STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Be the Stand-out Intern

It is the season of internships. While some of us have been in the swing of things for a couple weeks, the rest of us are just beginning. We are used the the cliche black on white outfit of a classic trouser and button down, but how do we look professional while having fun in the summer? This week we will tackle the issue of being fun and professional.

Your new go to piece? Fun and feminine blouses. I realized that these will become your best friend. skirts, trousers.. goes with it all! Look for something summery with floral prints and patterns. Keep the look professional by sticking to sophisticated materials like silk or chiffron. Details like ruffles and pleats are also great additions. The best part, throw on a pair of jeans at the end of your shift and you could easily transition this look for a day or night on the town. My favorite would be this floral number from Topshop.

Is your workplace a little more strict on dress code? Adding small 'pops' of color through accessories and jewelry will do wonders to 'summerizing' your work wardrobe. Look at adding chucky necklaces like this one from Forever21. The pink stones and netted beadwork add both color and class to any look.

Hint: Are shoes more your thing? Try adding some summer to your look with a pair of heels. These coral slingbacks from Urban Outfitters are both practical and cute with their low heel and perfect summer hue!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Class Is Still In Session

Fashion is all about individuality, but there are a couple of these key pieces that every fashionista/o should have in their wardrobe. The classic denim jacket is one of those pieces that can be incorporated into every look! Because it is an essential, it is hard to say that this look is definatly 'in' this season, but denim vests and jackets have been spotted left and right this past week on campus. A perfect piece for in between seasons, this light weight coat blends sleamlessly into most wardrobes and is a great casual everyday coat.

But take note from this fashionisto, this coat is not just for casual wear! I love how he incorporated not one, but three pieces of denim into this overall look. Rocking the demin jacket over a denim shirt and jeans, he added a bright sweatshirt, a tie and a vest to add contrast. Who said you can't wear a tie with a denim outfit? Brilliant! A bold look that definatly inspired me to add more denim into my wardrobe. Feeling inspired as well? Guys, check out this coat by Urban Outfitters, it comes in both a light and dark denim.

Hint: By no means are ladies excluded from this look! Check out this coat by River Island sold as Asos. Love the wash and the pintuck pleating in the front!


Alright students, I understand it is finals week and you stayed up all night writing your final paper, but can you at least put a little effort into looking nice? Campus has been a sea of sweatpants (including one pair of zubaz spotted on campus this mornign) which not only uneasy on the eyes, but makes any fashion bloggers week a nightmare!

Graduation for some of you and others the beginning of new internships and jobs, why not dress to impress? As much fun as it is to have a break from classes, our preparation for the real world must go on. How do you transition you relaxed class wardrobe into a sophisticated young professional? Take note from this weeks fashionista.

Business wear does not have to mean you have to dress like Hilary Clinton. It is summer, forget about the pant suits! Pencil skirts are a great way to dress up any outfit, but not look overdressed in the summer heat. Is your workplace fairly strict? Stick to an original black or navy. Our fashionista mixed it up with a denim inspired blue. Otherwise, check out this pencil skirt from ASOS for inspiration (also, how fun would it be to try this skirt in the mustard yellow, love it!)

Another look I love for work is the the silky button-up. A twist on the the original button up, look at finding a shirt like this to spice up your work wardobe. Look for details like army inspired pockets, or try the shirt oversized! I love this peach colored shirt from Topshop.

Hint: For shoes look to your employeers website. Some places are more relaxed and will allow the sandles. If you need to keep the toes covered look at wedges or oxfords to spice up the look!


If you are a fan of the cigarette jean then I have a new look for you! The cropped pant is making its way across campus and I am loving how Fashionistas are all able to add their own twist to this look! What I love about this look is I can easily wear it to class and easily throw on heels right after for work. Starting with the original (and what this weeks Fashionista is wearing) is the black cropped pant. With her feminine lace top, skinny belt detail and pointed ballet flats, this Fashionista's look is all about modern elegance.

you wanting a look that is a little more funky? Try this pant in color! Although I am unable to link you to an online website to H&M, we have all seen the commercials. This season they are selling this crop pant in a burnt orange that would be a fabulous addition to your summer wardrobe. Keep the funky look going with tribal inspired jewerly– bronze gold and feathers are so fun this season! Word of caution though, this pant may not make the cut for work or nightlife as easily. Keep this bold pant sophisticated by adding in diamand accented jewerly.

Hint: Ballet flast are a great option for walking around campus. Oxfords or heels would be also very cute with this cropped pant!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Sophisticated Women

Now, just because we're college students doesn't mean we have to dress like them! I particularly love when I come across Fashionistas, like this week's featured lady, who dress for the occasion. Who says we have to wear pajama pants, flip flops and fleece sweaters? Take note from this leading lady and add some class to your outfit this week.

What screams sophistication more than a cropped fur coat, a high-waisted skirt and heels? I love this Fashionista's look! When looking for pieces that add a touch of elegance, look for classic feminine pieces. Starting with the basics like heels and long skirts, accessorize your outfit accordingly. Keeping most of her outfit neutral, this Fashionista added a splash of color with a printed skirt. Additionally, she played with textures and chunky fabrics by wearing a fur coat over her chiffron skirt. Find a skirt that hits you perfectly across your waist (I love this skirt from Asos!) and falls either two inches above or below your knees (most flattering).

For accessories, look to the classics like pearls, gold jewerly and tights to add that sophisticated look. This Fashionista keep jewerly to a mininum to allow her coat and skirt to be the center of attention. Otherwise, look at belting the skirt – I find that always is flattering! I love how many fashionible ladies have been sporting heels on campus this week. From pumps to kitten heels, I have seen it all. This Fashionista rocked a pair of ultra feminine cut-out wedges to go with her sophisticated look. Wedges are always a more comfortable option for those with long travels across campus. Otherwise, basic flats or oxfords look great with any classy outfit.

Hint: When looking at a high-waisted skirt, look for one with less fabric if you have curves. You may think this would not be flattering, but you will be surprised how drawing eyes to your small waist will make you look great!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Give Me a Head of Hair

Over the course of the school year we have talked about shoes, tops, skirts and even accessories. But why does fashion have to stop below the head? We all know that hair styles come and go.
This weeks style advice was inspired by today's Fashionista. Spotted by Coffman Memorial Union, she was rocking the natural looking ombre. Accomplished by creating a dark root and then gradually transitioning to a lighter tip, ombre has been incredibly popular in hollywood. A hip, easy and unique look, ombre will work on all hair colors and gives off a great spring vibe.

This is a great look for all of you Fashionistas who are looking for an alternative to your usual highlights. You can go as subtle or dramatic as you want. Looking to ease into this trend? Start by lighting the ends of your hair by just a shade or two. Looking for a drastic change this spring? Ask a color tech to darken your roots a shade beyond your natural color. Then look to lighting the tips of your hair two shades brighter. You will end up with a spectrum of colors with your natural color being towards the middle! Feeling audacious? Websites and YouTube videos offer advice on how to get this look at home, but I personally would reccommend you play it safe and visit your normal color tech. Just add a floraly spring dress and a scraw bag and you will be set for spring!

Hint: Looking for a spring trend that is a little less permanent? Another up and coming look this spring is the feather extensions. From natural browns and tans to bright spring colors, every color has been spotted on heads around campus. My suggestion? Don't let the bold colors intimidate you! Try something new and funky for spring and try to find a color that compliments your natural hair color.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Take it to the Maxinum

It may still be early in the spring season for us in Minnesota, but one trend that I have noticed is all about extremes. A shocking twist from the usual short skirts and shorts that were seen last fall on campus, long skirts and maxi dresses have been spotted all around campus this weekend.

Most of us are not stranger to the maxi dress, coming back into the scene a few seasons ago, this dress has become quite the summer staple. Whether it is a cotton and casual dress like today's Fashionista, or a tiered and chiffon frock like this one from Free People. The great thing about maxi dresses it how simple the transition is from day to night. Take note of our featured fashionistas jewel detailed shoes. Sandals, oxfords and flats can keep this dress casual and simple during the day. Look at adding a wedge or strappy sandal to easily transition the look to night. Look to bold necklaces or earrings to add spice to a simple dress, otherwise, keeps jewerly simple with a statement dress.

A bit newer to our midwest fashion scene is the maxi skirt. A fan of skirts in general, I love this look for spring. Allowing all fashionistas to mix and match their wardrobe, this skirt allows you to dress up or down as much as you want. Pick a solid skirt to mix with a bold top, otherwise find a fun printed skirt to wear with basic tops. This look can be accessorized similarly to the maxi dress, including footwear!

Hint: Keep the hippy-chic look going with your hair! Keep hair down and look at adding beach waves to your hair. Forehead-crossing headbands, feather extensions and braids all add to this look!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Feminine and Flirty

Fall will forever be my favorite season, but if there is a close second it has to be spring. I think the true basis for my love of these seasons is the drastic wardrobe change. I always enjoy packing away those cold and heavy colors and fabrics of winter and welcoming back my cotton dresses and skirts. Nothing screams spring is here more than an ultra feminine look!

Take note from today's Fashionista's outfit as she celebrated springs arrival in this ultra-girly look. From her pearls to her wedges, everything fits together in a look that is just right for the season. Looking to add ladylike pieces to your spring wardrobe? I have a few suggestions that will keep you on track to looking great.

As we all have read, I am a floral fanatic. This print will forever be my favorite and what says spring more than anything with flowers? Look for tops light in color and with a fun design. Otherwise, try something new with a bag or shorts with this print. Always fun to switch it up!

Diamonds may be a girls best friend, but what is more classy than a lady with pearls? No matter if they are real or fake, pearls with any look will always add a soft and elegant touch. They are easy to add to any look and have a way of making any outfit sophisticated.

This has to be the official shoe of spring! Whether to decide to stick with a classic wedge or go with something funky, that peep toe always fits in.

Hint: Don't let the feminine pieces stop below the shoulders! Headbands, clips and barrettes are always fun feminine additions.


These past few seasons we have seen a wave of army inspired fabrics and details make their way through the streets and runways. While the original army print is yet to make a comeback, I can't help but notice the amount of combat inspired trends on campus. The latest to grace us is the combat boot itself. Sported on campus by both the punks and preps alike, this boot can be seen with every look! Similar to the likes of the Doc Martin, this rugged boot easily adapts to cargo pants (like today's Fashionista's) or a skirt and tights. Both practical and fashionable, it is no wonder that ladies and men alike have taken this boot and made it their own this season.

Ready to set in line and rock it as well? It doesn't take much adjustment to ones wardrobe to fit this boot in. Looking for something a little softer? Stick to a dark brown that will have softer detailing and will mix well with creamy toned clothing. Tan is also a good option for those looking to play it safe. If you lean towards a canvas boot, similar to a desert boot, it will give the shoe a totally different feel. This black boot is for anyone with an attitude. It is hard to notice in the photo, but our featured Fashionista actually rocked a combat boot with a heel!  A heel is a great way to add a feminine touch to this tough look.

Hint: From personal experience, this is a boot best tried on. Find a boot that suits your height and hits you correctly in the leg. Otherwise, look for a boot that you could cuff down to add volume!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Your Own Twist on the Trench

We all know how the saying goes: "April showers bring May flowers". With the end of March fast approaching, it's time to get a jump start on that rainy season fashion and dig out all of your old outerwear. Nothing is more classic for our spring weather than the trench itself. Seen everywhere from classic movies, the runway, and even our campus, the trench is a staple item that will always be in, no matter if it is 1940 or 2040.

Starting with the camel colored belted trench, this classic piece can be worked into all wardrobes. As seen on this week's Fashionista, this piece can be worn casually with a pair of jeans, or dressed up with tights and heels. This jacket is incredibly versatile and looks great with whatever you're wearing!

Looking to try a new twist on the trench? This season I have noticed many new twists on the trench that are becoming trendy again. Popular in the 1960's, this trench with a rounded collar and double breasted button is making its return. This coat would look great with any feminine outfit or with a simple look that is looking for a pop of color! I love this trench coat from Asos, it is the perfect mod addition to a spring wardrobe. Another trench that has made its comeback this season is the swing coat. With an oversized feel and piped detailing in the front and back, this coat is not only comfortable, but cute. I had to go with a coat from Asos again because of the color. This cork color has been popular in many designers' spring collections and I love how it accents many skin tones.

Hint: Fan of printed coats? I am totally in love with this striped trench! I would love to pair this with a quilted bag, ballet flats, and hit the city.