The summer is always full of adventures. From impromptu beach weekends to daylong barbecues, it feels like summer is a constant state of change. It is exciting, of course, but there is part of me that cannot wait to get back to the simplicity of having a routine and being back in school. Cozying up to some data-filled textbooks is an inevitable part of getting back into the swing of classes, and although I haven’t seen the inside of a library in many a months, this Fashionista showed me what to wear on my next library stay.

The key to a good library outfit is to look put together but still feel comfortable. Although many opt for yoga pants and a hoodie, this type of careless outfit lends itself to a careless attitude while studying. Instead, follow this Fashionista’s lead and get a pair of flattering, but comfortable, bottoms that won’t bother you during your stay. Zip leggings are a good compromise between sweats and real pants. She paired her comfy pants with a classic chambray shirt. This button-down is casual but still makes it look like she got dressed for the day.

This Fashionista kept her accessories minimal but they still gave personality to her simple outfit. She wore a silver watch to keep track of study time and a few simple rings. She also wore a fringe necklace, which complemented her boho side braid.

One Simple Change: Swap out the comfy pants for something a little more practical. Wear a pair of dressier shorts in a simple print to make this outfit ready for a study break out with friends.


Fall semester is only moments away. Students are wrapping up summer internships to gear up for the new school year. For some of the less fortunate, they are prepping for their last years in the life as we know it. Senior year is an incredibly terrifying year to approach, so it’s important to take full advantage of every last minute on campus. In those few days before classes start, head out to the quad on campus to hang out and soak up your sweet, sweet campus.

These two Fashionistas have the perfect outfits to wear for a day on the quad. They are similar, but both Fashionistas had their own twists on the look. They both wore slouchy tops with cardigans and skirts. The Fashionista on the left kept it casual up top, but spiced it up with a gold midi skirt. She paired it with a comfy pair of flats fit for a day of daytime strolling.

The Fashionista on the right also stuck with neutrals on the top but added a printed skirt, which brought some color into her look. Try one in a subtle floral print for some added interest. She paired her quad-ready look with contrasting leather Converse, which adds some roughness to her skirt and cardigan look.

One Simple Change: These casual looks are fit for a beautiful day out on the quad, but they can also be easily transitioned to school mode. Swap out the slouchy cardigan for a structured blazer to up the professionalism and make it fit for a presentation later in the semester.

WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Picking out an internship-appropriate outfit can be one of the biggest struggles in a Fashoinista or Fashionisto’s world. How do you say, “I’m professional and have a stellar personality that is fun to be around, but I also know when to stop talking” in one outfit? You never know if you’ll meet the CEO or run into an old friend, so you should always look put together but not like you’re trying too hard. Personally, internship outfits are significantly more stressful to pick out than first date outfits (mostly because internships actually happen).

This Fashionisto nailed the professional intern but not-totally-boring vibe that is fitting for a summer gig in New York City. He stuck with a no-fail combo — chinos and a button-down—but in a refreshed color palette. The light blue shirt is a happy summer color, while the gray chinos are a good neutral to add to your go-to pants. If you’re feeling outrageously adventerous, add a bold pair of red bottoms to your collection.

This Fashionisto gave this outfit personality by adding a few key accessories: a tie, a watch and a fun pair of socks. To spice up your tie collection, grab a few from The Tie Bar, which sells trendy ties at a low price point. A solid watch is always a good investment, so always be on the lookout for shapes and colors that match your taste. On his feet, he wore a pair of striped socks, which is the perfect way to add fun without going over the top. Lastly, and most importantly, he wore a cool pair of black wingtip oxfords. Black is always a solid choice for wingtip newbies, but if you’re a shoe vet, grab a standout pair in a suede dual-tone.

One Simple Change: This simple, clean outfit is a good fit for a day at the office, but it can also be transitioned to fit a casual date night scene. Ditch the tie and swap out the black shoes for a clean white sneaker to seamlessly change to a date-worthy outfit.


Similar to many native New York characteristics, a heat wave in New York is its own type of animal. It isn’t just the heat that New Yorkers have to deal with. It’s the sudden whiff of hot garbage you get walking down the street. It’s standing on the subway platform feeling your makeup melting into a sad little puddle on the floor. It’s a fashion fanatic’s nightmare. When all you really want to wear is nothing, what’s a Fashionista to do?

This Fashionista nailed the “it’s so hot I can’t even” look right on the head. I find that when it is that melty, humid type of hot outside, I want to wear minimal amounts of clothing. For someone who layers in even the dead heat of the summer, it can be hard to figure out how to make an outfit without that final completer piece. The key is to keep it simple but interesting. In truth, this Fashionista is only wearing a T-shirt, denim shorts and flip flops. Yet, she still stands out.

A pair of denim shorts is a must in the city during the summer. It is a solid foundation to build any summer-ready outfit on. This Fashionista’s black denim has a little bit more length to them, so they won’t ride up on a walk around the city. She paired it with a bright, interesting graphic T-shirt. A T-shirt and shorts outfit is classic for the summer, but a refreshed top makes it feel new. She threw on simple flip flops and was ready to beat the heat.

One Simple Change: This easy outfit could also be ready for a shopping trip. Swap out the shorts for a cutout maxi skirt to make trying clothes on a breeze.

WHAT TO WEAR: Festival

Is there any better way to spend a Saturday than hanging out at an outdoor festival, listening to good music with friends? There’s something so relaxing about a day long chill out during the summer. Although Coachella has passed, there are plenty more low-key festivals to explore. They make the perfect short-term getaway from a crazy work week in the city or a fun day trip if you’re stuck taking classes at school. And yet the eternal question remains: What do you wear outside during the summer?

This Fashionista nailed the perfect summer festival staple. I especially like that she didn’t go too over-the-top—some of the hippy-esque outfits I’ve seen can go a tad overboard. Instead, she opted for an easy printed bandage skirt. Its muted color scheme gives it a boho feel. She paired it with a cropped graphic tee. On top, she layered a breezy cardigan to pull the two base pieces together. Even in the summer, that closing layer can really make or break an outfit.

She kept it simple with short black booties, which are easy to walk in while wandering around the festival venue. Make sure to protect them first—you don’t want any mud ruining your shoe game. Accessories-wise, she kept it simple but sweet with a dainty necklace and classic shades.

One Simple Change: This outfit is great for a festival going, but it can also easily be worn during a dreaded heat wave. Ditch the cardigan and throw your hair back with a fun knot headband to keep it cool.

WHAT TO WEAR: Girls Night Out

Boys are good for many things. As far as my friends go, they are phenomenal at obsessing over the World Cup and pretty good at cheering me up if I’m not in a good mood. Unfortunately, appreciating animal print pajama pants is not one of those things.

This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for a girls night out because your girlfriends are the ones who can truly appreciate a good pair of snakeskin pants. Because comfy trouser pants—or pajama pants as my guy friends call them— are all over the streets, it can be difficult to stand out in the abundance of fancy pants. This snakeskin print is a cool way to wear them, and the neutral coloring makes it easy to pair solid tops with. If you’re feeling super feisty, opt for a pair of leopard print pants to up your pants collection.

This Fashionista kept the focus on her fun pants by keeping the rest of her outfit simple and fit for the summer heat. She tucked in a simple black V-neck, which keeps the proportions of the outfit right. If her top had been busier we might miss the flattering fit of the pants. She continued the nature-esque feel by wearing a pair of sandals that have a hint of tribal style to them. The navy and maroon detailing is subtle enough to not clash with the pants but fun enough to make the shoes a little more exciting than a plain black pair.

One Simple Change: Although your lady friends are bound to love this outfit, these versatile pants are also fit for a casual day at your internship. Swap out the flat sandals for a heeled peep toe and layer a solid blazer once you get into the office.

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Whether you are headed to Brooklyn to feast on some Instagram-worthy cuisine at Smorgasburg or you are going uptown to get acquainted with the fashion exhibit at the MET (which is insane, by the way), there are many New York City weekend activities that call for cool outfits. But your outfit shouldn’t bog you down from a spontaneous picnic in Central Park or a stroll through SoHo. Stick to a minimalist outfit to maximize your weekend.

This Fashionista nailed the two-piece weekend look. On the bottom, she stuck with classic skinny jeans in a dark wash. Stick to a pair with a bit of stretch so it’s easy to move during each little outing. If you’re feeling summery, opt for a similar fit in a white or ecru color. These freshen and brighten up any daytime look—just bring a blanket to sit on during that picnic.

Minimalist outfits can be hard to pull off without looking bland, but this Fashionista got the right idea by pairing her classic denim with a standout tank top. This leather shirt is an easy upgrade from simpler summer tank tops in your wardrobe. The fit and feel makes it easy to pop on, while the dark green color is always a cool addition. Stick to a top with a leather front and cotton back to avoid overheating while you’re basking in the sun.

One Simple Change: This edgy top and bottom combination is also great for nighttime wear. Wear this on girls night out by swapping out the flat sandals for cool wedges. Ditch the sunglasses and ponytail, and you’ll be ready to hit the town in no time.


Being a broke college student in New York City is no joke, especially once summer hits. With tempting outdoor markets and fabulous summer fashion, it can be nearly impossible to not spend that newly deposited paycheck in a New York minute. Luckily, however, the city has some of the coolest events during the summer that are free. Namely, outdoor concerts. Free admission means a little wiggle room to buy a cool new dress for the musical event.

This Fashionista is the epitome of concert cool. Her simple outfit is just right for spending a lazy afternoon in Madison Square Park, lounging on a towel and sipping something cool. The key for these type of events is to look effortless, and this Fashionista nails it with an easy but trendy midi dress. The green print is a bright addition to any summer wardrobe, while the length of the dress makes it easy for lounging in the park sans sitting struggles that come with shorter length pieces.

This Fashionista paired her concert-ready dress with a cool pair of black flatforms. Having super preppy tendencies, I usually gravitate away from anything that evokes any feeling of the ’90s, but I will have to credit studying abroad in Europe for my changed ways. I saw Fashionistas all over the world make the chunky sandal look incredibly chic, and I traveled back to America a changed Fashionista. She completed the too-cool-for-school look with a pair of super round sunnies.

One Simple Change: This concert outfit can double for a casual date night look. Swipe on some bold lipstick and grab a slouchy sweater to combat the inevitable arctic temperatures inside the restaurant.

WHAT TO WEAR: Birthday Party

When I was little, I used to absolutely adore birthday parties—mostly because that meant I was able to play dress-up in public. Of course, old pictures tell a much different story than the one my sugar-high, five-year-old self remembers. I mixed wedding dresses with Cinderella’s slippers and a black choker necklace from Claire’s. It was a rough time for everybody.

Now, dressing up for birthday parties can be just as fun, sans poly-blends and clear footwear. This Fashionista shows just how to do it. She tucked a breezy white top into her shorts, which is always a no-fail way to pull a look together. Try a lacy shell on top for a little added texture. Dressy shorts are everywhere again this season, perfect for the hot-blooded Fashionista. Her pair in a staple navy and white polka-dot is a good first investment to make in the cool short-shorts department. If you feel like getting really crazy, try a pair in a fun floral print.

This Fashionista nailed the total look with a staple completer piece: a blazer. This linen blend is great for summer. It brings the style without adding any extra heat. I love the bright pink contrast with the other neutrals of her outfit. She completed the outfit with simple flats and a go-to bag.

One Simple Change: Dressy shorts are fun for birthday parties and other casual activities, but they are not always fit for office spaces. Make this outfit internship-ready by swapping out the printed short-shorts for a still-cool pair of Moroccan-inspired flowy trousers.


The idea of brunch is so picture-esque: Wake up on an easy Sunday morning, roll out of bed and stroll up to a fabulous old-timey diner spot where the waitress already knows your order and exactly how you take your coffee. As Sex and The City that perfect picture may feel, to a 20-something college student, we know a mid-morning brunch is anything but fabulous.

I would be more than thrilled if my friends ditched the exciting rooftop brunch in favor of sitting in my cozy apartment with some pancakes, still clad in comfy pajamas. Unfortunately, things don’t always go my way. This Fashionista is the perfect of example of what to rock when those ratty sweats simply won’t cut it. The highlight of this outfit is definitely those uber-trendy pair of PJ-inspired pants. The satin material makes them feel dressy, but the loose fit and drawstring waist makes them feel just as comfortable as those Saturday night sweats. This Fashionista chose a pair in a neutral gray, which is a cool staple to refresh your wardrobe. If you’re feeling adventurous, try this pair in cool blue pinstripe.

This Fashionista kept the rest of this outfit simple and Sunday morning friendly. She paired her staple pants with a simple white tank, but it’s subtle detailing makes it dressy enough for brunch. Her simple black sandals and black bag are probably already in your closet—just throw them on and you’re out the door.

One Simple Change: This outfit is perfect for the lazy cool girl, but it is also fit for a presentation. Swap out the sandals in favor of close-toed booties, and throw on a cropped blazer for a more professional spin.