large leap into spring with her outfit for class. Now that spring break is over, the next class distraction is the weather. Once the midpoint of the semester comes along, many students become less involved in class. As students see flowers blooming and feel short periods of warm weather, they’re using clothes as a way to express their eagerness for the next season. Plus, one of the greatest aspects to spring fashion is the experimentation with textures and colors.

This Fashionista created an adorable and comfortable outfit to enter the new season with a statement. Her fashion is spring chic and she can’t wait to indulge in more dressy attire for the upcoming season. This neutral number uses lightweight material that fashions a casual dress perfect for an education. This dress is extremely comfortable for those academic “daydreams” we’ve all been caught doing. The A-line on her dress is an excellent silhouette option, especially for spring. This silhouette works for all body types because it hides those areas that many of us aren’t comfortable exposing.

As mentioned before, Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike use spring as the season to experiment with different textures. While she wears a smooth dress, she contrasts it with her classic denim jacket. A revived trend this season is denim. Although it is not in the form of a jacket, designers and stores are offering different style shirts and vests for consumers to add to their exciting wardrobe. She accents her outfit with a pink flower clip and tan boots.

One Simple Change: With the increasing temperature jackets will be packed in the attic with the rest your winter clothes. Take off that jacket and reveal how beautiful your arms look in the dress. This outfit is great for meeting the parents because it’s respectful and expresses your taste in fashion.

WHAT TO WEAR: Out With Friends

One relaxing way to end a stressful work week is going out with friends. After seeing the same faces and the same classroom, you need a new environment to change your whole mood about a situation. Going out with friends is the perfect way to take your emotions in a positive direction. Friends are the one group of people that we use as an escape to vent about any situation, and they’re available to listen.

Wherever you and your friends decide to hang out, an outfit similar to this Fashionista’s is essential because of how basic and transitive it can be. She started with a basic long sleeve black T-shirt paired with dark wash jeans and combat boots. She used minimal accessories to give her outfit that extra glimmer against dark colors. What pops most from her outfit is her faux fur vest. This mustard furry sensation attracted my eyes from the minute I saw it. Its bright color and interesting texture draw everyone’s attention to it. Plus, this stylish vest is the perfect transition into spring.

Whether you’re going to the movies, out to dinner or bowling, this outfit adjusts to every environment. The understated look is exaggerated by the vest, which is a showstopper for anyone. This Fashionista looks calm, cool and in control of how her night out will go.

One Simple Change: Are you absolutely in love with the vest and can’t let it go? Then trade in those ordinary jeans for this rocker chic mini. The banded studs will look amazing against the furry hem of the vest. This alternate outfit would be perfect for a concert of your favorite band or artist.

WHAT TO WEAR: School Spirit

Go Lions Go! Although we’re only a Division III school, Albright shows the same amount of school pride as a university with 20,000 students. Well, maybe not as extreme as larger institutions, but students support all the athletics the college has to offer. Football, basketball and most recently lacrosse have drawn large attendance from students, parents and faculty. Some people wear simple Albright gear while others pull all the stops by painting their faces and creating their own T-shirts.

School spirit isn’t only saved for sporting events. Many students wear their favorite sweatpants to class on a rainy day or sport an adorable red bow in their hair as an accessory. Albright even promotes campus unity through Red Friday. The first Friday of every month students are encouraged to wear red and white honoring the teams who have games that weekend. It’s as if the whole school is wishing every athlete good luck at the same time.

This week’s Fashionista definitely took the simple approach for showing her school spirit. She decided to wear a crewneck Albright sweatshirt with jeans and accessorized it with earrings and a simple necklace. This sweatshirt was a new addition to the bookstore and flew off the shelves when students returned from winter break. For some wearing a sweatshirt automatically means a lazy day; however, this Fashionista found a way to style it and be comfortable. A refreshing quality to her outfit is her loose denim. We’re so used to seeing skinny jeans squeeze all of our energy that we forget how forgiving denim can be on our bodies. What stood out most on her outfit are the large red “A” and her red laces. This subtle touch brought her whole outfit together.

One Simple Change: Sweatshirts are perfect because they’re transitional from season to season and occasion to occasion. Take your outfit from school pride to yoga flow in one easy step. Switch your jeans for a pair of capri leggings and you’re ready for a group class or cardio workout.

WHAT TO WEAR: Festival

Open fields, movie premieres, concerts and fairly unknown artists selling their work can only mean one thing—a festival is around the corner and ready for its many patrons to stroll through the events it has to offer. Coachella, SXSW and other nationally recognized events have programs running concurrently so attendees can do whatever they want.

Festivals attract some of the most artsy people from around the country. All these creative minds together can only bring even better fashion as exemplified by this Fashionista. No matter what season is present, the fashion speaks for itself. Besides showing off your personality, you can introduce other patrons into your personal style.

This week’s Fashionista had no problem showing how creative she can get with an outfit. She slyly incorporated a denim-on-denim look while perfectly accessorizing. Denim-on-denim is an on-trend look nowadays, and she was able to make it look fashionable and girly. No white after Labor Day is such a cliché, and she rebelled by rocking her floral print jeans. The lightweight blouse fits loosely on her body for a comfortable, contrasted silhouette. While the shirt reveals no curves, her jeans have a skinny fit, hugging her legs into her shoes. Her military style combat boots only add to her outfit by taking it from feminine to masculine.

Many Fashionistas would fall in love with this outfit because it’s different than what most women are wearing. She took risks some wouldn’t think of trying. Plus, this outfit is a prelude to spring, which is something to get excited about! The combination of the festival and this outfit allows anyone to fit into the scene and gain many compliments.

One Simple Change: Her jeans are amazing and can stand alone on their own. Take away the scarf, unbutton the shirt and add a cami to the ensemble. Now you’re ready to meet your parents for a weekend visit.