Summer refuses to start here as it continues to rain, even as the sun tries to come through the clouds throughout the day. Therefore, this calls for us to still reach for our jackets and boots when opening the closet in the morning. However, I do admit it is a nice change from the 100° F and humid DC weather.

As I was walking home from the tube one day after work I spotted this Fashionista hanging around outside Selfridges. At first glance she may just look like another girl wearing combat boots and cargos, however, each item on her has a unique aspect distinguishing the pieces from their more generic counterpart. Starting with her jacket, from far away it looks like a brown, leather jacket. But up-close I could see the pocket detailing to reveal that it was actually a “wet-look”, casual Barbour jacket. I loved her Barbour and that is hard for me to say because walking the streets of America people seem to be wearing the same, versatile Barbour jacket. Put a modern, stylish twist on it like this one, and you get an entirely different look. As for her pants, they’re not actually cargos. They have zippers on the outside of the thigh like this Topshop pair – giving them a cargo-like look with the color and on the inner, lower leg there is a knit patch. Intricate detail like this is what draws me in to certain pieces, making me appreciate their original look. As for her accessories, this Fashionista made a point to show me the back of her combat boots with the red zippers – an element of the shoe that I definitely was not expecting. However, my favorite piece is probably the owl necklace. It really makes her overall outfit fun and quirky with it. To finish it off, she is toting an ever-classic Balenciaga bag. The bag brings all the colors in her outfit together, whether dark or light brown, the shade of green and even her hair color to create an effortless, yet chic London look.


As London slowly transitions into summer, temperatures are fluctuating throughout the day and it can be difficult to plan accordingly. In the morning it may be sunny and warm, seeming like an ideal day to take out that summer dress. However, by the afternoon it is highly possible that the rain clouds decided to roll in, dropping the temperature and completely changing weather. This Fashionista made the conscious decision of playing it safe by wearing a pair of jeans, yet still feeling a tad bit summery by pairing them with strappy sandals and a sleeveless cowl neck shirt. Before the day took a turn, her outfit fit it perfectly, but as the clouds came in she was able to grab her go-to cardigan to throw on over her shirt. It is always a good idea to have a cardigan such as this Fashionista’s to be able to throw into your purse at the beginning of the day, even if it doesn’t seem like you will need it. You never know where you could end up or what the weather could do later on and trust me, you’d rather be prepared.

Hint: Though this ensemble is the quintessential way to wear your basics in a chic yet laid-back way it can easily be spiced up a bit. Add in a fun necklace and swap the cardigan for a casual, loose-fitting blazer and the outfit can be taken to the next level.

Style Guru Bio: Devon Guralnick

Hi! My name is Devon Guralnick and I am a rising junior at GW majoring in International Affairs and minoring in History. However, I will be sharing with you the amazing and unique style from the streets of London as I spend my summer here interning. Although my major may seem far from the world of fashion, it is one of my greatest interests. I believe fashion is a way of expressing your personality as it is found anywhere and everywhere in all different variations. Growing up in Hong Kong, Singapore and London has influenced my infatuation with fashion. In London, I drew from some of the most prominent English fashion icons as inspiration. I have always looked up to Kate Moss with her eclectic range of clothes, and how she is able to easily mix the rough-around-the-edges look with traditional feminine styles. I love to spend my time flipping through Vogue or browsing blogs online. In this day and age the ever-changing styles can be best found on the everyday people all around you. Open your eyes and experiment – you can be inspired anywhere!

TREND: Not Your Typical Pair of Jeans

You honestly never know what variations of street style you’re going to see walking through Georgetown’s M Street. There is no one style that I would say dominates the area, though many would assume it would be the all-American prep look because we are in such close proximity to Georgetown University. However, no matter how many times I venture into Georgetown, there is always a growing number of the stylish and unique amongst the crowd. As stores such as Rag & Bone and Madewell open up their doors to the community, local shoppers are able to branch out from the norm and mix up their wardrobe. I spotted this Fashionista a few times as I wandered in and out of stores and admired her clean-cut, yet distinctive look. What caught my eye were her jeans that are tailored like no jeans I have seen before. With a side closure, this allows for the pocket detailing on the front. This pair of jeans is almost a combination of high-waisted and boyfriend jeans. The tight fit on the waist of the jeans shows off detailing, while the legs have a much looser fit. With all the detail on the jeans, her choice of a simple white T-shirt works perfectly. To finish it off, her strappy, wooden-heeled shoes give a pop of vintage charm. They add a whole other dimension to the outfit, as they are distinctive but not overbearing. All together, this Fashionista’s look is fresh and summer-chic for a stroll around D.C.

Hint: Try these chambray pants to get a look similar to this Fashionista and top it off with a pair of practical, strappy, day heels from Madewell to add a bit of flare to any look.

TREND: A Soft Summer Palette

As summer has finally arrived many of us are ready to enjoy it in full force, however the weather has yet to catch up. With much of the East Coast under a massive rain cloud for the past few days (and the next few apparently) it is heartbreaking not being able to finally frolic around in our beloved summer dresses and shorts. The alternative: a soft color palette. During this weather the neon orange shirt in the back of your closet might not be the right fit with the weather, however a pale pink pair of pants is an ideal match. The pastel color embraces the notion of summer, while not screaming it. This trend, in contrast to the neon trend, is a complete opposite. Designers, such as Cacharel and Antonio Berardi exemplified both the neon and pastel palettes in their Spring 2011 runway shows. The blush tones grasp the more feminine side of summer with the colors and the subtle attention to detail. This Fashionista’s white blouse has lace detailing that catches the eye only after a careful look. The shirt compliments the pale pink pants, which is easily a summer staple. Her accessories are one of my favorite aspects of her outfit. They completely contrast with the girly look of her outfit, giving it a twist. Specifically, her gold multi-chain necklace and hinged knuckle ring are two pieces that stuck out of me. Jewelry with this chunky nature gives the outfit a newfound characteristic. Overall, this Fashionista’s combination of distinctly different trends found the right balance to create a feminine look with a touch of edge.

Hint: The pale pink pants can be found at Zara and can be worn with a range of outfits, varying from a casual look like this Fashionista, or matched with a silk top, blazer and a pair of summer wedges for a more dressed up look. As for a touch of edge, try a hinged knuckle ring for yourself to see if the style is right for you.

TREND: Block Colors

While walking the streets of NYC, almost every trend can be seen; from some of the most daring to the most predictable, it’s all there. This time around in NYC one of the most reoccurring trends that I noticed was color blocking. Whether it is a pair of bright green shorts worn with a subtle colored T-shirt or a stand out orange blouse, like this Fashionista, it can be seen in abundance. This Fashionista caught my eye in her brilliant, bold orange blouse as she walked down the street. The lightweight material combined with the loose fitting nature of the blouse makes it ideal for hot summer days in the city. Though this day wasn’t unbearably hot, on warmer days the blouse can easily be paired with a camel colored skirt. On the other hand, if you dare to go extra bold, this orange blouse would be a great complement to a pair of green shorts or pants. But for this day, the Fashionista chose her black jeggings. As for her shoes, the wooden heel adds to the summery feel of the outfit while still allowing the Fashionista to walk not only in style, but comfort as well. Wooden heels are a great choice for summer in the city for during either the day or night and are a perfect alternative to the widely worn wedge.

Hint: Zara has an extensive selection of bold and bright colored clothes. From green pants to red blazers to purple blouses, you are guaranteed to find a piece of clothing to experiment with this season’s neon trend. As for additional inspiration, check out how Leandra Medine of the blog The Man Repeller wore her bright colored clothes.

TREND: Brighten Up With Bold Accessories

As exams come to an end and students begin to head home, the feeling that it is summer finally starts to kick in. However, this year there is one little thing that seems to be missing to complete that “summer” feeling: the weather. Last year when we finished exams the temperature was in the mid to high 80°s and consistently sunny, but this year things aren’t the same. With temperatures one day being in the 60°s the notion of summer is hard to fully grasp. This cool day, my first day of summer, I spent walking through Georgetown and spotted this trendy Fashionista. The first thing I spotted was obviously her scarf. As a scarf fanatic myself I always look for new ways to wear them and I love the way she choose a bright, vibrant scarf to make her outfit more summer appropriate. Usually I try to choose a scarf that has similar colors to my outfit to compliment it, but I am inspired here by her bold move of choosing a scarf that makes more of a statement rather than blend in with the rest of the outfit. As for the rest of her outfit, her layering of the green underneath the camel adds in a bit more character to the outfit and is ideal just incase the temperature does decide to rise a little. 

An outfit like this can be easily duplicated to work in warmer weather. This year I have been a big fan of shorts or skirt paired with a lightweight, over sized sweater. Her camel shirt here would work perfectly with a pair of black jeans shorts and if you are bold enough, the combat boots would even work as well.

Hint: Try any of these scarves, which come in a wide variety of colors to brighten up an outfit. Also, for those cool summer days throw a loose knit sweater, like this one, over a pair of shorts or skirt to adjust to the temperature.

TREND: A Fresh Start

To me, white is the color of summer. I won’t deny that bright colors are equally as fitting, such as the neon trend that hit the runways in the fall 2010 fashion shows, but white is timeless and always adds a certain sense of freshness. As summer approaches it is now appropriate to get the white jeans out of the closet again, an essential summer piece that is guaranteed to brighten any outfit. This Fashionista caught my eye as she hung around enjoying the amazing weather while taking a break from studying and the sauna that the library has been for the past few days. Her outfit is not only cute and chic but extremely library friendly. Jean shorts allow for maximum comfort – not as restricting as a skirt or dress while studying – and as for her top, the linen keeps her cool and the long sleeves can be adjusted depending on the inside temperature. Once again, this outfit is a prime example of how tucking in a shirt can make that much of a difference and adding a contrasting belt also helps. It completely transforms the overall look, making it seem more put together, yet still casual with the rips in the jeans shorts. As for her shoes, they are definitely my favorite part of her outfit. I usually am not a big advocate of trainers on girls, however come summer, slim shoes like hers work very well when paired with shorts. These slide-on Keds add an extra element with the stripes and don’t let her feet just fade away like they may have done if she had just worn a pair of neutral sandals. Besides being the perfect way to top off her outfit and many just like this, fashionable trainers like these are an excellent pair of shoes to have in cities where walking everywhere is inevitable. 

Hint: Try these slide-on Keds to get her look, or if trainers aren’t your style, the oxford shoe can make for a very similar look while still maintaing the comfort level. 

TREND: Clever Combinations

Preps are abundant among GW’s campus, however I must say, I see this Fashionisto quite often and he always seems to be one notch above the rest. Whether it’s the way he pairs his white TOMS with blue chinos or layers his striped cardigan over a simple oxford, these are combinations other Fashionistos might not be so inclined to make. Chinos are a spring essential, because their lightweight material allows for maximum comfort, especially when the unbearable temperature and humidity hits and jeans are no longer even an option. Aside from the material, chinos come in a variety of colors; so, when the day is a bit sunnier and calls for a lift in mood, it can be reflected with a bright colored pair of chinos. However, his trousers were ideal for this overcast day where bright colors might not have been as appropriate. As for his cardigan, I always love a guy in a cardigan. It seems to me that it is more of a European phenomenon, and most guys here at GW seem to shy away from it. A cardigan is such an easy way to look polished while also keeping it casual. In this instance, the Fashionisto skillfully paired his cardigan with an oxford, but even a simple white T-shirt would work well underneath. This cardigan in particular is a favorite because of the striped details, with the colors varying from gray, to white, to navy blue. The Fashionisto managed to tie everything together with the cuffs of his chinos; they coordinated with his oxford and the white of his shoes, matching his cardigan and creating an easy-going yet distinctive preppy look.

Hint: Try out any of these colored chinos to create a similar look and don’t be afraid to roll up the bottom to get the same effect. Match the chinos with a simple cardigan and a white T-shirt and you’ll look suave and ready to go.

TREND: Twist to the Trench

There is one word for D.C. this spring: unpredictable. One day it’s sunny with a high of 84° and the next it’s raining with the chance of thunderstorms and 61°. The not-so favorable temperature combined with rain, wind and the burden of classes automatically makes it a miserable day and hard to get out of bed for many – I honestly think that on days like this there are less people in some of my classes. However, no matter how unwelcoming the weather may seem, rain should not be an obstacle when it comes to fashion. This week’s Fashionista exemplifies how to face the elements while still looking chic. A trench coat is the classic rain jacket in my mind, coming from London and used to seeing the traditional Burberry trench flooding the streets anytime it rained. What caught my eye with this Fashionista, though, was not just the trench that she was sporting instead of a generic rain jacket, but also the fact that it is adorned with leather. Earlier this year, I was strolling through a Burberry store and fell in love with a leather taped trench coat, but knew that I would never own it. As soon as I saw this Fashionista’s trench, I was immediately reminded of the Burberry one. Her trench does an excellent job incorporating the idea of a designer’s style, without imitating it to the point where it looks like a fake. There is a unique authenticity to her jacket and it is the only one of its kind I have seen around campus. As for the rest of her outfit, all the colors complement each other with the various shades of green pulling everything together for a simple, yet statement look.

Hint: This Fashionista’s exact trench can be found at Club Monaco stores, however they do not have an online store. However, try mixing things up with this trench that deviates from the norm while still achieving the same goal – staying warm and dry.