Over”All” the Rage!

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. The pun I used in the title is lame and I need to be stopped. I’m going to pretend it’s funny and not pathetic, so let’s move on and talk about my favorite trend: overalls.

I’m going to be honest, when overalls first started coming back in style I wasn’t super excited about it. I never used to take many risks when it comes to fashion, so it sort of freaked me out when people wore them. But the more I saw them around, and really saw how trendy people made them look, I had to go out and get a pair. Now, my overalls are my favorite piece of clothing in my closet.

My favorite pair of overalls I own are the black ones I’m wearing in the above picture. They fit like a glove and almost make me look taller. (I’m 5’2 so this is definitely a good thing.)

My favorite thing about overalls is how pairing them with a cute crop top or T-shirt makes it look like you tried really hard to put together an outfit when you probably didn’t. It’s a really simple look that makes it look like you spent a lot of time putting it together.

A concern I had before buying my overalls was that I didn’t think I had anywhere I could wear them. I think I thought this because I was intimidated by how stylish they look. In reality, overalls look good for different occasions, depending on what you wear them with.

In the outfit I wore above, I’m definitely going for an edgier look with the white crop top underneath. This is more appropriate for a party or a concert. I paired them with my favorite black booties, a black wide-brim hat, a black choker (always), and my black sunglasses to shield my eyes from the golden hour.

For a more casual look, you could pair them with any T-shirt, which you can tuck into the overalls, and throw on a pair of sneakers. This is perfect for school, a day out in the city, or just for a coffee date with your friends. You’ll still look super cool and make people think your outfit took a lot of effort.

Want to know what the best thing about overalls is? They come in all different colors and styles! You don’t need to get long black ones like me. You could shorts style, denim in pretty much any kind of wash you could think of, and even in the form of a dress! I love how versatile overalls are, so you’re really able to show off your personality, creativity, and sense of style when you wear them.

Do you have a pair of overalls you’re obsessed with? Comment below, or share with us via social media on @CFashionista!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Your Go-To Summer Look

Hi fellow Fashionistas!

It’s finally that time of year! It feels like yesterday I was wearing a parka and trekking through snow to get to class. Now, classes are over, I’m back home for the summer, and I finally don’t need to wear what feels like a 10 pound coat every time I leave the house.

The best part about spring and summer (as with any season) is the fashion. Having more free time means having more time to go explore new places! And we have to look good while doing it, right?

I ventured to New Hope, Pennsylvania, a cute town about an hour away from Philadelphia. New Hope is the place to be around Christmas time, with all the lights and holiday activities going on.

I know it’s not Christmas, but I decided to go anyway. New Hope is just as cute in the spring, with all of the flowers in bloom and cute shops to visit.

This Fashionista’s look had me in awe. Not only did it look comfortable and breathable (an important part of any outfit in those hot summer days) but it was also super cute and stylish. Her dress gives me music festival vibes, but also day-out-in-the-city vibes. It’s perfect for any occasion in the summer. Something that’s versatile and artsy is perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

You know what really tops off the look? Yes, if you also speak bad puns, you know I’m going to say the hat. It quite literally tops off the look. But bad puns aside, the hat adds that beachy, artistic vibe I love. Adding one of these wide brim hats is the best way to look like you’re ready for a day at Coachella. (One can dream, right?)

The final touches are definitely the choker and the shoes. I am a strong believer in chokers. I know some people think they’re weird, but I think throwing on a black choker is a surefire way to add some edge to your outfit, even if it’s only a little bit.

The Doc Martens are another thing I love about this look. Once again, along with the choker, they’re adding some edge. Wearing the dress with sandals would completely transform the look.

This Fashionista named her look: “The Musician’s Girlfriend.” Is she a musician’s girlfriend? No. Does she look like she is? Totally. And that’s all that matters.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Two-Toned Jeans and Strappy Heels

Greetings, Fashionistas! Want to know what one of my favorite things about fashion is?

I knew you would! I love when a simple outfit can be made a lot more interesting by the small details. It’s the little things in life, as well as the little things in fashion.

For example, a black choker can be enough to take your look in a new direction. In the outfit this Fashionista is wearing, the choker adds a bit of edge, giving the entire outfit a new vibe.

This green bodysuit paired with any normal pair of jeans would be a much softer, classier look. But these two-toned jeans, frayed at the bottom, show off this Fashionista’s grungier side and say, “I’m not afraid to take some risks.” They add a fun, vintage look, completely transforming the outfit.

The jeans paired with these black, strappy heeled sandals make this outfit look more mature, but also take it from laid-back to attention grabbing. These shoes make a statement. See? It’s all in the little things. (Just like the One Direction song! But we’re talking about clothes, not people.)

Isn’t it amazing how a few small details can completely change your look? This outfit is formal but grungy, laid-back but still shows that you tried (but not too hard). It’s perfect for a night out, a concert, or even a day out in the city. All eyes will be on you this spring!

WHAT TO WEAR: Dare to Wear Patterns

Today we’re talking about something that scares a lot of people: patterns, and lots of them.

The best thing about wearing patterns is that there are so many to choose from, and so many different ways to mix and match them to create a look that is completely your own. For example, wearing a plain T-shirt with patterned pants or vice versa is a great way to make your outfit pop and make a statement.

My model is wearing pink patterned pants, complemented by a plain, white button-up blouse. Classy, stylish, and modern at the same time. She paired the look with… dare I say it… more patterns! Her big, cozy, plaid scarf helped complete the look, added another pop of color, and made The statement that she isn’t afraid to take risks. (That’s a lot of talking for a scarf, I know.)

Her brown knee-length boots aren’t something you would typically think to pair with with the pink pants, but once again, it just works. The outfit completely comes together and makes a statement! She looks ready to take on the day in style. (Psst, the pants look comfortable too.)

Also, who said you can’t wear sunglasses in the winter? Adding to her look, she’s rocking these tortoise-patterned sunglasses, giving me total hippie vibes.

A lot of people would shy away from this bold look, but I love a Fashionista who isn’t scared to take a risk (take a chance, make a change, and breakaway… Is the Kelly Clarkson reference too much?).

Anyway, what do you think of her look? I hope you love it and try to recreate it in your own way. Fashion is an art of self-expression after all.

STYLE ADVICE: Winter Fashion

Hi fellow Fashionistas!

It’s that time of year again. Snow is falling, the days feel shorter, the temperatures are plummeting. The ultimate question is: how do I look good while staying warm?

Don’t let your wardrobe suffer because of the freezing temperatures! A lot of people don’t think winter is the most stylish season, but I beg to differ! Winter fashion is just as good, and maybe even better, than the rest of the seasons. Who says you can’t look good while you’re all bundled up?

The key here is layers, layers, layers! Scarves, sweaters, warm coats, boot socks, etc. Layers not only look super stylish but also keep you warm. The best part is that if you start to get too warm, you can take a layer off! And when you start to get cold again, you can put the layer back on. Layering gives you lots of flexible and different style options!

I’m loving this warm and cozy look. There’s no better way to stay warm and look good at the same time than to wear a fuzzy sweater underneath a cargo jacket, preferably with a furry hood for extra warmth (and style, let’s be real). And nothing says winter like adding a girly touch with frilled boot socks underneath a pair of currently all the rage duck boots. Top off the cozy, warm look with a knit beanie. Keep yourself warm and look stylish at the same time.

STYLE GURU BIO: Daniela Chism

Hi everyone! My name is Daniela Chism. I am a senior at Penn State, studying public relations. I have a love for clothes, music, and photography, so I would love to work in the entertainment or fashion industries. I am so excited to be interning for CollegeFashionista this semester, doing what I love!

My style sort of depends on the day, what I’m doing, and where I’m going.  I am really into being comfortable, so I am very drawn to casual outfits with a bit of edge to them. I am also insanely inspired by the whole artsy NYC street style, so you’ll catch me wearing ankle boots, ripped jeans, and light jackets all the time.

This outfit pretty much sums up my personal style. It is comfortable, and perfect for grabbing a cup of coffee with friends, going to class, running errands, or even going out to eat. I am obsessed with my leather jacket. It is a timeless look that makes every outfit look a little better and a little edgier. I also throw my plaid scarf over any shirt with my leather jacket and love the way the red compliments the black, and gives the look more of an artsy vibe. Of course I pair this outfit with my black ankle boots, which go perfectly with almost any outfit, and really complete the look.

I am so excited to continue sharing my love for fashion with the world!