FASHION NEWS: Allsaints in Boston

Boston itself is a very international city and as you walk down Boston's famous Newbury street touches of other countries grace the streets. Newbury is an international hub, so it is no wonder Allsaints decided to open a store right here in Boston.

Allsaints has been all over in the UK for the past few years and has just started to open up new locations in the US starting with their premier locations in New York and Boston. With alternative clothing and shoes for Fashionistos, Fashionistas and even little ones Allsaints has already become the new hit spot for Boston shoppers. Their mix and matching of classic with grunge and vintage is what really makes this store unique. This is definitely a store to visit this season; with the weather rapidly changing Allsaints has a great selection of boots and jackets all within a reasonable price range. One of my favorite items from Allsaints this season is their shearling military boot, not only are they warm but they are also great boots to just slip on and run out the door, which is especially useful during finals time. Easy and comfort are all we hope to accomplish during this stressful finals time, and Allsaints has a great selection of leggings and sweaters as well, so you’re guaranteed to find that perfect comfortable library outfit. And they say retail therapy is among one of the best stress relievers, so why not relieve some of that stress at Allsaints?

FASHION NEWS: Black Friday

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and as I typically like to take this day to reflect on the amount of food consumed over the last 24 hours, I have decided this year that reflection of my expanding waistline is a thing of the past, and I have taken on a new challenge: Black Friday. Now as all of you Fashionistas and Fashionistos know Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year – all of our favorite stores have discounts on the newest items for the upcoming holiday season – sounds great right? But there is a catch – most sales in these stores end by noon, so in our typical day of rotting in a food coma we are subject to waking up at 10 a.m. and starting our shopping excursions.

This is my second year fully participating in Black Friday, and like most of you Fashionistas and Fashionistos I was originally extremely discouraged by the idea of crowds of people fighting over that last black scarf, but something came over me last year and I decided to give it a whirl and I am glad I did. My first and only stop last year was Saks Fifth Avenue and it was a huge succes –  they had great deals on handbags, scarves, sunglasses and shoes. This success is what has encouraged me to expand my Black Friday map this year and see what I can snag at other nearby stores. Black Friday is meant to be a day for discounted holiday shopping, but why not spoil yourself a little –  in the spirit of the holidays I encourage all of you Fashionistos and Fashionistas to give Black Friday a chance. Happy shopping!

Special Deals to Note: 

Saks Fifth Avenue (8 am-noon): Additional 40% already discounted items. 40% off men's coats. 50% off holiday food and decor.

Barney’s (8am –noon): Savings on all handbags, shoes and clothing. Even greater discounts from the home. body and baby section

Bloomingdales (8am- noon): Major savings on all denim, and winter coats. Extra savings on home items, makeup, skincare, shoes, jewelry and handbags

Nordstrom (8am-noon): Savings on clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry and makeup


Winter means a variety of new accessories are finally in stock: boots, hats, scarves – you name it, it's there. When I was little I was against the whole idea of wearing a hat during the winter – even after being told the tale of how all your body heat escapes from your head, I still wasn’t sold. It wasn’t until the idea of a hat turned fashionable in the disguise of a “slouch beanie” that I was sold on the idea. Now I consider the best winter accessory to be the beanie. Every fall and winter season Urban Outfitters comes out with a great selection of these stylish beanies for us Fashionistas, but I feel it is really the Fashionistos that get the better end of this deal. A hat has been a staple for every Fashionisto since they were little and since the revival of the beanies, Fashionistos have embraced the “slouch beanie” trend more than anyone.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon this Fashinoisto on a chill Boston day in full fall/winter gear – beanie included. This Fashionisto has decided to rock his “slouch beanie” in a different style – by rolling up the front part of the “slouch beanie” it becomes the perfect fitted beanie for any occasion. For Fashionistos, the beanie can be the perfect accessory for a chilly day or night – a black beanie can also be worn inside adding an extra touch to any outfit. Topman has a great selection of beanies for the fall/winter season at extremely reasonable prices.

Fashionistos and Fashionistas, try for a “slouch beanie” this weekend and winter – it’ll keep you warm and stylish all season.

WEEKEND FORECAST: Fashionisto Footwear

Temperatures have officially dropped, and every year I ask myself the same question: what are the Fashionistos wearing on their feet? Most Fashionistos usually go for two options – they either “stomp” around in their Timberland’s or they layer their socks, throw in a foot warming pad, put on their dunks and hope their feet don’t fall off in the winter snow. One option very few Fashionistos opt for is the basic leather boot. They is a more fashionable alternative to having your feet fall off and can definitely add that extra touch to any outfit. Some Fashionistos tend to steer clear of the pants tucked into the boot look, but Fashionistos – it is nothing to fear, and if the look is too adventurous for you, invest in a pair of boots that can fit comfortably under your jeans and maintain your usual style while keeping your feet warm.

Fashionistos are lucky enough to be able to wear their leather boots in both a casual setting during the day and at night as a nicer shoe option. The versatility of the leather boots is the exact reason why Fashionistos definitely need to invest in a pair this fall/winter season. If you’re interested in a sturdier pair set to last you a few seasons I suggest spending a little more and really getting your bang for your buck. Try searching at Barney’s or any other department store – for a more laid back pair try these similar styles from Steve Madden. Either place you look, you’re guaranteed to get a lot of wear our of these leather investments.


As we have all experienced, Boston weather can be pretty bipolar: one day it’s warm and sunny, the next it’s freezing and cloudy. As we can’t control the weather, we can control how to keep warm in this ever-changing weather game. I found this Fashionista layered up in style while enjoying one of the sunnier days in Boston. What I love most about this Fashionista's layering skills is the idea of layering thinner items instead of throwing together your biggest sweater and thickest coat the moment it turns to cold. This Fashionista has emulated two current trends this season: the flannel and army green. She has decided to layer her flannel over her black long-sleeved shirt, accompanying the idea of thin-item layering. Her army green coat is a great item to have for fall. It is a perfect fall coat – not too heavy, but large enough to have a layer on under to create the ultimate warm effect.

I love what this Fashionista has done by using her flannel as a layering piece. The flannel is a trend that has taken the world by storm, and as flannels come in all different colors and sizes, it is a great layering item. Some flannels are warmer than others, but regardless of your flannel preference, using it has a layering piece is a flawless fall look. I know some of us Fashionistas (myself included) tend to stray away from the open flannel look at the risk of looking like a '90s grunge icon. But this Fashionista has shown us the open flannel is nothing to fear and is a great look for fall. While remaining casual in her red and black flannel with a black long-sleeved shirt underneath, this Fashionista is ready for any weather Boston may throw at her. Whether you find your flannels at a thrift store or are drawn to the new sheer ones at American Apparel, try using your flannel as a layering item and stay warm, comfortable and fashionable.

FASHION NEWS: Fashion’s Night In

We bring our computers to class and either find ourselves browsing the pages of Facebook, CollegeFashionista, or when those classes are really tough to get through we turn to another alternative: online shopping. Browsing the virtual clothing racks is something we’re all guilty of, but it is so hard to resist and when the online shopping market has infinite options to sift through why would we want to resist. Lucky for all of us serial online shoppers there is now a night dedicated to us: Fashion’s Night In. Following the success of Vogue’s Fashion Night Out, Vogue is introducing Fashion’s Night In, a night dedicated to the world of online shopping. With a wide variety of online participants from Alexander McQueen ( to there are retailers that suit our lovely college student budget and those willing to splurge on a few high-ticket items.

Each retailer has their own specials going on for the event, most retailers have given us a relief on shipping fees, some have offered discounts ranging from 10%-30% and more expensive retailers like McQueen have included a free scented candle and has so graciously given us a chance to preview the last ever collection of Kate Moss for Topshop dresses—set to officially be revealed the following day. The greatest part about this night of online shopping: the chance to discover new online stores. Fashion’s Night In is on November 1st from 5pm until midnight, giving us the great opportunity to browse all participating online stores all weekend.

Check out Vogue’s Fashion’s Night In website for more information and to help plan out your online shopping plan of attack. Happy shopping!

WEEKEND FORECAST: It’s Never too Early for Fur

Boston temperatures have taken a sudden plummet, and as some of us may feel we aren’t prepared, this Fashionista has the right idea by breaking out her fur at the first sign of cold. I love fur jackets (both faux and real), especially this Fashionista’s faux fur by Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs has created this type of jacket for the past few seasons, and each season he spices up the design just a little and even introduces new colors. This Fashionista has chosen a more basic color, but there are currently a variety of different patterns and colors available. The best part about this Fashionista’s jacket: it has a hood and not just any hood – a fur-lined hood – probably the warmest thing anyone could ever ask for. I am personally a huge hood person and believe a hood is a crucial part to any jacket, especially when you live in a place like Boston where the weather can go from cloudy to raining to sunny all in an hour. Another great feature of this fantastic fur is the material – it is made to feel like a sweatshirt so when you transition from the brutal outdoors to find inside is the same temperature, you won’t feel like you need to immediately shed your outer shell.

It’s fall in Boston and quickly moving to winter – fur is starting to pop up everywhere, and this weekend we should all give it a test drive. Faux or real – fur isn’t just for the Fashionistas – Fashionitos, try splurging on a fur-lined bomber this winter, like this one by The North Face, and I promise you won’t regret the purchase.


Everyone has his or her favorite seasonal accessory whether it’s the spring/summer fedora or the fall/winter beanie (there is currently a great selection at shopbop). My favorite accessory happens to be a year-round item that can add that little something extra or a splash of color to any outfit: the scarf.

Scarves are a great piece to wear during all seasons, and with Boston’s unpredictable weather, it is something every Fashionista/Fashionisto should own. This Fashionista has taken note of the unpredictability of Boston weather and on this sunny day has chosen to wear a scarf for those random gusts of wind we all love so much. Paired with jeggings, a plain grey tank and black flats, this Fashionista’s outfit looks fairly simple and not the most exciting, but the addition of her scarf completes her outfit. I personally love the fall colors embedded in the scarf and enjoy the idea of wearing the scarf from fall right in to winter. This Fashionista is also showing off the versatility of the scarf – wearing it just hanging or wrapped around your neck, there is no wrong way to wear it. 

The scarf is also a great accessory for night; we all have those nights when we have nothing to wear, so we opt for an all black outfit, and after trying on thousands of necklaces — and we still just can’t seem to find the right one, a different way to add that flare you’re looking for would be add a patterned or colorful scarf.

The best part about the scarf is you can find one just about anywhere – from your favorite store to the local flee market, I’ve never met a scarf I haven’t liked. So this weekend whether its hot or cold, rainy or sunny, try adding a scarf to your outfit – you can’t go wrong.

Hint: If you’re the type of person that loves to wear hooded sweatshirts when it starts to get chilly, try trading in your hoodie for a cardigan and scarf. It has the same warmth and comfort of a hooded sweatshirt, but with a fashionable twist.

FASHION NEWS: Opening of Diane von Furstenberg

We all know her for her vibrant prints and wrap-dresses –  ladies of Boston, I present the Diane von Furstenberg store conveniently located on Boston’s Newbury Street.

We’ve all loved DVF ever since her signature wrap-dress started to make a regular appearance in all of our closets, and we have stuck with her though her fashion evolution. Now stocked with shoes, scarves, skirts, dresses and more, DVF provides us with the styles we love and the bold colors we crave.

The new DVF store opened in Boston on September 17, and business has been going steady ever since. All the ladies of Boston have been waiting for DVF to gain its own space and now it is finally here. With reasonably priced shoes and clothing, DVF is bound to be the next favorite location for those last-minute formal dresses we all scramble to find. The greatest addition to the DVF store is all the accessories – with a great scarf and sunglass wall, DVF has truly hit the mark with her accessories line. The scarves all have bold prints and colors and all have an original look to them, so even if you and your best friend buy the same color, the chances of having the same pattern is very slim (which I consider to be a great thing). The sunglasses are all in styles that coherently merge into the trends of today – paired with anything from the military green section of the store you can look like a true Fashionista in them. The shoe section immediately drew my attention – even though there are only a few styles, all the shoes are priced between $150-$300, and there are a great selection of tall and short boots for fall. The store is roughly color-coordinated, allowing for easy mix and matching to create the most fashionable outfit.

Ladies, we’ve been waiting for a DVF store to open in Boston and the time is finally here. I can’t wait to see what the following seasons have in store for us at this great boutique.

WEEKEND FORECAST: Show Your School Spirit

For most universities, Homecoming weekend means football games, frat parties and a ton of school spirit. Things are a little different here at BU – we’ve replaced football with hockey, frat parties with regular house parties and a ton of school spirit to being lucky if you own one piece of BU apparel. Boston University is our little oasis from the city of Boston, and as we all do love being in a city we sometimes lack the “campus feel” of other universities. This may seem like a downfall to some, but it is the exact reason those of us who love BU do like it so much.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon these two Fashionistas both sporting BU hoodies on a rather chilly day in Boston. One Fashionista has chosen to pair her hoodie with leggings and combat boots, giving into the fall trend while supporting BU. Combat boots are all part of the military look we are all trying to achieve this season, and this Fashionista has demonstrated how to rock the combat boot in a casual way and it works. The other Fashionista has also given into a fall trend: oxfords. The vintage oxfords this Fashionista are wearing are a great fall staple – Bloch has also made a few great pairs this season. Sporting a hoodie with leggings and oxfords and with leggings and combat boots, both of these Fashionistas are ready to show off their school spirit in the most fashionable of ways.

School spirit comes in stride here at BU, but the days you catch someone wearing BU apparel are some of the most exciting. It shows that even though we are in a city, and even though we do lack some of the basics most other large universities have, we are still able to have fun and support our school in our own way.

Everyone have fun and be safe this weekend!