The 1970s were all about expression. From disco pants to platform shoes to polyester shirts and gold chains, the disco style was flashy. Of course, it wasn’t appropriate for everyday life but come nighttime, these styles took over the dance floors. The purpose of the disco style was to create a head-turning look that would steal the spotlight. People were not only concentrated on their looks but also on their comfort. It was all about looking good while being able to show off their dance moves. The disco pant was a popular choice because of the stretchy nylon/spandex blend. These hip hugging pants were especially flattering for the ladies on the dance floor.

Disco pants have been sneaking their way back since earlier this year but this fall will surely bring the trend out from hiding. Of course, it’s no surprise to see a retro trend hit stores since we’ve been seeing a lot of ‘80s inspired items lately. Fortunately, modern fashion is all about mixing trends from different eras. This Fashionista does a great job of incorporating the ‘70s disco pant into her wardrobe while channeling ‘90s grunge with her platform boots. She keeps the outfit form-fitting by pairing her disco pants with a lace top.

You can also commemorate the disco style by starting off with your own pair of skinny disco pants. If you still want to rock the trend but not spend too much money, an easy alternative to the pants are these latex leggings from Ragstock. The trick to not looking too retro is adding modern pieces to your outfit. I would suggest pairing your pants with a cool T-shirt or a loose blouse with a vintage vibe. If you’d like to mix trends just like today’s Fashionista, wear platform shoes or a simple canvas sneaker.


For a long time, hats were something that I stayed far away from; I was honestly intimidated by them. I slightly envied girls who could pull off hats so effortlessly but I could never quite figure out how they did it. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that all it takes to rock a hat is confidence. I knew that this Fashionista definitely had that when I saw her walking around campus with her hat.

The great thing about this accessory is that it comes in all shapes, sizes and textures. There’s a hat for every style; if you’re boho-chic, you might like a big floppy hat or if you’re a girl with an edgier style, a Western style hat might suit you. My personal favorite is the beanie cap because of the warmth and comfort it provides. But seriously, the options are endless! When choosing the perfect hat, you must consider your personal style but also how often you’ll get to wear it. A hat is a piece that can easily transition throughout the seasons. This Fashionista’s straw hat is too breezy for winter but it’s perfect for hot, sunny days. Not only does it help cool you off but it also protects your face from harsh rays. It’s the perfect accessory for a picnic on the quad!

Besides her hat, this Fashionista’s outfit contains more easily transitional pieces. Her loosely fitted chambray top and white T-shirt are multi-season favorites that she pairs with high-waisted jeans. The burgundy and black colors she opted for make the outfit good for autumn. Let’s also not forget about her dark lip color, which is mostly common during the cooler months. To fully transition the outfit, I would suggest trading the TOMS shoes for a pair of Dr. Marten boots. When it gets too cold for just a shirt, throw on a camo print jacket or an olive colored parka.


I think it’s safe to say that my jean obsession heightened (pun intended) ever since I bought my own pair of high-waisted jeans. There’s just something about how these jeans hug the waist that I find so comforting.

What I like most about high-waisted jeans is that they flatter all body types. Since they hug the narrowest part of your torso, they emphasize your curves. This is especially great for women who have boyish figures since the jean illustrates an hourglass figure. The jeans also do wonders for the bosom, not to mention they elongate your legs and make you look taller. Talk about magic!

This Fashionista went for the ultimate retro look by using a pair of vintage high-waisted jeans which could be easily be found at thrift stores. If thrifting isn’t your cup of tea, American Apparel offers medium and dark vintage high-waisted jeans too. This Fashionista uses a belly shirt that further extenuates her waist. She covers up with a brightly colored blazer that is totally reminiscent of the ‘80s. The blazer is especially good to wear during class when you feel like you’re showing too much skin. She continues the retro flair with large statement earrings and cheetah print loafers that tie up her look very well.

I’m certainly looking forward to seeing more Fashionista’s spot this high-waisted jean trend these upcoming weeks. It’s exciting to see the modern twist on ’80s trends. I’ll tell you one thing, I’m sure glad that poodle hair and huge shoulder pads weren’t part of the ‘80s comeback!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Skinny On Skinnies

If you’re like me, you can wear a pair of jeans on any given day. I mean, what’s not to love about them? Not only are jeans convenient but they’re also so darn comfortable. More than occasionally they have us checking ourselves out in the mirror asking, “do these jeans make my butt look big?” But we can’t deny that life would be incomplete without them.

Jeans are a timeless item. They have become the most widely adopted trend in history since their introduction in the mid-eighteenth century. They were first designed as work attire but soon became a popular wardrobe staple all around the world. We can attribute the incredible success of the jean to its versatility and comfort. From the babysitter to the construction worker, everyone can rock a pair of denim.

Jeans come in all different shapes and styles. The super skinny fit is a trend that originated in the ’80s but seems to have made quite the mark in today’s fashion. This Fashionisto shows us how easily we can take this style and give it a modern twist. The great thing about the modern skinny is that they come in a variety of washes. You can go totally retro and choose a pair of acid-wash denim and pair it with your favorite band T-shirt. But of course, classic blue denim is always an option, too.

This Fashionisto’s outfit shows us how easily we can transition jeans from day to night. To emulate this super skinny look, trade your T-shirt for a patterned button-down shirt. If you’re going out for a night in the city or to a nicer restaurant, add a skinny tie to the look. Finally, trade your sneakers in for a pair of combat boots or oxfords.


STYLE GURU BIO: Crystal Ramirez

I must admit, I didn’t know what to expect when I first joined the CollegeFashionista team this past summer. All I knew was that I was going to be part of a creative team with people who love fashion just as much as I do. How could I not be excited about that, right?

As a Style Guru, I was pushed outside of my comfort zone and was encouraged to do my best. I learned to trust my work, which helped me become more confident in my creative abilities. I won’t lie, the road was a bit rocky at first but I soon came to realize that I loved what I was doing. So much so that I decided to go for my second round as a Style Guru this fall semester.

Personally, I think fall is the best season to dress for. Warm colors and lots of layers are two things that I’m very fond of. As I mentioned in my previous STYLE GURU BIO, being girly isn’t really my thing so this fall I’ll be styling my favorite boots, hats and jeans. Seriously, jeans are the best thing ever invented–thank you, jean God.

This semester I’ll be transitioning to STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK. It’ll be my job to bring you all kinds of style tips that you can rock this season! I don’t doubt that I’ll be presented with another set of challenges but I’ve never been more prepared to tackle them. I’m thrilled to see how far I can push myself and how much I will learn this time around.


Class, much like wine, is an acquired taste. It’s something that certainly doesn’t occur over night or at the snap of your fingers. Class takes patience, knowledge, and not to mention, a greater inclination for the finer things in life. Clearly, this Fashionisto is ahead of the game when it comes to looking classy. Luckily, I got to ask him for a few tips. Pinkies up, everyone!

Name: Jhan Galarza

Major: Hospitality Management

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Does fashion play an important role in your life?

Jhan Galarza: It does, I think it plays an important role in everyone’s lives. I love how confident I feel after I put an outfit together. I really believe that I am what I wear, so I try to keep my style very clean.  

CF: You seem to have a very classic style. What does it take to pull off your look?  

JG: I really like to have a sense of elegance in whatever I wear. I like to wear casual things and spice it up with accessories. Golden accessories make the outfit look much nicer, I think. With a classic look, the colors are very important. I love very rich colors such as red or navy blue. I would say keep the pattern simple, nothing too crazy or distracting. The fit of the clothes is what’s most important. The less baggy your items are, the better you look.

CF: Have you started stocking up for your fall wardrobe yet?

JG: Actually, all I ever buy is stuff for fall and winter. Summer is my least favorite season because I don’t get to layer. I always say that sweater weather is better weather.

CF: That’s a good saying. Do you have any other fashion mottos?  

JG: Yes! “Class over swag.”

How To: Dressing classy means dressing in well-fitting clothing at all times. As this Fashionisto mentioned, the less baggy the better. Make sure that you’re not drowning in the clothing, but also not trying to squeeze into clothing three sizes too small. Once you find the correct fit, shopping will become much easier. To emulate this Fashionisto’s outfit, tuck a striped shirt into a pair of fitted chino pants. Next, step into an elegant pair of oxford shoes. Throw on a cardigan, if weather permits, and a watch to complete the look.


A simple way to add pizazz to any outfit is often by adding accessories. The key is to keep only one accessory as your statement piece. This Fashionista’s necklace, for example, brings attention to her face and also ties in with the color on her sheer top to create a polished look. You can easily dress up an inexpensive outfit by adding your favorite piece of costume jewelry or even a designer bag. In my opinion, the best accessory a Fashionista can wear is a bright smile on her face!

Name: Sofia Cabezas

Major: Nursing

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Sophia Cabezas: I feel like it’s edgy but girly at the same time. I’m especially girly right now because I’m wearing a lot of floral pieces. During the winter I wear spikes and stuff like that. It just depends on the season.

CF: What trends are your favorites at the moment?

SC: Right now I like the overall trend. They’re fun to style with a cute tank top underneath or a crop top. I love them. 

CF: When did you start experimenting with your style?

SC: I would say my junior year of high school. Before then, my style was very conservative and I didn’t branch out much. Even my makeup was plain, but now I like to wear bright colored lipsticks.

CF: What do you think completes an outfit?

EB: Accessories, especially jewelry. Necklaces and rings are key in my personal wardrobe. Also, shoes are really important to the outfit because they bring it all together.

How To: Play around with different colors and textures in your accessories to create a fun contrast. You can keep it simple by wearing a plain dress and adding a pop of color with a neon belt. Or you could also use a statement necklace to bring out the color in a printed shirt. The point is to use your accessories to create the best outfit possible.


It’s my guess that most people avoid wearing single-toned outfits in fear that they might look uncreative or too boring. But, much like denim on denim outfits, the trick to pulling off a single-toned outfit is to mix fabrics and washes. This Fashionisto did a fine job at mixing his fabrics by pairing his chambray shirt with a pair of cotton shorts. As for the washes, you can see that his shirt is slightly lighter than his shorts, which creates a contrast that’s easy to distinguish.

Name: Edgar Banuelos

Major: Accounting

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Edgar Banuelos: A short sleeve button-down from H&M, shorts that I bought online from Urban Outfitters and Converse shoes.

CF: Do you like to follow fashion trends or do you have your own style?

EB: I’ve never really followed trends. I’ve always worn what I like and what I feel comfortable wearing.

CF: What season is your favorite to dress for?  

EB: I like to dress for fall or winter because it’s definitely a lot cooler than summer. I own a lot of short-sleeve button-down shirts that I wear during the summer, but then I use them during fall. I like to wear sweaters, jackets and boots too. You can’t wear all of that when it’s hotter out.

CF: Fall and winter are great seasons! What colors would you say you wear the most?

EB: I like to wear different colors like green or red; mostly darker colors.

How To: Remember, mixing and matching of textures and shades is crucial to a single-toned outfit. A plain denim shirt, a panel shirt or a shirt with pattern are great options to go with a pair of light denim or dark denim jeans. Try to incorporate accessories, such as a brown belt, to further break down the monochromatic outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different details. Most importantly, have some fun with it.


When it comes to scouting Fashionistas/os on campus, I not only pay attention to the outfit as a whole, but also to its details. As I’ve mentioned before, a bit of added effort can make a huge difference for the outfit. This Fashionista’s outfit, for example, would have been very plain had she not put together items with a bit of detail. The bib collar on her tank top, a woven belt, distressed shorts and a reptile print purse give the outfit interest and flare. Subtle details such as these can take any outfit from drab to fab in an instant!

Name: Jessica Leyva

Major: Biochemistry

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: Where do you like to go shopping?

Jessica Leyva: I work at Plato’s Closet so that’s where I get all of my clothes. Literally, this whole outfit is from there. My whole paycheck pretty much goes back to the store, but it’s great.

CF: Cool! What do you wear on a typical school day?  

JL: Well, now that it’s summer, I wear a lot of tank tops and shorts. I’m pretty girly so I like to wear a lot of dresses too. Overall, I like to be comfortable.

CF: Where do you find inspiration for your style?

JL: I typically look online to see what’s trendy at the moment. I also like to look at store catalogs from American Apparel and Urban Outfitters.  

How To: To pull-off a multi-textured outfit, make sure that the details are subtle but still significant. You could easily add detail to a plain tank top or T-shirt by accessorizing with a collar necklace from ASOS. Continue the detailing with a pair of distressed denim cut-offs from Urban Outfitters. Top off the look with a textured handbag from Call It Spring.


Some people give off a naturally cool vibe that can be hard to ignore when they walk by. Now, I’m not saying I’m some kind of coolness expert, but I think it takes some skill to be able to reach such a status. To be cool, one must be unapologetic, geared up with the latest fashion trends and of course, have the right amount of confidence. Being cool also means making a statement without having to say a single a word; that’s certainly what this Fashionista does with her outfit.

Name: Claudia Martinez

Major: Business

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What would you consider the worst fashion faux pas?

Claudia Martinez: UGG boots, of course, and too much glitter.

CF: What inspires your style?  

CM: Fashion blogs. A few of my favorite ones to read are Style Scrapbook, Fake Leather and Karla’s Closet.

CF: What fashion trends are you enjoying the most right now?  

CM: High-waist shorts and floral print.

CF: If you could switch wardrobes with anyone, who would you choose to switch with?  

CM: I would choose either Kendall Jenner or Kylie Jenner. I like their styles and I bet they have huge closets packed with clothes!

How To: In order to be as cool, calm and collected as this Fashionista, you must first make sure you’re rocking the correct trends. For starters, wear a graphic tank top with a pair of distressed denim cut-offs from Forever 21. Don’t forget a pair of statement earrings. To finish off the look, tie up a pair of sneaker wedges from GoJane. You’ll be so cool that you’ll make ice cubes jealous!