As we get even later into December and finals are lurking just around the corner, it can be hard to think about anything besides how much studying you have to do. I know I’m lucky if I even have time to wash my hair between review sessions and late nights at the library. I’ve recently been finding alternatives to a messy bun, and this Fashionista demonstrates one of my favorite looks. The top knot is an easy and quick way to hide dirty hair but still looks sleek and feminine.

This Fashionista goes for a polished look with a ballerina bun and a chic black wool coat with gold buttons. Her cat eye sunglasses and colorful scarf pull together the ultra feminine look. My favorite part about this Fashionista’s ensemble is the way she wears dark black denim jeans and black motorcycle boots with studs to juxtapose the girly elements. Combining parts of different looks like this is a great way to make your outfit stand out.

This Fashionista’s outfit is so simple and easy to recreate that it would be the perfect choice for when you are pressed for time. Simply throw on your favorite pair of jeans and go for a nice wool coat instead of you oversized puffer jacket. Add some leather boots with a little edge and pull your hair back into a simple bun. The great thing about a top knot is that it is easy to do when you’re in a hurry, but still looks professional and put together in any setting.

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With Thanksgiving out of the way and the promise of snow hanging in the air, adding layers to your ensemble is becoming increasingly important. Gloves, scarves, sweaters and tall socks are going to be your best friends this season and will keep you from getting frostbite on your way to class. This Fashionista proves that you can add layers and stay warm without looking like Randy from A Christmas Story.

I’ve stressed the importance of investing in multiple coats before. In a state where it stays cold for several months, your outfit will be covered by whatever outerwear you choose. Having more than one coat will allow you to switch it up and keep you from getting bored throughout the winter. This Fashionista stays warm with a wool coat in a mauve color that’s cinched at the waist to keep from looking frumpy. Accessories like leather boots, graphic gloves and a patterned scarf help keep shivers from the bitter winds away.

When thinking about staying warm in the winter, it’s important to remember that your furry friends can get cold, too. This tiny Fashionista braves the wind with a knitted sweater in a fun leopard print with a pink collar and leash to match. Buying clothes for your pooch can be just as fun as buying clothes for yourself. Free People’s pet project has an adorable collection of sweaters, collars, leashes and more to help keep your pet looking stylish.

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In the past, a T-shirt was basically the epitome of casual (even sloppy) style. It seemed like a cop-out for students to just throw on an old T-shirt and jeans without having to put much thought into it. Recently, however, I’ve noticed a trend around Purdue’s campus that has been popular with both guys and girls alike. Students are taking the graphic T-shirt and using it as a fashion statement. Instead of simply throwing on a T-shirt as a last minute outfit choice, Fashionistas and Fashionistos are utilizing this most basic piece to express themselves while showing off their unique personalities.

With an outfit as simple as a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, it’s all about attitude and execution that makes one stand out. This Fashionista looked cool and collected while rocking a graphic T-shirt and strategically ripped jeans. With the simple addition of a camouflage bandana, a pair of Converse and a few minimal gold accessories, she achieves a laid-back look that has the effortless cool factor of West Coast fashion.

With stores, such as Urban Outfitters, and their wide selection of throwback moments, music icons, pop culture and puns all printed on different T-shirts, it’s really easy to find one (or 10) that fits your style and shows off your individuality. With graphic T-shirts, it’s easy to make a fun statement without having to put a lot of thought into your outfit.

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My eBay collections were curated as part of the CollegeFashionista and eBay collaboration with Style Coalition #FOLLOWITFINDIT


We are moving into the last few weeks before winter break and, unfortunately, have the frigid weather to remind us. Every time I step outside, I’m greeted with a gust of wind that reinforces what every fan of the show Game of Thrones knows to be true: Winter is coming. While that statement, in reality, has a lot less of a negative connotation than the show, it’s still wise to start preparing for the harsh conditions of winter nonetheless.

While I prepare for the bitter months ahead by cranking up the heat and never leaving my bed, this Fashionista layers up with some of my favorite cold weather trends. Just because temperatures are less than desirable doesn’t mean that you can’t greet the season in style.

Fur vests are a great way to add warmth to your layers and make a statement while doing it. This Fashionista wears a faux fur vest featuring a blend of blacks, browns and grays. Keeping the color palette neutral like this will make your piece more versatile and will allow you to wear it with a variety of outfits. I really like the grayish color of this Vince Camuto faux fur vest. If you’re willing to splurge a little, this BCBGMAXAZRIA leather and rabbit fur vest is gorgeous and sure to keep you nice and toasty. While this Fashionista layers her vest over a classic chambray shirt, I would try adding an additional layer with this knit sweater as the temperatures drop.

One thing I hate about the cold is that it’s hard to find bottoms that keep the wind from penetrating the fabric and making my legs cold. Leather pants or leggings are the perfect solution to this problem. The less breathable material of leather (or pleather) pants will not only trap the heat and keep you much warmer, but will make your legs look phenomenal while doing it. Because leather pants aren’t just for bikers anymore, you can wear them multiple times a week and still get away with it. If you only invest in one thing this season, my advice is to make it leather. Be it real leather trousers or just plain pleather leggings, I promise you won’t regret adding them to your wardrobe.

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While the punk rock music genre may have died, the style is back for fall and winter. It is all about rebelling against the norm. Though punk in its purest form may have fizzled out years ago, Fashionistas are reviving it and putting their own feminine twist on this edgy trend. Since punk in 2013 is more about a fashion statement and less about a subculture, attitude is everything.

This Fashionista is a perfect example. She is the epitome of cool in a tartan skirt but her ensemble is a lot less outrageous than the typical punk staples. Instead of going for an overall punk theme, she instead simply adds small punk details to her outfit.

She starts with plaid, a classic punk print. As a skirt, however, she is able to make it more feminine and less in your face. This checked skirt from Topshop is the perfect way to add a little more punk to your wardrobe.

It’s easy to go over-the-top with studs, but this Fashionista gives another nod to punk with the subtle studs and chains on her bag. Simple accessories are a way to incorporate some hardware without being too overwhelming. This bag is the perfect way to toughen up any outfit.

This Fashionista completes her look with a ripped crop top, knee-high socks and heavy leather boots. By adding small punk details to your outfit, you can start to make your outfits more edgy, too.

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Because it is officially November, it is about the time that I like to start expanding my collection of coats. We spend most of our time here at Purdue buried beneath layers of winter clothing, so instead of wearing the same boring black parka every day, why not invest in multiple pieces?

Leather jackets and military-inspired jackets are great staple items for the colder months, but this Fashionista combines the two. She gets all the functionality of a parka with a hint of edginess with accented leather sleeves. She completes her look with a simple black skirt, tights worn under gray socks and a pair of heeled combat boots.

This combination of materials is something I think is going to be popping up a lot around campus as the weather starts to get even colder. You can go for an edgier version of this Fashionista’s jacket with this one from Urban Outfitters. If you want to try the leather-accented sleeves but olive isn’t for you, this checked duffle coat from Zara is perfect for making a subtle statement and keeping warm on campus. Urban also features different combination jackets like this cool plaid and leather jacket or this wool and leather jacket if you’re more into a classic look.

Just because it is starting to get colder out doesn’t mean that you have to continually layer yourself under the same old black coat you’ve had since freshman year. Invest in some edgier coats and try experimenting with little hints of leather.

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One of most wonderful things about living in the Midwest is being lucky enough to experience the four seasons in all their glory. I always look forward to a white Christmas and watching the flowers bloom in the spring, but there is something so awe-inspiring about the fall and the way the leaves go from green to bright red or a fiery orange before falling away for the winter. It makes autumn one of the most beautiful and breathtaking times of the year.

One of my favorite trends that I’ve seen happening around campus is mimicking these earth tones found in nature. Muted yellows, deep oranges and olive greens can be found dominating most of the ensembles of the Fashionistas/os at Purdue. I saw this Fashionista wearing a deep shade of red and loved how it seemed to mirror the changing leaves of the trees.

The casual feel of this Fashionista’s bordeaux colored sweatshirt makes it the perfect outfit for going to class. She wears it with an oversized olive vest, a floppy black hat and adds another neutral to the equation with a brown leather bag. A black patterned skirt and knee-high socks allow an effortless transition into the cooler October weather. Perhaps my favorite part of her look, however, is her boots. Ever since Miley Cyrus’ video for “Wrecking Ball,” I’ve been wanting a pair of burgundy Dr. Martens like the ones she wears but can’t bring myself to pay upwards of $100 for them. This Fashionista planned my next shopping trip when she said she got hers from H&M for less than half that amount.

If you haven’t already, you should try adding more deep burgundy to your wardrobe. It allows you to add a little bit of color without being too overwhelming. I love these overalls from Topshop or this wool and leather coat from Urban Outfitters in red. I think that once you try it, you’ll be falling for bordeaux as well.


I’ve been seeing a lot of plaid around campus this season, especially on boys. While I normally regarded plaid as something reserved for farmers or country singers, I now view it as a big trend for fall. Because Purdue has a huge agricultural department, some guys don’t even know they’re making a fashion statement when they put on their plaid shirts in the morning. One thing I love about this pattern is that, unlike most trends, it comes in so many different varieties. With so many various widths of stripes and combinations of colors, the possibilities of tartan patterns are endless, no Scottish clan affiliation needed.

I saw this future yuppie congregating outside of the local Starbucks and couldn’t resist stopping to get a picture. I loved that he was sporting a geek-chic short sleeve dress shirt in a blue and green tartan pattern. When worn with a pair of gray jeans, knit scarf and tortoise shell glasses, the plaid helps this Fashionisto greet the season in an effortlessly cool way. He finishes off with a pair of worn sneakers and a vintage tote for a crisp, clean look.

The great thing about plaid is the variety. This Fashionisto could wear the same outfit again, but by simply wearing a different patterned shirt, no one would know the difference. I predict guys stocking up on the pattern for the fall and winter months. This green tartan short sleeve shirt from Topman is perfect to wear while the weather is still warm. Once it starts to get cold, this dip-dye flannel from Urban Outfitters is a interesting and different way to make a statement.

So, stock up on plaid this season so next time you’re unsure of what to wear, you always have something to fall back on.

CollegeFashionista X Macy’s: mstylelab at Purdue University

Besides seeing the beautiful colors of the leaves changing around Purdue’s campus, Halloween and the pumpkin spiced latte from Starbuck’s, October is also one of my favorite months because I love dressing for it. It’s the perfect weather because I don’t start sweating on my walk to class, but I don’t freeze either. Since it’s still relatively warm out, I’ve recently been transitioning my wardrobe from summer to fall by combining loose sweaters with skirts. Thanks to Macy’s, I’ve been able to add to my collection with their variety of brands in the mstylelab department.

My first outfit has a bit of a ‘90s grunge feel to it. A light jacket is one item that every Fashionista should have in their closet for the fall months. It’ll keep you warm as the weather cools down, but isn’t bulky like a winter coat. This hooded military anorak by American Rag is perfect for back to school. I paired it with a brown American Rag skater skirt, XOXO long sleeve lace crop top and burgundy Dr. Marten boots. What I like about this outfit is you can easily go from day to night by simply removing the jacket.

I’m a big fan of neutral colors for this season, and American Rag had an amazing selection of earth tone pieces. The easy bohemian feel is what made it one of my favorite brands at Macy’s mystylelab. One particular piece I fell in love with was this long sleeve striped sweater. I liked it so much that I couldn’t refrain from using it in two of my looks. It is comfortable and versatile, making it the perfect sweater for just throwing on when you’re in a hurry. I first paired it with a pair of olive skinny jeans by American Rag. When worn with sandals it is an ideal ensemble for running errands or just hanging out with friends on the weekend.

My last outfit is something that I would wear to class while the weather is still warm out. What I love about fall is getting layers on layers of clothing so that is exactly what I did with this American Rag sweater and a dress from my own closet. It’s a light, flowy outfit and every bit as comfortable as yoga pants and a t-shirt, but looks a lot more put together. I paired it with flats, but these XOXO boots would also make it a great fall outfit.

Being true to your own personal style is important when it comes to being confident in how you dress. Macy’s mystylelab will help you discover your personal style and make a statement with your wardrobe as you go back to school. There are so many great brands available and I am so thrilled I had the opportunity to style some of my favorites. I found a lot of great transition pieces that I know I’ll be wearing all the time throughout this semester. I can’t wait to go back and check out all of the other great items that mystylelab has to offer.

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Well-dressed men, or as I like to call them, dapper-looking dudes, never cease to catch my attention. It seems like they are so rare on Purdue’s campus. That’s why I decided to stop this Fashionisto when I saw him looking sharp as ever coming back from class.

Some believe that there aren’t that many options when it comes to menswear when, in fact, the opposite is true. This Fashionisto proves it with a variety of colors, patterns and textures that work together to make a cohesive ensemble. The focal point of his outfit is his tweed blazer (similar one here) worn over a plaid shirt. Instead of clashing, the two prints actually balance each other out and make for a unique look. He makes things interesting by adding another texture to his outfit in the form of fitted corduroys in a deep green. Keeping things casual, he opts for a pair of burlap TOMS for comfort.

I think guys need to start taking more risks in the style department to help make themselves stand out and look less out of place in business attire. Mixing different textures and colors can make your typical blazer and slacks more exciting. Try a pair of corduroys next time and throw in a print or two on your blazer or shirt. If stiff dress shoes aren’t your thing, trade them in for something more comfortable. The possibilities are endless, and there’s too many options for guys to continue walking around in a boring blazer and slacks.