Who knew weather above 40 degrees was possible in Chicago during November? However, we got lucky! I spotted this Fashionista on a warm fall day in Chicago and I knew I had to take a picture of her. She was wearing a skirt with no tights and I just loved the way she pulled everything together. It was a military-chic look.

The mullet skirt was a hot item this summer and it is making its way into the winter. Combat boots are also worn during all seasons and can create so many different looks. This Fashionista paired her mullet skirt with her combat boots and it created a perfect look.  Here is an even longer mullet skirt that is perfect of the colder weather we have ahead of us. Her cropped tank top landed perfectly above her skirt and can go with anything. It is the jacket that is amazing. Her army-inspired jacket is so perfect for day-to-night. It is comfortable enough to go to class in, yet nice enough to go out in. It is also perfect for layering in both the winter and summer months. The color is flattering on everyone. This Fashionistas outfit is the perfect balance between girly and tough.

Although the warm few days may not last, this Fashionista definitely knew how to rock a skirt in November. This outfit can easily be transitioned into the winter months with black jeans or leather pants.  I know we all love warm weather, but it is time you take your summer clothes and bring them into the cold weather.


As a dreamer I have always loved dream catchers and what they have stood for. Every Fashionista is a dreamer, whether it is dreaming of a profession or a must-have item to add to their already fabulous wardrobe. Needless to say dream catchers are now making a fashion statement. Right when I spotted this Fashionista wearing a dream catcher on such a gloomy day in Chicago, my day was instantly brightened. I love fun graphics on big, comfy sweater and the pastel colors brought a whole new look to the rustic item.

Everyone has dreams they want to come true. Dream catchers have that certain hippie vibe that everything will be okay. Nicole Miller made her own dream catcher-inspired pattern. This dress is very versatile and fun. This necklace is a great accessory and excellent way to add a dream catcher into your outfit without overdoing it. It is simple, yet makes a statement. This Fashionista’s shoes were also eye-catching. The studs took the classic moccasins to a whole new level. These moccasins by KORS MIchael Kors are amazing. This Fashionista took a rainy day in Chicago and made it sunny.

Dream catchers are able to add a positive vibe to anyway day and outfit. So what are you dreaming for today, Fashionista?


New York City: the fashion capital of the United States and home to over 8 million people. There is so much character and love in New York. Once hurricane Sandy hit, everything in the greatest city was put on pause. Everyone in the Empire State came together to help one another after losing homes and power. Some fashion royalty had to relocate, including: Marc Jacobs, Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld. This Fashionista showed her affection for New York this week on the streets of Chicago.

There are so many different elements to this outfit, but they all come together and work perfectly with one another. The oversized sweater downplayed the John Lennon inspired T-shirt. The floral print in the sweater adds great fall colors to the rather neutral look. The Buddha necklace adds a certain Zen vibe to the whole outfit.  I am obsessed with the grungy look it is perfect for fall and ideal for going to class in. It takes a certain hairstyle to pull of a beanie and this Fashionista has the perfect hair. That Alternative Apparel beanie is cute and great for the weather.

New York City is starting to see brighter days, finally. Fashion and style are some things a hurricane can’t destroy. People will always have their sense of style and it can’t be taken away from them. New York will soon be back to its somewhat normal ways and fashion will be hitting the streets again. In the mean time, here in Chicago and across the country, it is time to bundle up in the most stylish way!


As the iconic Joan Jett and the Blackhearts once sang, “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll,” and I absolutely love this look. The Rock ‘n’ Roll style is one that I am very inspired by. This genre of music has been around since the late '40s and early '50s and although it has already hit its peak, many designers and Fashionistas will always be inspired by it. Leather has been all over the runways for the past couple seasons and this look stemmed and was inspired by the wonderful era of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Right when I spotted this Fashionista I wanted to mimic her look right away. She definitely perfected the edgy-rocker look and brought it to the streets of Chicago. Her style is edgy, but she added a feminine touch with a rhinestone necklace. These necklaces are so fun and can add flare to any outfit. This necklace was paired amazingly with her rock inspired graphic T-shirt. The blazer, however, adds a total new twist and brings a classic look to the whole outfit. This blazer is amazing and imitates a rocker-girly style. The sequins are fabulous and it can go from day-to-night.

Rock ‘n’ Roll has been around for many decades and it is not going anywhere anytime soon, especially in fashion. Designers like Tom Ford, Valentino, Chanel and Hermes (the list can go on and on) have all incorporated leather into their fall 2012 looks. Now it is time for you to bring out your inner rocker!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Slithering Accessories

We have seen a great deal of animal prints on the runways through out the last couple seasons including cheetah, snakeskin, leopard etc, but what we have not seen are actual snakes. Most of us are terrified of snakes and we would never dream of having one wrapped around our neck, or even our wrist. The thought of snakes freak me out. However, when I spotted this Fashionista on campus I thought her necklace and bracelet were fabulous and my fear of snakes magically went away. In a strange, but amazing way, these slithering snakes added a certain type of elegance to this Fashionista’s outfit.

Snakes represent dual expression of both good and evil. They are one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols and they are known for warding off evil. This popular, yet terrifying, creature is now making their way back onto the fashion runways. Some ways you can add this mythological creature into your everyday wardrobe is by wearing this ring. This necklace is simple, but makes a statement and can go with anything. The new Anna Della Russo collaboration at H&M features many snake pieces that are fun and can spruce up any outfit.

Although live snakes might give us the creeps don’t forget they represent power, femininity and date all the way back to Cleopatra (who had great fashion). The slithering serpents are huge for fall so go out and incorporate this powerful creature into your outfit today.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: All Black Everything

What is one thing that many Fashionistas love to wear? Surprisingly, it is Black. This hueless color is super easy to wear, it is timeless and it can go with basically anything. It shows power and authority. It is the perfect color for one of those days where you just do not feel like getting ready, but still want to look good for class. Another great thing about black is that it is super flattering, this means anytime you put it on you are basically guaranteed to look great. When I spotted this Fashionista I thought she added a lot of life to this dreary color.

Wearing black from head-to-toe can be a little much and may give off the gothic feel and a negative connotation. However, the cut out shoulders and graphic print on this Fashionista’s shirt were the perfect way to break up the all black look. Shoulders are a very flattering part of almost every girl’s body and every Fashionista should show them off. This T-shirt is easy and great for going to class in. For a fabulous going out look, this dress is perfect for sticking with the black look, but also showing off those shoulders. And this starry black tank top can go from day-to-night with jeans and boots to jeans and heels.

I know black is my favorite color to wear and I have it in some part of my outfit practically everyday. It is super versatile and can be worn so many ways. It’s time to look in your closet and see the different ways you are able to incorporate this color into your amazing outfits.


Gothic feel with bright flowers, who would think these two looks would go together? When I saw these pants I thought of a Tim Burton film right away. This Fashionista had a dark look, but with a bright side: exotic, crazy and lovely all at the same time. Many designers have actually been inspired, for their 2012 fall/winter collection, by the gothic look that Tim Burton is known for.

This Fashionista wore her pants with great confidence. She made a bold statement that exuded a great deal of coolness. I am one who always dressed in black, dull colors, but she has inspired me to dig deeper into my closet and do more with my dark colors. To get similar pants for this upcoming season turn on your floral fever with these. Pair those trousers with a bright top and bomber jacket and you’re set. Everyone needs to brighten up his or her campus during the fall and winter months and printed pants are a great way to do so. You can even pair them with a sweater during the brutally cold months. This Fashionista also added some edge with her layering chain necklace. It was a perfect match for the girly, gothic pants.

It's time to get in touch with Mother Nature and our dark sides and be inspired by the imaginative places we can go, like into the world of a Tim Burton film. Now go out and show your campus how to bring the gothic chic to college campuses!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Comfortable in Chicago

Rise and Shine! It’s early Monday morning after a long weekend, how do all college kids feel? Tired! Most people would just want to put on some yoga pants and a shirt and call it a day. However, going to school in the city and on any other campus Fashionistas want to dress to impress. Nevertheless, we can still find and put together fashionable, comfy clothes.

When I saw this Fashionista walking on campus I instantly became jealous. She looked extremely comfortable and trendy all at the same time. Her blazer is what caught my eye. The plum color with Asian–inspired floral prints really makes a statement. And it wasn’t that stiff blazer fabric we are all use to. I love this floral blazer. It has a kimono feel but looks more professional, which can allow any student to go straight from class to work. This Fashionista also opted for black trousers rather than jeans for a more comfortable look. The outfit was fairly dull so adding the pop of orange with the purse really added brightness to the Fashionista's long Monday morning. The bag truly makes a statement and so would this one, it's perfect for going to class or going shopping.

The last thing students want to do on a Monday morning is go to class. The thought of jeans or dressing up makes us cringe. Remember though, you can still dress comfortably stylish just like this Fashionista did. Time to dig deep into your closet and see what your wardrobe has to offer.


As the Windy City is becoming, well windy, it’s time to bundle up! I was so excited when I came across this Fashionista on campus wearing the classic bomber jacket, because she did not wear it in the typical way. Instead, she put her own twist to it. The bomber jacket can easily go from day-to-night and add edge to any look. It can go with practically everything. It is basically the perfect jacket. Who knew this trendy jacket has been around for over 90 years? And nowadays we take what started off as leather jackets in the military to the streets.

You may think of: Top Gun, Grease or Happy Days when you think of a leather bomber jacket, but this Fashionista wore her jacket just right and allows her to escape the image of the tough men. She added an edgy look to the feminine printed skirt, which is a look I love. Some people may feel the two styles do not go together, but for class in the city, this Fashionista made it happen. Topshop sells a very similar bomber jacket, or if you want to add some more edge this Topshop for Nordstrom studded blazer is fabulous!

Bomber Jackets have been around for many, many years and they have made appearances in numerous TV shows and movies. The runways at New York Fashion Week have been filled with all sorts of leather bombers from many designers. This jacket is not going anywhere, so stock up on all the different styles and looks that this classic jacket has to offer.


As summer in the fabulous city of Chicago is coming to an end, every Fashionista and Fashionisto is dying to wear her/his summer clothing before having to dive into the fall wardrobe. It’s the last time to wear the girly and flirty: dresses, skirts, short rompers etc. Next up are sweaters, scarves and big warm clothing. Some summer essentials, however, can go straight from summer to fall.

The item of the week is belts. Belts have been and always will be around. They are an accessory that can make or break any outfit and this Fashionista made the belt work into her outfit. The bold black belt statement with a gold accent made a statement and broke up the busy pattern of the romper. The great thing about belts is they can go from season to season. Lucky Magazine has posted a guide of the best belts for fall. In the fall any Fashionista can make their baggy sweater more figure flattering

On the runways for fall 2012 designers, such as: Herve Leger by Max Azria, Monique Lhuillier, Altuzarra and many more are showing belts in ways we have never seen them before. Altuzarra goes with the more basic thick black belt. Herve Leger, however, is taking a more dominatrix approach. Designers are showing belts with dresses, sweaters, trousers, etc. but they are also showing them with coats, fur vests and tunics.

Belts come in all different shapes, sizes, textures, and styles. Almost every outfit can use one. So how are you going to be sporting belts this season? Be creative!