TREND: Plaid Splash

It is not officially summertime yet, but the heat of the summer is pushing through the seams of the spring season. This summer season, all types of forgotten trends will emerge, like cut off shorts, tank tops and plaid. Plaid is a seasonal favorite that screams summer wear. The trend can be easily used as a go to essential. I believe every true Fashionista will take advantage of the plaid trend this summer season.

Today's Fashionista is a walking billboard for plaid. She is dressed in a flattering plaid dress, with colors that compliment the current season. When I asked the Fashionista what her inspiration for her look was, she replied saying, “The dress reminds me of a cute picnic table.” She accessorizes with a brown braided belt and a pair of tan colored sandals. The entire look is simple, but perfect for a warm day on campus.

This summer season, take advantage of old and new trends. Plaid is a summertime favorite, and is one that is easy to make your own. Add in your own personal seasonal accessories for an explosive ensemble. This summer season you cannot go wrong with plaid wear.

Hint: Fashionistas take advantage of your boyfriend’s old plaid shirts. If they are long enough, you can belt them and turn them into dress. Another option would be to tie the shirt at your midriff and wear it as a cropped top. Personalizing your fashion is the key to great summer ensembles.

TREND: Let Color Pop

There are many ways to add a little visual flare to your ensembles. Most Fashionisto’s add accessories or pull out an awesome blazer to showcase their great style. However, there are other options to spice up a daily look. A pop of color this spring/summer season can do wonders for a Fashionisto’s outfit.

My Fashionsito of the week would be any style guru’s refuge. He stood out from the crowd of students with his red tailored pants. They add the visual appeal to his outfit I am sure he was going for as well and prove his willingness to step outside the complacent box of dull college fashion. The red pants are simply the Fashionisto’s piece that pops! He cuffs the pants at the bottom, which helps his ensemble to flow along with the style of the season. The Fashionisto pairs his pants with a white and blue-checkered button down shirt and blue skinny tie. He also adds in a pair of brown loafers, a tan canvas bag, and sunglasses that pull his entire look together for a polished college style look.

A pop of color could help sail any look to the next level. The random stand out color adds personality to the ensemble. The color pop is a current trend that every Fashionisto will be sure to take advantage of this season.

Hint: Try to add small pops of color to your outfits each day! Brightly colored accessories, cardigans, or footwear are small ways to spice up your wardrobe with current trendy colors.

TREND: Creativity

I like to think of Fashion as art. A true Fashionisto will use his body as a blank canvas to display his artwork. Showing your creativity through your wardrobe is a trend that should never fade away. It gives personality to a lifeless garment. The fashion forward can make an outfit their own through many different avenues that others may never think of. Using this tool could set off fireworks within your closet.

Today's Fashionisto showcases his complex creativity with an interesting combination of pieces to say the least. When I questioned him on his inspiration for his ensemble, he laughed and told me that he felt a little funky today so he went with the flow. The Fashionisto wears a cropped slightly oversized yellow football jersey. He explained that he inherited the jersey from his father. Even though he isn’t the most athletic he felt it could serve as a good fashion piece. The Fashionisto cuffs a pair of black jeans to his knee caps. A fur and leather hat that somewhat resembles a football helmet, tops off the ensemble also with a low cut pair of Nike sneakers. The entire look is priceless. It enables the Fashionisto to display his authentic talent in the area of styling.

Each Fashionisto uses his creativity to display the art that his closet posses. Allowing your creativity to shine through your wardrobe speaks volumes about who you are and what you represent. Hopefully that voice is speaking of artistic fashionable greatest.

Hint: Are you afraid that you think too far outside the box when it comes to your wardrobe? Don’t be afraid. Find whatever maybe the best fit for you that you are comfortable with and rock it. Fashion has no rules.

TREND: Summertime Fashion Statements

Dressing for summer events and staying in style can be quite a challenge. The summer humidity can become quite unbearable and just may discourage a Fashionista from pulling off her best ensembles. However, a true red blooded Fashionista will take on the challenge with full force and provide awesome style options each day of the outrageous hot summer days.

Today's prepared herself for a festive day on campus with her summer appropriate wear. A striped halter top makes for an awesome selection on this warm day. It allows the Fashionista to keep cool despite the heat. She pairs her top with a pair of green cargo’s which complements the shirt. To round the complete look off she adds in a tan braided belt, tan opened toed shoes, and a collection of eclectic accessories. All together the Fashionista pulls off a summer time beat the heat stylish look.

The summer heat makes it difficult for a Fashionista to keep focused. Finding suitable options to stay on top of her awesome style could prove to be stressful, but a true Fashionista will see the enormous task as chance to showcase her true talent. Make this summer season one to truly remember. Showcase your great style with trendy clothing that will stand out in the heat of the season.

Hint: Do you have a pair of old jeans you are thinking of getting rid of? STOP! Before you toss them cut them into a pair shorts. Your new home made shorts will be an awesome option for summer time fashion.

TREND: Get High with Your Pants

As I take notice to the Fashionista’s that surround me daily, I have observed the change in the silhouette of womenswear. Though, high-waisted pants are no new fashion trick they have re-emerged and are complimenting the body frames of Fashionista’s on college campuses everywhere. High-waisted pants give Fashionista’s the ability to showcase their waist size and offer another bottom pant option.

Today's Fashionista wears a pair of high-waisted cream-colored pants. They have deep pleats in the front that blend along with the hidden pockets. The pants do justice for the Fashionista’s petite frame. The Fashionista tucks her white floral embroider tank into the pants, to give off a sleek silhouette. A pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses and an awesome pair of wooden brown leather wedged heels pull her entire look together. The Fashionista is stamped with approval for a fashion forward ensemble for spring. She is well prepared to walk through campus on the bright spring day.

A pair of high-waisted pants offers Fashionista’s just another option for great Fashion. Stepping away from the norm and trying out different fashion techniques is a wonderful way for Fashionista’s to advance their style skills. High-waisted pants create a different shape that could greatly flatter the body frame.

Hint: Not sure if high-waisted pants are for you? Try on as many different variations of the trend to find the right fit for you! It never hurts to try some new fashion options. You never no what may look awesome on you.

TREND: The Fitted Blazer

A fitted blazer can take a Fashionista around the world and back. It is simply one of those essential pieces that every fashionable person must own. A blazer can be dressed up or down and can translate through every season. Every true Fashionista is completely in love with the versatility of the fitted blazer and the joy it brings to her wardrobe.?

This Fashionista of the week is all set for a day of professional progress with her black fitted blazer. Her blazer fits her like a glove. She pairs the blazer with black skinnies and a pinstripe button down. The combination of the three pieces with an added royal blue tie make for an awesome version of an alternative suit. She wears a pair of white low top converse that poke fun at stuffy nature of the suit. The Fashionista’s complete look is an A+ for quirky style and a superb representation of menswear fashion.

A fitted blazer is a hit trend among Fashionistas on college campuses nationwide. It's conventional nature gives Fashionistas numerous options to add great interest to their wardrobe. Whether the blazer is wore with a dress, a pair of jeans or a skirt, the blazer is an ultimate win.

Hint: Not convinced by the power of a fitted blazer? Add some aesthetic pieces to the jacket to give it a little more visual appeal, i.e. some studs or sequins on the lapel of the blazer would give that added spice a Fashionista needs.

TREND: Vertical Stripes Save The Day

Do you remember your first time at a theme park and being under the height requirement fort that gigantic roller coaster? I could imagine you wanting to do everything within your power to make yourself appear taller. Fortunately, the correct garments can help you appear taller than you are. Think vertical stripes! A vertical stripe is a petite Fashionista’s hidden treasure. The vertical stripe will elongate her body, aiding her to look as if she has the height of a runway model.

This Fashionista of the week is what I would describe as vertically challenged. She stands at a whopping 4’11, and often struggles with finding clothing that will make her small frame look longer. The great power of the green and white vertical stripe shirt she wears enables her to seem a bit taller. To add more elongation to her ensemble, she pairs a dark skinny jean with her striped shirt. The combination of the two pieces, packs a huge punch. They appear add an inch or two to her petite stature. The Fashionista rounds out her look with a flirty pair of cobalt blue flats. Now she looks tall enough to reach the top row of books within the scholarly library.

The effect that a garment can have on the shape of one’s body is enormous. The Fashionista's vertical stripes give her a tall look she desires. I can envision petite Fashionistas world wide joining together in the power of the vertical stripe!

Hint: Do you have a body feature you are not comfortable with? There are tons of ways to disguise unflattering body features. You just need to research them. For example, if you have short arms, invest in three quarter length shirts that will make your arms appear longer.

TREND: Camera Ready

Are you ready for your close up? Each true Fashionisto takes pride in his wardrobe and knows the importance of being camera ready at all times. It has become quite trendy to be one of the fashion elite, photographed, and blogged daily. The age of the internet has allowed us all to become celebrities in our own right. Websites like tumblr and fashion blogs of all kind, not unlike, enable those fashion forward individuals to be showcased to the world for their tremendous style efforts.

This Fashionisto of the week is all ready for a photo shoot. He is dressed from head to toe with a photogenic attitude. He pairs together a denim shirt with olive green cargo pants. To add visual interest he also ties in a multiple colored bubble vest. The Fashionisto tops off his ensemble with a vintage hat and Marc Jacobs bag. He poses for the camera with confidence, expecting his outfit for the day to land him big on the fashion internet scene.

It is rather easy to catch a photograph of yourself or a fashion forward friend on an internet site these days. That being said, a true Fashionisto plans ahead to be in style for every occasion–just in case there is a camera lurking around the corner.

Hint: Are you not sure what looks best on you? Step out of your bounds and try on everything in the mirror and see what you like best. It never hurts to know what works well for you.

TREND: All the Pretty Dresses

The flowers are blooming and the temperature is rising. Fashionistas nationwide are celebrating the arrival of the spring season. With the change of the season comes the need for spring cleaning. Time to put away those fur hats and scarves and trade them in for sunglasses and sandals. With everything else aside, every Fashionista's essential piece for the season is the sundress. The sundress has proven time and time again to be easy, breezy and the obvious choice for the spring weather.

This Fashionista of the week is all set for a jog through the blooming flowers on a day filled with sunshine. She has chosen a simple short dress for her day. The dress is light and flowy, which offers her great freedom throughout the warm day. She pairs a denim vest with her dress to add a little trendy spice. A pair of jewel-embellished sandals completes her outfit for a feminine flirty springtime look.

As spring rolls into full effect, so does the need to incorporate sunshine appropriate attire! This spring season, a multitude of sundresses could be the answer to any fashion challenge. The sundress will offer a Fashionista an awesome option to enjoy her spring wardrobe.

Hint: Do you want a spring accessory like a denim vest, but you cannot find one anywhere? Don’t worry! Head to your local thrift store and pick up an old denim jacket! Cut the sleeves off and there you have your very own denim vest!

TREND: Cultural Influence

As a college student, it is very easy to be influenced in different ways, seeing that we are all exposed to so many unfamiliar circumstances. For any Fashionista, fashion is the most heavily influenced portion of her life. Traveling, friends from undiscovered places and close attention to pop culture all have an enormous effect on a Fashionista’s wardrobe.

Today's Fashionista is fresh off of her Spring Break trip from New York City. The Fashionista beamed with joy as she explained to me how much fun she had while in the city. She was consumed with laughter when she told me of the story behind her fedora. The fedora with the red feature was taken off of the head of a young man she had met while walking down Seventh Avenue. The Fashionista incorporates a red bag to compliment the red feature on the hat. She completes her look with a pair of slightly distressed skinny jeans, a simple V-neck, and black cardigan. I would like to call this outfit simplicity at its best. It is perfect for a first day back on campus after a long week of traveling.

It has become quite trendy for a Fashionista to wear her experiences in her wardrobe. Just imagine traveling throughout the country and taking on the fashionable perspective of the people who inhabit the area. By doing this, a Fashionista could possibly open her horizons to elements of fashion she had never dreamed of.

Hint: Have you recently inherited an article of clothing or accessory that is trendy but just not completely your style? Don’t worry, just jazz it up a bit. Add little embellishments like studs, features or rhinestones to make the item visually appealing.