WEEKEND FORECAST: Neutrals with a Pop

We’re exactly at the place we’ve been waiting for all season: temperatures have started to cool and it’s time to show off the things we learned from Fashion Week. This Fashionista has taken everything she has learned (neutrals and a pop of color) and has managed to combine it into one awesome outfit.

I love this Fashionista’s suede tan jacket, I believe the tan jacket is going to replace the black leather jacket this season and this Fashionista is just one step ahead of the game. By pairing her jacket with a basic white tee shirt and dark skinny jeans this Fashionista has created an outfit that can go from casual to night with the addition of a few accessories and a pair of heels. What I really love about this Fashionista’s outfit is her London Sole red flats. As I’ve said before flats are always a staple, no matter what the season, but the bright pop of color is the number one lesson we took away from Fashion Week. Almost every designer, especially Marc Jacobs, this season has accomplished the pop of color and the staple "pop colors" we took away from Fashion Week were red and purple, so this Fashionista has hit the mark. 

This Fashionista has gotten the memo that fall is officially here and it’s time to resurface our fall wardrobes. So what are we waiting for? It’s time to embrace our neutrals, color popping items and boots and start the season of right.

WEEKEND FORECAST: Singing the Navy Blues

School is officially back in session, and having an early class is not appealing to most people. Those of us unlucky enough to be trapped in an early class due to scheduling have to achieve the impossible: look effortlessly trendy and chic while maintaining a level of comfort. As this does seem like mission impossible to some, this Fashionista is the perfect example of how to sing away those early morning blues.

This Fashionista has achieved almost every girls early morning uniform: leggings and a shirt. However, this Fashionista has figured out how to dress up the the early morning get-up. Still donned in the basic leggings and shirt, this outfit screams comfort while playing on a huge trend this fall: navy blue. This Fashionista's leggings, with black leather accents, are the perfect addition to her fall outfit. Navy and black together were once considered a fashion faux pas, but are now welcomed with open arms, and I am loving the combo. The riding pant is also a trend that is slowly making its way back into the fashion scene, and since the invention of the jegging every designer is trying to find a way to make those classics we love more comfortable, and these riding leggings achieve just that.

This Fashionista’s outfit is gracefully tied together with the ultimate fall staple: the black flat. I am someone who lives for a black flat, and I have managed to collect three different pairs within the last year alone. You can never go wrong in a black flat, and this Fashionista’s pair from London Sole looks great paired with the black accents on her leggings.

Navy and black are back, so don’t be afraid of the once frowned upon combo and embrace it this coming season. 

Hint: Forget the idea of day shirts and night shirts, and pair one of your night shirts with a pair of leggings during the day for a look that says comfort and chic. 


Well hello there fall – it’s great to have you back.Temperatures are starting to cool, and all of our fall purchases can finally be put to use. This Fashionista has the right idea by ditching the typical leggings, or tights-and-skirt combo by opting for a long skirt. The long skirt was one of my favorite pieces this summer, and it’s great news that it is here to stay for fall. The neutral tones in this skirt make it a great fall piece, and by pairing the skirt with a tan belt, it adds that extra touch of fall that we all love.

Boston weather can be pretty unpredictable, and I love that you can wear a long skirt on those days when Boston tricks you and spikes the temperatures back up, or even when it gets a little chillier. Going to class or a casual night out, the long skirt is the new staple piece to have in your closet this fall. I love how this Fashionista has paired her printed long skirt with a basic black tank and a skinny tan belt, the perfect fall combo. I love the subtle fall colors in this Fashionista’s look. Sometimes there is no need to over dramatize an outfit; an outfit of neutrals will carry the same effect.The best part about the long skirt: forget those Marilyn Monroe moments, and keep on strutting as those gusts of wind sweep right on by.

Hint: Try for a “color block” effect and pair a solid long skirt with a solid top – paired with a few simple accessories, it will be an outfit that will definitely impress.


One of the greatest things about fashion is that trends will always repeat themselves. Fashionistas and Fashionistos, I am proud to report that the crop top is back, and I am loving every second of it. I love the versatility of the crop top – it's perfect for a day out shopping, lounging around or a night out.

This Fashionista has chosen a crop top that not only screams summer, but also has the great ability to transition from day to night. I don't believe in the "no white after labor day rule," and neither does this Fashionista. Pairing a bright colored crop top with her white jean shorts and brown flip flops adds great subtlety to her outfit, allowing for all the focus to be on the crop top.

I am especially partial to the cotton crop tops, like the one this Fashionista is wearing from LF (be sure to also look at the cotton crop top selection at American Apparel). I also love the diversity in the crop-top world; they can come in a variety of lengths, and not every crop top has to bare the entire midriff. I love a top with a sinched waist that allows for the top to be worn at your desired length, like this Rory Beca one from Shopbop. They can also be seen as having a bit of a train in the back like this Myne one.

Even though fall is around the corner, I think the crop top is going to stay awhile, and I see this as a great thing. Now, some may believe the crop top isn't for everybody, and I agree that not everyone is comfortable with baring midriff, but the great thing about the crop top is that it looks great alone or even with a tank underneath. One of my favorite looks is a "splash of color," and a black crop top with a bright tank under could be exactly what your outfit is calling for.

Hint: Try tucking in a crop top to a pair or high waisted jeans or a high waisted skirt.


Do you have those friends that can walk into any vintage store and come out with the best finds? I definitely do, and they always inspire me to go do a little vintage hunting of my own, but every time I go vintage shopping, I'm lucky if I find just a t-shirt. I love the look of vintage clothing, but given my lack of a "vintage shopping gene," I sometimes have a hard time achieving the one-of-a-kind vintage look.

Luckily for all of us vintage-shopping-strugglers, there is a cute boutique, located on Boston's famous Newbury street, called Pinkyotto. Pinkyotto takes popular styles and produces them in a multitude of different colors and prints – the reason for this is because in the store they only carry one of each item. To some of you Fashionistas that may seem like a downfall, but it allows you to go in to the store and come out with a completely original piece that you won't see on anyone else. Pinkyotto carries everything from shorts, dresses, skirts, tops, jackets and even jewelry. The jewelry at Pinkyotto is always in tune with the current trend and they have a great selection of "bib-necklaces" at great prices.

Not only does Pinkyotto only carry one of each item, but most of their other items typically only come in one size. But don't be alarmed – like any vintage store, you aren't going to find your exact size, so this forces you to accessorize to make it work, and that is exactly what Pinkyotto achieves with their store.

With school coming up just around the corner, we all want an original outfit that will be sure to impress, and Pinkyotto has just the outfit you're looking for.

Style Guru Bio: Delanie Carney

My name is Delanie and I am a junior at Boston University majoring in Public Relations. Originally a city girl from Chicago, I have always had a thing for fashion. My friends have coined my wardrobe to consist of three main colors: black, grey and purple, and as I do love my staple colors, I love the creativity behind adding that extra splash of color to any outfit.

Attending Boston University has been a different experience for me; it has actually caused me to take a deeper look into the fashion world. With all the colleges in the Boston area, there is such an international and diverse crowd here in Boston, and all the Fashionistas/Fashionistos brought their styles from around the globe with them. Red Sox red and Celtics green aren't the only colors that flow through this city – the international runways of Commonwealth Avenue and Newbury Street in Boston can at times be as exciting as Fashion Week. It is always a sight to see.

I’m excited to start sharing my fashion finds here at BU with all of you Fashionistas and Fashionistos.