TREND: A Touch of Avant-garde

One thing I love about fashion is the excitement that can go into wearing a statement piece. Avant-garde looks have been more and more common these days (thank you, Lady Gaga) and besides having that 'wow' factor to them, they are a great way to express yourself and your personality though a piece of wearable art. I first noticed this week's trend on the rise from the Balmain runway show. The sharp/high-shoulder blazer or jacket (we'll call them statement shoulders) is an easy piece to wear but is quite noticeable on the eye. I remember being suddenly inspired by these robust shoulders but also fearing just how wearable they would be. This weeks Fashionista reminded me how chic they really are as she had me captivated with romantic bliss from her high-shoulder rosette jacket. Now, for those of you who think this look may be hard to wear, fear not. Statement shoulders can be found not only on jackets and blazers, but also dresses such as this from French Connection and tops as well. All it takes is a bit of pouf in the shoulder or a dramatic peak (hence the pointier versions) to make a look go from plain and simple to fabulous and fun.

Hint: This trend may seem a bit much for those of us that like to keep our looks on the subtle side but keep in mind it's a trend that can be toned down as well. To keep your look clean but still have an edge you can try this sleek black version by Aryn K. For a simple piece that can be thrown over just about any look try this zip-up jersey version from ASOS.

TREND: Chunky Knit Bliss

Every year around this time students are scrambling with finals, projects and major studying. Suffice to say between the cold weather and the intense work flow, getting dressed in the morning can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. Still, there should always be that one accessory or piece of clothing that can be worn in the chilly air and straight through those long nights spent in the library. This brings me to the "Infinity" scarf. I spotted this Fashionista and she had cozy bliss written all over her!

The cable knit infinity scarf she is wearing happens to be a favorite trend of mine for the season. This is truly a scarf like no other. Besides being extremely warm and an all around perfect winter accessory, it holds a chic quality that most scarves can't really compare to. It's a loop that doubles around your neck (or pretty much however you like to wear it). Our Fashionista had on basic skinny jeans, a nautical sweater and classic ballet flats. What really drew me in with her look was the scarf itself, paired with a gray ribbed beanie. The infinity scarf can be found in most retail stores for really great prices and versatile colors. For similar looks to that of our Fashionista try this loop scarf from Ann Taylor LOFT or this gray version from Topshop. The cold may not be so fun for many but you can always have fun with cool weather attire.

Hint: Accessories like the Infinity scarf and beanie hat are those that will get tremendous use throughout the winter season. Be sure to lean towards colors like nude, black, and gray to ensure the utmost everyday wear. Complete your comfy winter attire with a pop of color like this burgundy pom-pom beanie. Also have fun with patterns like this stripped loop scarf, also from Topshop.

TREND: Winter Blues and Floral Hues

There is always something extraordinary about the trends and ideas that unravel during the fall. This season we have seen girls all over campus utilizing pieces such as skirts and shorts to make them wearable during the colder weather, which brings me to the floral or printed skirt. Our Fashionista this week took her spring like floral skirt and made it extremely compatible for fall and winter attire.

One really fabulous trend this season is layering, especially when it comes to skirts and shorts. There is no reason to save these key pieces for the warmer weather when all you need realistically is a few basics to stay warm and still make a statement. Today's Fashionista took her floral print skirt and paired it with black opaque tights and a plain black tee, which she layered with her motorcycle jacket, a chunky knit scarf and booties. Floral prints were a huge trend this past spring and summer and it appears they won't be disappearing anytime soon. What's great about this trend is during the colder days when dark fall colors are inevitable, you can still add a unique twist to your look with a floral print. Be it on your tops or bottoms there is always room for this subtle ladylike flair. This trend also adds a great deal of appeal to an androgynous all black look. For a similar look to that of our Fashionista try this skirt from Urban Outfitters or this one from Forever 21.

Hint: Pair your floral skirt with with patterned tights such as these from Express, colored opaque as seen here from American Apparel or even knit tights like these from Topshop. All of these while keeping you warm during the colder weather are a fun and versatile way to stay true to your own personal style. Plus they leave you with endless ideas and options for your floral pieces. 

TREND: That Extra Glitz is Glam

I've always been one to spot amazing accessories over any other wardrobe piece. For me accessories are the essence of a look. They can bring an outfit to life and they also speak volumes about the girl wearing them. Chunky jewels have always held a special place in my heart, as I'm instantly reminded of being a little girl and rummaging through my mom's jewelry box. It is these timeless pieces that make fashion fun and inspiring.

I spotted this Fashionista and found myself in awe of the pieces she incorporated into her outfit. She took a simple black and white cotton dress and made it feel classic and chic with her jeweled baubles giving it not only a unique twist but clearly exhibiting her own personal sense of style. From her oval vintage post earrings, to her charm bracelet and chunky cocktail rings, she was able to change a basic wardrobe piece, such as the cotton dress, and make it youthful and glamorous. It all came together with a burst of gold tones. She paired her look with another fall trend – patterened tights and a mini side-satchel purse. Dare to be bold and next time you go out, don't take one piece off – instead put two more on!

Hint: There was a time when the more subtle jewelry was considered more stylish but that is not the case anymore. Chunky statement pieces, such as these square vintage square posts from Urban Outfitters, look great paired with basic tops and bottoms and add an instant vintage feel to any current look. Also check out this gold tone double finger ring, and this peacock feather statement ring (similar to that of our Fashionista). Accessories are meant to make you feel alluring and should always be an exciting aspect in getting ready. Let your jewelry scream who you are – and always have fun with it!!

TREND: Graciously Thankful for the Platform

There came a point over the past year when I took a good hard look around and noticed that the average high heel, was no longer average. Once upon a time it was only the celebs and A-listers who were seen wearing anything over four inches down the red carpet, let alone out and about on the streets. Low and behold, the death defying heights of the high heel took an even deadlier turn when the designers decided to kick it up way more than a few notches. I'd like to give thanks to the likes of Christian Louboutin and Brian Atwood who are certainly responsible for the towering inspiration that comes from the platform heel.

This Fashionista could be spotted literally at the other end of the street with what I can only describe as the new age era of divine footwear. Her Steve Madden "Brigitt " pumps gave this beauty an extra six inches of height!! But what makes them even more stunning (and easier to walk in) is the fact that there are two inches in the platform and somewhat of a half wedge at the heel. Now, let's be honest: what's scarier to walk in a wedge or stilleto? Obviously the fashion Gods knew they were onto something when they created the illusion of a hidden platform. Its made its way into that of the average pump or wedge to boots, booties and sandals as well. They not only lengthen any Fashionista's legs but also pave way for us to be a little more daring and fabulous with our looks. Dont fear the height, your inner super model is just waiting to emerge. If your looking for classic and elegant go for these from Topshop. For the fall and winter, styles with an edge try booties like these from Steve Madden or these Sam Edelman beauties!

Hint: Platform heels that are super high can be overwhelming at first, so I would suggest keeping your overrall look relatively simple. Our Fashionista donned a pair of black skinnies with a gray T-shirt and a classic black leather jacket. When you wear these sky high killers remember to walk with the utmost confidance because as noted with our Fashionista – all eyes will be on you!

TREND: It’s All in the Clutch

For years I have sworn by carrying extra large handbags and totes everywhere I go. My purses have especially gotten great use while living in the city, where at the drop of a hat you never know where you will be or what you will doing. I consider my handbag to be a safety net, and when I say 'my life' is in there – I'm not kidding! From the obvious necessities like my Blackberry, wallet, and keys, I also have an endless array of other goodies for the many different duties I tackle on a daily basis. It recently dawned on me just how lost I would be without my everyday bag of crucial items. Not to mention how sad I would be without such a major wardrobe accessory. This of course brings me to the "man purse".

These handbags for men are without a doubt an extremely popular trend and are often seen on the runways from designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. I spotted this Fashionisto and although his entire look sparked a great deal of interest for me, it was his clutch that really took the entire outfit to another level. The epitome of chic, there is nothing classier then a simple black leather clutch or top handle bag for men. This Fashionisto created his own unique look with a basic denim shirt, cuffed jeans, loafers, and (my personal favorite), a brown leather motorcyle jacket. Flawless, unique, and the truest form of downtown chic.

Guys are easily intimidated by this high fashion look but when reality sets in, there is no better feeling then having your go to needs all in one tasteful and reliable spot.

Hint: For those gentlemen who aren't quite ready to go along with the concept of carrying a bag or clutch, go with the basic messenger  like this one from Calvin Klein, for everyday travel and instant style appeal. Also try a similar style to that of our Fashionisto from A. Testoni. Stylish and affordable versions can also be found at Saks

TREND: Cargo Chaos

One constant trend that can be seen endlessly on the city streets would be the skinny jean. However, this year there has been a whole new take on this fabulous tight fitting denim which works oh so well with the majority of our wardrobes. The 'cargo' skinnies have put a definite twist on the basic skinny while giving them a hip and youthful vibe. The original J Brand could be seen in magazines and on all the ultimate street style trendsetters. Luckily thanks to brands like DKNY, Guess, and even Target, there is no need to break the bank while hunting down the right pair for you! The irony is this macho trend happens to look quite cool on the ladies. This Fashionista took her cropped cargos and kept her look effortless with a layered top, and a pair of oxfords. Cargos look great when done casual as well as dressed up and are the ultimate go to pant for the fall season. Pair them with an array of tops from sweaters and blouses to layered or distressed T-shirts. As far as shoes go, these pants work with pretty much anything. Motorcyle or combat boots (for that modern edgy look) or ankle booties, to platforms and beyond. They even look fresh and cute when paired with a casual flat. With an endless amount of looks to choose from the cargo skinnies are a sure fit into any Fashionista's wardrobe.

Hint: Cargo's don't always have to be green. From shades of gray, to khaki, camoflauge and back to your basic black there is sure to be a color that can collaborate with any Fashionistas own true style. For a similar version to that of our Fashionista try this chic affordable version from Mossimo.

TREND: Laced Up in Love

There isn't anything about the military trend that doesn't excite me. Living in this bustling city I find myself constantly rushing around between classes, to work, scurrying to late night rendezvous and back again. The constant chaos leaves me with only the highest respect for a chic and functional boot such as the ones seen on this week's Fashionista. Accessible and versatile but clearly statement worthy, these boots will leave you walking the city streets with comfort and confidance. Today's Fashionista's Perrin boots by Steve Madden have subtle yet noteworthy detail such as the red lining on the zippers. The military inspired trend is really fun this season because the androgyny of the boots can take your look anywhere. Pair them with tights, skirts, long dresses or leggings and an oversized blouse. Today's Fashionista really nailed the look by keeping it simple with a neutral sweater and leggings. These boots have a lot to say, and she let them do all of the talking.

Hint: If your outfit has too much going on it will easily take away the appeal of the boots. To avoid this, try to keep your mix of patterns and textures to a minimum. Instead have fun with basics and of course some statement accessories.

TREND: Lady like Frills

I remember just a few short months ago, reading my favorite fashion blogs, when I began to notice a trend that I knew would soon shake up the street style world. I recall seeing a photo of Rihanna at the Kid's Choice Awards, wearing a short peach Christian Dior dress, and as my eyes floated to her feet there they were: a lovely pair of nude pumps with a pair of ankle socks. It wasn't long after when my sister called and asked me a critical question: are ankle socks really making a comeback? I couldn't believe my eyes at first, but must admit after noticing them on the likes of Rachel Bilson and Chloe Sevigny, I became flored with excitement for this burst of child like adolescent charm. The fact is, you no longer have to be four years old and wearing a frilly dress to sport this trend. This Fashionista took her ultra dainty look and put a twist on it by adding black ankle socks (notice the slight frills on the edges) and pairing them with a classic pair of Mary Janes. Her navy courdory skirt, and beige lace top give off a very innocent affect while the black on black sock and heel combo give the entire look a soft yet sophisticated feel.

Hint: Try pairing socks such as these lace frills from  or this Betsey Johnson set with a pair of oxfords and trousers for a modernized Annie Hall inspired look. Don't hesitate to don the feminine baby doll like appeal while wearing them with dresses, and skirts (similar to that of our Fashionista). From ankle booties, to flats, and sky high heels as well, dare to be bold with distinctive patterns and contrasting colors.

TREND: The Riding Approach

An obsession that always comes into play for the fall: boots, boots, and more boots. My main focus and interest however, always lie in that of the classic and chic, riding boot. Besides having a boot that is exceptionally wearable, these boots provide an imperative feel and ease into any wardrobe. This Fashionista took to the streets in her Steve Madden "Intyce" boots in a beloved cognac shade. She paired her boots with leggings, a tunic like olive shirt, and another fall favorite of mine, the flowy cotton over throw. Although I feel as though I see these boots everywhere in the City, one thing I can say with the utmost candor and respect is that almost every time I see them — they are being worn in new, fun, and interesting ways! That's right, this simple flat leather boot has so much versatility, I recall seeing them worn over tights with denim shorts, to long dresses (for the more bohemian look), and skinny jeans with a simple cardigan or oversized denim shirt. These boots can be found in an array of colors and heights, from knee high and just above the knee, to just below the knee (like that of our Fashionista).

Hint: Don't be afraid to let them look worn. The most appealing thing about the riding boot is the fact that most of them look better after being worn in. Ironically, I feel the more distressed they appear, they also take on a more contemporary feel as well. Another quite entertaining aspect is the disposition of colors. There's an assortment of colors to be played with this season, so don't be scared to shy away from typical black (this coming from the all black Queen — I'm trying to take my own advice!), From vivid browns, faded shades of cognac and lucent greys (which happen to go with more attire than one might normally consider), these boots are a sure hit for any Fashionista's closet. Consider them necessary for your next ensemble.