STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Giddy Up in Riding Boots

With the weather taking a turn and snow beginning to come down, flats, though comfortable and easy to wear, do not hold together well in the snow. This season, try putting aside your UGGs and try for a stylish alternative. The riding boot adds a sophisticated flair to your wardrobe and the equestrian influences truly make this boot a chic, comfortable accessory. The soft leather and stacked heel make for the perfect boot and necessity for the winter months.

Different styles that reflect the elegance and classiness of this trend make it the ultimate utilitarian boot. Old-fashioned laces may suit your style for an unexpected feature or maybe brass details are more your liking? A leather boot with belted rings or a slouchy boot with stud décor will do the trick this season.

A two-toned boot with an asymmetric shaft will be a mode addition to your ensemble and truly scream “Fashionista.”

With lots of celebrities showing off this look, it is no wonder the runways are taking a liking to it as well. Carolina Herrera and Manuel are a few that illustrate this vogue style and show just why boots are the “it” item this season.

The quality leather and suede fabrics, that will last decades, make this the perfect investment and show why every Fashionista should be putting this trend on their holiday gift list. With the unbelievable variety of styles, from equestrian, to over-the-knee, to high-heel glam, they show yet again that fashion can be comfortable and stylish, and why the boot is the essential winter accessory.


Though the indian summer in Columbus is coming to an end, I refuse to pull out a winter jacket quite yet. A wool cardigan, like this Fashionista portrays with fringe details, is the perfect way to stay warm and incorporate a fun, unique feature to your wardrobe.

Fringe doesn’t have to be all about rock 'n’ roll or cowboys, but can mean comfortable and relaxing. A fringe sweater, reminiscing a blanket, truly is a key piece of clothing to own when you just want to throw on a cozy top. The easiness of the cardigan, with the dramatic accent of fringe, is very versatile and appeals to a variety of students. Throw on a pair of black leggings, and you’ll be at ease the entire day.

A poncho is also the perfect pullover for a transitional sweater in the crisp autumn weather.

To incorporate the fringe inspiration into a more professional and glamorous outfit, try a funky, fringe dress, paired with a sharp black blazer, to balance out the innovative fringe dress. This remarkable stylish dress adds a vintage tone that is reminiscent to the 1920s flapper look.

The fringe element echoes trends of an assortment of eras and regions. Like I stated earlier, if you want to go rock 'n’ roll and cowboy, let Moschino lead the way as an example, or maybe a glamorous 1940s dress is more your style? Alberta Ferretti shows of this fringe dress in the fashion capital city of Milan.

These inspirations might help furnish an A-list outfit, but the creativity into the outfit reflects you and your personality, and ultimately, the choice how to wear this trend is up to you.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Happy Stripesgiving

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season, the time of the year to spend with family, friends, and of course, enjoy amazing meals. Just because you want to relax and have a piece of homemade apple pie, doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable while doing so. We all like to be comfortable at Thanksgiving, and this Fashionista illustrates how to incorporate the latest trends while still being at ease.

The stripe has been the pattern of the season and has been embedded into styles across campuses. It continuously adds a classy feel to a wardrobe and can be mixed up however you choose. This Fashionista goes for a casual Thanksgiving look with an autumn-palette, striped tunic. For a sweater like this Fashionista, go for a tunic-dress with classic, black leggings and leather boots or heels. For a sparkly twist, try a metallic, striped sweater for a hint of shimmer.

In addition, a striped, lightweight tank can be paired with a black blazer, skinny blue jeans and adorable ankle boots for an easygoing, yet sophisticated Thanksgiving look.

The stripe fashion trend is a chic example of the endless variations that can come from one look. Skinny or wide, vertical or horizontal, flirty or electric, the selections are never-ending. Marc by Marc Jacobs and Badgley Mischka show the vast possibilities of the stripe. Though Badgley Mischka’s might be a little too glamorous for a Thanksgiving dinner, keep in mind the holiday season is just around the corner- which means holiday parties!

The stripe, whether it’s a nautical theme in the summer, or adding a little flash in the winter months, is a trend that is sure to enhance any ensemble. With its infinite colors and shapes, compliments an assortment of Fashionistas and gives a touch of architectural complexity to any fashion creation.


Lately, Fashionistas are turning their cheeks at feminine wear, and nodding at menswear. The days are here where you can stop raiding your boyfriend’s closet and finally buy those masculine pieces designed especially for women. This Fashionista portrays the perfect example of mixing numerous men-inspired classics and incorporating them into a stylish, womanlike ensemble.

To display a polished, sophisticated button-up like this Fashionista, put on a light, breezy shirt, paired with a sharp, black blazer, and you’ll become a style muse for your girlfriends. But hey, who says that Fashionistos can’t take a women’s wardrobe as inspiration for their own? For a similar look, try a denim button-up from Madewell for the ultimate merge of masculine and feminine. Wear this shirt with a pair of black leggings and boots, and you’ll be sure to nail the at-ease, casualness feel of menswear.

Maybe a patterned button-up is more your style? A satin, snake print shirt is just the item to try on to dress up or dress down your outfit while still being creative and edgy.

Throughout the runways, designers are acclaiming that menswear classics should be taking priority in your closet. The androgynous tone of the button-up is such a cool, easy trend, it is no doubt this look will never go out of style. Michael Kors’ Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear collection shows that a woven is the perfect shirt. In addition, Alexander Wang illustrated the button-up in his spring show. One of his outfits consisted of a sheer, silver shirt.

The button-up truly exemplifies menswear and a go-to, office-approach look. So next time when you want a savvy investment piece for your wardrobe, you can stop stealing your boyfriend’s clothes, and count on a button-up woven for a sleek, fashionable, masculine shirt.


The Victorian era may have ended over 100 years ago, but the fashion is still making a statement in the 21st century. Cascading ruffles on this blouse and throughout this Fashionista’s cardigan, add a feminine touch that echoes the lovely styles of the late 1800s. The Fashionista’s cardigan, with ruffles down the front and on the collar, are a modern version that adds a loose, simplistic look and puts a little romance into an outfit.

Designers everywhere are using this trend as a main theme in their spring 2011 runway shows and the soft, fluttering touches set the tone for an exquisite, finesse effect. The ruffles are just enough to add a flamboyant, yet soft style on a student’s ensemble. From the baroque influences, to the rich details of the ruffles, it's no wonder this trend is popular among the most elite designers.

Valentino and Badgley Mischka are just two that are incorporating a little sensitivity to their collections and displaying the spectacular detail that is these luxuriant ruffles.

To capture the breezy, ostentatious ruffles like this Fashionista, try this ivory dress, paired with stunning gold jewelry for a classic look. For a more subtle piece, bring this sophisticated purse to class or wear this skirt that portrays beauty in its floral features.

These girly designs immortalize the great art of the 19th century and the inspirations from this era are making them a forever chic, and elegant trend. The ruffles accentuate the beauty of fashion and let designers and Fashionistas be creative in exposing this Victorian, romantic style once again.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Stay Bold with a Printed Skirt

Digital prints, floral prints, tie-dye prints, nothing says “WOW” like a bold printed skirt. Whenever I try to incorporate a little something extra to my wardrobe, I find skirts are the perfect way to add some zing to an outfit. They’re a little different then your typical printed shirts. You can usually come across different printed tops, but when you discover a unique, fun, printed skirt, you know it’s a find.

This Fashionista wears a colorful, floral skirt paired with a white button-up. The white top let’s the skirt stand out and creates a sense of casualness, while still maintaining a fashion-forward look. Try a skirt like this or a knee-length skirt such as this to portray the relaxing and exciting prints these skirts have to offer. These skirts can capture a minimalist look, or can be dressed up to create a striking evening ensemble. For a budget friendly, yet imaginative print, try this metallic floral for an attention-grabbing skirt.

In addition, the key to these gorgeous pieces is knowing how to play up the print. Nowadays, it is common to mix and match prints. So with one print on your skirt, you can wear another striking print on your top. Plaid with floral, floral with stripe, it does not seem to matter these days. You can also stick to keeping it simple, and wear a solid-colored top to highlight the bold print on your skirt. Whatever the decision, these skirts, full of character, leaves you with plenty of outfits to portray your own individuality.


A bold trend that is currently catching my eye, and though it may seem unique, it greatly echoes the retro, disco vibe of the 1970s. Geometric figures are different then your typical floral, or plaid prints and shows an unexpected surprise that is fun to wear.

This Fashionista wears a modish bodysuit with triangular shapes, while paired with a blue skirt that hugs her silhouette ever so perfect. The contrast in colors and the extra pop in the blue skirt truly sets apart her funky, innovative print. For a bodysuit similar to today's Fashionistas, try this dance-inspired piece. Wear with a bold color, such as a purple skirt, and you’ll be sure to be the go-to-girl for upcoming trends. Make this top, which epitomizes modernity, a staple piece in your wardrobe, and you’ll find you will have countless amounts of uses for it. For example, on a casual day, pair the bodysuit with a pair of boyfriend, cuffed jeans and a gray cardigan for a vintage, chic ensemble.

Even this pullover, with prints of colliding stars, shows a fun, different way of adding shapes to your attire.

These basic, elementary shapes we learned in school are making statements through their dramatic cuts and perfectly constructed figures. These edgy leggings create an asymmetrical look, while this geometric skirt creates a new take on the typical striped pattern.

Now whoever said geometry could not be fun, certainty did not take into account the fashion trends that arise from these contemporary, modernistic shapes. The cutouts and various prints are a refreshing style that adds a little funk to your wardrobe, but still keeping the sophistication that Fashionistas continually display.   


Every so often you want to go for a piece of jewelry that makes an eye-catching statement and truly use it as an outlet to express the fun, playful side of your personality. An upcoming and loveable trend that Fashionistas all over are fascinated with is the bold necklace that shouts creativity and acclaims that more is truly not enough.

Like this modish Fashionista, put on a necklace such as this that will shine and have the approval of the most imaginative and ingenious Fashionistas. Under a simple black dress such as hers or one with an energetic blue color, theses necklaces will spice up and add that final touch on a chic ensemble. Anthropologie’s necklace collection includes a wide array of styles. From stunning vintage-inspired pieces, to funky, colorful ones, they provide the shopping ground for anyone’s liking.

The bib necklace is also taking over fall fashion and with the exquisite craftsmanship like this dramatic necklace, it has become a timeless piece and a very sophisticated and elegant one at that.

Maybe a necklace doesn’t suit your attire or you want to show off your knowledge of fashion through a different kind of accessory? Wear a stunning sequin scarf around your neckline or maybe try a bedazzled shoe to add some sparkle in another place beside your necklace.

Accessories are items of beauty and they can make your outfit into a leading look and add that little something to put you on top. Though Coco Chanel said, “take one thing off before you leave the house,” I say, add one more piece of jewelry and you’ll begin to notice the mountains of compliments coming your way.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Motorcycle Jacket

The leather jacket is an item of clothing that Fashionistas can turn to as a solution when they're a little stuck on their outfit choice or just want a classic-vintage kick in their wardrobe. This Fashionista goes for a simplistic look and wears a stylish cognac jacket with a pair of dark washed skinny jeans and black flats. A femme piece it is, it can put a kick in your attire and truly adjoin to that rock 'n' roll style.

This jacket can be epitomized over a dress that fits your silhouette to a tee like Elise Øverland displayed or maybe you want to try a more relaxed look? Put on a maxi dress under a leather jacket as Nicole Richie does for an additional option. You can interpret this jacket anyway you like and this is just one of the reasons why it is such an admired trend. By wearing this key piece close to the body and zipped, or wearing a looser fitted one, the jacket can relate to anyone’s personality. The vast range of colors can also let Fashionistas express themselves in subtle details.

These variations of the jacket are making everyone at lust for this practical outerwear once again. Try a faux leather or a luxurious style that reveals itself in a dressier way.

This sleek-shaped jacket is just the article to wear when you want to add poise or even some of that tough-girl look to your closet. Minimal accessories such as a unique watch is an eye-catching, yet terrific way to balance out the fresh, cool vibe of the leather jacket with the beauty of a floral watch.

For budget-friendly jackets (since we know they can be a little pricy), try shops like Forever 21 or H&M to keep up with the trend that’s sure to rock your wardrobe.  

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Vintage Collegiate Tops

Homecoming Week on campus symbolizes tradition and celebrating the achievements of the university and most importantly the spirit at each school. The Buckeye fans may be some of the most recognizable examples of this and truly portray what it means to be dedicated, crazy fans.

What better way to illustrate tradition then to show off in a vintage hoodie? This Fashionista demonstrates her school spirit by sporting an Ohio State sweatshirt with classic lettering. Try this to resemble our Fashionista’s new-take on collegiate wear and portray the long lasting passion that alumni and current students have for the Ohio State University. For a cooler look during these last weeks of summer weather, wear this T-shirt to portray your football pride.

To take a chance, and maybe try something out of your comfort zone, wear a pair of metallic leggings like these from American Apparel or a gleaming pair of scarlet ones for a striking look to add a modern take on your classic spirit wear. Like this Fashionista, put on a colorful pair of legendary red Converse shoes that may remind alumni of their college days or turn out in a pair of Hunter rain boats to keep cozy in the un-predicting autumn weather.

Off-colored and distressed printing is an upcoming trend throughout college campuses and lets students be fashionable yet brag about their college through their tops. Make this shirt into a tank top by cutting the edges and tying the sleeves at the top of the shoulders for a fresh look. Make the collar into a v-neck for something a little more unique then your typical university shirt.

When it comes to game days and Homecoming Week, every Buckeye loves to show off in their scarlet and gray and walking through campus can not be complete without hearing the traditional O-H-I-O chant. So through your vintage attire, listen to “the best damn band in the land,” and cheer on and remember your beloved Buckeyes.