Fall may be among us but that doesn't stop the sun from making an entry every now and then. Lately, the weather has been mid 70s, and when the temperatures drop like that Fashionistas are forced to ask themselves “What do I wear and how can I stay warm?” The Fashionista I found is no different; she mentioned to me that she is in the process of transitioning her wardrobe from hot summers to cool falls and what she is currently doing is combining both of the seasons' fashions into one outfit.

The Fashionista is wearing a burnt orange blazer from H&M along with a ribbed, laced corset, high-waisted shorts from American Apparel and Steve Madden combat boots accompanied by burnt orange, knit knee high socks. Even though the day was slightly chilly, the blazer is a complement to the shorts as well as the socks. The Fashionista said “Im not really cold, you would be surprised how warm these socks are.”

Do you want to be styled to the knee like this Fashionista? It's pretty easy! Purchase a pair of knee high socks that are available everywhere from ASOS to American Apperal. You can try a solid print like this or have pattern print socks. Whatever you choose will work. You can wear the knee high socks with anything from a cable knit sweater dress to high-waisted shorts like this Fashionista did. Now that you know about the trend, go out and be Kneetastic!

Spotted: Slouched socks in Victoria Beckham’s fall 2012 collection at New York Fashion Week.


From silver accessories to cheetah accents, this Fashionista went out into the world making a statement. The accessories that this Fashionista used were chunky but made a huge difference in the simple outfit she had on.

This Fashionista wore a black American Apparel top, high-waisted American Apparel jeans, topped with suede Steve Madden loafers.The outfit was simple and cute on its own, and it's the perfect thing to throw on when you're out to class or on your way to shop. To decorate the outfit the Fashionista wore a silver Michael Kors watch, a silver chunky necklace and an armful of silver bangles. Usually I prefer gold and colored accessories, but she incorporated the silver so perfectly with the outfit.

Want to go out and try this trend? Incorporate large silver accessories into your outfit, like a silver cuff and bangle. A chunky Peter Pan necklace can also give the outfit a very feminine dynamic. Let's not forget the watch; try a silver-faced watch so you can be sure to tell time in style. Whichever accessory you choose to incoroprate in your outfit you will definitely make a statement! Silver is the new black and it's coming back in style. So be the first to try out this trend. 

Spotted: A silver statement necklace in Kate Spade’s fall 2012 collection


It's starting to get a little colder these days. Not North Face cold, but windy cold. So what does a Fashionista do when you want to wear a cute short sleeve dress, but it's 75 degrees out? Well, I found the perfect Fashionista to show me. When I was on my way back to my dorm, I spotted this Fashionista casually leaving the shuttle. She looked super cute, yet comfortable. While I on the other hand had a short sleeve shirt on and was slightly chilly.

The Fashionista wore a salmon high-low dress, Minnetonka moccasins and a knitted cardigan from Urban Outfitters. She also carried a Louis Vuitton tote to carry her books as well as everyday life necessities. The cardigan was the perfect piece to complete the outfit. It wasn't fitted so you were able to really notice it in the outfit as well as the dress the Fashionista wore. The creamy color also went well with the dress because it didn't wash it out and worked more as a complement.

Having a cardigan to go is the perfect fall accessory. You just take it with you during the day in case the weather changes and you need something to keep you warm instead of lugging around a jacket. If you want to experiment with this trend there are many ways to go about it. You can wear a pattern cardigan like this one from Urban Outfitters. This would make the cardigan the focal part of your outfit, so all you would need is simple jeans and a basic tee. If you want the cardigan to act as a complement, then you can try this long cardigan from Gap. However you choose to incorporate it in your outfit, you will look cute, trendy and most importantly warm!

Spotted: Fall jackets, sweaters and cardigans in Chloe ready-to-wear fall 2012 collection.


Color galore! When it comes to fashion the best thing about it is there are no rules. You can mix as many colors as you would like, and this Fashionista did just that. She took lime green, teal and orange and created a beautiful color combination. Nothing in this outfit seems out of place because she did a great job at discerning what looks good with what. Her teal skirt from H&M makes the outfit casual but cute, and her Tonal Canvas Laceup from Urban Outfitters balances the outfit with its neutral gray color.

The highlight of the entire outfit was the orange Michael Kors tote bag that gave the perfect balance of color to the outfit. Orange is a color that Fashionistas don't always tend to incorporate in their outfits, but this Fashionista did it in a subtle way which caused the outfit to work out. She used it as an accessory instead of a statement piece! Want to get a purse that will add a pop of color to your outfit? Try a cute southwest pattern tote from Forever 21 or a leather, lime green tote from ASOS. Another way to work this trend is by wearing plain colors such as black and white and add a colorful tote to top it all off. This will make the bag the focal point of the entire outfit. You can also add a colorful headband if you like to give the outfit more personality!

Spotted: In Marc Jacobs fall 2012 collection there are many colored bags. These bags will take any regular outfit to the next level! 


When it comes to bad weather Fashionistas tend to get stuck in a practical yet stylish rut. Do you pick up your favorite sweatpants and brave the rain or find some stylish rain boots and make the best of a bad situation? I say take the high road and bring some flavor to your wardrobe even when mother nature isn't playing nice.

That's exactly what this Fashionsta did during the bad weather on Howard's campus and even though I found her after the storm had passed, she was still decked out in an addorable rain-proof look. She wore Burberry rain boots, which complemented her poppy American Apparel slacks, gray T-shirt and Louis Vuitton speedy bag. This Fashionista proves that no matter rain or shine, everyday is a day to look your best!

If you're looking for cute rain boots like this Fashionista so you too can rock the rain in style, check out Hunter rain boots. They come in a variety of colors, styles and heights for whatever you're in the mood for, and they're extrememly comfortable and durable. So the next time it rains pick up your favorite rain boots and conquer the rain in style!

Spotted: Rain boots were also seen in Gucci’s fall 2012 collection.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Unique Thrift Store Find

On my way to a meeting, I found this Fashionista casually chatting it up with a group of friends. What caused me to approach this Fashionista was her awesome cross-body bag, which she shared she found at a local thrift store. She raved that it wasn't only stylish, but also extremely resourceful since she could use it for a casual weekend or to carry school materials. This Fashionista wore a red bohemian styled maxi-skirt accompanied with a black and white striped top, and the bag provided the perfect pop the outfit needed!

Want to achieve this look? Visit your local thrift store or small vintage boutique to find uniquely styled bags. These items are super clutch and one-of-kind and the added bonus, you don't have to worry about finding someone else with the same purse. If vintage and thrift shopping isn't your cup of tea, try this faded, distressed leather tote bag or this rabbit cross-body bag, as inspired by the Fashioinista's tiger decal. So grab some friends and hit up your local thrift stores!

Style Guru Bio: Chidimma Nwankwo

Hi! My name is Chidimma Nwankwo often refereed to as Chi Chi. I'm a sophomore journalism major with a concentration in public relations at Howard University located in the beautiful city of Washington, D.C. I was born and raised in Boston, MA, home of my favorite team the Boston Celtics! This is my first time writing for CollegeFashionista and I'm super excited for what the future has to hold!

It’s a joy for me to combine my two passions in life, fashion and writing. I’ve been writing short stories and poems since third grade and have been a fashion diva since birth. My mother is definitely the person who cultivated my inner Fashionista at a young age. She allowed me to style and pick the outfits that I like and has always allowed me to express myself freely.

The perfect word to describe my style is posh, which means a sophisticated, chic and classy style. I believe every young woman should carry herself with grace and poise. My favorite stores to shop at are H&M, Zara, ASOS and small trendy boutiques! You can typically find me walking around campus wearing a cute dress with a trendy bag and chunky accessories.

As I embark in my second year of college, I can only hope that I continue to grow as person and Fashionista. Fashion is always changing and so is the world around me; I just want to embrace it all and enjoy life to the fullest!