BEAUTY BAR: For the Edgy Minimalist

First things first, it’s time to break some fashion rules Fashionistas. Black is back for the summer and here to stay. Want to know the best way to rock your favorite edgy look this season? Keep your makeup to a minimum. This will keep the focus off that darker color scheme and on your natural glow.

This bare-faced beauty loves trend hunting at a bargain. She opts for minimalism in her look, which she reflects through the simplicity in her makeup routine to accompany her often more edgy and sporty attire.

This Fashionista pairs her Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation base with a rose pink blush. A brushed out brow with a clear gel will leave your eyes perfectly framed for any shadow. She finished her look with a basic liner and bare lips. This Fashionista is all about making her eyes pop.

When it comes to pairing an au naturale makeup look with an all-black outfit in the hot summer weather like this Fashionista, shiftable layers and versatility is key to staying rocker chic while remaining cool under the scorching sunshine. Who needs a smudged makeup faux pas while they’re catching their well deserved summer rays? No thanks.

This Fashionista styled a halter neck black spandex dress with a quilted faux leather jacket she found for a steal online. The addition of a chunky healed bootie leaves her comfortable even into the early hours of the morning. Feeling warm? Toss your jacket to the side and your left with an equally cute outfit with some added accessories: maybe a crossbody bag or layered necklaces.

This bare-faced beauty loves switching between funky hair colors, as she views it as an accessory in itself to be experimented with. For this season she decided to join the dark side, trying out a much warmer look to her naturally dirty blonde locks. She likes to let her hair air dry with some coconut oil for added moisture and shine.

It’s time to break some rules. Summer-ready doesn’t always mean color-ready, so find the fun in playing up your dark side even in the most flexible aspects of your style. You won’t regret it.

STYLE ADVICE: Cool Weather Company

Don’t fear Fashionistos, T-shirt season is closer than it appears but not without one last bite of that frigid winter chill. I know what you’re thinking: how can I can I ditch the scarf and gloves without compromising warmth? Well, in this case, lightweight knits are your very best friend.

This Fashionisto prioritizes functionality and comfort far above the latest trend and he knows how to make it work to his advantage. Of course, gravitating towards more rugged and distressed pieces of clothing: baggy jeans, loose-fitted sweaters, and soft knits provides its own set of advantages. Think lumberjack chic, all pulled together with that summer ready smile.

Looking cozy and confident, this Fashionisto paired relaxed dark-wash denim with his favorite green sweater. It’s thick knit texture allows him to avoid the early spring jacket without the high risk of wind chill. He completed his look with a red knit beanie, helping to compliment the other deep jewel tones found throughout his ensemble. A simple pair of black monochromatic sneakers pulls everything together perfectly with a smile. This outfit is prepared to fill all your early spring needs: color, warmth, and above all, style.

Style advice: Spring is the perfect time to reach out of your comfort zone. Whether you’ve been dying to try that a new trend you spotted on the latest runways or just want to kick it in your favorite paper of joggers, nothing is off limits. With all the summer break excitement in the air, an easy color palette update may be all you need to bring the life and sense of new back to your wardrobe.

So, start the spring closet cleaning and maybe even treat yourself to a few new pieces, I know I will be.

WHAT TO WEAR: First Signs of Spring

A warm front has graced the frosty Northeast and this can only mean one thing: spring Is near. Now before you break out those high-waisted denim shorts and crop tops, keep in mind that we’re still a few short months away from all day sunshine and 9 o’clock sunsets.

So, keep your outfit reliable without giving up that colorful early spring excitement in your wardrobe. It’s the perfect time of year to break in those favorite new pair of heels you’ve kept buried in the back of your closet all season. Don’t be afraid to strut your confidence with that season changing sparkle in your eye. We all had to tough it through the cold and dreary winter months, so now’s your chance to lose the puffer coat and grab a much lighter alternative.

This Fashionista is the perfect example of what to wear as the weather goes from frigid to sunlit. She pairs classic low-rise distressed denim, with a curve-hugging top. The tie up detailing creates an eye-pleasing point of interest on the gray-toned silhouette. She finished off the outfit with a cozy flannel, guaranteed to warm her up as the temperature begins in to drop in the later hours of the day. Bold platform booties finish off this look, which makes her outfit versatile and street-ready.

While we’re all gleaming with warm weather eagerness, just always remember to stay true to your style and true to yourself. Looking to switch things up and try out a new look? The cusp of a season change Is the perfect moment to shine.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Texturize Yourself

Let’s be honest, when it comes to winter fashion, comfort most definitely takes precedent over anything else. We all seemingly fall into the trap of asking yourself how many days in a row it’s acceptable to wear our favorite pair of leggings, while still being able to consider ourselves a productive member of society.

It’s a trend versus functionality world out there, and we’re just living in it. But don’t stress, finding your style zen in the frigid cold months is still possible with the exploration of one word: textures.

Here’s how it works. I could tell you all about the simplicity of bringing color back into your winter wardrobe with some easily added accessories, but we both know you’ve heard it all before. I’m here to tell you that rocking that all-black, monotone outfit (something I am admittedly guilty of) can still have life and let your real personality shine through.  All it it takes is mixing fabrics: pairing leather with suedes or denim with furs.

This outfit I styled holds some of my most near and dear wardrobe pieces of all time. My knit, cropped sweater combines a striped design with mesh-like accents that can spice up even your most basic cozy outfit. Both this blue, oversized denim jacket and fitted black jeans help balance out this ensemble by cultivating a sort of toned down ’90s grunge vibe. To finish off this look, I added suede textured booties and my favorite red velvet crossbody bag. If you look closely, it’s all tied together with both the purse and shoes with matching chrome accents.

With a keen eye for detail, take any outfit from snow-ready to street-ready and make that winter outfit totally #RAD.

STYLE GURU BIO: Deserae Albanese

Hey Fashionistas, I’m Des. I’m a senior at Rutgers University studying journalism and media studies. Let me start off by saying that my style journey has been anything but smooth sailing. Pre-teen flashbacks of “what what was I thinking” come far and wide in the life story of this Style Guru. Alas, finding my niche was really a matter of finding myself, a process I am still working through one day at a time.

Since my earliest memories, fashion has always been a part of who I am. It has forever been the one interest that just stuck through the endless piano lessons and softball games of my uncoordinated youth. Putting together an outfit is the calm among the storm. That one moment of daily peace and comfort I can escape to when life is feeling endlessly stressful.

My first glint of fashion inspiration blossomed from an in interest in modeling. Sadly for me, my devastatingly unfortunate awkward phase killed that dream faster than a Black Friday sales rack at Nordstrom. Given my introverted tendencies and accompanied camera shyness, we can agree that was for the best.

Little knowledge of the industry and understanding of the endless possibilities in fashion careers led my studies astray for quite some time. Little did I know, my knack for writing would open a door to fashion that actually played to my strengths, while leading me down a path I never would’ve imagined just a few short years ago.

So here I am, in my oversized T-shirt dresses, miniskirts, and muted shades of pink and nudes. I like to find the wearable diversity in even the simplest of pieces. Just think of me as your go-to girl for your daily dose of edge. I’m a fashion addict with an obsession for black, basics, and dresses short enough for only the brave of heart.

This outfit in particular is a typical look for me. Rompers are everything, and the possibility for wearing them is endless. I’ve been gravitating towards olive green as my go-to neutral this season. A little style advice? Never be afraid to pair low cut pieces with simple accessories in order to create the potential for day-to-night transition. Just add a good heel and smoked out eyes and you’re ready for that party. Oh, and I know you’re loving these black leather boots. Comfy and fashion forward, they’re my winter favorites to finish off any outfit. The final addition of a strappy bralette and fitted jacket make me street ready for both a walk to class or night out with my friends.

From my boarding school roots, two years in the earth flatteringly cold Syracuse University, all the way to my current home of Rutgers University, all of these experience, along with my infatuation for travel ultimately shaped not only my style, but me. For me, fashion is a direct reflection of a moment in time, a time capsule of my mood, environment, and an aspect of myself that I want to share with the world. Style is a fearless expression without the need for outside validation. It’s just you in all your beautiful glory, shining with the confidence that throwing on that favorite new pair of boots is guaranteed to bring you.