I was so pleasantly surprised to run into this Fashionista on the rainy campus one afternoon. She always sat a few seats away from me in my Sociology class, and although I often admired her outfits, we never exchanged names, only waving hello to each other every class. So when I spotted her from afar looking stylish during a stormy day, I was so excited to have my camera with me. She was on her way to a meeting, so our exchange was rather brief, but here’s what I learned:

Name: Atti Worku

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Hi! It’s so good to see you outside of class. I love your outfit, do you mind if I photograph you quickly and ask you a little bit about what you’re wearing and what inspires you?

Atti Worku: Thank you! Of course you may. I’m actually on my way to a meeting, so I have to rush, but here’s the scoop: I’m originally from Ethiopia. I love fashion, and was a model for a bit before I enrolled as a student here at Columbia. I travel a lot; my brooch is from Thailand. So I gather inspiration from the colors and cultures that I experience as I travel.

How To: Even though she only had a few moments to talk to me, I think this Fashionista's outfit is the perfect example of how to avoid looking frumpy on rainy days. I love the way her brooch jewels match the color scheme of her skirt, pulling everything together. You can also get away with showing some leg in a flirty skirt when it’s stormy, but pair your bottoms with a long boot to maintain an elegant feel. Finally, a crisp white shirt and a fitted, feminine blazer keep you looking sharp before a meeting! Don’t forget a cute umbrella.

If you’re inspired by other cultures like this Fashionista, don’t feel the need to wear an outfit that’s 100% imported. Throw in an item that you got abroad; be it a headband or a pair of jeans. I love these Wayuu Taya bags — they’re colorful, convenient and support an empowering cause. Nothing feels better than staying stylish while supporting a great cause.

Style Guru Bio: Danielle Gorshein

Shalom! That’s Hebrew for “Hello!” I was born in Tel Aviv, and moved to the States as a child. Ever since, my style has been heavily influenced by the laid-back culture of the Mediterranean. I’m not saying that I float around in linen pants and bikini tops, but my wardrobe is defined by airy, cotton pieces. I love to be comfortable, and my favorite feeling is when the wind whips through my maxi skirts or fills the empty space in my oversized tees.

You could also say that I’ve been inspired by my mother, who knows the Eileen Fisher clothing collection like the back of her hand. My mom proves that, to feel feminine, you don’t have to wear skin-tight, itchy clothing. She is a believer of the flattering forces of breezy and delicate pieces.

I like to think of my hair as my best accessory: an energetic and sunny extension of my personality. Usually, I sport fluffy bedhead. When I want to feel sleek, though, there’s nothing more powerful than a topknot and a pair of statement earrings. If you think about it, your hair is the only piece you’re left wearing at the end of the day, so embrace it!

Call me a CoverGirl, but I believe that easy and breezy are beautiful. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this mantra is reflected in my posts during my time at College Fashionista.

So, step out of your polyester, let your hair down and feel good! I’m so excited to get to know you.