STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: You Can Take The Girl Out Of The Country

Cowboy boots are often sported with similarly Wild West-themed pieces, like Southwestern print shirts, wide brim hats and button-ups. The equestrian phenomenon has made room for a little bit more variety (although not much); I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen the baggy sweater/leggings/long socks/Frye boots combination across campus. And I get it; it’s nice to have a go-to pair of footwear for those days when you’re practically running from class to class. Before riding boots, it was combats, and before that it was those UGGs that we all have a love-hate relationship with. But this Fashionista shows that although they’re inspired by the farm, calf-high boots never have to be run-of-the-mill.

Burgundy has always been one of my favorite fall colors. It’s rich and versatile, but still a bit feminine and unique. This burgundy Calvin Klein tank dress features a slightly higher hem on the left leg, and an all around flowy skirt, for a look that could work with a preppy cardigan and pearls during the day, or a leather jacket and a smoky eye at night. This Fashionista has chosen to keep the look simple, since the weather was a little warmer than expected for this time of year. She belted the dress at the natural waist to accentuate the girly feel. And, to finish off the ensemble, she slid into a pair of distressed cowboy boots. A self-proclaimed Southern Belle, her boots offer a hint of personality to the outfit, and a pleasant change from the predictable sandals, skimmers or sneakers.

To express your inner Southern girl, search for a dress that shows off your femininity, but leaves enough for the imagination. This three-quarter sleeve shirt dress would certainly do the trick, when worn with some chocolate brown or chestnut Western boots and a warm crewneck sweater. Or try a sexy, high-slit maxi skirt with a simple tank and a quirky, state-shaped necklace. Either way, your shoes will certainly draw attention this autumn. Our Fashionista swears, “Everything goes with cowboy boots,” and I think she might be right.


Menswear for women is quite the evergreen trend. Between the power suits of the twentieth century, and the more casual assortments made popular by celebrities like Ellen Degeneres and Rihanna, there has always been something a little irresistible about outfits that give off the tomboy vibe. My favorite blog, Faintly Masculine, is dedicated to collections of vintage and brand new menswear that have been combined with more dainty finds. Whether you're shopping for tailored tuxedo jackets and wingtip oxfords, or borrowing your grandpa's old sweaters and ballcaps, the possibilities are endless once you step outside of the women's section. Even the frilliest of girls can't get by without a blazer or some simple sneakers. While it's most popular to mix masculine pieces with feminine ones to create a look that walks the line, some Fashionistas, like this one, are brave enough to go all out with a fully androgynous ensemble. 

Orange jeans may seem like one of those choices that work way better on the store mannequin than in your closet, but this Fashionista proves that, when dialed down by neutral colors, the bright bottoms are perfectly wearable. She's paired the pigmented denim with some classic Air Jordan 5s that make a bold statement without screaming it. She has also opted for a blue and white checkered button-up, for a crisp, yet casual alternative to the norm.

To create a look like this, put down the same old boyfriend jeans and step away from the snapbacks. Instead, avoid your comfort zone by slipping on some autumn-colored pants; these mustard chinos are perfect. Add to them a patterned button-up, like this one from American Eagle, and top off the outfit with a pair of classic high-top sneakers. If you're not quite ready to go completely Janelle Monae, incorporate one menswear piece at a time. Either way, your classy look will definitely turn heads across campus. 


This autumn, like any other autumn really, I am thoroughly enamored with the army-inspired color pallet. Bold burgundies, regal olives and muted oatmeals have overthrown the flimsy yellows and delicate corals that dominated the summer months. Workman boots and thermal shirts have been upgraded from combat necessities to statement pieces, perfect for braving gusty winds and looking absolutely fierce. 

My favorite part of this Fashionista’s ensemble is her khaki-colored army jacket. Not only is it warm and practical (with enough pocket space for gloves, shades, and even spare change), but it’s super stylish. Brands like Balmain and Burberry have featured fancy versions of the staple item on their runways season after season. With a belted waist, a military jacket can be feminine, while a straight cut looks a little more rugged.  Either way, if you don’t have one already, you should absolutely pick one up. (You'll need it to battle those upcoming midterms!)

The troop trend has translated to shirts, shoes and trousers as well. A pair of loose-fitting cargo shorts with a tight top can exude a certain sexy androgyny (see: Kim Possible). And combat boots have nearly replaced Ugg boots as the go-to winter shoe. To make this look your own, dust off your old Timberlands and camouflage pants. Add a grungy crewneck and a skull cap to channel your inner ‘90s kid. Or, if you’re a little girlier, go for a simple assortment. Like this Fashionista has done, pair a military style jacket, like this Zara number, with some dark washed jeans, a cable-knit sweater and some war-ready boots. No matter how you style it, any look inspired by our armed forces is definitely worthy of a medal of honor. 


STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: From Thrifty to Trendy

This week’s Fashionista possesses a coveted quality: the ability to DIY her style. Taking her fashion into her own hands has allowed her to create a wardrobe that is unique, inexpensive and still in style. By combining basics with one-of-a-kind vintage and custom pieces, she has put together an outfit that belongs just as much in a magazine as it does on the quad. 

The easygoing elements of this Fashionista’s outfit are her simple, black, patent T-strap sandals and cap-sleeve turtleneck shirt. Turtlenecks are a classy choice, whether rocked under a blazer, paired with some high-waisted denim, or tucked into a pleather skater skirt. And T-strap sandals are the perfect go-to shoes for late summer. They’re comfortable and free-fitting, but slightly more upscale than flip-flops; whether worn with a skirt, jeans, or shorts, they always work.

Over her turtleneck, with a brown, braided waist belt, she is wearing an eggplant-colored, mesh overlay maxi skirt. What’s most enthralling about this piece is how it was made. While mesh-covered skirts are piling onto shelves at every store from Zara to Asos to Forever 21, this week’s Fashionista opted to go her own way. By hiking up, cutting and re-sewing the slip underneath a vintage skirt she purchased, she was able to effortlessly recreate one of the biggest summer trends, without spending big-name store prices.

Her assortment of accessories is just as impressive. A silver charm bracelet, namesake cuff and ankh-shaped ring provide an insight into her personality, while remaining muted and delicate. And the main event, her African-inspired coppery earrings are a strong statement piece, but still fashionable and original.

To repeat this look, start at your local thrift store or consignment shop. Find a vintage skirt and hem up its slip. I would check Asos Marketplace or good old Etsy. Pair it with a short-sleeved turtleneck, a skinny belt and a pair of T-strap flat sandals. Lastly, add some eye-catching earrings and an assortment of jewelry for a look that is elegant, yet effortless (and easy on the pocketbook).


If I had to pinpoint the pinnacle of African-American collegiate style, it would be summed up in three words: The Black Ivy. This editorial spread captures the absolute essence of classic menswear, while maintaining an urban aesthetic that every college student can relate to, frat boy and football player alike. Defined by bowties, button-ups, cuffed pants, loafers and afros, the project combines the structured sartorialism of Carlton Banks with the boyish charm of Pharrell Williams. The TBI lookbook reflects the versatility of men’s fashion, but also the distinct, tailored yet untamed voice behind vintage African-American style. When I first saw this Fashionisto, I knew he had managed to translate the effortless aura of TBI into a simple, late summer ensemble. 

For starters, I am absolutely enamored with the cranberry V-neck this Fashionisto is wearing. The color blends well with summer and fall styles, and would work just as well by itself as it would under a cardigan or jacket. On his feet, he sports a pair of camel slip-ons that serve to make the walk from class to class a comfortable one. The color in the shoes plays upon his tan and navy striped belt and blue shorts, which adds a slightly nautical feel to the look. In addition, his matte black shades are a perfect finishing touch.

What I love most about this Fashionisto’s look is the wooden necklace hanging from his neck.  While the rest of the outfit is crisp and tucked in, the sunglasses, eyebrows and mustache featured on his pendant provide a bit of quirk to his get-up. Wood-carved accessories from watches to cell phone cases have become staple items in many mens’ closets because they are a great crossover between summer and fall. They’re statement pieces, but still masculine and muted so that passersby are not completely distracted from the easygoing elegance of the look as a whole.

For a classic, Black Ivy-style number, like this featured Fashionisto, search for an eye-catching wooden pendant; I would check GoodWood’s collection first. Rock that with a simple V-neck in an autumn hue and a pair of no-fuss shorts or jeans. Top the look off with a pair of matte sunglasses and brown sneakers, like these tweed plimsolls from Topman, to share a little street etiquette with your campus.


It’s my favorite time of the year for fashion. Summer is winding down, and we’re being forced to tuck those high-waisted shorts and bandeau tops back into the corners of our closets, or at least pair them with tights, Timberland boots and a varsity jacket. We’re trading our highlighter-yellows and cobalt-blues for earth tones like raspberry and tan; and if you ask me, our complexions have never looked better.

This Fashionista is wearing one of my favorite transition pieces this season, the midi skirt. The high-waisted, A-line silhouette has a classic feel to it. And the calf-length hem helps her avoid catching that cold that’s always circulating through campus around this time. This flowy number also features an abstract print, with baby-blue, forest green and chocolate-colored dots that pair perfectly with her nude, round-toe flats. She has added a tan skinny belt to draw in her natural waist, creating a girly vibe for the look.

Whether leather or chiffon, form-fitting or free-falling or something in between, midi skirts are certainly a must-have item for style savvy schoolgirls everywhere. They are just long enough for the office, just cozy enough for the classroom, and, with some platform pumps and a patterned bralette, can even turn heads at the club. This Fashionista has opted to match up hers with a relaxed navy camisole, a vintage denim vest and simple hoop earrings for the perfect early autumn ensemble.

Rock a semi-sheer, pleated midi to a study date for a bit of flirty flair; or go for a solid one with a crewneck sweater during Parents’ Weekend to remind them that you’re still their little girl. Either way, a midi skirt is a chic way to flaunt your femininity while still leaving something to the imagination this fall.


Between the tons of free T-shirts given away during the first few days of the semester, and the weekly sales in the bookstore’s clothing section, rocking your school’s logo every once in a while is almost unavoidable. Big brands like Nike and Victoria’s Secret PINK have even developed collegiate lines to cater to student consumers.  But supporting your school doesn’t always have to mean a run-of-the-mill gold hoodie and a pair of black basketball shorts. I once interviewed a campus Fashionisto who said that the one piece of style advice he would give to his fellow students would be to “get rid of all of your [school logo] gear.” Thanks to the updates to many college apparel collections, you might not have to.

Vintage-inspired tank tops and tees, like this Fashionisto’s, straddle the fence between showing your school some love and showing off your style. They are comfortable and classic, and great for keeping cool between classes. On chillier days, I am a huge fan of skullcaps and crewneck sweaters. My closet is literally overflowing with them. The logo-printed polo shirts and button-ups are perfect for game days. Our bookstore now offers black and gold blazers, blouses, boots and bracelets. (And if your school is anything like mine, all of this is even student-chargeable; thanks, Mom and Dad!)

Spend some time thumbing through your university’s online shop, and you’re sure to find a few wardrobe gems. The trick is in the pairing. Like this Fashionisto shows, if you wear a logo tank with a pair of dark wash straight leg jeans and stylish sneakers, as opposed to sweatpants and sandals, you can create a look that your school would be proud to plaster on the admissions brochure. Add to that a snapback, a wristwatch and a little bit of jewelry, to transform your outfit from freshman to Fresh Prince.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Knot Your Average Monday

For many of us, the first day of the school week warrants nothing more than some Nike running shorts, a T-shirt, and a pair of athletic sandals with socks. But this Fashionista has chosen to put her best foot forward.  Her beaded gladiator sandals give the outfit a bohemian vibe, but are still reasonable for walks across campus. She’s tied her graphic tank top into a front knot, which pays homage to the ‘90s trend that resurfaced this summer. But what I love most about her ensemble is her tribal-print palazzo pants.  On this particularly hot afternoon, the cotton trousers are loose-fitting with a little stretch in the waist. For those seventy-five minute lecture classes, it’s great to have some bottoms that don’t stick to your seat or bind you too tightly.  And although the pants are relaxed in fit, the neutral-colored pattern is the perfect mix of bold lines and shapes. To balance out the muted colors of her look, this Fashionista is sporting a fiery red long bob, or “lob”, as the haircut has been nicknamed.  As seen on everyone from Michelle Obama to Miley Cyrus to Naomi Campbell, the lob will definitely be the talk of the salon this fall.

Between the piles of pastel denim and the overwhelming influx of high-waisted shorts that are dominating closets and clothing stores, this Fashionista showcases that switching it up at the beginning of the week doesn’t have to mean sweats. A pair of pants with a popping print and a lounged feel is as fashionable as it is practical. These dotted bottoms would pair great with wedges and a sheer sleeveless blouse for a classier outfit; while these plain black linen trousers with a tucked-in tank and flat sandals would be a perfect way to beat the heat and the Mondays. And here’s a tip on tying up your top for that extra kick!


Summer is finally here. And as tempting as shopping sprees at every promenade and swimwear splurges sound, for many of us, this summer is all about saving. Next semester's tuition might be high, summer classes (even the online ones) are expensive and employment isn't as easy to find when you'll only be home for a few months. So how do you keep your style intact? This Fashionista has mastered the art of bargain shopping, even though her outfit looks like it had to cost at least a rent payment. 

On this unusually cool summer Sunday, she's sporting a floral sundress with ruffled detailing, which she's cinched at the waist with a vintage-looking brown belt. She's adapted the dress for the lower temperature by pairing it with a waterfall hem cardigan that still maintains the girly tone of the look. In addition, she has tucked a pair of black striped tights into some cream knee-high socks. These play on the mixed print trend, but in a subtle and comfortable way that is suitable for everyday wear. Her tights, socks and chestnut brown equestrian boots remind us of our favorite fall staples, but transition seamlessly into summer. 

Name: Jana Lynch

Year: Junior

Major: International Studies

CollegeFashionista: Do you have any celebrities that you look up to in terms of fashion?

Jana Lynch: I don’t necessarily look up to any celebrities, but there are certain styles that I like to incorporate no matter what season. I always like to wear bohemian style clothing, and I love to find menswear pieces and style them in a girly way.

CF: Do you have any favorite brands?

JL: I have favorite stores, but I’m not really that into brand names. I love everything at Target, and I get a lot of my clothes from American Eagle. I like shopping at places where I can find pieces that look expensive, but aren’t.

CF: What’s one item in your closet that you can’t live without?

JL: These boots. I got them from Target, and they were exclusively online. Everyone thinks they’re Frye boots, which are normally like $300. These were $60.

How To: To recreate this look, without completely cashing out, start with a flowery dress, like this one from H&M. Build upon that with a vintage belt, your favorite tights and some oatmeal knee-highs. Finish with a cocoa-colored cardigan, like this Forever 21 one, and some brown riding boots that are chic yet budget-friendly. 


At my size, I revel in solids. Well, maybe not so much revel; I just feel more comfortable in pieces that don't draw too much attention to my problem areas, and solids always seem to do the trick. My old faithful outfit consists of a pair of blue or black denim bottoms, a white or gray T-shirt or crewneck sweatshirt, and a plain black headscarf.  If I'm feeling especially festive, I might switch up the accessories and add something with a leopard or floral print. But I've never been courageous enough to wear a bright print as the focal point of the look. This Fashionista has truly inspired me to step outside the bland box. With this patterned romper, she demonstrates the power behind rocking a boldly printed outfit, no matter what the number on the tag says, when paired with just the right accessories.

This tribal print playsuit features vibrant magentas, indigos, turquoises and tans that accent this Fashionista’s summery skin tone and draw the eye in from a distance. What's great about this romper is that it highlights her feminine figure, instead of using straight lines and loose-fitting silhouettes to disguise it. This piece, purchased at a thrift store in Florida, commands your attention, and doesn't apologize for its size. To draw in her waist, and play up her shape even further, she’s sporting a thrifted brown belt. While almost Western-looking, the belt doesn’t distract from the island vibe of the ensemble. She has paired the romper with a pair of brown oxfords that add a preppy feeling to the look, and are just as comfortable as they are classic. And on her hand, she’s donning an antique-inspired double-finger ring. A brave assortment like this is perfect whether you’re recovering from the spring semester or preparing for the summer one.

Name: Chiamaka Oji

Major: Industrial Engineering

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What are your favorite places to shop?

Chiamaka Oji: I’m a bargain shopper. I don’t buy expensive stuff. Wherever I find something cute and cheap, I shop there. I don’t really have any favorite stores.

CF: What would you say inspires your personal style the most?

CO: Being a plus-sized girl, I like to step outside of the box, because I feel like no one should be limited based on how big or small you are. That’s my main inspiration.

CF: Do you look up to any celebrities?

CO: I absolutely love Rihanna’s style! She’s my favorite.

CF: If you had five minutes to get dressed, what would you wear?

CO: I would put on jeans, a cute top and cute sandals—actually no. A maxi dress, some cute sandals, and lots of accessories to dress it up.

How To: To get this look, start with a romper with a bold tropical print, like this one from Topshop. And if you're curvy, like this Fashionista (and me!), ASOS also has a great one. Add your favorite thrifted belt and some brown brogues. I love this tasseled pair from Urban Outfitters. Top off the look with some vintage-inspired jewelry, like this Forever 21 ring, for a summer outfit that’s so bright, you’ll need shades.