TREND: What’s Hot? Cropped

As the temperature rises in the city, hemlines do as well. Shorter, higher waisted shorts are what’s in and are commonly paired with a tucked in tee. However, this Fashionista ventured for a cropped tee, mixing two summer trends. The result: a chic, yet comfortable and cool look on a hot day. As we all know, it can get a bit cool from time to time so her tan cardigan is a perfect match with her Topshop beige shorts. To polish it off her tan loafers are an ideal choice to create a relaxed, sophisticated look. This might become a go to look for me throughout the summer in order to keep that polished city look, while enjoying the warm weather. Imitate this style with a similar cropped top, which can be found at Topshop and almost an identical cardigan is available at Urban Outfitters. To transform this look to night try a pair of opened toe bootie wedges by Jeffery Campbell!

TREND: Internship Apparel with a Twist

As summer commences in London, students begin a variety of work experiences throughout the city. Since work experiences vary, so does the level of formality that is expected of the interns. From formal business attire to semi formal business attire, all are visible. This Fashionista is an example of how to dress for semi formal business attire, minus the trainers, which many use to commute to work in and then change into more appropriate shoes for the rest of the day. Her high-waisted, tailored trousers are a chic alternative to the more traditional pencil skirt and have become increasingly popular. Looking closer, her Topshop belt adds a bit of flare with the tassel. The majority of this Fashionista’s outfit is from Zara, however trousers similar to hers are available on ASOS. She finishes it up with minimal accessories making the overall look clean cut and ready for the office. 

Style Guru Bio: Devon Guralnick

Hi, my name is Devon Guralnick and I am a rising sophomore at GW majoring in International Affairs. Growing up in Hong Kong, Singapore and for the majority London along with travelling the world has influenced my curiosity with fashion. Each country has a style of its own, and what fascinates me is to see how they all merge when it comes to high fashion.
My style can be best described as a mix between edgy and clean cut. I love the classic style of fashion icons new and old such as Grace Kelly and Victoria Beckham, while another half of me simply adore the Oslen Twins and Kate Moss. Recently, the ever-growing blog community has been my go-to for the latest fashion advice, constantly being updated. One of my favorite blogs is Saucy Glossie because the writer does not simply take pictures and post them, but also shows where she was influenced and how she imitated the look. I have definitely learned many tips from the blogs, my mostly widely applied one being the use of accessories.

My staple pieces are definitely my ballet flats and scarves, which are all covered with an array of prints. My favorites being my French Sole cheetah print flats and my many cheetah print scarves from Zara. Along with College Fashionista, I am interning at Space N.K. in central London, which is luxury beauty retailer, offering products from facial care, to cosmetics and fragrances. I am working in the marketing department of the London offices, focusing on the website and store window displays. I believe fashion is a way of expression. I definitely use it everyday to embody my personality and one of my favorite quotes (actually that I discovered in a blog) by Oscar Wilde is “One should be either a work of art or wear a work of art”.