TREND: Accessorize Please!

This fall, my favorite accessories aren’t oversized necklaces, bangle bracelets, or flashy rings. Don’t get me wrong; I love every single one of the previous just mentioned, but when going around Iowa City, it was evident that this Fashionista had the right idea about the best way to accessorize her wardrobe this season.

If you take a look at her, it’s clear that the black shirt and jeans alone are cute but the outfit just isn’t complete. The addition of the scarf was the first thing that took this look to the next level. And with the changing leaves and fall colors as her backdrop, the color palette that this Fashionista composed was so appropriate for the season. The burnt oranges and reds of the scarf not only complimented her surroundings, but also her beautiful skin tone and strawberry blond hair.

I also enjoyed her choice of an cross body tote as a substitute for a backpack. Be realistic though, if you have a ton of books and multiple back-to-back classes, maybe this won’t work for you. But consider a tote such as this as a great option for the lecture classes that you only have a notebook and a pen to bring. This was an easy, yet effective way to make her look so stylish.

Last, but certainly not least, I found her shoes to be the perfect compliment for the overall look. I struggle with the chillier months and trying to figure out what shoes to wear. Uggs are always my typical go-to shoe, and they do have a great variety of choices. When I saw this Fashionista, however, I deciding that adding a pair of fashionable moccasins into my wardrobe would be top on my to-do list. These shoes weren’t your typical slippers, either. The black suede had rhinestones in the shape of peace signs, which expressed not only the Fashionista’s style but also her personality.

When thinking about what to add to your outfit to take it from drab to fab, think about working with the colors outside, complimenting yourself, and accentuating your personality. This outfit not only looks great, but you can tell the Fashionista feels great wearing it.

Hint: Fall’s essential accessories have arrived. The first are scarves that work as the key component of your outfit. Wear it with a simple ensemble as this Fashionista did to make it the focal point of your attire. Also, check out how this Fashionista wore her scarf at Newcastle University in England. Try to work in an cross body bag into your outfits over the traditional backpack. In general, they make a more fashionable look. Finally, stay away from wearing the same boots or tennis shoes every day and add some moccasins in the mix.

TREND: Add a Touch of Sexy (and Stay Away From Risque)

Over-the-knee, heeled boots are a fashion item with a lot of potential, but often done distastefully. My mom grimaced when I came home for a weekend and brought some of my shoes acquired while at college. To a certain degree, I can see why she would shake her head at my fantastic thigh-high boots. At face value, it

TREND: Go Big or Go Home!

Ask almost any University of Iowa student what their favorite part of the fall semester is and I guarantee the answer is going to be Hawkeye football. With the Orange Bowl championship under our belt and the recent Hawkeye win over Iowa State, school spirit is at an all-time high. With our school colors pretty much pumping through our veins as we blare Wiz Khalifa’s new jam, Black and Yellow, tailgating has become the newest reason to be creative with our wardrobe. Settling for the basic T-shirt from the bookstore is no longer an option; Fashionista/os are getting more creative and outgoing with their football attire.

This Fashionista is the perfect example of how to go all out to support your school and look stylish doing it. Black and gold are the main color components of this outfit, and she didn’t settle with just wearing the school colors to show her Hawkeye pride. She made this outfit her own. Getting creative with her (once) basic T-shirt was the first step to making this look one-of-a-kind. She cut a wide neck to give the shirt the ability to fashionably fall off her shoulder. She then decided to chop it up and add black beads. The simple addition of the beads to the ends of the cut fabric transformed what could have been a pretty standard outfit into a black and gold fashion statement. 

Her outfit becomes even more successful with small, yet effective, decisions in regards to her sports bra, cap, and shoes. The black and white polka-dotted sports bra only shows on the side of the shoulder exposed, but having a pattern adds some playfulness. Also, the backwards Iowa hat, like the polka-dotted sports bra, added an element of fun as well. The black, sparkly Chuck Taylors were the perfect shoe for this outfit, and she even customized them with Hawkeye stickers just for the game. She didn't let the rain stop her fun either, instead just grabbed an umbrella with a crazy pattern. Again, it was little additions that made the outfit as a whole so unique and full of spirit! 

With Homecoming fast approaching, all of you Fashionista/os should take this opportunity to try what this Fashionista did – make a tailgating outfit your own! Turn an XXL hoodie into an oversized crew neck that you wear with leggings, try cutting up your T-shirt in a new way, add some beads to your boring school T-shirts, or wear a pair of shoes that you have customized just for the day. Create a look that lets everybody know who you will be cheering for in the stands. And remember, if your football team is looking good this season, be the best fan you can be and try to look even better.

Hint: Simple sports bras and basics can be found at Target! Try something different like tie-dye or a fun color. The best Hawkeye apparel, including hats, T-shirts, and stickers, can be found at the Iowa Hawk Shop or Iowa Book, and don’t forget you can make anything you find there your own! My favorite shoes to make any tailgating look complete are either Chuck Taylors, similar to this Fashionista's, or Nike High Tops (they come in all different colors and styles, which makes them ideal for matching with almost any school color). Both make a statement on their own, and compliment basics such as T-shirts and jean shorts to give the outfit an extra kick! 

TREND: Campus as the New Lincoln Center

Maybe you don’t have front row seats to a show at New York’s Fashion Week this year or a fabulous after party to attend. And maybe you aren’t a 5’11” model wearing fantastic designer clothing down the runway. None of this should hold you back from getting fancied up on your way out the door. Make the streets of your college campus your catwalk and go all out for no reason. Redefining casual is the latest trend I’m seeing in Iowa City and I am loving it. 

This Fashionista was seen in a black romper, a lightweight gray cardigan, and wearing black, peep-toe booties on her way to run some errands around campus. Why so dressy for errands? Why not! The cotton romper is simple, but the little details in the threading on the chest give it just a hint of color to brighten up the black and gray of the rest of the ensemble. She could have worn a pair of flats, but the choice of heels dresses up the look without being over the top. Plus, the heels make her legs look long and lean. The loose cardigan was perfect with the romper and shoes, giving the outfit just the right amount of fabric to make it classy and appropriate for September weather.

Overall, this Fashionista’s take on what daily attire should look like is outstanding. Maybe she isn’t in the tents of the Lincoln Center, but she is making Iowa City her very own fashion show. 

Hint: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, booties are the best way to doll-up your attire for this fall. Check out DSW online to see a huge selection of great shoes and pair them with your every day wardrobe. 

TREND: Fall Gracefully into the Next Season

As the hot breeze of summer turns into the chilly winds of fall, do not fear the transition into the new time of year. Instead, take a new approach to turning over your wardrobe and try incorporating elements from both seasons to help you look fashionable as the temperatures slowly drop.

I saw this Fashionista as she walked home from the downtown area in an outfit that is perfect for this time of year. Although it is seemingly simple, a pair of jeans, a white tank top, and a cardigan, the overall composition of the final piece makes this look so successful. First off, the jeans rolled up just past the ankles is not only a hot look right now and perfect for the weather, but also shows off her cute flats and keeps the jeans from weighing down the rest of the outfit. Also, boyfriend jeans would have looked great as well. Choosing flats with this look was a great way to move from her summery sandals before having to dig out her winter boots. The combination of the navy blue and white striped cardigan with the white tank underneath really makes the white stripes and the white cuffs of the cardigan pop. Any sort of summery tank you might have in your closet can be paired with a cardigan sweater to carry it into the chillier days. Try mixing patterns and having fun with the color combinations you choose, it’s a great way to give this simple look a touch of your personality.

Hint: Check out cardigan sweaters at Urban Outfitters, they have a great selection! Also, this look is super easy to carry into the evening hours by pairing it with some light brown booties such as these.

TREND: Acing Your Classes

After the hype of the first couple weeks of school wears away, the realization sets in that summer is fading and we are back in school. No matter how much of a drab it is to get yourself from your bed to class, don’t let your wardrobe reflect this attitude!

It’s easy enough to slip into the habit of dressing sloppy for the classes you slump to, and sometimes the hardest part of motivating yourself to get to class is figuring out what to wear. I suggest you take note from this Fashionista – she aced her classroom attire. 

Among the crowds of people filing into the Studio Arts Building at the University of Iowa, she popped in her beautiful sundress. The great combination of pinks, purples, and reds in the patterning of the dress don’t make it hard to see why. Just because fall is right around the corner does not mean it is time to throw away your playful dresses just yet! It’s still hot and muggy in Iowa City, chilly at dawn and dusk, and this outfit is the perfect solution for each predicament. Originally from Serbia, this Fashionista explained how hot it gets where she is from. Her dress is so lightweight, she explained, that she isn’t even bothered by the heat of midday. She had a cotton cardigan handy for when the cooler hours rolled around, which is also a great way to bring this look into the cooler temperatures of fall. She dressed her frock up with some gold bangles, dangling earrings, and a gorgeous oversized ring. Rather than pairing her dress and accessories with a pair of flip-flops, I thought her simple metallic sandals were a great way to make the outfit look sophisticated and put together. 

Hint: Check out Forever 21 to find accessories to fancy-up your classroom wardrobe. Also check out and Banana Republic to find dresses that will help you look fashionable through the last hot weeks of summer and carry you into fall.

TREND: Break Rules and Look Great Doing it

Growing up, I was always told that wearing white bottoms, white dresses, or white shoes after Labor Day was a fashion faux pas. Now that I am certain there is no “Fashion Police” that will ticket me for violations, I know I will not be eliminating whites from my wardrobe because of the day on the calendar.

Whether or not you will be wearing white from the waist down after Labor Day, I thought this Fashionista’s look was one that would make anyone want to be bold enough to break the rules after the long weekend. Her J.Crew skinny jeans in white denim were rolled up a little bit above her ankles to show off her metallic Sperry boat shoes, which I thought was a great choice. Picking a shoe like these over sandals helps carry this look into fall. Another reason why the white is so effective with this outfit is because it makes her Free People shirt really pops. The top is filled with fantastic blue, green, and purple patterning that would be lost if worn with blue jeans. Adding the skinny gold belt helped bring the look together as it incorporated her boat shoes and the gold details and threading in her shirt as well as framed her top by separating it from the bottoms.

Hint: Break Rules! If you feel great in what you’re wearing, and put together separates that compliment the final look as a whole, as this Fashionista did, people will be less concerned about if it’s after September 6th and more concerned about where they can get what you’re wearing. Check out how this Fashionista at the University of Maryland wore white for more ideas.

TREND: Kicking Off the New School Year Right

The start to a new school year is exciting because students are coming back to campus, you’re meeting up with friends you haven’t seen in months, school isn’t too hard yet, so it’s time to relax and have fun. Why not take this time to show off your summer shopping and make a great back to school impression? That’s what this Fashionista did, and when she walked up to her friends they all reacted the same, “You look GREAT!”

It’s not hard to see why they would react like that. She chose a shirt that shows off her summer glow with such a playful color used in the patterns and stones around the neckline. The loose-fit and fabric of the top made it perfect for the last few hot weeks of summer. Adding the lighter-washed jean shorts made the look a little more casual, but it’s a great way to look put-together and fashionable while hanging out with friends or checking out what’s going on around town. The boots added the perfect touch to make the outfit unique and give the look a kick of flair. A smooth transition could be made from daytime to going out at night by adding some accessories like bangle bracelets and changing to a darker pair of jean shorts. It’s a very simple look, just a loose shirt, jean shorts, and some cowboy boots, but put all together it creates a stylish way to strut back to campus.

Hint: I asked this Fashionista where she got her rockin’ boots and she found them, get this, in her mom’s closet. See if any family members have shoes like these you could use to liven up your wardrobe. If that doesn’t work, try a local Goodwill or thrift store. Also, check out how boots are being worn at the University of Oregon and Syracuse.

Style Guru Bio: Danielle Jacobs

I am a Journalism and Mass Communication major with a concentration in photography at the University of Iowa. My three loves are fashion, photography, and writing, so I am extremely excited to be able to share with all you Fashionistas/os what the latest trends on our Iowa City campus are. I would describe my own personal style as feminine and flirtatious. I enjoy switching up my everyday style by seeing new looks on the streets or in fashion magazines and mocking those looks with my own wardrobe. Getting dressed and figuring out which “Danielle” I want to be for the day or night is one of my favorite activities. Having the power to impact someone else’s impression of myself by simply changing or adding an article of clothing or a piece of jewelry is empowering. To me, fashion is so exciting because it has the power to define my personality with no words.