TREND: A Simple Tee

So first off—sorry I broke my #1 rule; this post isn’t for the guys. I’m not sure how to say she looks good without sounding like a creep, so just work with me here–she’s a friend and even my roommate’s girlfriend haha. Now that we’ve gotten away from the awkwardness of me talking about a girl’s fashion; let’s talk about how this girl is rockin’ some Hoosier Pride!

Warm sunlight is shining on the tailgate fields with a nice breeze and Georgia is ready to tailgate and then cheer on the Hoosiers. First off, you can’t buy an IU dress like this anywhere on campus. She made the dress herself! The process is complicated (at least it was for me, when she explained it to me), but it looks great and it cost the same amount as a tshirt from the T.I.S. Bookstore. One word of advice: buy a big shirt, the shirt in the picture was converted from an XL into form fitting dress. She’s comfortable and has a unique way to show off her Hoosier Pride.

In regards to her shoes; it’s time for toes to catch some sunlight and breathe fresh air before nesting in the thick, heavy winter boots for a long time. Walking to class, shopping at malls or just going to work, a lady wearing a pair of gladiator sandals can effortlessly outshine the others. Nowadays, when it comes to shoes, ladies seek for not only fashion, but also comfort. Naturally, gladiator sandals become the right choice for them. This season a pair of gladiator sandals will be a perfect complement to a women’s wardrobe, and you can see it in this picture.

Go and cheer for your team, have a good time; just remember to be fashionable while doing it!

TREND: Tie One On!

About every man has one in his closet. It can be found mixed in with other clothing items or neatly hanging adjacent to other accessories. From remote memories of wearing tacky clip-on ties when I was younger, to present day, having a slight obsession with purchasing neckties in the most intriguing colors, the necktie has always been a part of my life. But one of its more recent, essential uses is to compliment a dandified suit. Originally, the necktie, never thought of as a fashion accessory, could state one's status, occupation and identity. Now you can wear ties with just about anything; dress it up, dress it down-it just works!

As you all know, I like to play with different patterns. Details, such as the enclosed buttons when buttoned up, can give jackets a clean profile. Unfortunately, that detail isn’t visible in this post. One of my favorite ties from the great people at 3sixteen is the wool tie made out of stout material. It’s my preferred width measuring in at 2.5 inches wide. In regards to another accessory, braided belts have once again gained my favor. This came after rediscovering my very own collection locked in an old box in my basement. The functionality of braided belts speaks for itself, as adjusting to the correct waist size is just another braid stitch away. Also, pocket squares and tie clips are all the rage these days. Go for it, you won't look too dressed up. I promise.

Hint: My favorite place to get ties? TOO many places; vineyard vines, J.Crew, Brooks Brothers, among many other places. Be unique with ties, no need to be boring!

TREND: Get Buck!

First off–sorry to the Crime Mob song reference. In my defense, it's hard not to think about that song when talking about these shoes. ANYWAY–white buckskin shoes are the epitome of summer footwear and have been the All-American shoe since the 1930s. White bucks, as they’re often called, may be as popular as the penny loafer to individuals who are influenced by ivy/trad roots. It’s understood that when it comes to footwear, most gentlemen would like to retain an arsenal of essential footwear to rotate through during the year. Suede bucks definitely need to be in that circle.

Although the majority may favor the crispy white appearance of bucks, I’d rather save the tedious action of cleaning them with suede kits and let them wear in to add a bit of character. Overtly, this notion comes with the casual aspect of my outfit. If the scenario was switched to something like a seersucker or linen suit, I’d advise keeping your shoes as clean as possible. That the shoe would fits certain occasions and outfits depending on whether they’re clean or dirty is evidence of its versatility. Presently, bucks are seeing a spike in interest for men’s footwear options. Bucks are now produced by many brands in almost every color you can imagine. Last year, I opted for the classic navy.

TREND: Do Gentlemen Wear Sandals?

Guys, and gals for that matter, have been debating this for decades. Well, atleast over the past two decades. And the answer? Well, it's not as simple as yes or no.

When searching for an answer on this topic, I got so many points of view… some said it was totally okay because the "manliest men" have been wearing them since the beginning of time: Roman gladiators, "Greek gods", African kings… even Jesus. While others look at men in sandals as downright feminine, saying things like "I don't wear anything that is considered women's clothing, that includes purses, skirts, and sandals." All the gentlemen wardrobe styling books tend to avoid the topic of men in sandals. And when a book does mention it, it either sternly objects it or indirectly snubs it. A friend told me that he once read a rule in Esquire Mag that stated, "You lose 61 percent of your respect for a man when you can see his toes through his shoes" (or something like that).

The issue of gentlemen wearing sandals is simply a matter of the traditional versus the nontraditional. The guy who chooses the traditional route should not expose his toes. Canvas lace-ups, decks shoes, loafers, and oxfords all worn sockless is how he keeps his feet cool in the summer months. Then the guy that chooses the nontraditional route should wear sandals that match his style. And let's be honest, we can mentally flip through our rolodex of friends and picture which friends can pull off sandals and which can't. The extremely environmentally conscious type, the world traveler type, and the vintage hipster type are a few groups I can see getting away with sandals.

The answer to the question is an unsure one. But whether traditional or nontraditional, flip-flops on the beach are just common sense. There is just such a broad range of sandals that the answer can't be clear cut (unfortunately). Enjoy the last weeks of summer and make a fashion statement to decide whether or not you'll be rocking sandals around the streets of B-town.

TREND: Where’s the flood guys?

The high-water look is back, not for classroom popularity or less-than-legal purchases, but for high fashion! This masculine shabby chic style is currently being sported by trendsetting ankles from coast-to-coast. The look is likely attributable to 1. the ongoing style romance with a slightly impoverished look, in which one imitates the togs of an artist squatting in a loft in an abandoned factory and separated into different “rooms” with the help of thin partitions and 2. the popularity of shoes and sneakers for men and women alike. Don’t hide those bad boys under boot-cut cuffs! Show them off! By the way, there are several don’ts. No formal shoes. No rolled-up skinny jeans. No wool pants — the rolls won’t stay. No bootleg pants, which should be burned anyway. And since rolled pants are meant to look casual, nothing about the outfit should be dressy, at the risk of looking too studied. While you’re at it, stop trying so hard.

In the summertime, a nice set of rolled cuffs is also a great way to keep cool while out on the street or warm up again once you get into a chilly air conditioned office or movie theater. Style arbiter Jim Moore, GQ’s creative director, urges that the roll should look somewhat unintentional. Given the unlikelihood of accidentally rolling up one’s pants, Mr. Moore offered some clarification: “You have to channel Johnny Depp for that moment and ask yourself, "How would Johnny Depp roll up the bottom of his pants?” If you still can’t figure it out, you might ask Mr. Depp about shorts.

TREND: Fixin for Fall

Hey guys–coming to you from the heart of San Diego. Summer isn't quite over for me yet so I'm not back in the Hoosier Country, but that's not stopping me from letting you fashionistas know the next trend in fashion. With July 4th comes the summer sales and the retail worlds' shift from patch madras and pastels to critter corduroy and cashmere. While it may seem a little soon to talk Fall Fashion, it'll be here before you know it. And while everywhere else in the States is dealing with a heat wave, the Golden Coast has the ocean breeze to cool us down and has even given us a short summer. But enough of the meteorolgy lesson and back to fashion. Check out this guy in a evening in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter–he has fall written all over him. Through the dark colors and plaid patterns, he couldn't wait for fall. The biggest giveaway was his pants! Corduroy is back in full force and is all over the place this season. The durable textile corduroy is one of my favorites by far compared to other materials. I can even admit that I went as far as wearing corduroy pants rolled up during this summer just to fulfill my pre-fall corduroy crave. For a long time corduroy was just known to be used on pants, but now it’s being used on everything from blazers to hats as the perfect fall/winter fabric, so get used to it! It's not going anywhere. You can check out a great pair of cords at J.Crew; they're on sale!!

Style Guru Bio: Chris Bailey

How's it goin' Indiana? I'm Chris, one of CollegeFashionista's newest Style Gurus. I'm a Californian living in Indiana and I live by a simple rule to getting dressed: less is more and simple is everything. I'm majoring in Journalism with a PR Focus and have a zeal for fashion. I am all about a clean-cut, all-American, preppy look. While the style is often stereotyped as crest-embroidered jackets, sharply creased pants and shirts with little alligator logos over the heart, it doesn't have to be so stuck up! Though these garments are often seen in preppy ensembles, the style is more about clean lines and quality crafting than it is about embroidered details and playing golf. It's not so complicated! Throughout the semester, I hope to show you all what it takes to get that classic, clean-cut look. And listen up guys: expect a lot more tips for you! Now that we got a guys' point of view, I'll make sure to give you guys some tips.