TREND: Urban Chic Meets D.C. Prep

As I was strolling around campus with some friends on a sunny day, I couldn’t help but notice this Fashionisto who stuck out amongst other guys. His overall look was relaxed, yet also very put together in a unique way, which is a combination that is rare for guys here. When it comes to boys at GW there are various groups – the ones who wear sweatpants and sweatshirts 24/7, the full on ‘frat stars’ sporting their wayfarers and colored pants, the international students with their Gucci laptop cases, and many others. This Fashionisto decided to pair his simple plaid shirt with a blazer, instead of a generic zip-up hoodie. With its rolled up cuffs and double pockets, this particular blazer adds a more sophisticated look without being too formal . Also, take note from today’s Fashionisto and actually try tucking in a plaid shirt – trust me, it can completely transform a look and make it that much better. However, what really makes this Fashionisto differ from the rest are his accessories. From the shoes, to the belt, bag and sunglasses – they all definitely make the outfit. First, I love seeing guys wearing shoes other than sneakers or, more widely seen around GW, boat shoes Therefore, his chukka shoes are a nice deviation from the norm. As for his bag, well, let’s just say it’s not just another backpack. Messenger bags serve the same function as a backpack yet don’t look half as bad. As for his sunglasses, the tortoise color complements the other variations of brown throughout his outfit and their unique round shape gives him an overall urban chic appearance.

Hint: Boys, seriously, try swapping your boat shoes for a pair of these chukka shoes for a day to completely transform your look. In addition, check out the array of messenger bags at J. Crew which are not only trendy but will also probably last you for years.

TREND: Seventies Revival

The return from spring break has not been as dreadful as most anticipated with temperatures hovering in the 60s, and though many miss being able to throw a bathing suit and sundress on, at least boots and a heavy jacket are not needed. Many embraced this weather by revisiting their favorite flats and light weight jackets, however this Fashionista stood out amongst the rest by embodying one of the most popular emerging trends: the wide leg trouser. Ever since New York Fashion Week began, wide leg trousers have been prominent on multiple street style blogs. The Satorialist snapped variations of the trend in New York City, Milan and Paris. No matter the style of the flare, each one was paired with hidden heels. The combination of the flare with the heels elongates the leg and did precisely that for this Fashionista. It was not just the wide leg trousers that drew my eye to her, but also the fact that she had paired them perfectly with a pair of wooden heels – a rare sight during the day around campus. The height of the heel is ideal for the day, with roughly a two-inch rise allowing the flare to hover right above the ground. The retro look of the trousers and the wooden heels was balanced well with a cheetah print silk top, yet again exemplifying another trend of the season. Shopbop’s “Retro Road Trip” Trend Report illustrates how to not only mix and match various styles of silk tops with wide leg trousers, but also how to play with colors.

Hint: Check out Who, What, Wear’s guide to the ‘70s-style jean to see what style works best for you. Pair them with a pair of wooden heels like these from Frye and a silk blouse to complete the look.

TREND: Hats Off

As classes ceased for a week spring breakers made their way to various locations throughout the globe; whether it is the warm weather of Miami or the fashionable boulevards of Paris, it is time to momentarily put the books down and enjoy life. This Fashionista welcomed the warm the weather by shedding her usual jacket and boots, trading them for sandals, rompers and other such clothing. Her silk romper is an ideal warm weather piece for it can be worn day or night, with sandals or heels and either way looking chic and put together. With such a simple black romper it is important to remember accessories, but not too much when in the warm weather. One of my favorite parts of this Fashionsita’s outfit is her fedora, simple and understated yet without it the outfit would be completely different. Throw on a patterned, lightweight scarf like she did and sandals that don’t scream for attention and you have an ideal outfit.

Hint: To get a romper similar to this one, try this Young Fabulous & Broke one. Thought it already comes with a white sash, therefore not needing a scarf, add a fedora and some bracelets and you will be good to go.

TREND: Bohemian Meets Casual Chic

As the sun’s rays lifted today’s temperature, with it the spirit of the students rose as well. I can definitely see a direct correlation between the moods of students and the weather on any given day, and it is truly amazing what a little bit of sunlight can do to lift the overall feel of campus. This week in particular has been extra stressful with midterms looming over our heads, while trying to push through for the prize at the end of the week: spring break. The sunny weather invites people outside to take a breather from their designated study spot, which is exactly what I was doing when I spotted this Fashionista strolling by. As the wind blew, her long vest flew about, catching my eye. Cropped in the back and below her knees in the front, the vest embodies simplicity with a bohemian twist. It reminds me of the similar styles of sweaters that Mary Kate Olsen can be spotted wearing with the long, flowing fringe in the front. However, this vest is a bit more refined and clean-cut than those that can be seen on Mary Kate, which is why I like it. Pairing it with a striped, light weight button-up makes it an easy outfit to throw on, and it accomplishes the “causal chic” look.

Hint: To experiment with the long sweater vest, get this Fashionista’s exact one on Shopbop and finish it off with a wide, statement leather belt.

TREND: Contemporary Minimalism

I’d like to say it is official and that the transition into spring has begun, however I do not want to overestimate myself or the D.C. weather. What I can say is that spring break is around the corner, so the need to revisit warmer clothes is nearing. It is tempting to reject the reality that there still may be a cool breeze on a sunny day and neglect boots, finding a way to keep warm through other means. This Fashionista did just this and in the form of what I would say quite sophisticated fashion for GW standards. Where to start with her outfit? Every aspect of it embraces this season’s emphasis on the idea of minimalism through clean cut, yet chic, pieces. Her trousers, for example, are cropped right above the ankle. This has been a recurring trend throughout the various fashion weeks and this runway look by Sportmax portrays it exactly. The simple details of her jacket, or lack thereof, is one of my favorite aspects. No pockets, no collar, no cuffs: just the six round buttons does enough for me. Top it all off with some bold accessories like she did and you’re golden. With the high winds we have encountered lately, why haven’t more people though of doubling their scarf as a tunic to save their hair from literally whipping back and forth? It’s genius. Her statement fringe bag adds an unexpected, yet completely welcomed, pop of bohemianism to her look to keep it fun and casual.

Hint: As spring actually does approach, substitute the grays and tans with a more colorful palette. Zara has a pair of cropped trousers I recently discovered that come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from bright red (a personal favorite) to bright blue.

TREND: Knit Leggings

It was very tempting these past few days to throw on a pair of flats and a light jacket, because the temperature this past weekend gave us false hopes of an early spring. Instead, it was just a teaser with an unusual high of 70°! Just a few days later we were faced with snow and ice around campus once again. As soon as the snow hit most students went straight back to their puffy jackets and leggings, frustrated at Mother Nature for this rollercoaster of weather. Amongst a sea of black, this Fashionista immediately caught my eye with her knee length, tan shearling jacket and her colorful knit leggings. Not only does that jacket most likely provide the same amount of warmth as a puffy jacket, but it also pleases the eye. As for the most unique part of her outfit, her leggings are a definite win.

Day after day, black leggings are probably one of the most-worn pieces of clothing, not only on this college campus, but many throughout the country. I mean, what other piece of clothing can provide that kind of comfort without looking like a slob. They are many people’s go-to item on a slow moving morning. However, this Fashionista breaks away from the standard black and ventures out with color, something that is very rare when it comes to leggings. Not only are the leggings full of various patterns and colors, but the fabric is knit rather than your typical spandex-cotton mix. Though this is not seen very often throughout GW, it does seem to be a prevailing trend on the streets of London and New York City. Paired with an oversized T-shirt or sweater, or worn even with sneakers, knit leggings can go a long way.

Hint: To experiment with knit, try this pair of leggings from ASOS, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, have some fun with these reindeer patterned leggings.

TREND: A Neutral Palette

Around the world, neutral colors have been dominant this past season, whether it be on the runway or on campus and don’t fret, they are not going anywhere. As New York Fashion week has been under way this past week, models have stormed the runway exhibiting trends of this coming fall, one of them being a neutral tone used in various clothing and accessories. One of my favorite designers, Vera Wang, had a brilliant show with a eclectic array of materials. From various types of fur to flowing silk chiffon, she created features to make her pieces wearable while upholding a sense of luxury and elegance.

This Fashionista seemed to nail many of the key elements portrayed on the runways. The varieties of gray and brown intertwined with the mixture of materials in each piece complement each other. From her wool sweater, to fur coat, to suede shoes – each piece is distinguished yet not shouting for attention. The overall look embodies not only the soft color palette, but also the idea of minimalism. Just three pieces of clothing, finished with a pair of shoes. Simplicity at its best.

Hint: This Fashionista pulled off all the runway trends through affordable means with her shoes from Bloomingdales, a Zara vest and her pants from American Eagle. Though most of these items are out of stock now keep your eye open for final sale bargains.

TREND: Brilliant Blazers

Blazers are nothing new in the world of fashion; they come in a variety of styles nowadays and are worn by many. However, strolling around GW’s campus on any given afternoon, you are most likely not going to find many guys sporting one. To be honest, I don’t know why not; they’re refined and make any outfit look that much better. No matter what season it is, a blazer can be thrown on, and it will make a great outfit. Today, this Fashionisto caught my eye; one, because he was wearing a blazer amongst a sea of various parkas and down jackets and also because of his overall laid-back, yet distinguished look. Take away his blazer and he would be wearing a zip-up hoodie over a cardigan and oxford, but with the blazer, it gives even a college student that polished finish. Each layer is important though, because unfortunately, spring is not yet upon us and with the fierce winds, the temperature has come down quite a bit. As for the rest of his outfit, the gray chinos were an ideal match, rather than throwing on jeans or even a tan colored pair of chinos. The gray subtly ties in with the pinstripes on his blazer and keeps his look unique. Add in his thick rimmed glasses, leather messenger bag and lace-up shoes, and there’s an outfit not many guys at GW put on every morning.

Hint: Whether you’re a Fashionisto or Fashionista my advice to you this week is to try this refined look with a blazer. Guys – check out this vintage looking blazer from AllSaints, which is guaranteed to work with many outfits. Girls – if you already own a black blazer, try this nude colored one, which will transition perfectly into spring.

TREND: Try the Turban

As a huge portion of the country is being hit by a massive snowstorm, D.C. managed to only get warned of low temperatures and freezing rain. As the sky darkened throughout the day and the temperature dropped dramatically, students bundled up to keep warm. Amongst a sea of UGGs and down jackets, this Fashionista stood out with her streamline knee-length peacoat, lace up suede wedge booties and my favorite – her turban. With a pop of color and a variation from the norm of a hat or earmuffs, it is the defining piece of her outerwear. Though when she goes inside and removes her turban, jacket and possibly her scarf as well, her outfit will be completely transformed. However, her choice in outerwear is an outfit in itself. Her outfit as a whole optimizes this season’s emphasis on minimalism, with clean-cut lines and simple yet trendy pieces. Her turban finishes it off perfectly with a touch of color. Not many students can be spotted around campus wearing turbans and as a huge fan of them, she immediately caught my eye. Turbans can be worn in a variety of ways – for warmth, as this Fashionista choose to, or as an accessory meant to be kept on, in warmer weather that is. One of my favorite fashion blogs, “The Man Repeller,” did a post on D.I.Y. turbans showing you step-by-step how to create a turban from a square scarf. So experiment and grab a square scarf to try it for yourself!

Hint: If you don’t have a silk square scarf, spice things up with this colorful Missoni one which can be used in a variety of ways aside from a turban! Or to accomplish what this Fashionista was going for – the warmth of a knit turban without having to sacrifice her hair to a hat- try this knit turban from ASOS.

TREND: Flaunt Your Fur

Recently, there has been an unbearable ice-cold wind whipping its way through campus, making that short walk to class seem like a battle against the elements. On days like that, students are bundled in every warm piece in their wardrobe possible; however, on days that are equally as cold, but minus the wind, there is not a need to wear as much. The cold still requires a sensible balance between your various articles of clothing and the necessary warm ones are still vital; one particular type of clothing always seems to make an appearance around campus, whether it is in the form of a vest, jacket, hat and even a bag on occasion: Fur. I would definitely say fur vests have exploded in popularity this year, with multiple people sporting them on a daily basis. However, this Fashionista branched away from the norm with her full-on fur hat, which even has little pompoms dangling from it for an extra effect. I can only imagine the comfort and warmth this hat must provide on windy days, protecting her head from the unwanted wisps of cold air. Even on a milder day, like today, it is the ideal piece to finish off an outfit. Sometimes we just don’t feel like putting on another pair of boots or another down jacket, and we jump at the opportunity on a warmer day to deviate from the usual. A fur hat such as this can act as a regulator: easy to put on when cold and take off when overheated. Even though I do not (yet) own a fur hat such as this Fashionista’s, one of my favorite fur accessories are my earmuffs. Again, they are ideal for those windy days when my ears tend to freeze up as soon as I step outside. So bundle up one way or another, but don’t forget to throw in an article of fur, ideally on your head to heat things up (literally).

Hint: This Fashionista’s exact hat can be found at a fun little boutique in Georgetown called Relish, so step off M Street and venture to Cady’s Alley where it is nicely tucked away. Alternatively, a similar one – pompoms and all – can be found at The Outnet. Either version is the perfect way to keep your head happy and warm as you bear the cold.