Internship season is well underway in New York City, and what better place to show off your sleek and chic work wardrobe than outside the Condé Nast building at 4 Times Square? Among other established magazines, Condé Nast publishes Vogue—the absolute fashion authority and forerunner of all trends. When dressing for an internship at a high style fashion mag, there is no standard office dress code to abide by. Your goal is not to blend in, but to stand out. Forget that generic business casual outfit and incorporate some playfulness and color into your office wardrobe. Fashion is all about breaking boundaries, and at a place that holds the highest artistic and professional standards for fashion, one must always look put together, chic, and well, vogue.

I caught this Vogue fashion intern, a rising senior at SMU, exiting the Condé Nast building after a long day working for two fashion assistants. The best thing for an intern to do is to take fashion advice from other Vogue staffers, and this Fashionista definitely dresses to impress the higher-ups with her stylish take on a classic work ensemble. Her hair is out of her face and put together, and her natural makeup is both mature and professional.

For her top, she wears a must-have basic for the office: a classic silk blouse (this one’s vintage Armani), and opts for a creamy, off-white color instead of the standard white collared shirt. The slim sleeves and tailored small cuffs give this top a clean-cut, fitted look, and the round-neck collar adds a touch of femininity. This blouse is classic, chic, and versatile—you can wear it over long slim pants at the office or with skinny jeans and heels for a night on the town. This intern smartly pairs her blouse with a high-waisted slim pencil skirt, made by French fashion designer agnès b, for a simple and sophisticated look. The stylish black and white print on the skirt updates a basic go-to work look.

As any seasoned Vogue reader would know, accessories are essential for any outfit and can change the entire mood of your look. This Fashionista’s bead necklace adds a unique twist and the color makes a bold statement for the daytime. An on-trend statement piece like this necklace allows you to infuse a bit of personality into your outfit, and as this Fashionista did, keep it minimal—a necklace or a flashy ring at most. Less is more. And speaking of accessorizing, when it comes to shoes, choose heels over flats. While they may not be as comfortable, nothing says professional and put-together like a high heel. These black satin sandals have an eye-catching design that adds length to her look. Remember ladies: pain is beauty.

The cardinal rule of what to wear to work is to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Follow this Fashionista’s lead and look neat, professional, and of course, fashionable. When surrounded by people who live and breathe fashion, it’s important to have your own signature style to stand out. After all, what better way to gain respect than receiving a compliment on your outfit from one of Vogue’s editors?


When it comes to footwear, Fashionistas everywhere have been lacing up. We saw the lace-up bootie trend in the fall and the return of Oxford shoes in the spring, and now laces are back in style for the summer too. Cutout lace-up flats, like this pair by Jeffrey Campbell add trendy style to your flirty floral dresses and skirts. They instantly make any outfit look edgy and Bohemian chic.

This Fashionista looks stylish and ready for summer in her lace-up flats. These fashion forward shoes have a vibrant, tribal print that give an urban touch to any outfit. The basketweave design and lace-up front make the shoe more girlish than menswear-inspired Oxfords, and the low heel is equally comfortable for walking. These flats retain the dainty, Oxford style but with a pop of playful vintage design. Her flowy floral skirt is effortlessly feminine. I like how she wears her skirt tucked in with a basic tee – it looks more put together and flattering, and the solid top doesn’t overwhelm the print. Her oversized cardigan is the perfect layering piece for any season, and its lightweight material is perfect to drape over your shoulders when the sun goes down. Her necklace adds a flash of color to her plain tee and the chunky pendant emits a boho vibe.

Follow in the footsteps of this Fashionista and put your best foot forward this summer in lace-up sandals. These shoes have more edge than ballet flats or gladiator sandals and the cutouts let your feet breathe in the warm weather. The vintage style and design give your summery outfits something extra.


A good pair of jeans is a girl’s best friend, and as spring heats up, the same applies to jean shorts. Ever since fictional character Daisy Duke put jean cut-offs on the map in the TV series The Dukes of Hazard, itty-bitty jean shorts (now known as “Daisy Dukes”) have been a hot trend. We’ve seen the super short shorts look earlier this spring, and jean shorts (“jorts”) are back for the summer too. This must-have trend is perfect for the 20-something set; it lets you show off those stems in a casual and cool way.

I spotted this Fashionista on campus sporting a laid-back, summery look. Her jean shorts have a worn-in wash with rips and tears in all the right places – it gives her outfit a rugged, vintage feel. Her loose-knit tank is flattering on any body type and looks great when draped over tight shorts. The semi-sheer material dresses up her denim and gives her tough look a sexy finish. She adds another feminine touch to her casual ensemble by accessorizing with multiple bracelets and layered necklaces. I like how she gives her outfit some edge by substituting flats or gladiator sandals for a stylish leather ankle bootie. Her tousled hair and felt fedora also add to her effortlessly trendy look.

Jean shorts are a wardrobe staple for any college-aged girl (or boy), like this classic distressed blue washed denim from J Brand. While this piece is perfect for the coming summer, cutoffs can be worn year-round. You can wear them over black opaque tights during the colder months. So go show off some leg!


Madonna brought the lace look to the forefront of the fashion world in the ‘80s with her scandalous bustiers and gloves fashioned from the delicate fabric. Lace added a sexy touch to all of the material girl’s outfits, and now that sexiness has made its way down to the legs. Lace tights are a huge trend right now and a great way to show some skin in a classy way. Designers like Nicole Miller and Rebecca Minkoff are bringing this look into high fashion, and stars like Megan Fox, Taylor Swift and Whitney Port have all tied this stylish leg wear into their chic ensembles. Lace tights add a touch of romantic style to your wardrobe, and they’re great for light coverage over your bare legs before summer comes.

When I saw these Fashionistas, my eyes immediately focused on their edgy, urban chic printed tights. This fun accessory is perfect for pairing with skirts and dresses for fashionable flair. The Fashionista on the left rocks a sheer diagonal pattern – her loud hosiery updates her simple, tie-die dress. Her dress is casual with a modern style, and her combat boots add the perfect amount of toughness to her look. The Fashionista on the right opted for tights that show a little less skin. Her black tights match her simple shell top and add a sleek finish to her vintage look, which she tops off with a playful pair of red platform heels. Lace tights are a statement piece that speak for themself, so feel free to keep the rest of your outfit simple – solid colors work best, but muted patterns can be okay too. The Fashionista on the right chose to pair her tights with a high-waisted floral skirt. Simple patterns like this are fine as long as there’s not too much going on. In terms of color, follow the lead of these ladies and stick with black lace tights. Patterns on legs tend to make them appear thicker, and black is both slimming and versatile – it goes with a lot of looks.

I’m in love with the lace look right now. It’s a bold style and comes in a range of designs, so you can easily find one that suits you. ASOS has nice looking Daisy Lace Tights. This accessory gives a stylish twist to any outfit; you can dress them up with an LBD or dress them down with a T-shirt and oversized cardigan. Remember, the tights should be the central part of your outfit. Give your legs a sexy style and lace ‘em up!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Ready for the Rain

It may seem like those April showers are over, but nothing’s more unpredictable than the weather during New York summers. Summer and rain go hand in hand, and us natives have the good sense to always arm ourselves with an umbrella for protection. Umbrellas are practical for sure, but as with any other accessory, who says they can’t be stylish too?

I spotted this Fashionista heading to class after a light drizzle with a wood handled umbrella in hand. She shows how an umbrella can be a great accessory to add on to your outfit. Although this particular umbrella is not a compact size, it’s built to last and offers maximum protection (and a maximum display of gorgeous plaid pattern). The colors are classic and suit a lot of different tones, so it’s ideal for pairing with a variety of colors – like this Fashionista’s outfit. Her yellow skirt is tiered for a retro appeal, and the cinched waist gives it a personal fit. I like how she accented the high waist with a leopard print belt, giving the skirt a fun, frisky pattern and even more color. The chiffon material is nice enough to style up for a night out or keep it lowkey during the day and pair it with a sweater, as shown here. This Fashionista's sweater is the perfect lightweight knit to belt with a skirt and bare legs for the warmer months. The polished buttons add a sophisticated touch, and it’s perfect to toss on over summery tanks, like her teal one.

Her yellow leather boots help battle those nasty puddles and also show off a classic leather style with an urban twist. They add a bold accent to her outfit and complement her skirt with a slightly darker hue. Her classic trench is sleek and flattering. This must-have outerwear item for the spring is perfect for warm, rainy days and will never go out of style.

So, rainy day women, shield yourselves this spring with a fashionable umbrella. There are a variety of cute and colorful patterns and styles to choose from: polka dots, gingham, and even heart shapes! Topshop offers an adorable dark pink bunny print umbrella with a crook handle. Umbrellas protect against the elements in a functionable and fashionable way, and they bring something extra to your outfit. Fight the rain!


There’s nothing like a signature hairstyle to define your look. The pixie cut has been around since the ‘20s, but before Halle Berry, Rihanna, and most recently, Emma Watson, donned the ‘do, British model and actress Twiggy popularized the cut in the ‘60s. The shorthaired style created a new wave of feminism with an androgynous look that was perfect for rebelling young girls. One thing is for sure: this gorgeous and classic hairstyle takes courage.

This Fashionista pulls off the pixie cut flawlessly, it complements her oval shaped face and defined bone structure. Draped bangs are great for a less severe cut – they give you something to dust off your face when you feel like you’ve got nothing left. Going along with her unisex haircut, I like how this Fashionista's outfit combines feminine and masculine trends. Her printed linen dress is comfortably cool and feminine. She chose to define her waist and give the dress a little something extra by topping it off with a belt. Her light jacket is effortlessly stylish and perfect for spring. This bold blue can be paired with any bottoms whether it’s a dress, skirt, or slacks. Its light, easy drape and loose fit works for both sexes. She again steps into the boy trend with her black and white wingtip oxford shoes, adding to her bold and daring look. The two-tone pattern gives the classic shoe some flair. G.H. Bass & Co. offers a great pair of saddle shoes at a decent price. Her eye-catching red leather bag gives color to her outfit and makes it more playful and flirty.

Ultra-short cuts are the style of the moment, and I’m sure they’ll only multiply as the balmy, New York City summer approaches. The pixie cut is sexy, chic, and easy to style, but it’s definitely not for everyone. If you want to emulate this Fashionista’s bold, daring, and edgy ensemble, then this hairdo might be for you. Liberate yourself from those long locks and man up!


Warm weather is coming slowly but surely to New York City. Want a great piece to keep your legs warm on those still-cool spring days? Look no further than the maxi skirt, the must-have item of 2011. We’ve seen this trend everywhere, from stylish celebrities to designer runways. Kate Bosworth, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Olivia Palermo are a few of the many starlets who have been seen taking it to the max in style. Designers Chloé, Jil Sander, and Alexander Wang all featured these super-long skirts in their spring/summer 2011 collections. This trend is not just for the nuns – the maxi skirt's back and it's both practical and stylish. It’s perfect for the changing weather, or if you just don’t feel like shaving your legs! Topshop offers a great price option for a basic maxi skirt with an elastic waistband for extra comfort.

This Fashionista rocks the maxi look right. The jersey material keeps with a casual style and its ankle-grazing length adds the perfect amount of height. The long skirt softly drapes and adds a good amount of movement to her ensemble. I like how this Fashionista knotted her skirt at the bottom to spruce it up (this is also a helpful technique to keep it from dragging during those April showers). By defining her waist with a leather belt, she gives herself a distinct silhouette and adds shape to her voluminous skirt. She chose to pair her maxi with a sleek tee and a chunky jacket for a cool day look. When choosing what to wear with your maxi, remember that the skirt is the statement. Take this Fashionista’s advice and wear a simple tee that gives your outfit the right proportions. A little V-neck helps show a little skin under that long, flowy skirt. Her fitted leather jacket doesn’t add too much volume either, and the tough material adds accent. When wearing a long skirt, it's best to stick with flats as this Fashionista did with a studded rocker chic pair.

The maxi skirt is without doubt a key piece for the season. The look is dramatic and easy to pull off, just throw it on and you’re all set – it’s the centerpiece of any outfit. Maxi’s are casual and versatile, they can be styled for any season: wear them with sandals or flats and a tank in the spring and summer or with a motorcycle jacket and ankle boots in the fall. The options are limitless. Take it to the max!


I’m sure I’m not the only one who dressed up as Pocahontas for Halloween as a little girl. Tribal costumes abound on the festive holiday because of our love for Navajo-inspired fashions – so why limit this style to just one day of the year? The native look has hit the city streets; recent runway collections by designers like Missoni and Charlotte Ronson confirm that eclectic tribal fashion is back in style for this spring and summer.

Strong, graphic prints work best on simple shapes. A little lightweight knitwear draped over that new spring dress or pair of solid slacks adds texture and color to your outfit (and also keeps you warm!) A statement item, like this tribal print sweater from Forever 21, keeps your outfit earthy, ethnic, and original. I spotted this Fashionista looking daytime casual and fusing bright patterns together in a striking, fashionable ensemble. Her skillful mix of prints, patterns, and colors offers an eye-catching personal touch as well as a layerable, everyday option. A self-proclaimed lover of the tribal trend from a young age, what first caught my eye was her oversized patterned sweater. The mix of stitches and rich, vibrant colors looks adds an effortless touch of style when draped over her pair of skinny jeans and edgy combat boots. I respect this Fashionsta’s fearlessness to mix and match different patterns, colors, and tones to create a vintage-inspired look. Her floral bag has a lively print that can coordinate with a lot of looks, and her sleek velvet pants show off one-of-a-kind style. Underneath her tribal knit, she keeps it simple and basic with a bold, earthy colored striped top. Her glasses exude intelligence and fearlessness; they go along with her no muss no fuss, tough-chic attitude (she’ll rock half-undone suspenders if she wants to).

Take an exotic turn during the warmer months and add a little color to your wardrobe. Strong earth tones and bright patterns are a must-have for spring, and cozy lightweight knitwear is a comfortable and chic addition to your wardrobe. Reconnect with your inner Pocahontas and wear the “Colors of the Wind.” Go native!


In the interim period between winter and spring, it’s sometimes difficult to figure out what outfit will best suit the weather. While the afternoon may yield a sunny and warm 55-degree day, it can get quite chilly again during the New York nights. Want an inventive and fun fix to this fashion dilemma? Layers! It’s no surprise that Fashionistas in the northeastern states have embraced outfits that span the seasons. Layers allow you to dress lightly for the day, but have that extra add-on for when the sun goes down. Layers add depth to your outfit and make it look more mature. You can experiment and match colors, combine different shades and lengths, and best of all, scan your closet for old clothes and layer them with new purchases!

This Fashionista has the layering trend down pat. She started her outfit with a solid, tightly fitted tee and paired it with a springy skirt. Her delicate skirt is light and airy – an ideal piece for layering. This warm weather skirt is sheer by design, so it’s perfect when worn over black opaque tights. Her black trench coat is a classic spring jacket; its lightweight material is great for warmer days. She toughens up her feminine skirt with black lace-up combat boots for a rougher, more rocker look. I like how she pairs fierce with feminine, and also how she chose to sport thick socks under her boots of extra warmth and style – one of winter’s biggest trends.

She gave exotic flair to her trench by tying a bright, printed scarf around her neck to complete the layered look. Her scarf adds a splash of color to her minimalist, neutral layers, and the vibrant print smartly updates her black trenchcoat. There are many ways to wear this neck scarf: you can drape it over your shoulders, let it hang down around your neck, or tie it around the neck, as this Fashionista did. For a similar neckpiece to this Fashionista, try Rag & Bone’s box stripe print scarf.

Layering is not just for winter sweaters, it has spread to skirts, tights, sheer tops, and scarves. This Fashionista made layering work within the same color family. She paired neutrals with grays and dark hues and topped it off with a colorful accessory. A colorful scarf is a fun and easy way to add something extra to your ensemble. Stay practical and stylish as spring approaches and adopt the layering trend – mix up your outfit to make it look fresh for the new season. When in doubt, layer it up!


Following the commercial success of “Black Swan,” Fashionistas everywhere have been trying to emulate the ballerina look donned by delicate dancers Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis in the Oscar-winning film. The ballet flat seen on the streets today is influenced by the ballerina’s soft ballet slipper, and is usually fashioned with a ribbon-like binding across the vamp or a bow at the toe. Audrey Hepburn popularized ballet flats in the 1957 film “Funny Face.” Designers like Chloé and Michael Kors have featured these flats in their runway collections, showing the fashion conscious that this look is not just for ballerinas. Ballet flats have an iconic, timeless design and perfect fit. The traditional pink-colored flats secured with elastic bands, like this pair by Chloé, are this spring’s version of the gladiator sandal.

I spotted this Fashionista wearing this season's must-have footwear in a classic shade of pink. She looks dainty and comfortable – the cross-vamp strap offers great protection from slipping! These shoes are the definition of playful, springy style. The ankle strap adds an extra spin of chic. A good pair of ballet flats is a worthwhile investment: they can be worn in any season and come in a variety of patterns, prints, and bejeweled designs. There are also many ways to wear them. This Fashionista chose to pair her flats with skinny jeans for a casual and cool outfit, but you can also wear them with skirts or dresses for a more flirty, feminine look. Her denim adds a casual touch to her rugged chic faux fur jacket. This extra plush outerwear is great to zip-up over a sleek pair of jeans, and instantly dresses up this Fashionista's denim. Her black scarf keeps her neck warm and cozy under the coat’s shawl collar. The chic, brown leather satchel also adds edge to her look with its polished gold hardware. The bag looks polished and professional, but also has enough room to tote around any Fashionista's must-have items.

Break out your inner Swan Queen this season and slip on those ballerina flats! This footwear is a cute and comfortable alternative to heels. Just because we can’t dance like professional ballerinas doesn’t mean we can’t wear their shoes!