LET’S HERE IT FOR THE BOYS: Say Aloha To This Trend

Eternally loved by fraternity men and tourists, the Hawaiian shirt has been a part of fashion since The Brady Bunch vacation episode. Through the years the floral printed shirt has often fallen amongst some of fashion’s most unstylish items. However, there is something quintessential and charming about a good ol’ Hawaiian button-down and that could be why some designers are creating their own versions for spring 2014 runways.

When it comes to fashion designers, it really doesn’t get more prototypical than Prada. The fashion label took a new take on the classic shirts by pairing them with dress pants and blazers. The looks used contrasting colors to make the outfits pop. Red Hawaiian shirts were paired with navy blue dress pants. This created contrast and produced a bold look.

Wearing a Hawaiian shirt as part of a dressy outfit is daring, but the look can definitely be dressed down as well. Our Fashionisto did just that. He paired his red Hawaiian shirt with off white shorts, white Sperry Top-Siders and a matching floral hat. The boldest part of his outfit is his shirt. His surrounding pieces are neutral; this creates a focal point within the look and allows for his on trend shirt to stand out. With audacious prints it’s usually a good idea to pick one and build the rest of your outfit around that print. This avoids overwhelming an outfit.

If you want to add some Hawaiian shirts to your closet, then Urban Outfitters is a great place to look. They have lots of different takes on the tropical trend, including a Hawaiian print tee shirt that is a new take on the look. If you like the more traditional look ASOS is a great place to look. They have classic button-ups that are similar to the one our Fashionisto is wearing. So this spring forget out your basic button-up and try out a more tropical side of life.

Hint: Rocking the Hawaiian trend doesn’t just have to be done as a button up. Try working in the pattern in to other clothing pieces. Hats, socks and tee shirt are all cool ways to wear the look.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Featuring Floral

Nothing quite says springtime like a floral print. The flamboyant pattern is most times associated with a more feminine side of fashion. This spring though, floral is trending in a big way and it is more masculine than ever before. Floral prints for men are the “it” fashion trend for guys everywhere this spring and they are actually easier to pull off than you might think.

Alexander McQueen is one fashion house that showcased the floral prints in their spring 2014 runway show. The label displayed all-floral suits and delicate crocheted tops. The McQueen looks were bold and were meant to be statement pieces.

When pulling off this trend your clothing choices don’t have to mirror the runway styles. Our featured Fashionisto shows us how to rock the trend in a more subdued way.  He paired his blue and white floral shirt with cutoff tan shorts, rust colored Converse and a white watch to accessorize with. His outfit is relaxed and casual. The trick to executing this look in a more comfortable way is to find a floral print that is small, rather than one that featured large or graphic print flowers.

If you want to shop around for some fun florals, then ASOS is a great place to start. They have a shirt similar to the one scene on our Fashionisto. They also have bolder prints available if you want to go a little more daring with this trend. If you want to ease in to this trend, Urban Outfitters has a floral hat that would a perfect way to subtlety work this trend in to a look. So shop around and start to warm up to a more flowery way of life.


Sunny spring days and the color black are two things that aren’t usually mutually exclusive. The color black often gets a bad rep for being a winter-only color. Its true, spring fashion does include its fair share of pastels — but black can be just as trendy. So this spring switch out your pinks and purples for a shadier option and get ready to embrace the darker side of life.

Ensembles showcasing the color black were a major trend seen on spring 2014 runways. Nautica’s appropriately named spring 2014 fashion show, “Black Sail,” displayed light zip up jackets, cropped trousers and geometrically stripped V-neck shirts, all in the dark hue. The key to taking a black outfit from winter to spring is the fabric choices and how clothing items are tailored. In Nautica’s case, they chose light fabrics, like linen and cotton. They also incorporated deep V-necks and cropped pants. These styles make clothing cooler for spring temperatures and also result in a trendier overall look.

Our Fashionisto is rocking his own interpretation of the Nautica style. His black-on-black look features a black V-neck paired with dark wash jeans, black Vans and a black beanie. His shirt is made of lightweight fabric. This makes his outfit more spring oriented. The benefit of this trend is that there are numerous ways to rock it. Our Fashionisto choose a bold, black-on-black style, but this trend works just as well with just one piece of black clothing. Try wearing black shorts with a graphic T-shirt or a black tank top with printed pants. The combinations are basically endless, so you can have and get creative.

If you want to shop around for a new black spring wardrobe, Urban Outfitters is a great starting point. They have a pair of black athletic style pants, perfect for a guy who can really rock a trend. If you want to wear the color is a more demur way, Nordstrom has a pair of super cool black sneakers that look like they would last you all spring long. So shop around or just take a look in your closet, either way try to work in a little bit of black in to your life.

Hint: Hats are a great item for subtly working in a trendy color to an outfit. Try rocking a fedora for a bold springtime look. You can also try a black beanie similar to the one seen on our featured Fashionisto.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Perfect For Everyone Purple

Between getting named Pantone’s color of the year and showing up in almost every major designer’s runway shows, its safe to say that purple is having a moment. Flamboyant colors like purple are commonalities in high fashion, but more often than not, that’s where they seem to stay. Guys around campus usually stick to a more basic color pallet, so when I spotted this week’s Fashionisto rocking one of the year’s trendiest colors, it was a much needed dose of fashion refreshment.

Like mentioned above, purple is getting some major attention from some of the industries biggest fashion designers. Gucci showed all purple suits in their spring 2014 runway show. The highly structured suits were shown in a darker shade of the color and were tailored to fit snugly on the models. They key to achieving Gucci’s look is to make sure the suit you’re wearing fits perfectly. When wearing any color-on-color ensemble baggy garments can result in an overwhelming look. Stick to structured pieces that are well tailored for a cleaner ascetic.

One piece of clothing that you can always count on fitting well is a collared shirt. That is exactly how our Fashionisto wore his purple. He paired his trend worthy top with dark wash jeans and a cool pair of gray and teal Nike sneakers. They hint of teal in his shoes coordinates well with his purple shirt. When putting an outfit together try to pick colors that compliment each other. Rocking color-on-color is great, but for a more everyday look, pick one garment and build the rest of your outfit around it. This will result in a look that is casual and also cohesive.

They great thing about color trends is that there are tons of different ways to rock them. If you are a fan of our Fashionisto’s look, ASOS has an option that is similar. If you want to explore wearing purple in a different way, Nordstrom has some suave Ted Baker purple pants — perfect for the fashion risk taker. However, whether you like to rock major fashion risks or keep things subtle, purple is a trend that anyone can flaunt.

Hint: If you want to add a cool pop of color to a neutral outfit, try wearing a pair of purple colored shoes. Retailers have options ranging from sneakers to dress shoes. Colored shoes are a great way to stand out and show off your unique fashion personality.


Guys sporting T-shirts around campus is nothing new. From sports jerseys to workout wear, the T-shirt is a pretty basic staple in the collegiate men’s wardrobe. Out of all the varieties of T-shirts seen around campus, one seems to stand out a bit more than the rest. It is chicer, edgier and has just a bit more of a fashion-forward look. If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m talking about the V-neck t-shirt.

V-necks have been around for years. Retail label American Appeal, was a major player in popularizing the look. They offer varying lengths of deep-V’s to choose from and in nearly every color as well. Mainstream retailers are not the only fans of the look either. Fashion designer, Phillip Lim showed reconstructed V-neck style shirts in his spring 2014 collection. He showcased gingham printed V-neck shirts paired with loose fitting pants. The designer put an original take on a classic style.

Our Fashionisto wore his black V-neck in a more traditional way. He paired his top with dark wash jeans and a pair of gray and orange sneakers. Even though black is a simple color it can make a big statement. By pairing his black shirt with neutral pieces he let his shirt be the center of his outfit. This creates a focal point to his look and leads to an overall cohesive ensemble.

If you want to add some new V-necks to your T-shirt collection, then Urban Outfitters is a great place to look. They have a multitude of style, including an option that is black with a red pocket — very cool contrast. Like mention earlier, American Appeal is practically the birthplace of the V-neck. They offer styles that come in colors ranging from pink to turquoise. If you like the simple black look that our Fashionisto is rocking, they have one that is nearly identical. So the next time you want to throw on a t-shirt and get out the door, consider rocking a V-neck, I guarantee you’ll look just that much cooler.

Hint: If you want a more dramatic look try wearing a shirt with a deeper V. It still has the comfort and easiness as a normal V-neck, but it is a little edgier. Trying pairing your daring top with simple jeans and combat boots, for an even cooler feel.


With midterms just ending and finals soon approaching it’s no surprise that students have been sporting comfier clothing. The classic sweatshirt and basketball shorts seem to be the uniform for guys around campus lately. When I spotted this week’s Fashionisto wearing an outfit that looked both relaxed and put-together it was not only refreshing, but also proof that you can still be fashion-forward and comfortable.

One of the most essential pieces of comfortable attire is the zip-up sweatshirt. For a more fashion ready look, try wearing a graphic tee or V-neck shirt underneath. Both of these options are in trend for the spring season. They are also very basic and comfortable, making them easy options for busy mornings. Our featured Fashionisto did this trend in a similar way. He paired his gray zip-up with a white jersey-style shirt. He also pulled up his sleeves for an even more relaxed feel.

Another way to look put together while still running to class is to wear unique shoes and accessories. Our Fashionisto wore a black watch that complemented the rest of his look. Watches are both fashion-forward and functional, which makes them the perfect go-to accessory for guys on the go. Shoes are also a vessel for showing off your fashion personality while still being purposeful. Sports shoes by Nike and adidas come in about every color possible, so they are great for livening up an outfit. Our Fashionisto donned a multi-shade gray pair. His shoe choice coordinated with the other colors in his outfit and made for an overall cohesive look.

Hint: If you want to step up your comfy outfit wardrobe Nike is a good source for shopping. They have tons of cool shoes that are both comfortable and trendy. They also have a pair similar to the ones in the featured photo. American Apparel is also a great place to get some comfy duds. They have plenty of zip-ups and T-shirts to choose from, including a blue V-neck that is both easy to wear and stylish. These clothing suggestions prove that just because your schedule has got you booked, doesn’t mean your style has to suffer.


Like any fashion enthusiast, I love a good trend. From man jewelry to combat boots, I think it’s great to see fashion risks around campus. As much as I admire a quality trendsetter, I also appreciate guys that can pull off a classic trend. There is nothing too crazy about a plaid button-down; however, that is what I love about it. It is classic, clean and will most likely still be wearable in the future. Plaid may be simple, but when worn right, it speaks volumes.

Like mentioned above, plaid is one of those tried-and-true looks. Ever since it gained major popularity in the ’90s, plaid has been worn and reinvented countless times. Designer label Public School showed button-down plaid shirts in a modern way in their spring 2014 runway show. The show featured plaid shirts in blues and reds, paired with structured hats and capes. The looks were a new take on the classic trend and proved that plaid is still stylish today.

Our featured Fashionisto wore his plaid in a more classic way. He paired his plaid button-down with gray jeans and black sneakers. He also added black, wayfarer style Ray-Ban sunglasses to give his outfit an extra does of timeless oomph. By choosing simple accessories, he made his shirt the focal point of his outfit. This results in a look that is put together and polished.

If you want to add some plaid to your wardrobe then Urban Outfitters is a great place to shop around at. They have some really unique options. My favorite is a half plaid, half black shirt that would be perfect if you want to rock this trend similar to how Public School did. If you are a fan of our Fashionisto’s plaid pick, then J.Crew might be a good option. They have a blue choice that has a very classic feel to it. So shop around and invest in some plaid, because if my fashion prediction is right, then it will be a great investment for you and your wardrobe for years to come.

Hint: If you don’t know what color of plaid to get, think about the items you already own. You want to get a piece that will pair well with stuff already in your wardrobe. Look for more neutral colors like blues and grays. These colors coordinate well with a lot of other colors.


When thinking about popular men’s fashion trends, bold prints and daring patterns are some of the first things that come to mind. These styles have seemed to rule men’s fashion runways for seasons now. This spring however, menswear is getting a dose of simplicity with minimal white looks. White is shaping up to be one of the trendiest colors for spring and with it’s growing popularity around campuses its easy to see why.

The color first made its debut on the runway of designer pair, Dolce&Gabbana. The designer label showcased crisp and tailored all white suits. They even designed white dress shoes to coordinate with the rest of their all white ensembles. Their looks were the perfect mix of classic meets modern, which is exactly what this trend is about. Executing this style is about wearing an everyday look in a new and fresh way.

You don’t have to wear an all white-on-white outfit to rock this trend, though. Take a tip from our Fashionisto. He wore a collared white shirt with dark wash skinny jeans and comfortable Nike sneakers. His look is casual, but still fashion forward. By keeping the majority of his outfit simple he brings attention to his white shirt. This creates a focal point to his outfit and makes for an overall cohesive look.

If you want to do a little spring shopping for some new white pieces, then Nordstrom is a great place to start. They offer a big variety of clothing in white, including a shirt that is similar to the one seen on our Fashionisto. They also have some very cool white pants if you want to rock something a little more daring. If you want to ease in to the white look then check out Urban Outfitters. They have a ton of shirts that are more subtle. My personal favorite is an ombre, white and black option — perfect for a hipster dresser. So guys, don’t be afraid of trends this season- embrace them! Lighten up your wardrobe and put some white in your life.

Hint: If you have a dressier occasion to attend, try wearing a white-on-white ensemble. Pair white pants with a white top. Break up the look with a pair of shoes that are a different color. You will look fashion forward and stand out in a great way.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Switch Up Your Kicks

When something works we tend to stick with it. For most of my guy friends that means lacing up the same pair of basketball shoes or black Converse everyday. Not every guy is super into the latest fashion trends and shoes are usually the last thing guys want to switch up — and we get it too. Your loyal kicks are comfortable, easy to wear and have lasted you for years. With spring approaching fast, new fashion trends are beginning to surface. One of those trends is men’s high-top sneakers. Stick with this Fashionisto’s pair. His shoes have all the functionality of your normal shoe picks, but are super modern and fashion forward.

Sneakers have been shown on the runway before- and so have boots. However, high-top sneakers are a combination of the two styles put together. Designer Giuseppe Zanotti showed the look in his spring 2014 runway collection. The designer styled the shoes with fitted pants tucked in to the shoe and cool, undone tops. The looks shown in his runway show nailed the “I wake up looking this cool” style.

Our Fashionisto wore his shoes in a more relaxed way. He tucked his tan pants in to his high-tops, similar to the runway look. He also added a colored shirt and a layered-style jacket. His tan colored sneakers work well with the blues and grays incorporated in the rest his look. Choosing colors that coordinate with each other helps create a very cohesive look.

If you are now convinced that you should retire your old kicks and want to shop around, then try looking at Urban Outfitters. They have tons of options and a variety of colors to choose from. My favorite is a black pair. They are more boot-inspired and would be perfect for an urban style dresser. So guys, go ahead — try something new. You might even find yourself a new favorite shoe.

Hint: For a super bold look, throw on a bright pair of high-tops. Choose a vibrant color or texture. Then keep your outfit minimal. This will make your shoes stand out and create a super fashion-forward ensemble.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Pulling Off Pastels

Whether it is cleaning your apartment or trying out some new seasonal vegetables, spring is all about lightening up. Taking steps to get ready for the new season doesn’t have to stop at your closet. Pastel colors are shaping up to be one of spring’s biggest trends. So get ready boys, because its time to embrace the lighter side of life.

Pastels are often associated with bad family photo outfits or something that is our moms made us wear. I’m not arguing that pulling off pastels is not intimidating. However, I assure you that this spring it is one of coolest trends for men. To give you proof, Tom Ford showed pastels on his spring 2014 runway. The ultimate designer of Sauvé menswear showcased pink pastel pants and light blue blazers. Burberry, known for having a rugged edge, also displayed the trend in their men’s spring collection. The English fashion brand showed mint green jackets and pale blue button-down shirts.

If you are not ready to don a full pastel on pastel outfit yet, then take a tip from our Fashionisto. He wore a striped pastel shirt. He paired his colored shirt with dark wash jeans, Sperry Top-Siders and Ray-Ban Sunglasses. His choice of simple pieces makes his shirt stand out and creates a focal point with in the look. He is still executing the trend, just in a more simple way.

If you want to start embracing this trend then ASOS is a great place to get some basics. They have some awesome pastel colored button down options to choose from. Starting with a pastel button-down is a good foundation for this trend because you can easily coordinate it with items you already own. If you want to really embrace this trend then try looking at what Topman has to offer. They have a pretty wide selection of pastel colored frocks. My personal favorite is a light pink colored jacket. It is very high fashion, but is still basic enough to dress up or down. Hopefully these shopping sites help you start rocking this very cool spring trend.

Hint: If you want to go bold with this trend, try wearing an outfit all in the same color family. Try coordinating light colored pink pants with a neon pink blazer on top. The contrasts of shades are far enough apart to avoid looking over done and you will look very fashion forward.