TREND: Celebrate In Mixed Media Style

The word “holiday” comes from the Old English word h?ligdæg, and it originally derived from the notion of “Holy Day.” The idea surrounding this holiday season evokes memories of religion and praise. Some Fashionistas most certainly regard fashion a religion, so what better way to celebrate the season than in super stylish style?

For Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike, winter is the time to mix and match and layer on lots of garments. Mixing media, though, is one major way to express your holiday style. Mixed media styles, specifically, are perfect for this holiday season because they reflect the various religions and beliefs that are all celebrated during the winter. Some Fashionisto/as will mix-and-match their nubby knits – lightweight with extra heavy and everything in between. Some will pair contrasting colors and patterns together. And some – this Fashionisto, in particular – will show off holiday style by mixing fabrics. This Fashionisto is showing off his various pieces of denim winter-wear with a light jacket contrasting his dark denim jeans. This look is cool and comfortable but still chic. By pairing his mixture of denim with a striped shirt and army surplus inspired shoes, his look becomes even more of a conglomeration of trends.

To get this cool, casual, and very collaborative look, mix your media. If you have a number of sweater-y garments that you can’t wait to wear this season, pile them all on at the same time. Layer this blanket sweater, over this slouch sweater tunic, over this Posted on Categories UncategorizedTags , , , , , Leave a comment on TREND: Celebrate In Mixed Media Style


Casual T-shirts with bold slogans are cool. Let’s face it; since the rise and popularity of youth culture in the seventies, young adults have held a strong and influential presence across the nations. We have, ever since then, been comfortable with voicing our opinions and making statements. What better way to make our voices heard, though, than to splatter our feelings across our clothes? People undeniably aim to make statements with their clothing styles; yet, has it ever been this blatant? Now, more than ever, clothing brands are surfacing everywhere with a basis of vulgar slogans and trashy headlines.

Multiple brands share a target audience of college students or young adults in that age range. Student-run brands, even, are popping up on campuses with bold words strewn across the front of their shirts. Kid Dangerous, a national brand that is heavily represented on college campuses, bases their designs pop culture, bright colors, and a play on words. The classification of their brand, “grime couture,” has an aura of crudity that is charmingly appealing. I conducted a Q&A with Steve Nanino, one of the founders, and Mandy Tehaan, a member of the Kid D team, to get further insight as to what the brand is all about.

CollegeFashionista: When, where, and how was the Kid Dangerous brand born?

Mandy Tehaan: 2007, Los Angeles California, creative director, Dan Agnew, was working at Von Dutch during the companies rennaisance which is where he got the idea to start the t shirt brand. Dan Agnew, Pete Giokas, Steve Nanino, and Brett Hagan joined together to invest and launch Kid Dangerous. While the brand started as a hobbie on the side of their full time jobs, it quickly gained momentum and Steve Nanino took on the role of President, and quit his job in commercial real estate. Since then, the company has just continued to grow.

CF: Are the vulgar mottos meant to be offensive or solely trendy? What message is the line meant to send?

Steve Nanino: We like to think that the mottos that we do use have some value to them outside of just the shock value of something offensive. The mottos are created through pop culture references, play on words, etc. that make them smarter than just a bold statement. An example of this would be a shirt we have that says “Pump Up the Valium”. People think it’s hilarious because it plays off the term “Pump Up the Volume” but with a twist. Are we condoning the use of valium for recreational purposes? Not really. It’s more to get a rise out of people than anything else.

CF: Who is the target audience of the Kid Dangerous apparel line?

SN: We joke around that we are an “unhealthy” lifestyle brand. Our target market consists of people that like to go out to bars and clubs, like to stand out and like to dress well. We’re a confident, social brand for confident, social people.

CF: What ideals is the line based on?

MT: The brash irreverent aesthetic for which the brand is quickly gaining recognition, Kid D presents itself as a unique middle-ground for consumers who appreciate the world of high fashion but still look to dress outside the mainstream. They pledge to put the garment first, providing quality products with stark, in your face graphics. They are committed to using the design to sell their garment, not their name. The lines between dressy and casual, preppy and punk, high and low fashions grow blurrier everyday and kid d is positioned to embrace the shift.

CF: What kind of vision(s) do you have for Kid D's future?

SN: Our goal is to take the momentum we’ve created with our T-shirts and expand into other product types like outerwear, shoes, bottoms, accessories, etc. We think our brand and our designs and concepts apply to more than just t-shirts so we’re excited about putting our influence and thoughts on fashion into other types of products as well.

CF: What kind of styles will be released in the spring? (More crop tops? loose-fitting? tight? bottoms?)

MT: Crops will definitely be continued and more crop styles are introduced- including loose crop tank tops, and crop long sleeves. A new sweat-pant will be introduced for women. More loose boyfriend shirts for women, and a special shoulder pad loose boyfriend tee for select graphics.

So, now that you know a little bit more about the brand…invest! Show off your individuality through your clothing. Get yourself some cool tees that scream bold statements in bright colors and patterns of pop culture from Kid Dangerous! Be Dangerous. Be Youthful.

**For discounted Kid Dangerous merchandise, enter the promo code "CUSE DANI" at checkout. 40% off!**

TREND: Winter…Where

Upstate New York, and – as it seems – Syracuse University in particular has been experiencing what we call an “Indian summer.” Although the winter has begun, autumn is long gone, and the snow fairies have paid us a few occasional visits already – this past week has brought forth taunting temperatures that have been concentrated around the high forties and low fifties. So, instead of the winter white puffer jacket with a hood lined in fur or North Faces in every shape, size and color, cargo jackets with minimal cute fur details have made a huge appearance.

You are thinking “cargo was so nineties,” right? Wrong. The military-inspired fashion trend has been revived as a significant winter fashion fad this 2011 season. When paired with skinny jeans, the right pair of (maybe military-inspired) boots and a textured scarf, the once boring cargo jacket that was stuck in the back of your closet comes to life. This Fashionista, spotted on one kind-of-cold-ish winter day, appears very casual chic while still maintaining a perfect comfort level amid the confusing Syracuse temperatures. She is sporting this cargo parka from Express. It is the ideal combination of luxurious winter layers that are detachable and can be worn as separates as well as together for extra warmth. Worn together as one cool cargo piece here with fitted jeans and casual boots, this Fashionista is ready to take on the varying winter weather. She looks so cute and comfy; yet, the cargo she is sporting adds a “tough girl” edge to her sweet appearance.

Try wearing the cargo style in a variety of fashions this winter. For example, wear it on your legs! Express’s Cargo Skinny Pant is the epitome of cool. To emphasize the “tough girl” look while maintaining that feminine edge, try wearing these with a pair of military boots or floral Dr. Marten’s.

TREND: Thanksgiving Threads

Thanksgiving. It is that time of year when the holiday spirit that you have been storing away gets kicked back into action. It is that time of year when love and gratitude are floating in the air between all of the various gatherings with family and friends. Loved ones, early snowfalls, turkey, potatoes and gravy – that is what Thanksgiving Day is all about. But, there is one other thing that is almost equally as important as the food and the family, and that is this season’s latest fashion trends.

Take lessons from the featured Fashionista to bring some style to your family’s traditional Thanksgiving dinner and other fun fall celebrations. Instead of sporting your black pea coat to every holiday event, try piling on a mixture of bold patterns and bright colors. This Fashionista looks fit for the season; she is super cozy and warm. Yet, the combination of textures and prints that she is wearing is a cheerful and bright contrast against the dreary autumn sky. Her outfit embodies an autumn vibe through the heavy fibers, knits and deep rich colors, but there is something upbeat about her ensemble that livens up the monotonous falling of leaves and inescapable gray weather. This Fashionista’s tweed plaid coat makes a bold statement when paired with a patterned dress underneath, a nubby, rainbow-knit scarf and a burgundy beret. Multiple colors are represented throughout this outfit, a variety of fibers are being worn and contrasting patterns are layered on top of one another; however, all of those things collaboratively make this ensemble simply beautiful and Thanksgiving-trendy.

Try pairing a patterned coat such as this cozy Mesa Artisan Coat from ModCloth with this Desert Striped Cardi peaking out from underneath. Throw on a hat in a contrasting color and a warm textured scarf, as well. For added fashionable flamboyance, wear a pair of your favorite patterned tights with this outfit, and you are ready to brace any and every holiday affair.

TREND: The Fall Fashionisto

Layering is a significant trend this fall, and as the temperatures drop drastically, the layers are piled on. The layering trend takes on full effect in warm fall colors such as dark grays, rich reds, browns, deep yellows and blacks. Not only is this trend common with the ladies, but our campus Fashionistos have caught on as well.

This Fashionisto has captured the layering trend by pairing a T-shirt and hooded jacket combination with a leather coat. As well as sporting layers, the featured Fashionisto is embracing the season’s warm colors. His leather coat, which is his outfit’s statement piece, is a rich mahogany that is perfect for this autumn. Similarly, his underneath garments are an array of blacks and grays, and his shoes are a natural camel color. Not only has he mastered these fashionable trends, but he also informed me that his jacket, 100% leather, was a six-dollar vintage find. Any man who knows how to thrift, knows how to dress! Vintage clothing piled on in layers and great fall colors is a perfect look for any Fashionista/o this autumn season.

For guys at college, thrifting is not as common as campus Fashionistas shopping around for vintage steals, but it is sure to spice up anybody’s wardrobe – any style. In Syracuse, there are a variety of secondhand and vintage shops and boutiques. A few consignment shops that are close to campus and stock an array of unique vintage steals are The Cluttered Closet and Boom Babies. By pairing your vintage finds with cool outerwear in rich fall colors such as this vest from Urban Outfitters and/or this Italian Leather Bomber Jacket, any guy can turn his closet into one of a fall Fashionisto!


TREND: Cozy Cool

A vital part of fashion is embracing the weather just how it is and dressing accordingly. This fall is blowing in at high speeds, and the leaves are falling off of the trees in massive quantities. Instead of “embracing,” we will often times find ourselves “bracing” the low temperatures and gray clouds. I love fall fashions and trends. The ability to layer on contrasting fabrics in an array of muted colors is the epitome of this season. And, maybe I’m biased due to my favorite color being gray, but this Fashionista’s fall garb illustrates the most pleasurable way to wear clothes of any season! She just looks so cozy.

This Fashionista layered on her sweater knits and Ugg boots for warmth, but added style to her look with a contrasting light and breezy chiffon skirt and brown belt that seem more appropriate for warmer weather. Her mixed color palette of muted grays and dark fall colors create an aesthetically pleasing outfit that sends a message of snug coziness. Not only is this Fashionista ready to embrace the cold weather with her fall layers, but she is also prepared to do it stylishly.

To get this cool and comfy fall look, try layering nubby knitted sweaters over sheer chiffon dresses. For example, layer this Fringe Knit Sweater or this Bobble Knit Sweater over this light and frilly patterned dress. Belt your sweater bulk. Don’t forget tights or leggings to keep your legs warm, as well as a pair of comfy boots. Relax your fall style with sweater layering; it’s the coziest option.

TREND: Pretty, Pretty Pea Coats

As the leaves change colors and fall from the trees, and as the temperature drops, fall fashions come out from their stowed away hiding places. As you unmask jackets and sweaters that you forgot you had from underneath your bed, keep in mind that fall is fun! Fall is a great season for layering, wrapping up in inviting warm colors and wearing your favorite pea coat. We are a few months away from the deepest, darkest depths of winter, so don’t break out your North Face just yet.

This Fashionista knows how to dress to the season. Fall is the most beautiful season in upstate New York; however, the temperatures are brisk. By wearing predominantly black clothing, this Fashionista does not take away from the picturesque array of colors that dress the trees and the sea of yellowing leaves that litter the ground. Her black flats, black tights, gray shirt, black casual pea coat, and black and white silk scarf keep her warm while maintaining an appropriate, classy, casual look that is perfectly seasonal.

The casual cotton pea coat that completes this look is the most fall-appropriate garment to own. It is comfortable and cozy. By wearing the pea coat in such a relaxed style and dressing it up with a silk scarf, the featured Fashionista has a standard outfit that will keep her stylish and warm throughout the autumn season.

Finding a pea coat that best suits your personality is key. You can get a traditional pea coat in a longer style, sport this casual style, or get one with embellishments, patterns and colors. This Vans Pea Coat is most similar to the one that this Fashionista is wearing. However, here is a more traditional one in a bold red color. Or, you may like this military-inspired pea coat with a fur collar. There are thousands of pea coat looks and styles out there. Get one that you love and that will brace the chilly breezes of fall 2010.

Hint: Try pairing your pea coat with a pair of military boots and a sweet pair of leggings to stand out and embrace the most fashionable trends of this season!



TREND: Matching the Monotonous Weather in Style

As the leaves begin to change colors and autumn falls upon us, the weather starts to change. Likewise, our wardrobes are altered to meet the brisk chills of the coming weeks. This season, embrace the trend of mixing and matching muted fall colors, patterns and textures. A combination of nubby/wooly textiles and fibers creates an aesthetically pleasing and chic look, while you maintain comfort, warmth and an aura of cool composure.

This Fashionista has mastered the art of combining multiple garments with various textures, colors and patterns. Her basic outfit of a gray cotton tee and a black, body-con-inspired pencil skirt can be sported throughout the seasons; however, by adding a heavier cotton jacket of muted blue, sheer black tights, gray-brown leather ankle boots and a printed pashmina scarf, this outfit becomes a perfect blend of light fall fibers, muted colors and pretty patterns. This Fashionista’s look is the perfect daily fall 2010 style. It exemplifies the layering trend. The look is notably casual but not your typical college student “sweatpants-UGGs-university T-shirt” grunge style. It embodies the perfect balance of comfort and coziness, while still maintaining ultimate trendiness.

To get this eclectic look, create a basic outfit of your favorite lightweight cotton shirt with a form-fitting pencil skirt at the length of your choice. Here is a great knit pencil skirt from Urban Outfitters. Add a pair of sheer tights. Over the skirt and tee combo, throw on an autumn-appropriate jacket, such as this one. Make sure the colors and fabrics contrast. Pick out a printed scarf that will keep you warm while maintaining boldness. Try this Floral Pashmina Scarf. Also, if you want to add to this Fashionista’s look, under a stylishly smart pair of fall boots, wear a pair of leg warmers. These leg warmers, from Sock Dreams, are warm, as well as luxurious! By layering mixed fibers in an array of muted colors, you can appear super trendy, while still staying warm.

TREND: Scarves in Syracuse

It’s October and scarves are already in full swing at Syracuse University. The sun has been playing “hide and seek” and the temperature has not exceeded the low sixties range in about a week. The layering phenomenon and the essential black tights are always trends on this campus. However, more than layering and throwing on an American Apparel tee with her black leggings, the featured Fashionista takes accessorizing her fall favorites to a new level.

Accompanying her outfit of a white blouse and a pretty printed skirt that are begging for the last little bursts of the autumn sunshine, this Fashionista has thrown on a basic black cardigan and black leggings for warmth. Her style is made complete, though, with the addition of her colorful and distressed scarf. It is difficult to stylishly accessorize the layers of sweaters, bulky jackets, and snow boots that are mandatory to survive the New England winters. Yet, behold the existence of the scarf! Scarves come in a range of patterns and prints, a variety of bulkiness, and a plethora shapes and sizes. There is one to complement every outfit, so invest in some. This Etsy site provides a great selection of hand-knit scarves and winter accessories from gloves to bulky slouch beenies. Urban Outfitters has an extensive collection of scarves. My favorite UO neck accessories are the Deena & Ozzy Faux Fur Eternity Scarf and the OBEY Odyssey Scarf.

Replace your beautiful strands of necklaces and your statement earrings with a scarf. Not only will it provide comfort and warmth – it will always provide a fashionable flair. Stay stylish this winter!


TREND: Mixing Metallics

Accessories are always in style – it’s just the questions of which ones, how many, where and in what context? Try mixing a plethora of your favorite metallic accessories – necklaces, bracelets, rings, belts, shoes, headbands, socks and more – with any plain outfit, and you can immediately improve your look. Metallics seem to be a trending topic throughout every season, so the limitation is minimal, and metallic accessories come in a range of silvers, golds, pewters, coppers and bronzes to accommodate each specific outfit – classy or casual – that you are trying to match them to.

This Fashionista, a Syracuse University Fashion Design major, knows exactly how to pair the perfect combination and amount of metallic accessories with her casual outfit to appear feminine with that sharp tinge of shininess that will catch your eye. Accompanying her basic muted gray outfit of jeans, a faux lace shirt and a cardigan is the most perfect pair of silver Topshop woven leather shoes, a predominantly gold statement necklace made up of buttons and chunky chains, a silver studded belt and a silver bracelet. Her metallic mixing, although it consisted of the gold and silver combination that some people tend to stray away from, proved to be extremely successful. She accented her outfit by complementing the gray of her cardigan and shirt through the three silver pieces; however, she contrasted and broke up the muted grays and silvers with her very powerful gold necklace.

Visit Topshop’s jewelry store to find a variety of metallic fashion accessories. Also, try incorporating metallic sheens into your hair accessories with scarves, head-wraps or a headband like this, and for a casual pair of metallic shoes, sleep your feet into a pair of these TOMS shoes.