With the summer months upon us, Fashionistas everywhere are dying to show off their new summer buys. However, as usual, the UK weather doesn’t always like to comply.

This Fashionsta has decided to mix her winter clothes with some of her more colourful summery pieces. She has used black as her base layer keeping it simple with black jeans and a vest top and added a pair of brown suede boots. She has then jazzed up this basic winter attire by adding a white floral, unstructured blazer on top. The colour of the blazer and its bright floral design combined with the three-quarter sleeves instantly give this piece a spring/summer feel and vamps up this Fashionista’s ordinary base layer.

Her gorgeous metallic green nail polish and multicoloured bling ring further added to the look. Nails are key for the summer as they jazz up your outfit. You can colour clash if you feel daring, go pale with pastel or funk up your look as this Fashionista has with a bold metallic colour. This Fashionista’s nail polish is in fact Racing Green of Barry M’s new range, and can be purchased from any local Superdrug.

For the same effect as this Fashionista has created, an almost identical blazer can be purchased from Topshop and is available in three different flower designs: Garlant floral similar to this Fashionista’s, Tropical for that ultimate summer feel and a more versatile choice from summer to winter is the Poppy print blazer.

For a piece this busy it is probably best to follow suit and keep the base layers neutral as to avoid looking like a multicoloured clown. By keeping it neutral you are focusing in on the blazer making it the central focus point to your look, since a piece like this should not be hidden amongst colour and other patterns but left to bloom in its full glory.


Neon has always been a recurring trend — guaranteed every year there will be a touch of neon out in the high street’s transition from spring to summer. Quite an eccentric trend to pull off, you have to have the personality and the “look” to go with it.

This Fashionista was spotted looking “neon-tastic” last week. She had paired wet look leggings with a basic white design top with elements of neon in it. She then pulled the look all together with her accessories by adding a pair of neon yellow pumps, a neon pink handbag and neon bracelets, successfully achieving a neon/sporty effect that is very trendy at the minute. Her pulled back black hair plays off the sporty appearance nicely, and her choice of cross earrings toughens up the look, adding a bit of personality to the trend.

When trying to achieve a fun, trendy neon look do as this Fashionista has by starting with a neutral base and then adding the colour through the accessories. Although neon may be a fun trend to play with, it can also go terribly wrong and you could come off looking like something out of an '80s movie. Neon in sporty-inspired attire is much easier to accomplish than in a sophisticated look. It is a bright in your face trend that is meant to look casual and fun; there is nothing sophisticated about it, so it's best to avoid for those classy nights out.

If you quite like this Fashionista’s look, then try this neon yellow top from New Look paired with wet look leggings for a similar effect. Keep it casual and sporty with Converse and you could even pair with a rucksack for that fun university girl look. For cross earrings similar to this Fashionista's, try these from ASOS. If you like the trend but don't think you have the courage to pull off a neon vest then try some nail polish instead, a great way to wear a trend without splashing out on new clothes. Whatever you're preference; just remember not to go overboard with the trend.


This season we have seen skirts become a main focus in the high street fashion collections, from short skirts to full length maxis, midi skirts, Aztec patterned skirts, high-waisted skirts, floaty skirts, pencil skirts and lastly the infamous mixi skirt which has taken the high street shops by storm.

Just when we thought there were enough skirt selections for everyone to choose from, this Fashionista has proven us wrong with her beautiful purple and orange patterned asymmetric, jagged edge skirt. She has layered her skirt brilliantly adding the thick cotton tights and long-sleeved black top as a base layer, adding colour with her top layers. Her purple slouchy jumper combined with the skirt has a very bohemian feel, which she accentuates with her long chained pendant and simple yet noticeable gold and black feather earrings. The orange scarf ties in perfectly with the orange in the skirt and the colour of the pendant, giving her attire a colour pop. The slouched one shoulder bag further adds to this Fashionista’s laid back bohemian look.

She has demonstrated her creative side by pinching in the otherwise oversized jumper with a large safety pin in the right hand bottom corner. This adds texture to the jumper and femininity. This is a great idea as otherwise oversized long jumpers can sometimes have a swamping effect, especially when paired with a floaty skirt beneath.

For something similar there are some simpler options from Topshop, in a light chiffon grey or beige. For the bohemian feel remember to layer and add some statement jewellery. Try to avoid modern pieces and instead aim as this Fashionista has for a pendant, some feather earrings and even some metallic bangles. Don’t be afraid to mix colours as this Fashionista has with her scarf.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Summer Bohemian Chic

With this pleasant, unexpected change in Leeds' weather combined with the clocks going forward, summer has definitely made its mark as students all over Leeds get creative and summery with their clothing.

This Fashionista looked incredibly summery while remaining stylish in this lovely, summery, bright orange and paisley combined floral maxi dress. She has done a brilliant job at mixing all this season's key trends into one look — brights, the maxi dress, denim jackets and wedges. The colours featured in her dress are straight off this season's fashion catwalks for 2012 and are great for creating that summer happy feeling. She has paired a very in-style, denim, sleeveless cropped jacket over the maxi, instantly toughening up the look and adding a bohemian feel to the bright maxi, completing the look with a pair of delicate, black suede wooden heeled wedges. Her choice of bag — a patent black shopper from River Island — is perfect for carrying university necessities.

This Fashionista’s maxi dress and wedges are from New Look. Their wide selection of colours and prints means that there is a dress to acquire everyone’s taste.The fact that this Fashionista bought her maxi dress last summer is proof that they are a great investment piece as the maxi trend is revived every summer. Although the exact same dress will be hard to come by, if you fancy something similar, try this Warehouse Ikat print maxi available on ASOS. Her cropped denim jacket was a bargain buy from Primark, and well worth it as it can be worn with all types of dresses and skirts, adding a twist this summer. However maxi dresses are practically everywhere on the high street for the arrival of summer 2012. Wedges are also a key trend this summer so ditch the stilettos girls, and give your feet a break!

This is a perfect summer piece for every girl’s wardrobe no matter what height or size you are.  The maxi skims, elongating the body and accentuating all the right areas. It is also a great way to feel summery without getting out your legs. Pair with wedges as this Fashionista has to add height for the more petite frames whilst also remaining comfortable. It is an easy and stylish summer university attire for looking great and staying comfortable.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Professor Prim and Proper

While most students prefer to roll out of bed and be comfortable for university (some even going as far as attending lectures in their pyjamas), there are always the few that go the extra mile to make an effort when it comes to choosing their attire. This Fashionista is definitely not dressed as your typical university student — no baggy jumper, no famous UGG boots, no messy bed hair — instead, she is rocking the sophisticated chic look, resembling that of a tutor more than a student!

It was this Fashionista’s high heels and dressy outfit that made her stand out from the rest of the lecture hall. Her selected attire of the day is a red high-waisted pencil skirt, a black chiffon frill blouse and a pair of sexy leopard print peep toe stilettos, giving the outfit that “va va voom” as Sex and the City’s Carrie would say. She has finished off her look with a casual yet grown up grey Mac coat and an oversized structured shopper. Her whole ensemble is very feminine and sophisticated, proving that you do not have to dress like your stereotypical university student.

This Fashionista described her style as feminine with a vintage twist, and whilst she prefers to shop at vintage boutiques (avoiding the high street shops), there are many elements of her attire which in fact populate the shelves of most high street shops this season. Her leopard print heels and structured shopper are classic examples of trends that are out this season. Her red pencil skirt is also very in with this season's popular colour blocking trend. A favourite of this Fashionista’s is the well known Pop Boutique, situated in most large cities in the UK from which she admits she gets most of her clothes. As a result an exact copy of this Fashionista’s bag would be hard to come by as it is in fact one of the vintage gems she purchased from Pop. However, for something similar try this cream shopper from MANGO or this black crocodile skin imitation.

Whereas most girls associate heels with eveningwear and for this reason may avoid wearing them during the day, this Fashionista has proved the contrary.  High heels do not merely have to be a nighttime trend.  Lectures are another way to show off your style by making that effort to dress up. Whether it's lectures or tutorials you are attending, remember your campus is your catwalk, and always dress to impress!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Embrace The Art Of Layering

When it gets to that time of the year when you’re unsure of what to wear, whether the sun will stay out or whether it will randomly start to rain at the most inconvenient moment, layering is your best option. You may think that layering is an easy task of just throwing clothes on top of one another, however, if not done correctly, it could result in a tragically uncoordinated mess, making you appear anything but fashionable!

This Fashionista has layered appropriately for this sunny yet chilly Leeds spring day. She pairs a light pink mixi dress with a pair of wet black leggings, a biker-inspired denim jacket and a perfectly clashed paisley red and blue scarf. The leggings make the thin mixi dress warm as well as more casual as a daytime piece. The perfectly matched jacket keeps this Fashionista warm yet is also bang up to trend. Its biker, almost leather jacket-inspired look gives it a twist, creating that unique factor and giving it a vintage feel. She has kept it casual with black ankle boots, perfect for pairing with most dresses for a daytime feel whilst keeping your feet waterproof and warm.

The art to layering is to ensure that all colours you have chosen go together appropriately. Stick to neutral tones as base layers. That does not necessarily mean black or brown: do as this Fashionista has and use a light colour as your base tone. By doing this it allows you to experiment with brighter colours in your layers and accessories, as this Fashionista has with her blue and red paisley scarf. Never add two or more bright colours to one ensemble as you might come off looking like a rainbow. Last but not least, be sure that all of your chosen layers are visible and that you are layering with light clothing as to avoid a bulking affect.

There are no specific items of clothing required for layering. You can acheive the look with a pair of jeans, leggings or, in this Fashionista’s case, a dress. Thus, this is a great trend for rediscovering those hidden gems pushed to the back of your wardrobes, bringing them up to date by mixing with some of your newer pieces. If you quite like the look of this Fashionista’s outfit and would like a similar dress as a base layer, then try this jersey mixi from New Look, and keep it versatile with black or casual with a grey. If you intend to layer with block or neutral pieces and thus prefer to start with a pattern as your base, try this beautiful butterfly mixi also from New Look.

Whatever the weather you can now add or remove your layers accordingly, ensuring you are perfectly equipped for rain or shine.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Geek Chic Rucksack

Featured in Moschino and Chanel catwalk shows 2012, the cringe worthy rucksack is back this season and is going to be one of the hottest handbag trends of the summer. Who thought your geeky school bag would later on be a chosen fashion accessory within you’re wardrobes? Well as the spring/ summer fashions start to filter down into the high street it is safe to say that geek is definitely looking chic this season. Luckily for us, the newly improved rucksack has acquired a makeover this season with selected quirky materials; canvas and leather, Aztec prints, floral designs and detailed trim finishing’s.

Whether you’re shuffling around campus between lectures or getting ready for your holidays it is definitely one handbag that is practical! This Fashionista has demonstrated the versatility and geeky chic-ness of the rucksack brilliantly. Her rucksack of choice is a lovely slouchy brown leather one, which she has effortlessly slung over her shoulder.  This Fashionista is rocking the geeky school girl look with her knee length black pleated skirt and her oversized bright granny knit. The black slouchy statement tee she has paired with her girly skirt toughens up the attire and ties with the rucksack creating a laid back casual feeling. For the more daring, try pairing your rucksack with some ultra chic vintage inspired granny glasses to complete the look.

If you like the rucksack trend then you are spoilt for choice on the high street, with designs in Topshop, H&M and even bargain picks from Primark. However if your more of an internet junky then Asos also have great choice from this bright Aztec inspired rucksack to this feminine floral print.

So nab ur rucksack and get geeky chic this spring!


Featured in some of the top designers 2012 collections, Roberto Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana, leopard print is definately the statement print of the season. Whether it’s a pair of killer heels, flat ballet pumps or a faux fur jacket, there must be some leopard print injected into your wardrobes; as it is a great print for acheiving that instant clashing effect and is a trend that is constantly being revived time and time again.

However although it may be one of the hotest prints around this season, it can also go comletely wrong if not applied correctly. Fashionistas should take care when choosing their leopard piece as fabrics can diffirentiate between that overall classy look and just coming off as plain trashy. Satin and silky materials can sometimes appear cheap and therefeore should be avoided at all cost when it comes to leopard prints. Similarly a full on leopard print attire can look  abit OTT, making you look like you have just come from an audition for Cats the musical rather than stylish. So be careful girls! As it is such a bold and loud statement pattern, it should be worn in small doses and appropriately, adding that quirky detail to whatever it is that you are wearing.

This Fashionista has chosen a leopard midi dress. Brilliant for acheiving that university combo, as it is versitile and light making it easy to just throw on. She has opted for an oversized white, loose knit jumpe,r doubling the midi dress into a skirt. To finish off the look she has paired a pair of white Converse making the dress casual and applicable to her everyday wardrobe and a leather jacket toughening up the attire. The brown slouchy one shoulder bag compliments the look perfectly as it ties into the whole comfortable everyday feel that is being conveyed.

For a similar look try this midi dress from Topshop. At just £28 this dress is a great buy for students on a budget as it hardly breaks the bank. (lets not forget the 10% student dicount too!) Extremely versitile this dress can not only be worn during the day or as a skirt as this Fashionista has demonstated, but it can also be worn in the evening for a dinner date or even a night out in town. For that night time transformation try adding a belt around the seam and match with a pair of stillettoes or wedges for a summery feel. If it is still a bit chilly then pair with a leather jacket as this Fashionista has, or a cropped denim jacket would finish off the look nicely.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Monochrome Classic

Simple, stylish and chic — the classic monochrome trend might sound basic, but the timeless two tone palette never seems to go out of fashion. Spotted making a huge comeback, monochrome was featured in some of the major catwalks, including design houses John Galliano, Chanel and Balmain’s F/W 2011-2012 collections.

It is definitely one of the easiest trends to pull off and never fails to gain attention when done well.  With an air of sophistication, the monochrome trend is a great basic palette combination for any girl's wardrobe as it can be instantly lifted by accessorising with the season’s latest colour chart, giving the look a bang up to date feel.

I absolutely love this Fashionista’a whole eye-catching outfit, completely rocking the monochrome trend. She was spotted wearing a black jersey maxi skirt matched with an oversized cable knit sweater, completed with a pair of black studded ankle boots. She has given her outfit a quirky twist with her pork pie hat — a great winter accessory to give an edge to your style. However it is this season’s must-have shopper which really finishes off the ensemble. Her black structured shopper is very smart, stylish as well as practical. Great for carrying university necessities (heavy text books!). A definite must in every girl’s handbag collection.

If you like this Fashionista’s attire, it can be easily duplicated. With maxi skirts making a statement comeback this season, they are practically everywhere on the high street. Opt for a classic black as this Fashionista has as it can be worn with everything. Shoppers are also going to be big this season, so ladies if you don’t already have one it’s time to get one. MANGO have a lovely collection of leather shoppers to choose from.

Although some may think black and white worn together may resemble a boring work attire, it is a trend that will never date. Thanks to the catwalk the monochrome trend can be updated with the latest season must-have colour or accessory freshening up the look, as this Fashionista has with her pork pie hat and her shopper. Monochrome will always be a head-turning trend .


Neither a maxi nor a mini: short in the front but floor length in the back, the latest “mixi” trend has taken the fashion high street by storm this season. This new asymmetric style, whether it be skirts or dresses, is a great original piece that can be adapted in so many ways and also happens to be one of my personal favourites. I find the sheer flow in the back to be very delicate and feminine yet i love how cute and short they are in the front, giving the skirt that modern, avant-garde twist! It is usually worn as eveningwear due to the nature of its sheer material, however it can also very easily be applied to your everyday wardrobe. Why not wear it to Uni and make a statement? This week’s Fashionista has done exactly that.

This Fashionista has done a brilliant job in displaying how mixi’s can be worn on a daily basis. She has toned down her floral maxi with black leggings and a long duffle coat, making the dress applicable in the cold daytime weather. I absolutely love the way she has clashed two prints together, which in my opinion is rather daring. Many individuals would play it safe by adding black pumps at the bottom, however she has gone one step further and clashed a beautiful pair of leopard loafers, tying them in with a leopard print scarf.

If your mixi is a little dressier and you are unsure of how to dress it down, don’t worry! The key is chunky, layering and textures. You do not necessarily have to wear a delicate pair of pumps — chunk it up with a pair of combat boots or wedges for that never-ending leg effect. To avoid resembling a shapeless sack,  cinch the jumper in around the waist with a belt for a feminine twist or tuck your knit in.

Do not be afraid to mix patterns like this Fashionista has, as it just makes the outfit all that more interesting. However, do not go overboard: stick to two contrasting designs at a time. Leopard print is great for doing this as it just effortlessly clashes with most ensembles and is also very big this season.